September 11 2014: The REAL Islam


The video below, compiled by Vlad Tepes, is especially important today on the thirteenth anniversary of the day America’s world view was violently jarred. We were shaken to our foundations, but we were not basically changed. Some of us were awakened to the fact of real evil squatting among us.

For those whose paths were irrevocably changed by the carnage they witnessed here and whose lives are now devoted to standing fast against the deformity of the human spirit that is Islam, their round of daily tasks lies in marking the path for others to follow. For them the choice is simply said but endlessly done -i.e, to create new ways to light the roads to the real truth:

  • Islam is a lie;
  • Islam has always been a lie;
  • Islam will eventually fall of its own immoral and parasitical weight…but only when its oil supplies run out.

Vlad’s compilation of the real Islam is a rebuttal – a civil push back- against the bestial, depraved and primitve acting-out of ISIS, or whatever name the Great Evil has bestowed upon itself in its present iteration.

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For those of you who haven’t watched the original pustule, the vileness gushing out from ISIS particularly designed to scare the rest of the world, it’s still available at Pajamas Media, where it serves as a historical reference point and reminder of the Reality of Islam.*

None of us who were here then will ever forget the images from September 11, 2001. Now, thirteen years later, their newest beastiality is on parade, still trying to scare us to death, to prove to us that our mere laws and our care for one another are no match for their brutality. Despite the fecklessness of our leaders I still believe in the eternal faithfulness we reserve for what is Good, True and Beautiful.

Against that eternal and benign triumvirate, the fountain of millennia of art and music and Law, the latest beastialities of this primitive regression by a supremacist totalitarianism “religion” cannot prevail. Purportedly founded by an illiterate, incontinent caravan raider, himself besotted with blood lust, this current metamorphosis of evil will not and cannot endure. Despite our failings we are better than that. Far better. We have progressed and grown far beyond our ancestors’ best imaginings while our enemies are stuck in a tarbaby of primitive evil, reduced to stealing from the West what they do not and cannot ever produce on their own.

*I haven’t watched the ISIS evil, and not just because of the Baron’s protective warning that “it’s horrible. Don’t go there.” For me, to consent to view Hell on earth is to let Evil win a bit more territory, i.e., to permit it to own even a small part of my mind. I refuse to let their Jihad porn and bestial horror show, which is purposely designed to sap the will of all of us, to gain even the smallest part of my own sovereign mind.

Thanks are due to these people too, for their collaboration on a crucial response to evil. As long as there are men and women of courage (as these most surely are), we know we’re on the right path:

  • The Rt. Hon. Geert Wilders, member of the Dutch Parliament and leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV)
  • Rembrandt Clancy, for the translation from the German
  • Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, for the German transcript

Later, there will be separate full videos of each of those who so generously contributed to The Real Islam.

24 thoughts on “September 11 2014: The REAL Islam

    • Oh my. You certainly covered well Islam’s insistently eternal bestial and sexual preoccupations. Oops. If one looks under the sheet you provide, it may turn out that the two obsessions are synonymous in Islam. For mujahadeen, it’s all about control, control via sex and death. In your patient slogging through what appear to be endless recursions, all the way back to what happened before that, and then before that, etc., you bring us here:

      And before that? Ayatollah Khomeini was not vague about the subject when he wrote in his 1960s book Tahrir al-Wasilah: “Whoever has a wife under nine years old cannot penetrate her, whether she is his permanent wife or his temporary wife. But other forms of sexual pleasure are allowed, such as lustful touching, embracing, or rubbing the penis on the thigh of the girl, even if she is an infant still. And if the baby’s vagina is so badly damaged that the bladder and urethra ‘become the same’ when he penetrates her before she is nine years old, and her hymen is not broken, he has only sinned. If he has only sinned, but if he has broken her hymen, then she will be forbidden to him forever.” (Yeah, well, {says Trevor} just because he was the leader of a significant number of Muslims doesn’t mean he was a leader of significant number of Muslims.) [amended for clarity -D]

      Well! A lot of Muslims on other continents would say the Persians aren’t the real deal Islam, the truly kosher desert-bred Muslim. That’s because many of those carping non-Persians have an IQ which floats, precariously and just about level with congealed greasy left-over dish water in some grimy January kitchen…

      Such are the sins of inbreeding within a paranoid tribal…umm…”culture”…yeah, a culture hell-bent on preserving their wretched honor while they annihilate everyone else. “Honor”?? How’s that for an inversion of all we learned about the subject? The Real Islam has crowded integrity, honesty, courage into a small corner where they are diligent in repeatedly running them through with a sword.

      Truth, Beauty and Justice lie beheaded in another corner of the hovel known as MENA.

