Tommy Robinson is Back in Prison

Bedford Prison

Address:   St Loyes Street
MK40 1HG
Tel:   01234 373000
Fax:   01234 273568
Governor:   Ian Blakeman

A reminder: Make sure any messages you send to the prison are CALM and POLITE. I can guarantee you that uncivil rants will be discarded instantly by low-level gatekeepers as soon as they read the first sentence or two.

Last Saturday Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League, announced via social media that he was to be sent back to prison. The screen cap below (converted to gray scale to make it more readable) shows a message that was posted by him at that time:

Today this announcement came in from a source close to Tommy Robinson:

The following press release has today been sent to all mainstream media. If you wish to help, please contact Bedford Prison asking for reassurance on Tommy’s safety and requesting that he is moved to Winchester. Prison.

– – – – – – – –

As I am sure most of you are aware, Stephen Lennon aka Tommy Robinson has been recalled to prison for responding to a threat on Twitter. This threat was against him and also implied that his mother would be raped. Screenshots of these threats are available if required.

Tommy’s supporters are requesting that this matter be looked into and investigated thoroughly, as we believe that Tommy is being silenced by the authorities for various reasons:

  • Because he has challenged Bedfordshire Police over their failure to take action against the people that daily threaten Tommy and his family on Twitter.
  • Because he was going to impart some previously unknown information at the Oxford Union debate.
  • Because everything Tommy stated about Muslim extremists and Islam whilst leader of the EDL is now being proven as fact, and he is again highlighting this on Twitter by posting links to his various speeches and interviews.

We also understand that Tommy has today (20/10/14) been sent to Bedford Prison we are not sure if this is a permanent location but we, on behalf of his family, request that he be moved to Winchester Prison where Tommy would have some modicum of security, as we do not feel that he will be safe at Bedford Prison.

Tommy should be allowed his freedom of speech. His sentence is for fraud but his Licence conditions restrict him from contacting EDL friends or attending any demonstrations. Why have these conditions been imposed on him, when they have no connection to the sentence he served?

Facebook page: Justice for Tommy

Evening — What we were concerned about happening at Bedford Prison has indeed happened. Tommy was attacked and has now been put down the block. He took a fair few punches but he also gave a good few back.

Why did the authorities allow this to happen? We knew it would, so they must have known as well.

I don’t have any address for Bedford Prison. When one comes in, I’ll post an update here.

16 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson is Back in Prison

  1. Tommy’s been on the block before, you all know the drill. Postal orders to his prison number when it comes in and stamps.

    • I wish to support him. I have phoned the prison. They say there have been many phone calls. Please explain the drill – I do not know it. I would be very happy to send a book of stamps. He seems to be a political prisoner now.

  2. The state versus the smallest minority of all – the individual. There can be no doubt that those who ‘allow’ the persecution of Tommy to continue are following orders from those who wish to have him persecuted, because those who give the orders have something to hide, especially given the latest news concerning Tommy’s would be appearance at Oxford Union where he would have exposed the agenda of those who remain hidden within the shadows of state sponsored persecution.

    What a sad country Britain has become. A Country run by cowards who would rather persecute their own than face up to the reality of why Britain is now crumbling all around them. Cowards who embraced unproven social theories and cultures that should never have been invited to settle within. But the most standout face to ‘modern’ Britain is that it has become a country that is run from a centralized fascist government that is intent on persecuting the smallest minority.

    And that is the most damning aspect of all.

    • England is the land of my fathers and their fathers etc and I have visited the country from Australia several times. I have been considering a “last visit’ but the more I read about the sorry state of this once great nation, the more I think I should stay at home. The childhood memories of the many large British engineering and mining books together with encyclopaedias in my grandfathers book case will stay with me forever as will the memories of meeting family I heard of as a child but had never met ’til my visits in the 90’s. I think I will stay with the memories rather than the harsh disappointment of reality. A shame really but it is hard to go back to ones roots when they have been destroyed from within.

  3. England is such a corrupted stupid country. UKIP is the only hope for it means the people have had enough. Cameron- Blair – no difference at all. Parliament just recognized Palestine as an independent state – disgusting cowards.

  4. Since muslims are being arrested in the UK for plots to behead soldiers and policemen, and ISIS are instructing muslims to behead random members of the public, I have no doubt the British state wand Tommy Robinson killed in prison, rather than beheaded on the streets of Luton (with the video put up on youtube, and witnessed by members of the public).

    If he’s killed in prison, they will be able to frame it how they wish, and suppress the true details coming out for decades.

  5. I just sent a nasty note to the british (no-I won’t capitalize, Mr. Microsoft) embassy in Washington concerning their treatment of Tommy R. AND human rights, to boot.
    I just wanted them to know that this s*#t doesn’t go unnoticed here across the pond.

  6. For clarification, does one address any correspondence to Stephen Lennon, Tommy Robinson or to the governor of the prison?

  7. A perfect example of the ‘anarchic tyrrany’ we in the West are living under. Lawrence Auster had something interesting to say on this – in my humble opinion it’s a must read.

    • Anarcho-tyrrany. Apologies for my many typos – oddly enough they mostly occur post afternoon dog walk and visit to the pub.

  8. disgrace we are living in a dictatorship as if his not a political prisoner u.s i see things going the same way over your way as well think we are just a bit more ahead then you all we got is ukip you guys need a new political party

  9. Supporter here from USA don’t let this [ordure] stand-but first keep Tom safe. If there is truth regarding these corrupt police- you need names and publish them. Good luck!

  10. How disgusting the British government is. The must be a lot of elected and appointed people in high offices there that are being paid well with Muslim pounds. That is the only plausible answer as to why they let this continue. THEY ARE BEING PAID OFF

  11. Muslims hate and want to kill Jews.
    WW II Nazis hated and wanted to kill Jews

    Muslims want to take over the entire earth
    WW II Nazis wanted to take over the entire earth

    Muslims hate America
    WW II Nazis hated America

    Muslims invaded Europe
    WW II Nazis invaded Europe

    Muslims took over north Africa
    WW II Nazis took over north Africa

    Muslim think they are superior to everyone else.
    WW II Nazis thought they were superior to everyone else.

    Gee I wonder if there is a pattern developing ???

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