Here you are safe. All your worries will be gone.

The following video is so hideously foolish and unbelievably saccharine that I could barely stand to watch it. If it weren’t for my policy of viewing in full every video I embed, I would have bailed out after the first twenty seconds.

Watch it yourself; you’ll see.

Many thanks to The Dutch Patriot for (partially) translating the lyrics, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this ditty from the Jack Kevorkian Choir of the Netherlands:

The Dutch Patriot’s explanatory email (with the translated lyrics) is below.

These people wrote a welcoming song for the “ refugees” who made it across all the safe parts of Europe straight into the honey pots of Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. It’s in a building called the America Hall.

I made a translation of what they are singing. The whole scene reminded me of the movie Independence Day. The scene with these naïve people on top of a building welcoming not-so-nice aliens. The clip speaks for itself. Many women in the party!

What they sing is this:

You are welcome!
Welcome in my country.

You are welcome!
Stranded here all of a sudden [?]

I want to learn about you!
I want to know who you are!
Tell me all your stories.
I want to understand [you should]

I saw you on a boat.
I saw you on the news and in the papers.

Fear only on your face.
Your daughter in your arms.

So many died…
[Can’t hear what they sing in the next line]

But you made it!
And now I feel your pain.

You are welcome!
Stranded all of a sudden.

I want to learn about you!
I want to know who you are…

Tell me your story
I want to understand what’s it like… [no you don’t!]

Here you are safe.
All your worries will be gone.

We want to help.
We will stand beside you.

We want to laugh and cry with you [mostly crying I think]
You can depend on us! [who needs enemies when one has friends like these!]

You are welcome!

And that goes on and on and on…

Baron and my lady… I think we are doomed.

Please post this video. People should become afraid. Very afraid when you see this sorry bunch of fellow citizens…

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  1. As I watched the video, I recalled those people who went and lived with Jim Jones in the jungle of South America and who eventually, I believe almost all of them, committed suicide. Is it due to some force that overpowers rationality? What force is it?

  2. They did sing: we wanna be your servants. Dont worry. You are safe. And we will pay the jizya for our safety…. We dont know it yet but you are welcome!. We fall at your feet and we will pay the soon as more of you are welcomed..Or something like that.

    I got it all mixed up because i kind of heard this sort of welcoming songs from my grandpa when the Nazi’s bombed Rotterdam. My hometown. My grandpa Always told me..The bombing of Rotterdam had nothing to do with Nazisme..Only the radical Nazi’s bombed Rotterdam. The rest of the Nazi’s were so welcome in Rotterdam. If only the moderate Nazi’s had jobs in Rotterdam. If onlu people understand the true and peacefull meaning of Mein Kampf and the moderate Nazi’s…

    Sorry. I got lost in translation here and there..

    • They weren’t radical Nazis! That’s too insulting to all the Nazis out there. Those bombers were just people with nothing to do with Nazism, or they had twisted the peaceful teachings of Nazism.

        • It seems like the sarcasm should be obvious to even newcomers at this point since this “nothing to do with Islam” line should be known to all by now, but I suppose you’re right. Some people are also just not very good at making the analogy.

          • And tone of writing (a la tone of voice) just doesn’t translate well on the screen. New people (I hope!) find this site every day, so clarifying the /sarc off or /end sarcasm is probably a wise move. 🙂

            I found GoV the day of, or maybe the day after, the Charlie Hebdo massacre. I didn’t know the log-ons of the major commentors, wasn’t familiar with their writing styles. I was quite grateful for such clarifying phrases as you’ve posted.

            Thank you.

  3. I said 2023 would be the day Islam would rule Europe. I was right. Nobody believed me. They do now……

    A neighbour who called me “Werid” and “Mad” and “Extreme” coily came up to me in my driveway yesterday…..

    “Bishop How dis you know this was going to happen? Did you receive divine revelation?

    I looked at her pityingly and replied…..


    “Oh whhat is that?”

    “Commonsense Darling!”

  4. They are acting exactly
    as the fearful do, when
    a thief puts a gun in
    a victim’s face, or when
    violent thug makes a fist
    and begins to strike.
    They would rather [micturate in
    their garments] and fearfully submit,
    stupidly believing it will save them
    from being painfully
    beaten and violated while
    they mercilessly are.

  5. “Many women”. Oh, so you noticed. None of what you are witnessing in the world around you now, none of the dysfunction, would be possible without women’s political and societal power. There was a reason for the old order.

