“Italy Has Awoken”

Last weekend anti-immigration activists staged a protest in Infernetto, a suburb of Rome. The demonstrators objected to a refugee center in the neighborhood, which they said brings crime and instability to the area.

The following video shows Mario Borghezio, an MEP for Lega Nord, speaking out at the demonstration. Many thanks to par0 for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from a report on the event posted by PressTV:

Italian activists stage protest against refugee center

Nearly 100 Italian activists and local residents have gathered in a neighborhood near the capital, Rome, to show their anger at the activities of a center which hosts refugees and minor migrants.

The protest was held in Infernetto neighborhood on the outskirts of Rome on Saturday.

It was organized by far-right movement CasaPound, and was joined by anti-immigrants party Northern League which accuses foreigners of crimes in the neighborhood.

CasaPound chief Simone Di Stefano claimed that the government of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi cared more about illegal migrants than Italian citizens.

Security forces were deployed outside the refugee center in order to avoid any violence.

Video transcript:

0:00   22nd November, Rome — After being kicked out of Eur — Borghezio goes to Infernetto:
0:05   Sit-in by residents from the area of Infernetto near Rome contesting the refugee centre
0:10   Chants: Right to housing, Right to work we don’t have it
0:15   Chants: We don’t want the refugee centre
0:20   Borghezio: I am with you, I am with you, protest, what protest? The sh**faces protest against us, we are with you
0:42   … with our patriots, with you, I am with you, I am with you, I am with you.
0:47   Background chants: It is us, it is us, we are the owners of Italy.
1:05   No one will stop us. No one will stop us, Italy has awoken.
1:16   No immigration, no welcoming everybody. Defend the identity of our people.
1:25   I am here with the youth of CasaPound (a right wing Italian political movement), and with people who live here. This lady is not a militant of CasaPound; the lady is from Milan and has moved here.
1:34   And she told me that I did not imagine this when I came to Ostia. It was a beautiful place “Infernetto”, yes Infernetto — we are near Ostia, you can feel the air of this sea.
1:46   Therefore we say that this immigration immediately needs to stop. Stop immigration says the Lega and say the patriots,
1:57   because here it is necessary, indispensable and urgent, that a widespread patriotism is reborn, so says this simple slogan
2:06   that comes from the heart of the people: Italians first. That doesn’t mean that we kick in the others the backside,
2:12   but it means that we defend our territory, but certainly they shouldn’t come here to sell drugs, they shouldn’t think that they can carry on doing what they have been allowed to do until yesterday.
2:23   And those who call us racists, Borghezio is always very polite, can go f**k themselves.
2:29   Because we do no give an absolute s**t about their accusations.
2:33   Because here there are courageous people that tomorrow are ready to intervene.
2:40   There are arms, hearts, and naturally also flags, flagpoles as well, maybe also stronger than the ones we have here this evening.
2:49   Long live the Lega and long live CasaPound!
2:53   Simone di Stefano leader of CasaPound: We are extremely tired, we have had enough! in Rome the situation is explosive.
2:58   It is pointless to carry on talking about the ghost of racism; everything is lacking here!
3:03   And if there is nothing for us there can not be anything for foreigners, there cannot be anything for them.
3:09   Therefore Europe has abandoned us in all this in this situation and we have to do the job ourselves,
3:14   which is to force the government, above all, to stop picking people up in the middle of the sea.
3:21   Well done, you want to save them? Let’s get them in the middle of the sea but bring them back to their own home.

5 thoughts on ““Italy Has Awoken”

  1. We always hear “right-wing.” Wait till the left wing sees what the immigrants have in store for them. Europe may well fall in my lifetime; not much I can do about it. Wars are won, wars are lost. But if I can be witness to the traitors paying the ultimate price, at least I can say we got the bastards who did this to us. I doubt if the conquerors will have any trouble with handing them over. They are, after all, just more infidels.

  2. Unwanted immigration seems to be global. I suggested recently to an pro-immigration liberal that if they really wanted 11 million illegals from 3rd world countries flooding in, the very least they could do to help their own point of view is to adopt several families and help them learn the rudiments necessary to live in a 1st world country.

    I also reminded them that their own state capitol was having severe fiscal problems so they might have to choose between either helping immigrants OR surrendering their state-employee pension fund because there wouldn’t be room for both by the time this liberal retires.

    62% of Americans don’t want this level of immigrants, but it doesn’t matter.

    • Well we elected an equal opportunity applicant. (Candidate?) Another time he would have been dismissed as a joke I wonder what Martin would have to say.

  3. The EU shagged nationalism and patriotism while traitorously forcing the gates of Vienna open to all free people’s hated enemy – Islamism – it’s followers and sympathizes. Even created a beachhead called Kozovo for them. Soon the unelected eletes will reap the whirlwind for the sordid violent cultural vomit they have created.

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