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  1. I read the report Nick posted, and was about to post it myself. What really makes all of us sad is that these girls were apparently already in a bad place in their lives—many were in care shelters etc. It is there that the muslim predators spotted an opportunity. I mean, just think—one would see an 11 year old in such a situation and think “I feel bad, let me be an older brother to her and guide her to a happy place in her life.” Instead these koranimals thought “a piece of meat for me to enjoy.” Koranimals are like that. A kafir woman is a piece of meat to them.

    Also, let’s not kid ourselves: anything that lasts 16 years, and is so concentrated in one community (pakistani) can not but be indicative of some core “values” the community holds. There is too much continuity here. Not a single Pakistani elder voiced concern (surely they knew–these folks love to brad about their sexploits). Now of course, they feign surprise. Just like Pak did when OBL was found a mile from their top military academy in a house that stood out like a sore thumb in the neighborhood. This is all part of Taqiya.

  2. We should never forget too that the events in Rotherham were just one instance of a phenomenon that happened all over England.

    Remember Operation Bullfinch?

    Man, I remember sending the Baron in a link from the local Oxford paper ages ago about that all kicking off. What I’d like to see the mainstream media do now is join the dots – literally have a big old map of England on the news with all the areas where Muslim males have committed these horrific crimes highlighted.

    And as you say my friend, I just don’t believe the so-called “Muslim community” they came from didn’t know a damn thing about it. All those perpetrators, each of them with extended families, feeling invulnerable (and therefore being more liable to boast about their actions), and no one beyond the five convicted perpetrators had any idea? I don’t think so.

  3. It is always worth doing a little research as well. How many people are aware of the case of Janis Kahn vs. The United Kingdom (Application no 11579/85)?

    From the case files:

    THE FACTS (français : p. 256)

    The applicant is a British citizen, born in 1961 and resident in Huddersfield .
    The facts, as submitted by the applicant, may be summarised as follows

    . The applicant, a Muslim, met and fel in love with a Muslim girl under the ag
    . They requested the girl’s father’s consent to marry, which was refused one of 16 ‘
    three occasions
    . The girl left home with the applicant’s assistance and they under-went an Islamic marriage cereinony on 5 November- 1982
    . Under Islamic law, a Muslim girl may marry without her parents’ consent on attaining the age of 12 years
    . The girl was then 14 1/2 years of age and the aplicant 21 age. The couple lived in London for approximately 14 months until on 21 December 1983 the girl’s father forcibly removed her .

    The applicant was charged with abduction of a girl from the possession of the
    father contrary to Section 20 of the Sexual Offences Act 1956 (“the 1956 Act”) and
    with sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 16 contrary to Section 6 (1) of
    the 1956 Act . The applicant was tried on 19 June 1984 and sentenced to nine months’
    imprisonment on the second count .

    • cont. …

      Article 9
      The applicant claims that he was prevented from manifesting his religion
      through his marriage under Islamic law by the operation of Section 6 (1) of the Sexual Offences Act 1956 .

      Article 1 2
      The applicant claims that the custodial sentence imposed on him under the 1956 Act prevented him from consummating his marriage and from founding a family .

      Article 14
      The applicant claims that he was discriminated against in that the judge failed to take into consideration his religion, under which it is considered lawful for a girl to marry on attaining the age of 12 years without her parents’ consent .

      • cont. …

        THE LAW (Extract)
        1 . The applicant complains that hé has been prevented from manifesting his religion through his Islamic marriage by the ôperation of the legislation which makes it an offence to have sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 16 .

        By Islamic law, the applicant may marry a girl without her parents’ eonsent if she has reached the age of 12 . He also complains that the custodial sentence, imposed on him prevented him from exercising his right to marry and found a family.

        It is true that Article 9 secures to everyone the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion and to manifest their religion or belief in worship, teaching, practice or observance . However, the term “practice” as employed in A rticle 9 para. I does not cover each act which may be motivated or influenced by a religion
        or belief . While the applicant’s religion may allow the miarriage of girls at the age of 12, marriage cannot be considered sintply as a form of expression of thought,conscience or religion, but is governed specifically by Article 12 (,ee eg .
        No. 6167773, Dec . 18 .12 .74, D R. 1 p . 64). The Commission therefore must examine the applicant’s complaints under Article 12 .

  4. cont. …

    Article 12 states that :
    “Men and women of marriageable age have the right to marry and to found
    a family, according to the national laws governing the exercise of this right . ”

    Tae Commission recalls that under English law, a girl may lawfully marry with
    her parents’ consent on attaining the age of 16 and without their consent on reaching
    the age of 18 . A marriage contracted with a girl under the age of 16 is invalid and
    sexual intereourse with a girl under 16 is an offence under Section 6 of the Sexual
    Offences Act 1955, the provision under which the applicant was lawfully sentenced
    to nine months’ imprisonment . The applicant’s girlfriend was therefore not of the
    marriageable age required by internal law . Since the right to marry guaranteed under
    Article 12 is subject to the internal laws governing the exercise of this right, the
    Commission concludes that in the circumstances of the case there is no appearance
    of a violation of the rights under the Convention and in, panicular of Articles 9 and 12 .

