Muslim Gays: ISIS Execution or Honor Killing, Take Your Choice

The following report discusses the plight of a young homosexual under the Islamic State, who was faced with the likelihood of either being executed by ISIS or murdered by his uncle to preserve his family’s honor. If he had not escaped from Iraq, he would presumably be dead now.

What is remarkable about this story is that it aired on the BBC, of all places. Did someone fall asleep at the wheel at Beeb headquarters? Or are the times a-changin’?

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

7 thoughts on “Muslim Gays: ISIS Execution or Honor Killing, Take Your Choice

  1. The political commissars must have all been on vacation or something. This story even suggests that the “honor killing” of a homosexual might actually have something to do with Islam.

    I mean, he said his father was “very religious” so if the most devout followers of the religion of peace are so non-violent then how could a very religious follower of Islam kill someone for being gay?

    • Yeah, it’s illegal, they get to kill the gay child, and we all say ok , because it’s not like they are white Christian devils, amiright!

  2. So, what difference, at this point, does it matter?
    If they can’t vote for Hillary, do they make a sound when thrown off a building?
    Hillary>Jeb!2016 care as much as I do
    Buh bye, gays in ISIS land.
    Darned if W didn’t help all the Mid East care about it, but Barack stopped that. Yeah Obama, yeah ISIS!
    Love wins#########!!!!!!

  3. No, the BBC were not asleep. This is typical of their pernicious pro-homosexual propaganda. Play the victim card, open the frontiers to these “poor, downtrodden” people.

    I read that immigrants are told to claim that the are “gay” to prove that they are true refugees, and not economic immigrants.

    • It took me a while to see the news article about refugees being told to claim that they are gay, but once I saw that the dots connected and I see what agenda this video is intended to push.

      So you are right, but I wonder how it might backfire as more people realize that Muslims in their own countries, and not just in some place like Iraq, also support the death penalty for homosexuality.

      Imagine that… The Jungle in Calais, a camp of purely gay Muslims. I guess they better start getting busy to prove how gay they all are.

  4. 2005: Cameron says “islamic extremists [in the UK] are nazis”
    2006: BBC does an article (rightly) pointing out that Mawdudi is the father of modern islamo-nazism, and that most of muslim organisations in the UK are followers of Mawdudi. On cue, Muslim Council of Britain (representing 500 muslim organisations in the country) attempts legal action because BBC quoted Mawdudi (accurately) saying “the islamic state is a form of fascist state”.
    2007: most extensive survey of muslim attitudes in the UK shows that 71% of muslims there want gays criminalised & “punished” (with younger muslims being 3x more fascistic than their parents)
    2010: Quilliam report for incoming Conservative coalition says that 18 of largest muslim organisations in UK are demanding return of the Caliphate (i.e. the islamic state) i.e. are islamo-nazi organisations, committed to the killing of gays & the legalisation of slavery under islam
    2014: Caliphate returns. Islamo-nazi conferences in the UK stop (the goal of achieving Caliphate has been achieved).
    2015: BBC can report on what Islamic State is doing abroad (raping slaves, killing gays), because all attention is spent at home ensuring that no reporting (such as those reports listed above between 2005 and 2010) should actually focus on the problem inside the UK. In 2011, when muslims marked the removal of gays from east London by plastering the area with signs saying “Gay Free Zone”, the BBC only reported on this 3 days after other news organisations had reported it.

    There is virtually no reporting in the UK these past 10 years on what sharia law means, what policies the pro-Caliphate groups are committed to. At a talk given to educated, rich, “far right” libertarians 4 years ago, I was the only member of the audience who knew that Hizb ut Tahrir had not been banned. The rest argued vociferously against me, saying the organisation no longer existed. Labour & Tory politicians talked of banning Hizb ut Tahrir, then the media stopped reporting on the group, and the populous assume this lack of reporting means it has been banned.

  5. To most, the Left and Islam are in lockstep. If they are slightly awake they might think that Islam will dominate because it keeps on saying that it will.

    Now I wonder if the BBC is beginning to get the idea that only one of the Left or Islam can win the forthcoming battle between them, and it needs to choose sides. If it has chosen sides then it probably has chosen the eventual winner for the police & army have much the greater firepower and surveillance capabilities.

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