Poland, RIP

Takuan Seiyo just sent this, which he says was relayed by an Irish-American friend and patriot who until now had drawn some comfort in the relative immunity of Poland and its neighbors to PC/MC:

From that website:

You should know that hate crimes are prosecuted ex officio in Poland. It means that, in the event where the Police or prosecutor’s office learn about such a crime (from you, the media, or a witness’s account), these institutions are obligated to take actions irrespective of a victim’s initiative.

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  1. Don’t be fooled, polaks. They [homosexuals] again, asin America, will use the [Black] Civild rights template to advance their negligible grievance. But, again, forty years after the fact. The Polaks will slit their own throats to appear on MTV.

  2. There is a punch line to this story. The friend who sent me that link is permanently distraught about the wide, rapid slide of the United States, as I am and indeed any patriot must be. So I frequently send him links, many from GoV, to show him that Europe is in much worse shape than the U.S. is, so we have some measure of relative consolation.

    “Much worse,” except for the former Soviet satellite countries, whose peoples’ brains have not been scrambled yet, and whose ruling elites have not committed the ultimate treason of importing an alien, hostile population to prey on and replace the erstwhile founders-owners, the autochthons. So that has been our ultimate consolation, a ray of hope in what is otherwise White Man’s and Western Civilization’s Gotterdammerung.

    Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia remain in relative freedom, and that is an ember that may yield a future spark. But this “Hate Crimes” thing in Poland has dimmed our hope for recovery from the pit of insanity into which the West has sunk.

    • If you look into this, T.S., you will find a particular small but highly energetic group behind it. It’s the same group you identified at work in France:

      Look for example at the Web page of the most important Jewish org in France, CRIF, whose principal mission is stated as “combating all forms of antisemitism, racism, intolerance and exclusion” http://www.crif.org/lecrifenaction/lutter-contre-le-racisme-et-l%E2%80%99antis%C3%A9mitisme/5. Look at similar Web pages at the American equivalents like ADL, HIAS, Bnei Brith etc. and realize that the large anti-Israeli demonstration in the United States, the heckling of Jews and barely restrained violence against them — in America too — are the result of policies that no American demographic segment supports more than the Jews: immigration, tolerance, anti-”racism,” supporting the parties and interests of the Left, etc., etc. — ad nauseam. Somehere, all that intersects with the Soros machine as well, Zionism excepted.

      So when will someone stop beating around the bush and address the Jewish community there or here with some presentation about reality as it is, and not as they wish it were, and about the consequences of tampering with the former?


      • @BFF

        Yes and no. But first, the good news:

        Friends in Poland with whom I inquired about that “Hate” campaign and website say: “For us, it’s a moot issue. The toxic stream of alien barbarians washing over the Western part of Europe does not reach us, hence there are no occasions for “hate.” But we have to have to have an :anti-hate” apparatus because that is a EU directive.”

        So, not unlike some artwork the Baron has created that likens EU to Stalin’s Soviet Union, when Poles were under the heel of the Russkies it was obligatory to celebrate May Day and display red flags. Now, under the EU heel, they have to dosplay their “anti-hate” creds.

        And yes, such a small Jewish community as exists in Poland is on the side of “inclusion, tolerance, anti-hate” etc. etc., as is the largest newspaper that is to Poland — ownership, management and ideology-wise — what the New York Times is to the United States. But it’s a tiny minority with not nearly the reach and power that the Jewish community has in the US; they can in no way be blamed for what is clearly an EU-enforced travesty.

        With one exception: Soros. Soros is active in Poland, spreads his money around, has a whole cadre of paid foundation employees peddlingt “open society” etc. His money can go much farther in messing up countries like Poland or Hungary than it can in the US, huge though his negative impact has been in the latter. But the main effect of his activity in Poland is to turn into antisemites people who weren’t so before, just as it did in Hungary and does in the United States. Again, ordinary Jews pay for the madness of their grandees, and they don’t get that it’s to their benefit to disown those grandees and those ideas.