    • A thousand Amens to that. Women have NO SENSE when it comes to the public realm. Women wilt when they hear COMPASSION. That’s all it takes. All sense of survival, of the world as a dangerous place, always a dangerous place that has to be defended against, all that flies out the window when COMPASSION is invoked. That survival is only possible when they are protected by strong males is something that women DO NOT KNOW. They are equipped to be nurturers, not to be warriors. The resulting catastrophe when women make public policy is utterly predictable.

      • COMPASSION is part of the Christian set of values, a set of values which Islam has not at all. However, Jesus *also* gave his followers words of strength, e.g., “I come not to bring peace but a sword.”

        I’ve been attending a Russian Orthodox church since April, steadily since early July. I defy *anyone* to produce a spineless Orthodox woman–or man. The ones I’ve seen escaped the Bolshevik Revolution–or their (grand)parents did; they escaped Europe during/after WW II–or their (grand)parents did; or they have grown up in a secular West or U.S. and have stuck to their…ah…guns with guts and Orthodox conviction.

        This kind of Christianity does teach compassion, but not to the point of idiocy, like we’ve seen in Germany and the Netherlands. This kind of Christianity knows what it’s worth and who its enemies are and isn’t afraid to call them out.

        I don’t agree 100% with each and every point of Orthodox faith, but this attitude could be shared with millions of other people (in theory) to great and positive effect.

    • As a stroppy feminist I can’t quite agree, but I’ll concede this far: the so-called ‘feminine’ values of softness and giving seem to be dominating Europe. Every humane can develop these, but every human and every society needs a tough defense mechanism to protect a soft core. Europe is lacking those defenses. Thatcher had them. Merkel doesn’t.

      • It seems to me that Merkel is using her strength of persona to enforce her edicts re. the “migrants.” I have no idea why she wants to undercut her own people so terribly or why she wants to weaken the EU so fatally, but this is how she uses her strength of persona.

        Thatcher, OTOH, had well-thought-out positions and could drill them down to the core, cell by cell. One either agreed with her or did not, but one was always clear on what Dame Thatcher believed and WHY she believed it as well as HOW she planned to put it into practice.

        A crystal-clear voice now stilled by death. Dame Margaret Thatcher, RIP.

    • Not necessarily. My wife’s reaction to this video was more extreme than mine – something like “they are all a bunch if suicidal idiots!”

      I think gender has nothing to do with it, common sense does.

  6. Actually these types existed in WW2. Churchill threatened them with arrest and prosecution for aiding an enemy in time of war. Just because the motive might appear “Do Goooding” is is still evil in the guise of good intention. We are warned in the Bible. I am not one of your soft wishy- washy Church types but a “Hang and flog” type. I always say a prayer though!

    Evil is Evil……Period.

    • I am not one of your soft wishy- washy Church types but a “Hang and flog” type.

      Bishop these people are the “Hang and flog” type, the difference being that they want to hang and flog their own under the auspices of sharia law, with the desecration of Christianity in the West they falsely see Islam and the enrichers as being of a “higher morality”.

      • Jolie-

        You touch on one of the things that is so frustrating regarding the possessed liberal mind – their utter blindness to the fact that others see the world in totally different terms.

        After having lived in a MENA country for almost 3 years I can tell you without a doubt, that if the roles were reversed in the crisis, these people would stop us at the border, let us starve, or simply eliminate us without losing a wink of sleep at night.

        If only these pathologically altruistic fools could see it!

  7. do they all want to be temporary wives? Or sold as sex slaves? What? ……oh there’s no difference.

    • Beginning to look that way.

      Incidentally, I knew and worked with many Dutch immigrants in NZ, who curiously had one thing in common–all were Roman Catholics. Not a protestant among them. Curious.
      Not that that had anything to do with the fact all were excellent immigrants, who became Kiwis–something muslims will NEVER do.

      • Alas, Australia and NZ are full of pressure to take in more of the ‘poor refugees’. And it’s happening. All we can hope is that they are vetted. I don’t think our governments will even dare refuse muslims in favour of all the others in real need: that would be ‘racist’ you see, however desperate Christians and atheists might be…

  8. If it’s any consolation, the most “liked” comments on the Dutch article are of the same opinion as us here on GoV 🙂

    Still – yes, the song is so very hilarious… Perhaps, now or in years to come, it can serve as a backdrop to videos of “cultural enrichment” in action?

  9. Btw – if the Austrians, Dutch and Germans are so welcoming, and want so much the migrant influx on their doorstep, why are they so angry about Eastern European countries refusing refugee quotas?! Surely they should be delighted about having so much more cultural enrichment (and, apparently, economic benefits) on their doorstep??

