A Traitor and a Quisling at Number 10

As reported on the LibertyGB website, Paul Weston gave a speech yesterday at Downing Street, at the invitation of the English Defence League.

WARNING: Mr. Weston’s speech was an impassioned one, so the video below includes some salty language:

For those who find the audio difficult to make out (as I did), a full transcript is below.


Well, first of all, it is an honour and a privilege to be asked by the EDL to come here and speak today. Thank you very much.

Secondly, I’m not going to talk about left wing and right wing here — I’m going to talk about good and evil, civilisation against barbarianism, right against wrong. And when I look at this sea of proud, British, brave patriots, and then I look across there and I see quislings, cowards and traitors … it’s just a shame we’re not a bit closer.

I [want to have a little chat] with David Cameron today, because David Cameron thinks that every single one of you here is ‘sick’, as he calls it. The Left is sick, Islam is sick, but most importantly David Cameron is not just a coward, he is sick and he is a traitor to this country.

David Cameron is on YouTube video saying there are too many Christian faces in the British government. David Cameron is on YouTube video saying he looks forward to the day there are more Muslims in our army, in our police force and in our government. Simon Hughes, the Liberal Democrat MP, looks forward to the day that there’s a Muslim Prime Minister in this country. Well, we don’t and I don’t!

David Cameron is essentially a fully-fledged traitor to his country. He needs to be told this. And David Cameron — when Fusilier Lee Rigby was beheaded — Cameron said, this has nothing to do with Islam — as a Muslim stood over him with a bloody knife quoting the f****** Koran.

When David Haines was beheaded by a British Muslim in Syria, David Cameron said, this has nothing to do with the religion of peace called Islam. Cameron, you’re a liar and you’re a traitor!

David Cameron needs to be asked the question: Who was Mohammed? Was Mohammed, Mr Cameron, a Muslim? Yes, he was — and if he was here today he would be in Syria, jihadding his way across the continent, beheading, raping and murdering as he went; and there is no way you can say that the religion that this man inspired has nothing to do with the behaviour of beheading, raping Muslims today. You’re a coward and you’re a f****** traitor, Mr Cameron.

When I came down here today I walked past the war memorial in my town, and I stood and I looked at all of those names on that war memorial that died to give us the freedom that all the Guardian readers and the BBC traitors take for granted. They died for our democracy, and these people are handing our democracy over on a plate to the most savage, backward, barbarian, vicious, violent, evil ideology known to mankind — and it IS called Islam, and it is NOT a religion of peace.

Now, I don’t know how many people from the EDL we’ve got down here today and how many people are here who are not with the EDL — but I want to see the EDL grow into the biggest street movement in Europe. And then, in six months’ time, I want to see you come back here with ten thousand people, I want to see us march from here down to the BBC headquarters where we can let those fellow traitors and quislings in the BBC know exactly what we think about them, in no pure, unadulterated terms at all.

Now, thank you again so much for asking me to speak here, it has been an absolute honour. You are the best, proudest people in this country. Thank you very much, very much. Thank you.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB, his website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

32 thoughts on “A Traitor and a Quisling at Number 10

  1. I respect Mr. Weston very much, but f words are appearing more and more often in his speeches. In my opinion, he should avoid them altogether, no matter how impassioned he might be.

    • He uses extreme words to describe extreme times. I can understand it, but hey – I am a Slav and we curse a f***ing lot.

      Although, he should perhaps restrain himself a bit; it’s already quite easy to make him look like an unpredictible wacko.

    • I agree with curtailing the f words. English is so full of very effective alternatives, nouns and adjectives. Just peruse Shakespeare, Pope and Swift. Henry IV is a good place to start collecting disparaging epithets.

    • He’s a pretty experienced speaker and probably knows what he is doing and why. He wouldn’t use the same language at an academic meeting (if they ever asked him).

      • Why does he think vulgar terms are appropriate in this setting, when there are strong-but-not-vulgar alternatives? If he’s trying to meet the audience on their level, he must think they are uncouth people. Maybe some of them are, but in general it’s an insult to an audience to assume that coarse language is what really speaks to them. An effective speaker doesn’t need to reach down to the lowest cultural level in the audience.

