“We Will Break Their Backs in Their Own Country”

Last week a Iranian-Canadian pleaded guilty to terrorism charges in Ottawa. He was sentenced to twenty-four years in prison, but will probably be paroled in nine years.

The defendant, Hiva Mohammed Alizadeh (Mohammed Coefficient: 100%), was overheard saying of his fellow Canadians, “If Allah wills… we will break their backs in their own country.”

Hmm… Sounds like “destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands”. Has this guy read the Explanatory Memorandum?

Nah. Couldn’t be. The Ikhwan is a Sunni organization, and Mr. Alizadeh is a Shiite. There must be some other explanation…

The following video contains a brief excerpt from Ezra Levant’s take on this culturally enriched “Canadian”. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this clip:

Below are excerpts from the accompanying Sun News Network article on the case:

OTTAWA — The ringleader of an Ottawa terror cell pleaded guilty Wednesday to terrorism offences under a deal that will see him sentenced to 24 years in prison.

Hiva Alizadeh, 33, a jihadist who has undergone paramilitary training in terrorist training camps, will be spared a potential life sentence for recruiting sympathizers, funding overseas terror networks and plotting to attack targets in Canada.

“You have brought untold shame upon your family, your community and peace-loving Muslims throughout this country,” Judge Colin McKinnon said.

“You have effectively been convicted of treason, an act that invites universal condemnation among sovereign states throughout the world.

“Your actions were selfish in the extreme, deserving of the derision and contempt that you must endure, now and in the future.”

Alizadeh was one of four men arrested in August 2010 as part of Project Samossa (sic), though only three were charged with terrorism offences.

Police had him and his network under surveillance for months, including bugging his Ottawa flat and phones.


In March 2009, Alizadeh — at this point a Canadian citizen — travelled from Canada to Iran, then sneaked across the border to Afghanistan for a two-month crash course in terror.

And from Canada, Alizadeh made regular calls to his brother in Iran with whom he discussed sending money for shoulder-mounted weapons and grenades — money which he later sent.

In e-mail correspondence monitored by the Mounties, he also appeared to ask foreign contacts about hosting an Ottawa co-conspirator at a training camp in Afghanistan so they could teach him the deadly art of explosives.

Alizadeh has 18 years left to serve because of credit for time spent in pre-sentence custody. He’s ineligible for parole for nine years.

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  1. Canada: Oh Caaaaaanada stay asleep and nice, polite and civil, don’t resist. Be secular and if a muslims ask for one mosque give him two. If he asks for one madrassah give him three.

  2. Canadians are wide awake and livid at this GEnocide.

    How to fight this crime is the only question.

    We’re done being polite, that;s for sure. ITs time for accountability and punishment for the parasites who are committing this crime.

  3. I guess Allah didn’t will it….which means you, Hiva, are bound for hell. Enjoy being a loser!

  4. Mass expulsion will protect you. The only defense against the presence of Islam is the absence of Islam.

  5. Do we even have a contingency plan? Intern all the non-muslims? (Why not?). There is good chance nobody would protest.

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