A Beach of His Own

The new king of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (a relative youngster, only 79), took a little vacation on the French Riviera this summer. To make his stay more commodious, the French authorities converted the public beach next to his mansion into a private one. They went so far as to block public access with a concrete slab, and installed an elevator for the exclusive use of the king and his entourage.

The situation didn’t sit too well with local residents, who were furious. A petition against the “privatization” was launched, gathering more than 100,000 signatures.

King Salman was affronted by the impertinent behavior of those uppity French people, and cut short his stay on the Rivera as a result. He moved on to Morocco, taking his entourage and all those lovely petro-euros with him.

Update: Here’s a little addendum that may reflect Saudi attitudes towards France. From The Local (H/T Fjordman):

Saudis savaged over Paris hospital bills

Saudi royals who took over a public beach in southern France recently should have paid their country’s outstanding hospital bills before leaving the country, a top French doctor has said.

“Before leaving, the King of Saudi Arabia could pay its €3.7 million bill to the hospitals of Paris. A gesture of politeness,” tweeted Patrick Pelloux, a Paris-based emergency services doctor and activist.

Below is a brief news report about the king’s snit. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:05   Saudi King Salman [bin Abdulaziz Al Saud] remained only eight days
00:09   in his residence at Vallauris, instead of the planned four weeks. His visit
00:13   had caused controversy. Firstly, the privatisation of the public beach
00:17   of Mirandole, “refitted” for the occasion.
00:21   150,000 people signed a petition against this.
00:25   Jean-Noel Falcou, Municipal Council of Vallauris: After the departure of the king, all we demand is a quick regularisation of the work
00:29   that is, the demolition of the concrete slab, the removal
00:33   of the lift that was installed directly on the beach.
00:37   The beach should re-open to the swimmers today. In case of a return
00:41   of the “king”, its privatisation will be repeated.
00:45   Philippe Castanet, Sub-Prefect of Grasse: The security of a head of state is non-negotiable.
00:49   We would never accept that he is not sufficiently protected.
00:53   Another controversy during his sojourn: Two female police from
00:57   to the security force were removed by the king. This was denied by
01:01   the management of public security (as they would!).
01:05   The king’s entourage told of his dissatisfaction with the reception he had received,
01:10   before he headed for Tangier, Morocco,
01:14   surrounded by his entourage of one thousand people (slaves?).

9 thoughts on “A Beach of His Own

  1. A BIG WELL DONE to the instigators and the signers of that petition which must surely prove that the pen is still mightier than the Islamic sword.

  2. An entourage of one thousand. Pushing the envelope of Parasitism.

  3. Off topic… well sort of.

    Muslim agitator Choudray has been arrested in the UK according to the BBC.

    ’bout time. HOPE charges stick this time!!

    • I’m sure his arrest is only happening because of the Mohammad cartoon contest. I believe that it will be shut down at the last minute due to “security concerns” that will somehow only become apparent right at the last minute. But they need to arrest choudry to provide some cover from accusations of a pro-Islamic pro-jihad bias.

  4. Good piece in the Daily Telegraph today on why Saudi is likely to go broke as a consequence of fracking, and their lack of any alternative source of revenue – no industry of maufacturing and all the real work is done by imported near-slave labour.

    They have had nigh on a century of sucking up tribute from the Kuffar. Now, it is going all wrong. Maybe their refusal to cough up a couple of millions owed to the Kuffar is part of an economy drive?


    Entertaining how capitalist big energy interests trump even Saudi. The passion for filthy lucre is more powerful even than the nation-destroying PC-system that is undermining us all. Here’s a thought. Perhaps big, globalising business will turn on the little squirt politicians currently wrecking the West, if their money-grubbing enterprises are challenged at any point.

  5. With his money, he could rent a tropical island with truly gorgeous beaches. Riviera beaches are sad.

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