        • It sounded like he was advocating street protests. Well in the UK at least, the only people who protest against islam in numbers are the “football hooligan” types of the EDL who do swear.
          People who worry about bad language while other people have their heads cut off are not likely to show up to such a protest, so are not the target audience.

          • Using crude language is one way to dissuade people who aren’t football hooligans from joining the movement, and to signal to the educated classes that the counterjihad is a movement for football hooligans. I can’t see how that’s helpful.

  2. That was quite brave of Mr. Weston to do, considering the laws in England pertaining to public speaking and saying anything ill of Islam. He could have been arrested for what he said.

    • He has already been arrested, for reading out Churchill’s writings on the subject.

      But he seems to be fearless now.

  3. -If my ears do not betray me, the last sentence is “You are the best *bravest* people in this country.”

  4. To Vortac and William:

    You would disarm this man of one simple point of his appeal to the “common man” of England who has been raped along with all of Europe by these invaders simply because you happen to be “offended” by his use of a word you do not “approve” of?

    He is angry, as I wish all of England was. More’s the pity. Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

    You have descended into the same debilitating self-righteousness and showy sanctimony that the Left has with this example of moral preening.

    Concentrate on the substance of his call and the truth of it rather than his choice of words. 

    By doing less you perpetuate the problems rather than helping to solve them. 

    • What is “showy” about posting anonymous comments on a small blog? And how are Vortac and William trying to “disarm” Weston? You’re implying that Weston cannot make a point effectively without using crude terminology, when more semantically accurate words are are available. Thus you insult the intellectual capacities of Weston and his audience.

      “Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas”: Indeed. That’s what happens when an educated speaker thinks it’s edgy or powerful to use the gutter language favored by semi-literate people.

      It’s Weston’s resort to coarse language — not some quiet comments about the language in a small blog — that detracts from the substance of the message.

  5. It is not a matter of my being offended by the use of the words. It is not a matter of moral preening. In fact, it doesn’t bother me. It is a matter of hamstringing himself by turning off potential converts. Does he want to expand beyond the EDL? If so, then he needs to be artful in his use of language. Emotion is important, but this fight requires more than that.

    • Agree fully with every point. We can use the word f****** socially, but in making important political points to attract as broad as possible an audience decorum in language is all important.

      • I tend to agree that a political activist while on the long road to public persuasion should refrain from such language. But: if by some miracle Paul Weston became Prime Minister, what would be most appropriate would be his judiciously juicy deployment of the F word at the very beginning of his first address to both Houses of Parliament, and used three times in his very first sentence: “F Allah; F Islam; and F Muhammad.”

  6. Colorful language…. The man is angry, frustrated and, when it comes to politics, not very powerful. He is absolutely right, putting muslims in any positions of power is a form of social lunacy.

  7. Who says he wants to attract a “broad” audience?
    Anyone offended by his language is unlikely to do anything about our problems.
    Furthermore, here were are discussing an existential threat, and your contribution is to what? Come down on the LANGUAGE used to describe the threat. Are you insane?

    • No, I am not insane. Language and words are important in this war. That’s what we are using here now. It is when words fail that one resorts to physical means for self preservation. Let’s use our weapons effectively. Do not be a clodhopper.

    • Weston’s unnecessary use of crude language feeds the prejudice that the counterjihad is composed of illiterate yobs and therefore is something that civilized Britons ought to push into the margins. If you think that’s fine, and that Weston should not want to attract a broad audience, then who exactly is insane?

      And if language is such a trivial matter, then why the heated responses to a couple of people making small, quiet observations about language?

      • Actually the salty •mouthed and crude yobs on the left really outnumber those of us counted amongst the backwoods knuckle draggers on the other side. It just isn’t something that is pointed out.
        I’d rather have Paul use a sword than poop on their doorstep. Or however that witty syllogism goes. Or is it an amalgamism?

  8. This whole unfortunate discussion is a perfect example why one should avoid using f words in his speeches. It clouds and dilutes the substance of the speech, it provokes argumentations and divisions (and more harsh language) even among your supporters and it brings the troubled question of “targeted audience” into light. And all that for one f***? It’s simply not worth it.