        • The EU also forces “Pride” activities on member states and candidate states. That’s what happened in Serbia.

          When the Serbs elected a pro-EU government back in 2009, they immediately started having “Pride” parades — funded by Soros. But Serbia is not yet crippled by PC, so ordinary Serbs opposed the parade, sometimes violently.

          After a couple of years of violent unrest over Pride, the government decided not to hold the parade, in the interests of public safety. Needless to say, the LGBTTQ+ community and the lefties were irate at such “intolerance”.

          • Soros will be dead in a few years, InshAllah. It is vitally important to identify and name the senior enabling cabal in the layers that establish and operate the organisations that implement his dastardly agenda.

            Today, many dots connect directly to evil George. We need to know who will take over after he begins his sojourn in hell. Any ideas?

        • But it’s a tiny minority with not nearly the reach and power that the Jewish community has in the US; they can in no way be blamed for what is clearly an EU-enforced travesty.

          I agree, but who is at work in the EU? See this GOV post:

          A Boot of Tolerance Stamping on a Human Face — Forever

          Those who follow European political affairs may already be familiar with “A Model National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance” (pdf available here), an OIC-approved framework proposal published by the European Parliament, which seems likely to be implemented across the EU. The proposed law would devise a draconian new form of politically correct “tolerance” and impose it on European citizens and institutions by establishing bureaucratic bodies with the authority to enforce it. […] This honorable person is also in a dubious think tank, “The European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation” about which one may find relevant information on the homepage of the president of “The European Jewish Congress ” (EJC), Viacheslav Moshe Kantor.

          Mr Kantor is a Russian billionaire. He gets a lot of bang for his buck.

  3. In my experience most of the time “racism” in the West is nothing to dwell on, let alone call the cops over. But when the left needs victims, alarmism is key…

  4. So . . . where are the “report racism” signs in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Egypt and Libya, et al in the backward Orient?

  5. Funnily enough, I was thinking about this same thing today. Namely, how another country to fall prey to the “tolerant” creed, has succumbed to the forces of multi-kulti largely thanks to an endless pounding of propaganda about “racism”… that country, of course, being Britain.

    Without this multitude of effort, which softened up British public opinion, would the current 2rd world immigration tsunami have been possible, without much larger opposition than has presently been encountered? Such opposition has been largely muted, as has opposition to issues such as grooming, and the high crime rates amongst Asians ans “Afro-Carribeans” due to a fear people now have of being accused of – you guessed it – “racism”…

    In any case, the fact that campaigns like this exist can be used to inform the Polish public about what’s happening, and what the plans are of the powers-that-be for their country.

    From the website… “The idea of creating a Poland-wide information campaign has appeared as a response to an increasing number of foreigners coming to Poland, who may fall victim to such crimes…

    We hope our actions will contribute to an increase of the immigrants’ trust in Polish public institutions and to establishing communication between aggrieved foreigners and public administration. We believe that, as a result of this, foreigners will feel safe in Poland.”

    The fact that such an official website sponsored by the government and EU states that immigration to Poland is increasing (btw, would it be, if foreigners in Poland weren’t already “feeling safe”?!) – and the fact that the website is written in a number of languages including Turkish and Arabic – surely puts paid to the myth peddled by media such as TVN that “it’s absurd to suggest that Poland will ever be like France”…

    Added to this, the effects of this wonderful multi-kulti ideology in Western Europe can be highlighted to people, who are largely receptive – on forums of most websites and newspapers (even Gazeta Wyborcza), whenever the subject of “racism” or “immigration” appears, the most-recommended comments are along the lines of “any supporters of such initiatives should take a trip to Malmo or Berlin-Kreuzberg”…

    Compared to its Western neighbours, Poland is still in something of a time machine. It can still decide which way it wants to go. However the key point from which there is no turning back, due to the combined pressures of greater numbers of immigrants, “anti-racism” initiatives and birth-rate differences, is surely coming soon. And the time to fight back against these trends is NOW.

