Gasp! Obama Lied About Amnesty!

Obama lied. He lied over and over and over again just about this one subject.

After all his broken promises about that planned slaughter/induced poverty known as “The Affordable Care Act” — more accurately labeled ObamaCare though he hates the label (perhaps because it nails him), are you surprised to see The Serial Lying Campaign he mounted in order to get elected?

Aside from the inevitability of death and taxes, we now have the sure-as-shootin’ big, bad and smooth Liar-in-Chief.

Is this quirk of his pathological or is it simply a Saul Alinsky tactic? Hard to say, but one thing is for sure: his momma deliberately and with malice aforethought raised a Red Diaper Baby.

Hat Tip: Washington Free Beacon

One thought on “Gasp! Obama Lied About Amnesty!

  1. Growing up to be
    Angry young men
    In The Ghetto (Elvis Presley)

    “As the snow flies
    On a cold and gray Chicago mornin’
    A poor little baby child is born
    In the ghetto..”

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