    • We had that laughable paradox in America. California’s state government kept saying what a great big benefit it was to have Mexican immigrants… and then got angry when other states started sending their immigrants to California.

      • Yes, because the communist ideal is not just to give but force everyone else to give too, like it or not.

    • @Mia: I agree with you, 100%.
      A majority of white, Western women (single or married… but I think the singles are even farther down on the scale of delusion) But the [good?] news is that not all white Western women suffer from this affliction. (I can only assume that you are also one who does not?)
      Thankfully, I do not suffer from this affliction either, and have a few female friends who are also not ‘sick.’ But indeed, they are few and far between.
      I sometimes try to keep my mouth closed about it, but am so fed up these days, that I am not always so good at that part.

      • I’ll join you ladies in a Strong Women Against Islam campaign! We aren’t part of the bleeding heart brigade with no sense or strength. We would not open our homes to just anyone.

        • We do have one advantage: if we start quoting sura 4:34 and other misogynist passages that concern us, even the do-gooders can’t talk back.

          • I will look up that sura verse, Guest.

            Cynthia in California: I’m just curious how come you are in favor of the Islamic invasion… Unless I have misunderstood your comment. I take it to mean that you are not interested in being a strong, white, Western (in the “Christendom” sense) woman?

      • in response to Anne: my comment is a direct response to the initial remark in this thread.

        Which is from Mia: “White women suffer from pathological altruism.”

        To which I responded: “Not me, thank you very much.”

        Meaning: I do NOT suffer from pathological altruism. I perform *informed* altruistic acts.

        I participate in two community service (charity) quilting projects. Each is directed at a grous which seems (to me) worth supporting: 1) foster children and others under 18 in need of comfort, and 2) international victims of natural disasters (think Philippine typhoon, Nepal earthquake).

        The other service project I participate in delivers knit/crocheted items directly to recipients in San Francisco ( Our group coordinator physically hands the boxes of hats/scarves to a San Francisco contact, who personally hands them to a representative of the Night Ministry. (Thus no black market incentive to sell them for drug money.)

        The group also knits baby blankets for a mother/child maternal delivery and health clinic in (?) Tanzania. Again, the boxes are shipped to an individual known to the group and who, herself, works at the health clinic. Obviously, very lightweight yarns are used for the baby blankets! They’re more a statement of “You are not forgotten” than items of warmth. We also make baby hats for premature infants at the clinic. These *are* needed for warmth, as premies cannot regulate their body temperature.

        Charity begins at home, I always heard, so I make an effort to see that my work helps the people I would want to help in person if I had the money, time, and strength.

    • When the comedy series “‘Allo ‘Allo” was in it’s heyday the BBC filmed a get-together with people who were against the satirical comedy, several were deeply religious Dutch citizens who hadn’t even the wit to realize it was satire. (embarrassingly, I thought, some of those who ranted against the show were Jews)

  10. As the good citizens of Europe wake-up on Monday morning (07-09-15) hungover from the orchestrated self-indulgence in toxic humanitarianism, they will awake to the reality that the external borders of the EU have been dissolved by the de facto expansion of the free movement of persons dictat into the MENA.

    Have the peoples of Europe been the target of a Eurabia immigration scam, a conspiracy of dhimmitude perpetrated against their national interests by European leaders?

    • I think they’re probably more likely to rush off to catch the train, think about work and the week ahead and, if the subject at all arises, pat themselves on the back for being so humane… through sharing some Facebook posts about a 3 year-old toddler’s death, their white guilt has been cleansed!

      Then come Friday, it’ll be back to drinking, or watching Game of Thrones or Big Brother, or whatever else.

  11. How sweet, soon the new arrivals will be throwing the bleeding hearts into the ‘campfire’ in stead of holding hands and singing kyum bye ya. It’s only a matter of time.

  12. It is good that a political and personal friend of mine ( we are both utterly politically incorrect.) shared this disgusting video with you.

    I have learned a few very important lessons in life.
    ”Politically correct” parties are very dictatorial : we are expected to think the self-destructive way they do, so we have to stop contradicting these parties and start despising our own culture and our Western society. We must be prepared to give up our own society and culture.
    We are also expected to stop commenting an ideology that is not compatible in any way with our Western values.

    Allowing just ONE official opinion is typical of a dictatorship, so we in Europe are in great danger.
    We have to stand up and resist this threatening loss of freedom .And that is exactly we do on the site I often write articles or comments for.