    • Needless to mention, the EU LGBTTQ coercive mandate that Baron mentions above has been quite in evidence in Poland too. But on this too I see that Poland has ways to go — and will never go there — until it would reach half the level of sexual deviancy worship evinced in the West. I’d ask GoV to Post the Polish “road-sign” of Zakaz Pedalowania (Sodomism Forbidden) with its creative graphic representation of said activity, but why subject GoV to watch by additional neue-Stasi “Homophobia Watch” Western governmental agencies in addition to the “Islamophobia” tracking politruks on public payroll who are already watching.

      • Yes, quite. In fact, my impression is that up until now, it’s the GLBT lobby that’s been the most active in Poland. (and conversely, the anti-GLBT lobby that’s been the most active on the opposite side). Nonetheless, that has not stopped people, even in high-up positions, at my former place of work liberally using the word “pedal” (something like fag).

        For every action there is a reaction, especially in Poland, where for much of the last century people were used to government initiatives explicitly against their country. For such reactions, creative slogans (and pictures) can be useful, such as “zakaz pedalowania”… (for anyone interested, the graphic for this can be found by a Google image search)

        It can be useful to find creative slogans (and pictures). In the case of opposition to the multi-kulti lobby, some slogans already exist, such as “kupujesz kebaba, sprowadzasz Araba” (“buy a kebab, import an Arab”) – apparently already appearing as graffiti in parts of Warsaw. (also, several friends have told me they’ve stopped buying kebabs for this very reason!). More will surely come… for example, they could involve Simon Mol, an African “refugee” and serial HIV-infector of Polish women, nominated as “anti-fascist of the year” by “Nigdy Wiecej’ – one of the organisations listed as a partner by the website in question here. A sticker with his image and a slogan such as “stop HIV-racism” could then be used to cover posters, such as the one at the top of this story?

        In conclusion, I’m not so sure initiatives such as this are the main danger. If they lead people to discuss the issues more, they could trigger an even more powerful reaction. Rather, my suspicion is that a fear of being labelled “racist” is the main danger, followed by complete ignoring of the issues… in the case of Polish society, I’m not so sure there is a risk of either of these steps being achieved there anytime soon.

    • Poland will go in the way of EU, because EU finances a lot of things in Poland, like new roads and investments.

      I have told people I encountered in Poland that they had overthrown the Russian yoke only to freely embrace the EU, but they like the ‘free stuff’ they are getting from the EU.

      It is telling that the posters here obsess with Jews, while the danger comes from completely different direction. While everybody obsesses with how the Jews vote and what they control, somehow they don’t seem to worry that it is the Arab oil money that holds the real sway, influencing politicians, buying public opinion, rewriting our children’s textbooks.

      Arab oil buys a lot of influence, but the anti-Semites only see THE JEW.

      Soros’s money only buys more anti-Semitism, and while he is a believer in a utopian one world order in which there will be no nationalities and religions, like all Utopias, it is a dangerous, unachievable fantasy.

      Actually, the Muslims also want an utopian one world order, a Muslim one. That one, given, unfortunately, given Arab oil wealth and human greed, stupidity and lack of moral compass, is much more achievable, as demonstrated daily by inroads Muslims make into our societies.

      Up to now, Poles had to deal with the meek and accommodating Jewish minority, which they have treated abominable and run most of those who survived the Holocaust out of the country, now they will get a taste of a different kind of minority, far less accommodating than the Jews. Cannot say that they deserve this.