      That essay of yours is in its own class, full of information without the flecks of rage. For example, in one of those recursions you redeem a lone social worker trying to do her job, here:

      And before that? In 2002 a social worker sent a report of Muslim rape rings in Rotherham to the local council and the Home Office on a Friday. When she returned to work on Monday, she learned her office had been burgled and only the evidence of her report had been stolen. How mysterious! But there was some reaction to her unpublished report – she was sent to diversity training, since noticing Muslim men were operating a child rape ring made her a ra… a r-ra… a raaaaacist.

      Oh I pray that she quit. When I left county “social work” (without another job in hand) it was because of what I perceived to be an institutional corruption. To lay the irony on more thickly even my leave-taking resulted in a sleazy attempt to demote me and reduce my pay because I made the mistake of giving notice. When I talked to the state supervisor, she told me that people lasted in the kind of work I did for a little less than two years and she asked me how long I’d been there: a bit over two years (I’m slow). When I looked around me, I saw that most of the others had been there a decade or more – except for one young woman who went straight from her job of Child Protective Services into a mental health facility.

      It wasn’t because I was somehow “stronger” than that young woman that I didn’t follow her in there. She had no one to turn to, while I survived because I could and did seek refuge in the Baron’s calm sanity.

  1. Alexis de Tocqueville:
    “I studied the Kuran a great deal … I came away from
    that study with the conviction that by and large there
    have been few religions in the world as deadly to men as
    that of Muhammed. As far as I can see, it is the principal
    cause of the decadence so visible today in the Muslim
    world, and, though less absurd than the polytheism of
    old, its social and political tendencies are in my opinion
    infinitely more to be feared, and I therefore regard it as
    a form of decadence rather than a form of progress in
    relation to paganism itself.”

  2. Islam existed before the oil. It will exist after the oil. The oil wealth has tended to corrupt, as unearned wealth so often does. When the oil wealth runs out, it is a reasonable hope and expectation that the better side of Islam will come more to the fore. ISIS is not typical of Islam, even if neither is it entirely unprecedented, if you look at the whole of history.

    Within any community of humans, there will be pulls and pushes for better and for worse. This holds also for religions. There is always hope.

    • Sorry, Sam. There simply is NO “better side” of Islam to which its adherents may turn. That is the whole point of the fisking of ISIS’ bestial video. That is as good as it gets. Listen to the experts who have studied the canon of Islam.

      ISIS is Islam unleashed, with nothing to stop it. It is the dream of Islam, a return to a righteous ummah, ruled by a real Caliph.

      What would it take to make you see clearly that Islam stands apart from other communities of humans?? Look at their culture, their interactions even among themselves.

      It is only the geographic accident of oil that they are not still living in wretched quiescence. If you want to see “after oil” just look at “before oil”. Read what Winston Churchill or Mark Twain had to say about them after their encounters with Islam.

      Or you could look at them now, replete with the wealth that oil brings. Would you want to live in one of those countries? Do you think that as a dhimmi you would survive?

      Once Islam takes hold, recovery is almost impossible. Before Islam invaded, Egypt was a prosperous country. The granary of the Med. The suppliers of cheap papyrus to spread literacy through the prosperous ports of the Mediterranean.

      Please, please read history. Look around you. Study the geography of Islam’s bloody borders. Look at the slaughter OF MUSLIMS by Isis – they’re not the right kind of Muslims.

      Check out the OIC. Find one country, just ONE, where Islam dwells in harmony; its Muslim citizens at peace. Even where they are in the majority, when not subduing dhimmis, they are killing one another for being the wrong kind of Muslim. The co-exist gene has long since been bred out of them. Any of their “achievements” are simply things they stole through bloody conquering of less violent cultures and countries.

    • Sam Grant is a taqiyya artist, pure and simple. If he’s not a muslim, he’s a muslim sympathizer.

      • You pay close attention. After I left that comment I recalled that he may have been the one who left a comment some time ago on the wisdom of believing in global warming…though I could be mixing him up with someone else.


        • I seem to recall Sam on previous occasions trying to rescue Islam from the hideous reputation it has built for itself. If he thinks Churchill and Mark Twain have a prejudicial view of Islam, he could look into some of the old Muslim historians who boast about all the slaughter done in the name of Allah.

          Several years ago, I happened to be looking at a book of essays be a 20th-century Westerner who had converted to Islam, espousing the supposedly gentle, deeply spiritual Sufi variety. And amidst those deep thoughts there was an essay on the deep wisdom of killing apostates . . .

  3. Many Thanks for telling the most relevant truth facts:

    Islam is a lie
    Islam has always been a lie

    I agree 100% Martel Sobieskey

  4. This compilation video performs a public service in that
    it allows infidel exegetes to explain the background
    and terminology of the 36-minute video released by the
    Islamic State.

    But the warning that “This video contains extremely
    graphic and violent content” is a gross exaggeration.
    All that it shows is people being shot dead, and with
    less emotional impact on the viewer than some random
    cable-TV mafia show or Tarantino-like Hollywood movie.