    Progress in science was always achieved because there were conflicting ideas that made people THINK ! If we lose our talent for independant thinking we get very stupid people!
    And not only will they become stupid but also mentally very, very immature.
    Politically correct thinking leads to infantilism, a serious psychological disorder.

    The video that we have ”seen” here makes very clear what I mean: a bunch of adults who think and feel like children and as we all know : children CAN feel and think alright, but they are never fully able to see where their ideas and actions will lead to. That is the tragedy that we see unfolding here.
    Stupid, childish people who just do not know what they are singing about.

    Seeing these ”well-meaning” people makes me both sad and very, very angry …..

    • Henk.V —

      I received your email, and twice attempted to reply. My message bounced each time (with the error: “”). So here’s the relevant part of what I said:

      We moderate comments. There are only two of us who do so (myself and my wife), so while we are out or asleep, comments accumulate waiting for approval. We’re on the East Coast of the USA, so we are asleep for 6 hours or so after Continental Europeans awake. That means that some Europeans may have to wait several hours for us to wake up and approve their comments.

      You may comment whenever you like. During my waking hours (about 14.00 to 06.00 your time) they will be approved fairly quickly.

      It’s good to have someone from E.J.Bron! I highly approve of your website. 🙂

  13. Well don’t worry ladies, and a few men(?) this lot you are welcoming is only the vanguard of about a billion more.

  14. As an indigenous go seek charity from these do gooders and you will soon learn how vicious they are, do not be fooled by puerile songs they are ideologically determined in the delivery of our destruction.

  15. It is all well ment and I would laugh if this wheren’t so sad and destructive for everyone around those people singing (including them selfs). These kind of people will/have lead the whole of Europe to the slaughterhouse (including their own children and grandchildren) with their well intended, but oh so stupid cause.

  16. My Lord this video is utterly nauseating.

    As someone who has lived in a mud country for almost three years I can tell you – these people have no interesting stories. I know because I’ve heard it from the natives themselves.

    At one point a Swedish functionary derided her culture as nothing more than, “a bunch of stupid parties and anniversaries.”

    I find that comment ironic, because that is a precise description of the utterly failed, “culture,” I find myself in now.

  17. It would be facetious of me to wish them ” Good luck with that” for when the dam breaks they will be the first to drown.

    A Lemming knows not what it does and nor do they, and I for one shall not be shedding any tears for them.

    Let the Demented Slaves of Allah expend their time, efforts and resources on these ueful idiots first and thus diminish their own potential before we come for them on the day of reckoning.

  18. This proves that the 99% of humans are simply the sheep unknowingly following someone’s direction.

  19. as a sane German woman I wonder ¿where should I g0/flee? America is also slave of suicidal political correctness, things aren’t different in Canada, in Asia they would not be sorry about making me feel and unwanted insect (they can do that to foreigns without remorse) latin America is a pandora box of ultra corrupt banana republics, Africa,, nevermind! what can a lone german sane person can do to avoid this tragedy?

  20. Did you notice that most of the singers in the video looked like they were taking a dose of castor oil? There seemed to be very little real enthusiasm. They were trying to convince themselves.

    I think the emergence of Donald Trump as the front-running candidate, not only for the Republicans, but even ahead of Hillary in the latest general-election poll, shows that the majority of people see their own interests. You always have people like the ones in the video: one hopes that natural selection will keep their numbers down, as their clearly suicidal determination is carried through to its logical conclusion.

  21. Oh how these ‘liberated’ females will scream and yell for some sad saps of infidel males to do something about the armed Muslim militias bombing raping and pillaging when the time comes. When the savages have left enough pock marks on the Dutch landscape these same useful shameful traitorous idiots from the soft underbelly will be nowhere to be seen. Except maybe in trauma units if they are allowed in the uncoming love fest. Patriotism and borders work.

  22. Here they chant songs for obama.

    It is truly astounding what happens when a society has decided to hand the reins over to feminazis.

    Ironic though. They sing of “we want to know you”? And that they shall. They will get to know these beasts in all kinds of unpleasant ways they’ve never even before dreamed about.

    And finally, when their almost non existent rape rate has skyrocketed to 1400% like in Sweden…, will they wake up? Or will they *try* even harder?

    My guess is they’ll write a new song. Because ithey are insane, and because that is the definition of insanity.

    I have come to the conclusion that the reason countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark had such a low rape rate prior to the colonization of these beasts, is due to a lack of testosterone. The same testosterone that makes MEN stand up and fight for their country. The kind that makes people go and buy guns and prepare.

