5 thoughts on “The Disappearance of Christianity From Turkey

  1. Mostly a good account for the BBC, though attributing the blame only to “Turkish Nationalism” is a cop-out.

  2. That the Turkish end of the caliphate takes great pride in its past atrocities against Christians is no news at all. The knee deep in the new politically correct Christianity BBC runs this same tired old rubbish every few months. Different phoney distressed reporter each time. How about a six part documentary. A bit too hairy for anyone to actually interview or confront a denizen of this great leeching entity off the coast of Europe. Probably half the BBC staff have quickie vacations in Turkey all year round.

  3. “The question now,” asks Mark Lowin, “is: ‘Can this country embrace true religious freedom?’”.
    The answer is in the Koran, part of Islamic law:
    “If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah), never will it be accepted of him;” (3:85)
    BBC reporters are way behind on their learning curve.

  4. The many other Orthodox Christian Patriarchs are NOT as kindly persuaded to make nice-nice to islam as the one in Turkey…. and he is merely first among equals anyway. He cannot just proclaim and that is the way the Church goes. He is not a POPE like the one in Rome …his word is not infallible and never was.

    The Patriarch in Russia is behind a ban the burqa in Russia and the NO MORE MOSQUES in Moscow movement. He is very aware of the REAL beliefs of islam.

    Too bad the Pope is NOT savy about REAL islam.

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