Is There an Islamic Time Machine?

The following report from ShiaWaves laments the fact that Geert Wilders’ video showing cartoons of Mohammed (peace be upon him, his progeny, his camel, and his underclothes) had been broadcast on Dutch public television.

There’s only one glitch: this video was uploaded yesterday, BEFORE the Motoons were broadcast in the Netherlands.

Is there is an Islamic time machine? It seems plausible, given all the other magnificent inventions that have been credited to Muslims.

Actually, we may surmise that executives at the Dutch state broadcaster (NOS or NPO, not sure which) tipped off their colleagues at Islamic media outlets so that they could prepare their videotaped outrage in advance:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

8 thoughts on “Is There an Islamic Time Machine?

  1. Actually, they are half right really.
    It was meant to be aired earlier in the week (before the upload of this video).
    But supposedly a ‘technical glitch’ aired a wrong Geert video (sure, a glitch).
    Geert was enraged and thus he uploaded the video that was meant to be aired on YT.
    But he had announced it before it was meant to air.

    So they are right that it was aired…well…meant to be.

  2. No time machine just yet, but the appearance of Bronze Age warriors hints at a worm hole.

  3. Any muslim that wears a watch deplores the kaffir’s invention..They are a slave to the kuffar’s invention of THEIR time..and they’re running out of it..Too bad so sad..

  4. This anchor or whatever he is read this off in a fake robotic manner like someone was holding a gun to his head. Was this video recorded in North Korea?

    • My take on his performance was: “Whose son is this guy?”, ie he was so incompetent at his job he had to have obtained it by nepotism.

  5. Hi – is there a forum for counterjihad? I wanted to start a discussion, but any sites i find are public articles, and i don’t want to hijack a discussion on an article.

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