    I know I’m right because the fact that they let their countries be invaded like this in the first place, is due to a lack of manliness. I’m not equating rape to manliness. I’m saying that where there is a lot of testosterone, good AND bad stuff happens.

    Rest assured that the colonizers will not have that problem.

    • Yes. A few young girls in that crowd… Surely some of the guests being welcomed must have had “thoughts” going through their heads?

      I hope this all ends well – but I’m not too sure…

  23. How many have died from the ‘good intentions’ of such bleeding hearts over the span of recorded history? The world will never really know. I forced myself to watch the entire video and it was a good thing I already had Wild Turkey 101 poured and a Cuban ceegar torched.

    Progressives and feminazis, what could go wrong.

    The terrorists of the last few years just moving where they feast on new hosts.

    And so it goes. Prepare yourselves as best you can. We have not yet been disarmed here but the left will never stop trying.

    • I may be a little behind the times on my terminology, but…

      Could someone describe a prototypical “feminazi” for me? thx

      • Thats a hard one to define exactly
        I think feminazi can be summarized as a female that has any combination of the following opinions (usually all of those):
        1) Females are superior to men.
        2) All men are evil, hate women and in general consider women inferior to them. Especially white men – they are apparently beyond redemption.
        3) There is a “patriarchy” – multinational conspiracy of men against women. The role of patriarchy is to oppress women, keep them subservient to men and to benefit all men at the expense of women.
        4) Therefore, men should be discriminated in favor of women to offset the oppression of the mythical “partriachy”
        (usually #3 comes together with #4)
        5) Disagreeing with such person means to be labeled in a random title, such as mysoginist, women hater etc.
        e.g. “If you don’t agree with me you are women hater”

        Also, if one to be a proper feminazi – all of those opinions should be dogmatic and expressed aggressively.

      • An insecure, whining or shrieking hormonal self-castrate with a hatred for men because it wants to be one but can’t quite cut it. Simples 🙂

      • A feminazi hates males. Is probably bi-sexual or a lesbian and believes she is a member of a separate female race. If there were no men in this world it would be the Isle of Lesbos on earth. A bizarre creature. The feminazis by their silence support the Muslim savages. Very dark.

      • Feminazi is a term coined by Rush Limbaugh that accurately portrays the radical feminista who hates men and Western Civilization.

        They forget what allows them to have their 1st world lifestyle ina world without too much fear.

        • Thank you to all who responded to my question. It was a genuine question, since I don’t listen to Mr. Limbaugh’s show(s) and haven’t ever done so; therefore, I had no context for the term.

          It appears that I’m safe from this description! *whew* I’m a feminist, but what I mean is that I believe men and women (yes, both) should have equal rights under the law. Two current hot points under the law re. equal rights are

          1) the rights of fathers to have equal custody (my brother-in-law was royally shafted in his divorce, both on $ and custody of his two sons in favor of his adulterous ex-wife), and

          2) the rights of women to equal pay **for equal work**, since women even in professional (scientific & technical) positions earn only 78 cents for every $1.00 a man earns. And that’s white women. For Latinas, blacks, and Asians, the numbers are lower. ==> Do note, however, that my definition includes **for equal work**–not “work that’s kind of the same thing,” which I keep seeing in many articles on equal pay. Nope; equal pay should apply to the same work description. If a man is expected to haul field equipment around without a technician to assist him (e.g., a petroleum geologist), then a woman should also be expected to haul field equipment around without a technician to assist her.

          I hope this isn’t a “feminazi.” I like men; in fact, I’ve been married to one–the same one!–for multiple decades.

          • As a boss you know your male employee will not need to drop out and then want to drop back in baby after baby. Just one thought. There are others.

  24. Note how this “choir” consists almost entirely of babyboomers.
    This is the generation that was better off than any generation before them, and is better off now, than the generations that came after them.

    These are not the kind of people who live in Amsterdam-West, Rotterdam-South etc. or any other muslim majority neighborhoods, which are characterized by staggering unemployment rates and a wide range of social and other problems.
    The babyboomer generation does not have to have to experience those problems first hand. That privelige is reserved exclusively for “xenophobes, islamophobes, racists and nazis” who do NOT have the money to move away from those low income neighborhoods.

    Particularly painful is the lyric “I want to learn from you” which basically sums up the absurdly naive mindset of these people.

    If they want to “learn” from muslim immigrants so badly, all they have to do is move to Amsterdam-West or Rotterdam-South. And trust me, they will learn soon enough.

