Robert Spencer: The Seeds of War

Here is the first full video from the 9/11 compilation.

Robert Spencer explains the difference between ISIS and whatever else has transpired in modern times. This new call to serve Allah supersedes any previous (and defensive) iteration such as al-Qaeda.

Victory through obedience to Allah. He is the cause of their victory, and victory comes because they are obedient to his commands.

It is not they who kill, but Allah who kills through them..

This is how the true Islamic State functions: offering honor and glory to Muslim soldiers by the killing of apostates.In this case, Shia Muslims are the apostates and must especially be killed by the true followers of Allah.

The ISIS video is the call from Allah to his soldiers world-wide.

8 thoughts on “Robert Spencer: The Seeds of War

  1. In the earlier video, the video ended just when Imam Robert said “the enemies of Allah and urine”, so I suspected that the tape had cut off just when he was in the midst of saying something like “the enemies of Allah and your infidel foes”.
    But no, this tape makes it clear, at 6:30, that he really meant to say “urine”, in a defense of traditional Islamic pharmacology.

  2. I wonder how the Nobel Peace Prize Commity is feeling right now after giving it to Obama? Like total Baffoons,Idiots or Chumps

    • As I am fond of repeating after Caroline Glick, Norway is a totalitarian democracy.

      Because it is so small (we have about the same population here in Virginia as live in Norway) there is little way to escape the totality of the burden of being Norwegian if you’re not characterologically in tune with the ruling elite – and that elite, or at least its future generation , was the very same group that Breivik decimated on Utoya.

      I have a sense that it’s not a culture that allows for courageous dissent. Thus, while Breivik was single-handedly shooting all those kids, a few of their leaders climbed quietly into the few boats available and saved themselves. That is Norway. Despite its Viking heritage, Norwegians have long since been emasculated.

      And when Breivik, insane as he is, was not put into a hospital for the criminally insane where he belongs, but instead sat smirking through a show trial reminiscent of the old days in the USSR (and some of the judges, whose competency was questioned, played computer games) – when they had to hunt for forensic psychiatrists who would go along with their plan to pretend him sane…? Well, that is Norway, too. Such sell-outs can be found.

      And when they hunted down Fjordman, their appointed scapegoat (appointed by the government, media, academia and judicial elite)? Yes, that was Norway too.

      Breivik wanted to be a messiah for the neo-Nazis but they made ABB the Counterjihad front man. As if Norway would countenance a Counterjihad presence in their midst! No, instead, they have sold their souls for the expensive proposition of supporting all their immigrants lay-abouts because it makes them think they -Norwegians- thereby look morally superior. And that expensive mistake may well make Norway poor. Just like it was before oil.

      But maybe having to pinch pennies is the real Norway, too. Sadly, their enriched citizens won’ t like it. I hope they don’t expect gratitude. At least they understand the cultural berserkers they’ll have created.

      • “… being Norwegian if you’re not characterologically in tune with the ruling elite … ”
        Very logical and sensible points. I looked up to see who the writer was. I was not surprised because Dymphna always writes something beneficial for all.

        Hunting for Fjordman just because Breivik quoted him was a feature of governing even worse than any in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan.

        And in Britain Paul was arrested for a few hours for quoting Winston Churchill.

        This is a proof that there’s only one system of government in the world : perverted human nature.
        We all enjoy Fjorman’s writings and ideas: They are insightful, educational and logical. He does not lie or libel, defame.
        What he does is tell the truth. In the western totalitarian “democracies” truth, Christianity and Judaism, are the enimies of the ruling elites.

        There is something in Scandinavia and Europe that I can’t understand:

        Why such voluntary dhimmitude and break their own back for muslims. Why so much appeasement and groveling, cowering and fawning for muslims. Don’t we have dignity and honor.

        All Fjordman did was to warn our “treacherous leaders” to just act like dignified humans with honor.

        Is THAT bad? Is that breaking the law?

        All National Holidays like July 4 are about dignity and honor.

        We don’t like dishonorable DARING LIARS.

        • I’m prejudiced.

          The perfervid hunt for Fjordman, the show trial of Breivik, Norway’s insistence that the latter is part of the Counterjihad, their open aid to Hamas – all these events make Norway appear far more insistent on ignoring the plank in their own eye in order to lecture the rest of us.

          OTOH, if fate were to tell me I had only two choices, Norway or Sweden, I’d be paralyzed.

          But I’d love to read your explanation why Sweden is worse.

          • While the mess in Norway is well publicized, the entire Swedish political system has degenerated into what I call “parliamentary fascism” – a system where tacit agreement to stomp out dissent is now being challenged by Sverigedemokraterna.

            General elections are due in a week (they’re not really secret, either), and every other political force is ganging up to talk about Sverigedemokraterna, calling them ‘fascists’ (that’s factually untrue), and latest the Swedish national television published supposedly confidential credit card usage data for Jimmi Åkeson – in Sweden, this stuff is not confidential if it belongs to an Enemy of the System.

            Danish commenters are richly aware that Sweden is falling from the grace of democracy towards a form of dictatorship that is not yet quite clear. Then, the freedom of the Internet might save our neighbour eventually. But it’s gonna be a crazy ride until we get that far.

          • I spent quite a lot of time reading about the propaganda put out against Sverigedemokraterna, including the ugly material on Jimmi Akeson, plus a strange claim that one party leader wears her swastika armband in private. The commenters in those places aren’t taken in, though – they push back, sneering at the obvious and conveniently timely discovery of these purported sins.

            Several have suggested that their bullying of SD will backfire, causing more support of those the elites hate. I hope that turns out to be the case.

            BTW I noticed people are finally beginning to understand that to be a “fascist” you have to be on the left. The lying liars in charge of what is printed or televised – do they realize the extent to which their propaganda doesn’t work anymore??

            I had been planning to talk about this while the B was away. Aren’t the elections on Sunday (tomorrow?) I was also going to post on the strange situation in which Norway is stashing its overflow of prisoners in the Netherlands – while next door in Sweden, they are closing many of their jails. Passing strange. Aggravating to be ill while these things go on…

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