      • While I agree with most of what you write, especially the first 2 paragraphs, I’m wondering how much you are aware of Polish efforts on behalf of Jews during the Nazi occupation – for example setting up organisations such as the Zegota, specifically dedicated to rescuing Polish Jews, or those such as Witold Pilecki, who risked their lives to smuggle themselves into Auschwitz, escape and smuggle out of Poland evidence of the extermination of Jews that was taking place there. One such report, on the extermination of Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland, was presented to the Western allies, even officially in the House of Commons, as early as December 1942 – somehow though, those Western allies didn’t take much notice and appeared so very surprised when they entered the Nazi death camps in 1945…

        The Israeli holocaust memorial institute, Yad Vashem, recognised the contributions made by many Poles. In fact, Polish citizens were the most frequently recognised by it as the “righteous among nations” – those who helped Jews escape the Holocaust. This was in spite of the Nazis in Poland punishing not only those who hid Jews with death, but all their family as well. Despite this, more than 100,000 Jews were hidden through the war. The leader of the British Labour party, and perhaps the next prime minister, is himself the son of a Polish-Jewish mother who was hidden through the war in a convent, by Catholic Polish nuns.

        Even now, following not only the Holocaust but the Communist-led persecutions of Jews after the war which you allude to, the most popular broadsheet newspaper in the country, Gazeta Wyborcza, was founded and is edited by a Jew, Adam Michnik. (incidentally, it’s this newspaper, allied with the UK’s Guardian, which seems to be at the forefront of efforts to promote a Western-style multi-kulti experience in Poland). Many of its senior writers are also Jews, as were many of the leading figures in the Solidarity movement which led to the collapse of the Communist government.

  6. Funny, I’ve always thought it a delicious irony that Europe will be destroyed by the nasty minority they have imported to replace the Jews they killed. Jews were proud citizens of all the countries of Europe and fought heroically in Europe’s wars on all sides–when they were permitted. And never did they demand that their country provide them with special food, or remove offensive Christian symbols from the public square. Now they have the real semites to deal with.

    • “Funny, I’ve always thought it a delicious irony that Europe will be destroyed by the nasty minority they have imported to replace the Jews they killed.”

      As a Christian, I find this statement deeply offensive – not the least because it is Jews who seem to have worked the hardest to import non-Jews into the West.

      Do you find World War III funny? delicious? ironic?


      • If you really believe that Jews are responsible for importing Moslems into Europe, you are [making a sad error of such magnitude that one is concerned about your ability to make correct perceptions].

      • You should answer Jules’ point, Egghead. And irony may be the sanest way to face disaster, if this is what we face.

        • Mark, Jules appears to have said that he is ‘sardonically’ satisfied that all present and future indigenous Europeans – who were NOT even alive during World War II – will be ‘destroyed’ by Muslims as ‘payback’ for the way that some Europeans treated Jews in World War II. But, Jules seems oblivious that, if genocide is EVIL, then the genocide of the white race is just as EVIL as the genocide of Jews. Rather, his main concern seems to be for the loss of culture, art, and architecture. Where is Jules’ concern for the innocent indigenous European PEOPLE who will be ‘destroyed’? It appears that Jules evidently does NOT think that present and future indigenous Europeans are innocent people, but rather symbols of ‘past wrongs against past Jews.’ Jules has effectively used ‘collective guilt’ to dehumanize present and future indigenous Europeans – of which, you are one, Mark.

          characterized by bitter or scornful derision; mocking; cynical; sneering: a sardonic grin.

          1630–40; alteration of earlier sardonian (influenced by French sardonique ) < Latin sardoni ( us ) (< Greek sardónios of Sardinia) + -an; alluding to a Sardinian plant which when eaten was supposed to produce convulsive laughter ending in death


          • If I feel dehumanised at all, it’s by people even further “left” than myself, and I don’t discriminate on grounds of ethnicity or religion in my distaste.

          • For me sardonic means attempting to find humor in undesirable things, I think it’s also called gallows humor. I certainly hope that Europe ultimately finds the will to resist, but how optimistic should I be when you who live there are so pessimistic?
            Also, why did the discussion change from whether Jews are responsible for bringing Moslems to Europe, to parsing the deep meanings of my words looking for hidden venal motives. Let me ask a complete hypothetical: If you could magically snap your fingers, would you replace your current Moslem population with the Jews of Europe c. 1932? This is a real test of where you are coming from. And by the way, your reading into my words support for genocide is a pathetic stretch.

