The German State Uses Leftists as a Weapon Against its Own People

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The following article from Kopp Online gives an account of a recent citizens’ demonstration against a refugee center in Berlin. According to some first-hand accounts, not only were leftist counter-demonstrators allowed (and encouraged) to attack the demonstrators, they were even provided with tactical intelligence by police units on the scene.

Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Berlin and the Spark to Civil War:

“The State is Using Left Extremists as a Weapon Against the People”

by Torben Grombery, November 24, 2014

In the German capital city Berlin, a protest demonstration by residents against the building of refugee accommodations was attacked by left extremists. This escalated to the point that the previously peaceful participants skipped a step and turned directly into enraged citizens in popular anger mode. The impetus: women and children injured by stones and bottles from counter-demonstrators. The amateur descriptions of that leave little room for positive prognoses in this district.

Also, the Berlin “Civilian Movement of Marzahn” was founded to resist the building of a refugee accommodation in the form of a “container village,” one of such now arising in many parts of Germany because of the continuing stream of refugees. The residents here, as almost everywhere in Germany, feel overlooked by the political system and fear a negative development in their homeland.

Berlin can, unfortunately, show a number of examples, such as whole lengths of street, or parks degenerating to lawless space and becoming nearly unlivable, because of Green policy failures. For example, the region around the still occupied Gerhart Hauptmann school impressively models the continuing tug-of-war for space. And we may also mention at this point the “Great Kreuzberg Experiment in Devastation” — Görlitzer Park.

Needless to say, with this citizen movement, too, extreme groups are trying to infiltrate it and use it for their own political purposes. And the mainstream Left seizes upon that to brand this movement purely a protest by xenophobic rightists.

Since the one-sided reportage of the left-leaning MSM on the recent demonstrations by movements like PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West) in Dresden or the HoGeSa (Hooligans against Salafists) in Cologne and Hannover, we know that unadulterated Nazi parades look different. In this day and age, it is wise to inform yourself from a variety of sources. The internet is very useful for that.

A report was published on Facebook by participants in the Berlin demonstration — which unfortunately became violent — a report that, should it prove to be true, could have impact:

Toward 2:00 PM, according to police estimates, 800 citizens gathered at the meeting point on Raoul Wallenberg Street. That number seems small compared to the expected number of participants. However, our estimate is that ca. 1,000 residents did not come, scared off by the massive police presence and the attacks that were planned against participants.

We will not go into great detail, but will keep things short, factual and faithful to the truth. At no point did the police want us to move even a meter. After the success of the Monday demonstrations had been positively received by the public, there was apparently a desire to “make an example” and inhibit the political reaction to a failed policy of asylum. The reason for this suspicion is the completely blocked and fenced-off area around the entry point. According to some estimates, there were about 1,700 police present, who knew they were not capable of moving out blockades of 100 to 200 persons on a street that was 40 meters wide. The “Hamburg fences” were facing inwards, not — as assumed — to close off the counter protest, but so that the state could knowingly hinder and prevent our properly announced demonstration.

For periods of up to two hours at a time, the leaders of the demonstration received no information on what was going to happen and what the planning was. Only when we emphasized that we had announced a time frame until 11:59 PM and wanted to guarantee a safe departure for participants, by getting to the S-Bahn station, did it dawn on Mr. Rogge (Unit Leader) that now something must be done and we would at least have to go a couple of hundred meters on Raoul Wallenberg Street toward the station. Visibly nervous, he tried to use confused tactics to fool the counter-demonstration. While the officers needed 30 to 40 minutes to coordinate their people, our well-organized group was ready to go in a minute. The police intended to divert the counter-demonstrators and then move past them. Our leaders agreed, because there was no other option. And here is where the police SNAFU began.

They then allowed the Antifa to approach the tracks. This was followed by bottles and stones as well as firecrackers being thrown at our peaceful demonstrators. THE POLICE DID NOT INTERCEDE! The demo leader received numerous reports of people being injured. This was of interest to no one! A fourteen-year-old girl was hit in the face by a rock or bottle. This is not made up, it is the TRUTH!

The government is using LEFTIST EXTREMISTS as a WEAPON against its own PEOPLE!

In other descriptions and various emendations, further serious accusations are made against politicians and police. For instance, only minutes after discussing an evasive route with demonstration leaders, the police leadership is said to have passed the information to the counter-demonstrators. This accusation is supported in a Facebook entry.

There is no confirmation of wounded women and children from official sources. The police report states matter-of-factly how the violence came about.

When groups of leftists picked up stones from the area of the streetcar tracks and had to be stopped by officers, these persons attacked the police. The officers were bombarded with cherry bombs, so they had to employ pepper spray and batons to prevent further attacks. After the demonstrators moved out, they were accompanied by up to 100 counter demonstrators. Firecrackers, stones and bottles were thrown out of this group of partly masked counter-demonstrators at those who were withdrawing. Some of the demonstrators likewise threw stones at the counter-demonstrators. The situation settled down only after use of force by officers, and the column of demonstrators reached the station on Raoul Wallenberg Street. A total of 22 police officers were injured, of which three were unable to continue for the day.

The MSM are simply celebrating the latest successful blockade of a gathering of neo-Nazis. Similar murmurings are to be heard among the established parties, politicians and diverse unions. Little of it useful for constructing a value-neutral assessment.

The fact is that there is hate bubbling on all sides — too much hate!

It is easy to find in the countless discussions in various social networks or on YouTube. The many amateur videos on this demonstration do not bode well for the future in these districts.