  9. Courageous Paul Weston will go down in history as the greatest leader Britain ever produced and Liberty GB the greatest party. The EDL will go down in history as the courageous, great street movement.

    Because our wicked leaders colonised our tiny nation with millions of muslims we are confronted with the greatest threat humanity has ever faced: the Murderous Blood Cult of Islam whose devout followers for 1,400 years emulated its founder – looting and stealing the homes, businesses, land and countries of non-muslims.

    Perpetrating satanic atrocities, beheadings, mass barbaric killings of non-muslims and the massive taking of non-muslim females for sex-slaves as taught in the Quran.

    If muslims are allowed to become a majority in Britain due to muslims being constantly imported and muslims given welfare benefits, social housing and free money – Infidel Brits FORCED to finance massive muslim colonisation and massive muslim breeding – forced to finance muslim conquest and barbaric sharia, our nation will be transformed into a second Iraq, a second Syria. Our safety and freedom annihilated. Forever.

    http://www.mirror.co.uk British female jihadis running ISIS ‘brothels’ allowing killers to rape kidnapped Yazidi women.

    Thousands of Yazidi and Christian women and girls have been taken for sex-slaves by dirty, demonic, inhuman, violent gang raping sex-slaver muslim monsters – the Spawn of Satan. Muslim females from Britain are helping. Don’t allow this to happen in Britain! Join in the fight for our freedom! Join Liberty GB and the English Defence League!

  10. Civil war is coming….as I warned years ago- sooner than people think. Paul Weston and the EDL will seem like a Vicar’s tea party in comparison with what is about to hit. People are seething as the dopes in Wastemonster still filling their troughs and moneybags still haven’t noticed. I have seen Civil war and know the signs. They are all around us now and it is but a matter of time….

    More tea Vicar?

    Bankers, Soros and all the rest are incredibly ignorant of the huge dark forces of chaos they have unleashed. Hope you fellers can run very very fast. No amount fo name calling or arrests will stop those forces…..

    Mark my words…

    Joe Public has had enough and the PC sheep better get out of the way too.

  11. I empathise with Paul’s expletives but we need to “get professional” now. Time for rants is over…..over along time ago. I hate violence and war but what choice do people have when they are ignored and treated like third class citizens by comparison with latecomers. People starving in the streets, huge debt bubbles, drastic inflation and food prices- supply problems at Tescos….Folk stripped of jobs and welfare, living in cars. This is the result of multiculturalism and globalism.

    1789 is brewing and blood will flow. History says so. These “elitists” know the cost of everything but the value of nothing. ISIS is no joke or trendy “community” but a vicious Islamic killing machine and there is but one way to end it..

    And we all know what that is.

    Some things are so vile, only eradication is the solution.

  12. Entirely by chance, I was in Whitehall on Saturday afternoon. Didn’t know Mr Weston was speaking, but the EDL stand opposite Downing Street mustered maybe a dozen people. The “Anti-Fascists” nearby had about three times as many. Visible police numbered thirty or so, and they had several vans with blacked-out windows in Whitehall and the side streets; probably more than enough had things turned nasty. Nothing wrong with their being prepared, but how impartial would they have been if things got violent? I suggested to one copper that an AFL poster was an incitement to violence, but he didn’t seem interested.

  13. I use profanity when I am totally fed up with something or someone that or who is beyond hope. In Mr. Weston’s case he knows that the socio-political environment in the UK is hopeless. The Brits are eloi today, and there are a few time travelers – as in “The Time Machine” – who see what is occurring and no amount of truth telling changes anything. So you howl at the moon with our without the occasional bad word.

    I was born I 1947 so I saw and remember the old conservative way of life and of doing things. Even the liberal/left acted like adults then. Today is a another matter. We absorb the left’s culture and speak publicly as they do in defense of our beliefs. I am not shocked by it but I realize how it has happened.

    It will take a sea change to get things right again but it will be a long struggle. Very long.

    What a different world.

  14. I think the jury is pretty firmly out on this one. No more swearing….. thanks for thoughts and arguments.

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