          • “For me sardonic means attempting to find humor in undesirable things, I think it’s also called gallows humor.”

            Gallows humor is a joke by someone facing the gallows – versus someone who celebrates that others are facing the gallows.

            “Gallows humor is typically made by or about the victim of such a situation, but not the perpetrator of it.”


          • “I certainly hope that Europe ultimately finds the will to resist, but how optimistic should I be when you who live there are so pessimistic?”

            I am an American, but I can see the handwriting on the wall as well as anyone. We are well on our way to World War III, and anyone who celebrates that fact – FOR ANY REASON – is morally deficient. Is the goal to preserve Western civilization – which many claim to be Judeo-CHRISTIAN civilization – or not? Do Jews care about Christians?! Tell us. Show us.

            “Also, why did the discussion change from whether Jews are responsible for bringing Moslems to Europe, to parsing the deep meanings of my words looking for hidden venal motives.”


            Perhaps you fail to understand that you give the game away when you say, “Funny, I’ve always thought it a delicious irony that Europe will be destroyed by the nasty minority they have imported to replace the Jews they killed.”

            First, how do you factor the current European Jews into your equation? If we did NOT know better, we would think that there are NO Jews in Europe now. But, there are. And, those Jews will suffer through the ‘delicious irony’ that you predict for ‘Europe.’ Gallows humor would have shown sympathy for the European Jews who will be tortured and murdered in World War III.

            Second, it is telling that you define ‘Europe’ as indigenous Europeans (versus European Jews or the ‘nasty’ European Muslim minority). When will Jews consider themselves to be Europeans before Jews – and Americans before Jews?

            Third, it is interesting that you think that a Muslim ‘minority’ will ‘destroy’ Europe. Rather, it is the impending Muslim MAJORITY that will ‘destroy’ Europe via 1) mass immigration of Muslims, 2) high reproduction rate of Muslims, and 3) [proposed] introduction of Turkey into the European Union with unfettered freedom of movement for Turks, that individually and together guarantee that a Muslim MAJORITY is the future of Europe.

          • “Let me ask a complete hypothetical: If you could magically snap your fingers, would you replace your current Moslem population with the Jews of Europe c. 1932? This is a real test of where you are coming from.”

            Let me tell you a complete reality: Powerful and wealthy Western Jews can IMPEDE and/or STOP the mass immigration of Muslims to the Christian West in 2014. Less powerful and less wealthy Jews can CALL OUT more powerful and wealthy Jews to impede and/or stop the mass immigration of Muslims into the West. This is a real test of where Jews are coming from.

            Are Jews willing to STOP living in the past?

            Are Jews willing to LOVE Christians today?

      • Of course, “funny…delicious irony…” is meant sardonically. My wife is Italian, and we both regret that by the end of this century Italian culture, with all its great art and architecture, will be gone. We know what happens to other religions’ art in Moslem countries.
        How sad that so many Europeans have allowed themselves to be diverted by powerless Jews while they are being destroyed by resurgent Islam.

  7. It’s not ours, it’s a campaign by the EU. No institution would spend their money on something like this in Poland, it would be ridiculed for throwing taxpayer money away. The Eu is a farse but we get more out of the deal then spend on it, so that’s why we’re in. Who is sobiescum, and why does he call us polaks?

  8. Amazing! Still parsing my words looking for the underlying secret vile JEWISH plot, while ignoring the question.
    Why not answer me! If today, you could replace today’s Moslem population of Europe with the Jews Europe had in 1932, would you do it?
    And demanding I prove my bona fides by proclaiming my love for Christians. You know nothing about me. What is your stand on Serbia? I supported the Christian Serbs against the Bosnians-Croatians. My wife was hidden in Belgium by a Christian family–she still visits and talks to their children and grandchildren. All these messages prove the sardonic funny remark of an English writer–Europe will never forgive the Jews for the Holocaust.

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