Silence Reigns After Jihad Attack Against the Church of the Loaves and Fishes

A recent arson attack did severe damage to a church in Israel on the Sea of Galilee, at the
site where tradition says Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes to feed five thousand hungry people. When it turned out that the perpetrators were zealous Muslims, the press dropped the story. Nothing to see here. Move along, folks.

Many thanks to Yuval Brandstetter MD for translating this editorial from News1:

It’s a wonder. As soon as there is real need for information, explanation, essential clarification, the Blabbers of self-flagellation disappear.

Take the story of the arson at the Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish in Tiberias. A terrible crime. A veritable hate crime. When it happened the land was rattled. Immediately the Jews began beating their own breasts: We have sinned, we have wronged, for it is from amongst us, that the settlers, the avengers, the persecutors of the Christians, arose.

Only this time the show was magically ruined. Lo and behold, the police were finally alacritous, or maybe they had the security tapes the whole time; the perpetrators were identified and arrested. Two Muslim men from [East, majority Arab] Jerusalem who are bona-fide members of a terror organization were the perpetrators of the heinous crime. The arsonists were arrested, confessed proudly to the deed, and re-enacted it. With the indictment imminent, the holy men of the Christian faith sent letters of gratitude to the police, to the GSS, [General Security service, Israel’s FBI] in praise of their excellence and celerity.

But where was the Press? Silence reigns. If it had been the “settlers”, heaven forefend the noise and hubbub. The Left would have danced in the streets for shame and condemnation. The commentators would have been scurrying to interview the victims and the government would have been screaming for acceptance of apologies to the victims and the Holy See!! But now — please be silent, not a peep out of you.

So where is that god-almighty Jewish propaganda we have all been told rules the media and the Earth? When it comes to Muslim persecution of Christians and Jews, it slinks away and hides.

4 thoughts on “Silence Reigns After Jihad Attack Against the Church of the Loaves and Fishes

  1. “So where is that god-almighty Jewish propaganda we have all been told rules the media and the Earth?”

    That’s the thought that always occurs to me: if so, then they’re doing a really bad job of it. One would think controlling the media would be all about controlling it in furtherance of their own interests.

    In 1985 an accomplished Singapore-born architect of Sri Lankan background confided to me over dinner that “300 Jews run the world”. Really? They’re not doing it very well if self-interest is a factor. He was in all other respects perfectly sane.

  2. As we all know too well, if two Christians had damaged a mosque, a mob of vengeful muslims, driven on by their imam, would have massacred the nearest community of Christians. The MSM would in that case have focussed attention on the mosque and ignored the dead Christians. The policy of appeasing muslims must be emanating from somewhere on high, though because it’s been adopted by all civilised Western countries. It’s a puzzle and if not altered, will end badly.

  3. In late July 2015, four Israeli Jews age 18 to 24 (plus an unnamed minor) were arrested by the Israel police and indicted for the arson. The suspects are reportedly associated with the Jewish extremist, ultra-nationalist “Hilltop Youth”.

    A majority of Israeli Jews condemn Jewish terrorism.

    Hartman, Ben (July 29, 2015). “Suspects from extremist Jewish group indicted for arson of Church of Loaves and Fishes”. Jerusalem Post.

    Levinson, Chaim; Shpigel, Noa (July 30, 2015). “DNA and Cameras: Police Reveal How They Solved Church of Fish and Loaves Arson”. HaAretz.

    Shpigel, Noa (August 14, 2015). “Arson Suspect in Galilee Church Torching Charged With Sedition”. HaAretz.

    “Supreme Court Rejects Church Arson Suspect’s Appeal”. Arutz Sheva. September 4, 2015.

  4. That July 1, 2015 news item in NEWS1 was false, turned out to be incorrect. At the end of the month of July, 4 young Jews associated with the “Hilltop Youth” were indicted for the arson and later the oldest was also charged for sedition. Unfortunately Israel has its own ultranationalist extremists. I think a majority of Israeli Jews condemn them.

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