    As regards the applicant’s complaint that the custodial sentence itself prevented
    him consummating his marriage and foundling a family, the Commission recalls that
    even if the marriage was considered valid under national law, lawful detention must
    of necessity interfere in the relations of a married couple and does not of itself
    constittue a violation of Article 12 (see eg . No . 8166/73, Dec . 3 .10.78,]>.R. 13
    p. 241) .

    It accordingly follows that this part of the application must be dismissed as
    manifestly ill-founded within the meaning of Article 27 para . 2 of the Convéntion .

  5. So this is back in the mid-eighties, and a Muslim from England was stating in open court that according to his religion – Islam – it was permissible for adult men to “marry” 12 year old girls and the state had no business trying to prevent him from doing so.

    That’s a matter of public record, then. It is also a matter of public record that this particular Islamic practice is illegal. It follows that the fundamental premise of multiculturalism, namely that all cultural beliefs and practices are compatible, is false.

    A useful case to know about.

  6. (Apologies for any copying errors, the transcript I have is an old scanned pdf document, which doesn’t copy/paste very well. I’ve gone through the pasted text quickly & tried to correct any errors in spelling etc that have crept through due to the patchy nature of the copy/paste process, but one or two might still be there.)

    • I’ve emailed a copy of the pdf document to the Baron – if you want a copy, give him a shout. (You should also be able to find it on the HUDOC database.)

  7. If one ever wanted to stare evidence of civilizational decline in the face one need not look any further than this case. A hundred years ago Britain ruled a quarter of the globe and commanded the seas. Today the descendants of colonized tribes have free reign to prostitute the children of their former lords.

  8. You’re absolutely spot on Nick. Islamic shari’a law takes the view that *nothing* else can be used to define “good/correct/allowed” other than the deeds and words of Mohammed. Simply put–anything Mo did/said was correct, and all else is wrong.

    Since Mo married a 6 year old and consummated the marriage when the girl was 9, this automatically becomes “right conduct” under Islamic shari’a law. Not only did the perverted Mo do this himself, he also encouraged other arabs to “experiment” with children sexually (this is a very well known Hadith, which discourages arabs from marrying older women, and tries to get to them to sexualize young girls). So, this sort of behavior is not only allowed, it is encouraged.

    So we must realize that what these bastards were doing in Rotherham is actually considered “good/pious” behavior by Islam. They were following their mad prophet-Mo.

    In India, we had this terrible problem of arab men (always over 50) coming and marrying child brides in India and taking them back. The government finally had to put an end to it. They too argued that under Islam, they were only doing “the right thing.”

    This sick cult needs to go.

    • Nothing is being done, Yog, and nor will it be until the ‘multicultural’ scum, and their enforcers in the Constabulary and the Judiciary whom, collectively, we have somehow managed to elect and thus appoint are long gone or simply [intemperate but quite understandable suggestion redacted].
      These are not easy times for us, and they not do please our instinctive humanity and decency, but they do demand a reversion to basic tribal instincts and practice if we are in any way to survive this assault from the eternal barbarians.
      And, yes, it, if it happens, is not going to be nice and history from its position of perfect hindsight may not be forgiving but, at the end of it all, survival is the only absolute measure of a people and a culture. S III

  9. One issue which hasn’t been mentioned in the MSM is the amount of money which these gangs earn from pimping these girls. When you read about how they were “trafficked” to towns and cities all over the country, there is never any discussion of the motivation for why they would do that. The amounts of money involved are huge. So it may not just be Political Correctness that led the police to be so inactive, or incompetence which caused vital evidence to be lost.

    • Very interesting point Patrick. So this was big business as well? At the cost of 11 year old girls who as it is had a tough draw in life. What absolute scum these koranimals are. Of course, pale in comparison to the greatest koranimal-Mo himself.

      If the police were on the take, we all need to know. Do you think that is likely? In India, the koranimal who runs South Asia’s largest crime syndicate–a piece of filth known as Dawood Ibrahim who is currently hosted in Pakistan as a state guest—boasts that he had 60% of Bombay police on his payroll at one time. That number is certainly far lower today after several investigations by the central agencies. Perhaps similar “cleaning” needs to happen. How did these koranimals get away with so much?

      Are you near Rotherham? Is there any ground movement (BNP etc.) that is planning to teach the koranimals a lesson?

      I would start with a public burning of the Koran and Hadith, specifically all those pages that encourage pedophilia. Make those pages very public as well so everyone knows why they are being burnt. And while you’re at it, pl. burn to ashes that piece of filth koranimal known as “Anjem Choudhary” — another koranimal of paki descent.

        • Thanks Patrick, I’ll definitely read it.

          But what is bugging me is the lack of response on the ground. One of these filth has been taunting his victims online.

  10. About time England rose up and did something about it. To hell with your nice middle class life. Screw the English Premier League and the telly and go after these vermin.

    • JGIII

      You probably know that one of those vermin has been taunting his victims online and boast ing about the wonderful vacation hes going to take in Pakistan.

      What say some people divert him towards his 72 virgins instead.

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