    • Reminds me of a poor rich kid wretch R.I.P. who tried to ‘learn from you and understand’ the the drifters along the Palisades in Santa Monica, California.

    • Jolokia-

      I’ve lived in a MENA country for almost three years.

      There is nothing to learn from these people. 95% of them have the mentality of a child in an adult body.

      This is because malnutrition and poverty have caused them to have underdeveloped frontal lobes, and what is there has been packed full of Islam from day one.

      • The people in this “choir” are actually and genuinely convinced that they are, what is in Dutch language called “fatsoenlijk”.

        This word would translate to English as “decent”, in the meaning of “having a moral compass”, “being guided by high standing moral values”, “being civilized”, or even “knowing etiquette”. It implies a quality of being refined, the opposite of rude.

        This word is often – almost ALWAYS – used in the press by politically correct dogma patroller journalists to tap themselves on the chest for their presumed “moral superiority”, as opposed to Wilders’s voters, who always LACK “fatsoen” by definition and are therefore “uneducated, bigoted, xenophobic proles with low IQ’s”.

        Now thankfully I haven’t lived in any MENA countries, but the neighborhoods described in my earlier post pretty much sum up the kind of environment you described.

        I have however, lived in the US for 3 years (in 3 different states) and can’t wait to go back there someday, this time for good.

        I’m PERFECTLY adapted to American society, I speak fluent ‘Mercun, (like a ‘hilljack’, even) and you wouldn’t even be able to tell I wasn’t born there. I won’t break the law, I won’t apply for unemployment, and I make my own money. That’s a promise ! Honest injun !

        So how’s about a green card for a regular meat and potatoes, middle aged Dutch guy, whose daughter is a US citizen, whose gf is a US citizen, who has a dozen US relatives and who’ll wave the Stars & Stripes until the cows come home ?

        Why can’t I have a green card ? Seriously, I need one !

  25. I couldn’t watch beyond the 35 second mark.

    Raspailwasright wrote:

    “After having lived in a MENA country for almost 3 years I can tell you without a doubt, that if the roles were reversed in the crisis, these people would stop us at the border, let us starve, or simply eliminate us without losing a wink of sleep at night.”

    Of course he is 100% correct in this assessment. The thing that perturbs me is: why can’t the bulk of Western people understand this to be the case.

  26. To Jay and Ricpic and some others: Didn’t you even notice that there were an equal number of men standing off to the left, taking photos on their phones and listening to their women folk sing? The camera sometimes panned in their direction, particularly during the last part of the song and at the end. Go back and look. And then revise your conclusions in light of the facts.

  27. Keep in mind, the mass migrations is Europe would not be ongoing if our idiot leadership in D.C. had not effectively empowered ISIS. Our failed foreign policy in the middle east under this administration is entirely to blame – both for the merely indigent immigrants who will contribute to already excessive social burdens but also for the terrorists that will no doubt be co-mingled with the masses. This is part of Obama’s plan to undermine Western Civilization. We have the American low-information, low intelligence voter to blame for every bit of this travesty.

    • For a ‘devout’ Koran poisoned savage in Holland this must seem like the beginning of a Golden era. A veritable free buffet with every sensuous delight. The ideology of Muhammed works it really works. Just listen to those kafirs bleet and do nothing to defend themselves.

  28. 33:27 And He caused you to inherit their land and their homes and their properties and a land which you have not trodden. And ever is Allah , over all things, competent.

    Welcome! Welcome in my land! La, la, la …
    Stupidity is eradicating civilised Europe.

  29. I’ve seen some very bad things. Both personally and in our history. I’ve been horrified, angered, and absolutely aghast at what the species has done on its worst days.

    Never have I been physically ill. Not until just now.

    I also feel the same way I did when a dog of mine was so badly injured, I knew there was no way she’d survive. I could not watch her suffer any further, so I ended it for her. I feel…I feel like that right now.

    That realization. There’s no saving them. They are going to die, and they are going to die badly, and there is nothing that can be done about it. Worse, they bring this doom upon themselves.

    I suppose we should all see to our own in this our darkest hour. Even if something good and true survives what is to come, it’s going to be a long fight to save our world. Our descendants are going to hate us for this, and they will be right to do so.

    • So right, the needlessness of it all.

      Years ago (WW2 e.g.) there appeared to be more people with commonsense, I’m wondering if the balance has changed, i.e. for many years we’ve been told the world’s I.Q. has been dropping…

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