    How to flash the Islamic gang sign, called the “mudra”,
    is shown at 8:08. (This gang sign is flashed later in the
    video too, at 13:36.) And at 9:44 Robert Spencer speaks
    of “the enemies of Allah and urine”. This refers to
    atheist pooh-poohers of traditional medicine; see .

    (What the hell is that background music at 14:00?
    Something played at the wrong speed?)

    • Maybe the graphic extremes are to be found in some of the individual videos of each person. We had planned to have them up by now but some jinns glitched the individual productions, or some of them. Not sure on that; it’s above my paygrade.

      If such is not the case, then that could be the generic warning Vlad and the Baron include to warn me about ugly stuff. My developmental PTSD is such that neurochemical cascades flood my brain (and then the rest of me, including damage to blood vessels eventually) when I’m exposed to disturbing images. Back when we actually went to theatres, I sat on the outside so I could book out of the theatre and go to some pre-arranged bolt hole to wait for the rest of us to emerge from the movie. It was before Kindle too – i always carried a book just in case.

      At one time I had the naive idea that taking a film course in college would get me past this silly over-reaction. The idea was that wanting to maintain a good GPA would keep me glued in my seat as I contemplated what might happen to my grades if I took an incomplete. Wrong. In order to help me, the professor thought adapting a short story to a screen play might help.

      Wrong again. He chose this one by Joyce Carol Oates:

      Perhaps he thought reading about scary, bullying violence among young women would be at one remove from the heart of darkness and allow me to capture Ms. Oates’ “creativity”. Nope. I had to explain to him I’d quit fairy tales cold when someone dumped the horror of “Hansel and Gretel” on me.

      So I was assigned t6o watch a dozen or so musicals and write reviews of them. Lucky for me, he understood it wasn’t in the realm of the Will.
      OTOH, Vlad could have ended up saying, “oh yeah, I decided to take that stuff out”. Whatever. For sure each of those exegetes had to watch the whole ugly ISIS thing.

      As for the music in the compilation, you’ll have to ask Vlad. I don’t know from music.

  5. Richard (Jaws) Kiel has died at 74. Before his role in two James Bond movies he was a in big time turkey called EEGAH and played an evil indian spirit in a episode of KOLCHAK THE NIGHT STALKER with Darren McGavin.

  6. I’d like to point to this from Facebook,but everything I try gets a scary “You are being redirected” with no useful info about the topic.

    • Have you had the problem before if you try it with other sites? Gates of Vienna is on Face Book, but there is no auto feed for it like there is for Twitter. Someone in OZ is the admin for the FB page but she is so busy with work and children she has no time…it seems we lost the auto feed during the last really bad DDOS.

      Perhaps you could do a search for Gates of Vienna on FB and see if it’s there. Though I doubt it.

  7. I’ve seen enough real death to last me the rest of my life, so I have no desire to watch actual murders take place via what IS, ISIS or whatever a fundamentalist Muslim outfit calls itself when placing the recording of actual murders on video as a ‘terror’ tactic.

    I’m no voyeur of death at the instant it occurs, and of victims who I believe, should be shown a little more respect by not watching them die just so those gangs of medieval marauders can get their perverted jollies off on how they think their enemy reacts.

    We are definitely better than them and maybe even they even realize that.

    • No, they don’t see it your way at all. Those deaths honor Allah.

      I agree with you – in fact you supplied a missing piece for me: respect for the dead means avoiding the scenes depicting their deaths. However, this death cult believes that what they are showing will convince believers all over the world to come to join the offensive. Al-Qaeda’s battles were defensive – i.e., they were following Koranic directives to tell us to mend our ways in order to avoid death.

      This new call is not directed to unbelievers as a warning. It is a Koranically-based call out to the Submitters, Allah’s Obedient soldiers, to show up for the battle prepared to kill, and the first in line to die are the apostates, the wrong-thinking Shi’a dogs who deserve death.

  8. Thank you Dymphna and Trevor Blake for some fine writing. Dymphna, your defense of the West and all we hold beautiful brought tears to my eyes. Like you, I cannot bear to watch cruelty, so I never do. I cannot even watch it on a TV show, turning my head to the couch, or putting my hand in front of the image. How and when did our Free World decide to commit suicide? It breaks my heart. What kind of a world are we handing over to our children and grandchildren?

    • Wasn’t Trevor Blake a wonderful find?? If I felt better I’d go over and read some more…oh wait. I didn’t find him. He left a link to his blog and a wonderfully recursive post that was like The Garden of Forking Paths – at least in structure.

  9. This article, “The Real Islam” is profoundly accurate and true, and more rare than diamonds and gold. It makes my heart “weep with joy” that Gates of Vienna steps up to inform what our leadership has abjectly failed to do so since 9/11. Unless our national policy adopts the wisdom which Gates of Vienna expresses, America will be turned into a living hell by the cancer of Islam.
    Martel Sobieskey

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