Danish Muslims Attack “Filthy Christians”

The following report from Danish television describes the growing incidence of attacks against Middle Eastern Christians who have fled persecution in their homelands to take refuge in Denmark.

Many thanks to Henrik Ræder Clausen for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:01   Some of the persons from the Middle East living here in Denmark are Christians.
0:06   They experience rising levels of harassment, smears and at times outright violence from local Muslims.
0:13   Experts confirm that this is a problem that just keeps getting worse.
0:17   We have been in contact with several Christians who have experienced this. You can meet two of them here.
0:23   Jojo is a Dane of Lebanese-Christian background, which is why she is persecuted by local Muslim youths.
0:29   This weekend the threats became so severe, she had to move to a crisis shelter.
0:32   I found that I couldn’t be at home anymore, I couldn’t be in Nørrebro [Copenhagen] anymore.
0:36   Jojo is not her real name. Our editors know her name.
0:39   She is one of many Christians we have talked to, all with tales of threats and violence.
0:44   But only Jojo dares show her face to our camera.
0:47   On August 3rd she was in her car in Copenhagen, dressed for summer.
0:50   Seven young Arabs surrounded her car, one put his foot on the hood.
0:55   Then he tells me: “Do you think I’m looking at you, f***ing ugly whore. See what you are wearing, bitch.”
1:00   And then he sees my crucifix! And says: “You are wearing a crucifix.
1:04   That also makes you a Christian f***ing whore.”
1:07   Then he adds: “You know what we do to persons like you? You get stoned!”
1:12   On August 16th she is driving in Copenhagen with a friend.
1:15   I see a person, who has threatened my life, from a distance.
1:18   She tries to film the incident with her telephone.
1:20   He does this thing, he takes a bottle, and throws it at me while I drive.
1:25   – He just threw something. He just threw something.
1:27   I think these are very ignorant persons, who do such things, accepting nothing except themselves.
1:35   I have lots of Muslim friends. They’d never dream of saying such things to me.
1:39   The problem of Christian persecution is widespread.
1:41   It is more severe than we have seen previously.
1:44   But the problem is that if this development continues,
1:48   we will get a segregated society with the groups living apart, and we don’t want that.
1:53   We meet another persecuted woman in a park in Copenhagen.
1:56   We are refugees because we have a Christian background.
1:59   She came to Denmark from Iran aged 13. Today she is around 30, anonymous due to fear of reprisals.
2:04   My son was called all sorts of things, and so was I.
2:09   “Infidels”, “Dirty Christians”, “You should be stoned to death”.
2:15   He was beaten up at the bus stop.
2:17   She complained to the local property management, who called the group of youths in for a talk.
2:21   Then one day they knocked on the door.
2:23   I looked through the peephole and saw this group of children.
2:32   I thought perhaps they had come in order to apologize.
2:36   But they had not. As she opened the door, two men forced themselves in.
2:39   He just came so fast, and told me that I was dirty. Christian and dirty.
2:47   “I’ll turn your life into a hell.”
2:52   He called me ‘whore’ and all sorts of things. “You are an infidel.”
2:55   He pushed me really hard into my apartment.
2:59   He shook me up and beat me in the head.
3:03   The woman is now looking for a different, safer place to live.
3:08   And the woman Jojo, whom we just met, has created a Facebook group,
3:11   where Christians can share their experiences of harassment from Muslim youths.

13 thoughts on “Danish Muslims Attack “Filthy Christians”

  1. Jesus, how could anyone come up with the idea that muslims integrate. Muslims don’t integrate. These are menatally ill creatures who are driven in the opposite direction to people who believe in Good or God. Muslims are tormented with a sense of inferiority that manifests itself as a “superiority” complex. Brainwashing five times a day with the monkey-see-monkey-do manual ensures an absense of God consciousness.

  2. You know, I read this kind of thing and I do think these people should live within a fence in the middle-east, with others who agree with them and should not pollute the western world, whether it is Europe or America — may they roast in peace with their fellow barbarians.


  3. “I have lots of Muslim friends. They’d never dream of saying such things to me.”

    She may be surprised by her “Muslim friends” someday. If they face a choice between defending Islam and defending a non-Muslim being victimized by Muslims, her “Muslim friends” will almost certainly choose to defend Islam.

    • Honey rest assured they do dream of saying and doing a lot worse than you can imagine – I imagine. You are just in time to see Scandinavian versions of the Lebanese civil war that will be emerging very soon from the ashes of the culti multitudes. All so very gay – I must say.

    • She should ask her Muslim friends to help in protecting her. Let them put themselves on the line instead of merely paying lip service.

  4. I am beginning to think that a lot of carpet bombing might solve this situation. The fence idea may be a little unrealistic , but bombing the crap out of them could make them sit up and think, for a change. Maybe even withdraw? How did it come about that we have this middle-eastern problem? these are the people who pee everywhere and a US solder in World War II noted how the sand in the middle east smelt of pee.

    Yeah these are the people we should pay attention to? Bomb that back to the middle ages, which is where they belong.

  5. mariadee: I hate to say so, but this seems to be the only medicine against that plague.When I discuss with my friends here in Germany, I often find them naïve right- thinkers and I give them a: and how was Hitlers Germany finally defeated?By talks or prayers?No, the country had to be bombed to smitherens with 3.5 million civil casualties and nothing less!Period,silence,because this is an argument you can not defeat.

    • It is still I imagine the only solution. Unfortunately we have allowed ourselves to become extremely frightened about the side effects of this particular medication. More cash and time in a long term drip feed and slow internal cancer rot. I don’t imagine any five times a day muslim will have such qualms when the right opportunity arises. Could it be that the few fighter jets flying around over the Isisavages without actually bombing is because of cost per unit limited budget considerations.

  6. I try to look Jojo facbook group page couldn’t find. It will be helpful to find that group. I saw two videos one is where this person was asking question about muslim and he was being harass by muslim security and filiming it. The second was where group of christians have posters about christsians and they being pelted by eggs, water bottles and some others because it was muslim fair.

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