Who Will Take in the Rohingya?

The video below features a clip of Pope Francis talking about the Rohingya refugees. Many thanks to par0 for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling and commentary:


0:00   A culture that does not tolerate the other –
0:06   Let’s think about those brothers of ours, of the Rohingya.
0:18   They have been kicked out of one country after another
0:24   and put to sea.
0:31   When they arrive at a port or a beach they are given some water
0:36   and a bite to eat and they send them out to sea again.
0:42   This is an unresolved conflict and this is war.
0:56   This is called violence, this is called violence.

12 thoughts on “Who Will Take in the Rohingya?

  1. Has the Pope ever considered taking the Rohinghas in? He could set up a tent city, just like so many other countries, right there in St. Petersburg square and feed and house these poor people.

  2. A dangerous, ignorant idiot.

    It is mind-boggling that such a fool can be the leader of the Catholic church. It would be even worse if he knew what this is all about. Imagine he knowingly aids and abets the Islamic expansion project!

    • Was that why Benedict was booted out? His stepping down is utterly unprecedented and very queer. But he did arouse Islam ire with some of his statements.

      For me, Francis’ economic ignorance is awful. Back during Leo XIII’s time it was passable, but there is no excuse now…

      One other thing: he has an opinion on everything. What does he think he is, a blogger? I’ve never seen such a bizzzy pope.

      Edit: want to see how rare this is?


      The previous one was in the 11th century. How strange the lack of curiosity about Benedict’s move. I sure hope he has an encrypted journal secreted somewhere.

  3. One of the very strange aspects of this is that Frances was almost elected in place of Benedict XVI. The election of Benedict only delayed the rise of Frances by a few years.

    In my opinion, B16 was a great pope, a true scholar and theologian. Frances is neither, but rather he is simply a Marxist puppet. What a disaster for the Roman Church!

    • Yes, Benedict XVI was a traditional Catholic who stood for basic Christian values, while Frances II seems to have a very strong taste for secular ideology (multiculturalism, human rightism, etc.) which seems hardly compatible with a Christian world view.

      Of course, it’s very nice of him to be kind to refugees, but kindness without discernment often yields bitter fruit.

  4. Maybe this ‘pompous twit’ as Nemesis correctly labels him could strike up a deal with all the wealthy on the Arabian peninsula to look after his ‘brothers?’

    Yeah, right. Swedistan, maybe?

  5. 0:00 A culture that does not tolerate the other –
    0:06 Let’s think about those brothers of ours, of the Rohingya.

    Yep, the Rohingya are exactly who I think of when I think of a culture that doesn’t tolerate the other.

    Seems that the pope is failing to realize that tolerance is a two-way street. Unilateral tolerance doesn’t work, unless you like getting beaten to death.

  6. That ain’t no/my Pope..He’s an [epithet]..Period..
    Thanks. for keepin’ on guys..What is it again? From high -school chemistry..2 parts saltpeter one part sulphur, and how much charcoal?!..What a horde of freakin’ anal retentive liars..Referring to of course you jnow who..

  7. I do sympathise with Rohingya. Most of them must be ordinary harmless people who have been persecuted and suffered for religious and ethnic reasons and cannot survive without outside help.

    But shouldn’t they be offered a place to live in a Muslim State? Surely, they would be happier among their coreligionists? There are wealthy Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman or Kuweit that can afford to provide asylum to refugees. Or Turkey, which, although not fabulously rich, is not so poor either and has enough land and water for Rohingya.

    We have heard about solidarity among Muslims, it is high time for this solidarity to be put into practice.

    • I’m sure the Qataris would love to host them….

      …seeing that they need as much slave labor as possible to construct their stadiums in time for the 2022 World Cup!

    • It’s painfully obvious that there is no Muslim solidarity. This is an Islamic myth that gets rolled out every once in a while by Islamic rulers and clerics when it suits their purposes.

      The Rohingya are more likely to be viewed by Muslim rulers as the cowardly hypocrites that Mohammad described who flee from jihad. In other words, they’re supposed to stay in Burma and go down fighting in the way of Allah regardless of how pointless their jihad is. That is, unless they can make it elsewhere in dar-al-harb to fight in the jihad there.

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