The follow-on demonstrations in various cities are already planned or announced. Failed policy in many areas is bearing its fruit.

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    • Won’t it be fun to watch so many of the clever elite in their new costumes and customs running hither and there with nowhere to hide. For whom the bell tolls.

  1. These anti immigration protests are a natural middle-ground reaction to the traitorous Commie scum’s intent to make Europe Moslem. The latest idiocy is the C of E wanting to introduce Christmas services with readings from the “bally” Koran. Excuse my secular language but this idiocy really gets up my Episcopal nose. I am sure this is further evidence that our disgusting oppressors fully intend to hand us over to Islam by gradually assimilating the Church into the Ummah. How these disgusting betrayers of Christ can do this beggars belief but they are! Allah is moongod- that is why they circulate the black shrouded kabbah to simulate the phases of the moon. Islam is a pagan Arab religion at base but borrowing heavily from Arian and Marcionite Christian doctrines that denied the Divinity of Christ!

    Dear God! Now I know how older Bishops felt when faced with evil like this!
    A bally disgrace! The Left are already converting to Islam in droves.

    • Here in Norway we have the same problem as in England with churches becoming conduits for sneaky islamic propaganda. And, of cource, our clerics are ever so eager to stand united with muslims against Israel. It’s unbelievable and sickening!

  2. “The government is using LEFTIST EXTREMISTS as a WEAPON against its own PEOPLE!” This is an appeal to emotion and claims like this often harm the argument rather than support it. As someone who deplores what seems to be an outbreak of intercontinental mass insanity among political parties, the Police, and mainstream media, in no way do I regard myself as among the government’s “own” people. The Muslims are the government’s own people, as are the left-wing counter-demonstrators who, at the very least, are not being discouraged, even from violence. There are many others who can be described as the government’s “own” people, teachers, journalists, and so on, but we who oppose the Islamization of the West can not be so described. We are on our own and no-one owns us.

    • And I don’t think the elites regards us as remotely related to themselves. The elites “own” people are other members of the elite. They are basically “world citizens” without any loyalty to religion, culture, nation or people. For them, people like us are just specs of dust. They have no understanding at at all for our patriotism and allegiance to national or local cultures. They want to save the world (in order to rule it), not us. The nation-state is too small a playground for these god-like creatures. For them the world is a standing buffet, from wich they can pick and choose. They are driven in limousines, flying in private jets, staying in lyxury hotels, eating in exclusive gourmet restaurants, being educated in the worlds best schools. They never even see us from the elysian plains in wich they roam.

  3. This is a common tactic when an oppressive govt is suppressing a demonstration by conservatives. Study any era or conflict and you will see street thugs assisted by cops and spooks as they attack conservatives/liberty oriented groups.

    Learn from history. Don’t re-invent the wheel when the bottles are flying.

  4. Basically the same thing they do here in the U.S., except instead of Muslim dregs, they fill our country with the dregs of Mexico and Central America.

  5. Was thinking of moving to the Berlin area. But looks like now I’d have to carefully choose the area where to live…

  6. This is standard in Sweden, the police never intervene when the left wing terror groups attack, they’re allowed to behave exactly as they please.

    • I first learned that sad fact about Sweden and EXPO, back during the nightmare attacks we endured from a blog, LGF, who let some EXPO sock puppet, “Dave from Sweden” set out ugly lies about SD, Sweden Democrats. Eventually, the hate stopped while LGF went after Vlaams Belang in Belgium.

      I am happy to see SD slooowly, slowly make headway against an entrenched oligarchy. Sweden’s elites are on a suicide multi-culti mission. They *think* they can wipe out SD and also move in countless hostile immigrants and not be touched by it themselves…but Sweden’s vaunted welfare system is going to crater.

      I will never understand Sweden or Norway. To deliberately ruin their cultures in the name of an unproven ideology…they really do believe in magic.

      • It’s called socialism, and no society seems to be entirely immune to it. It’s just that the process has been going on for longer in Sweden and Norway. Even so-called conservatives express socialist opinions in these countries, but they are not even aware that they are doing that. The last true conservatives in Norway died out after a spectacular but short-lived conservative awakening in the years of Thatcher and Reagan. And, yes, socialism really is believing in magic. The really strange thing is that socialism and capitalism are living in a symbiotic relationship in both Sweden and Norway. Socialism is bad at creating prosperity (or creating anything at all, except misery), so capitalism is necessary to fill the states coffers, so that politicians can continue to bribe people with an ever-increasing array of benefits. But it will eventually come to an end, now that the welfare state is being overwhelmed thanks to our “culture-enrichers”. Another way of looking at it, is to see this a a natural development of democracy itself. There has always been a very strong egalitarian spirit in Norway, and to some lesser degree in Sweden. So Norway has perhaps been naturally inclined to develop into a sort of radical democracy that eventually becomes totalitarian and socialist. I don’t really know. I don’t understand this any more than you do. I’m as shocked and stupified by the current development as any. Just twenty years ago I would never have thought this possible.

    • Yes, we learned that the hard way when Sweden’s thuggish EXPO used the American blog, LGF, to try to discredit the Sweden Democrats among American conservatives. It didn’t succeed. The Bigs among American websites mostly ignore Europe. The small ones like us have continued to show the intimidation tactics the far leftwing extremists in Sweden will use in the vain attempt to bring down their opponents. They do Ugly Stuff while they smile…Sweden and Norway, the mean girls of western cultures.

      Ah well, that’s how gender equality always ends up: women whining about the unfair world even as they live longer and have more of the wealth…

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