Getting to Know Your Inner Racist

JLH has translated an article about a particularly pernicious form of “diversity training” being practiced in Germany. Interestingly enough, the sessions shown in the ZDF TV documentary can be traced back to an American model from the 1960s.

The translated article from Junge Freiheit:

Getting to Know Your Inner Racist

by Ronald Glaser

The new racist mania is called “anti-racism”. On Thursday, ZDF-neo viewers can discover what bizarre fruits are produced by the fixation of do-gooders on questions of racism. At that time, the “something-to-do-with-social” theoreticians Juliane Degner and Mark Schrödter, with moderator Amiaz Habtu, intend to drag the “racist in us” into the light of day. The central figure of the TV documentary is Jürgen Schlicher, an unsympatico “diversity management trainer.” His credo is, “Thank heavens it is no longer the case that everyone with a good job in Germany has a German name.”

Moderator Habtu leaves no doubt about where this is headed. At the very beginning, he cites a study to the effect that one-quarter of Germans are xenophobic. “Racism in everyday life is quite subtle, and yet apparent,” And does not support this absurd theory with a single fact.

“Anti-racism training” like this is based on the ideas of the American teacher, feminist and lesbian activist, Jane Eliot. In the 1960s, she developed this experiment, which has since then become a classic of diversity education and conditioned ensuing generations of American children in political correctness.

The Politically Correct Dogmas of a Pseudo-Scientist

Schlicher was Eliot’s student. For his “workshop,” ZDF hired 39 participants, screened by eye color — blue-eyed over here; brown-eyed over there. The blue-eyed are bullied; the brown-eyed are favored. This is supposed to uncover the so-called mechanisms of discrimination. That is, drive out racism with racism.

The participants do not understand the psycho-terror and react with irritation. Apparently because all of them are thinking of the fee they are being paid, none of them stands up against Schlicher’s harsh comments. This, of course, is instantaneous proof for the two social consultants that witnesses do not turn against discrimination because of group dynamics.

Schlicher exhorts the brown-eyed. They are to discriminate against the blue-eyed as — in his opinion — the small, the handicapped, the dark-skinned or the non-Christians are treated in our society. No one contradicts this audacious thesis. Almost all of the participants subordinate themselves to the pseudo-scientist’s politically correct dogmas. This subservient mentality is the most horrifying thing in the entire experiment. There is a bright spot. A number of courageous individuals break away. They are the freedom-loving individuals who will not be manipulated. Unfortunately a minority.

Racism as a German Phantom Pain

Seen in this light, the test given the participants is telling. The brown-eyed are given half of the answers ahead of time. and are then supposed to make fun of the blue-eyed, because they don’t know as much. By doing this, the people in charge are reflecting the degradation of educational standards to the advantage of immigrants. Naturally, they are not really aware of this innuendo, because they believe they have demonstrated the (fictional) privileging of the German middle class vis-à-vis immigrants.

The intention, according to the trainers, is to show “the feelings which people who are disadvantaged because of their skin color, their ethnicity, their religion, their sexual orientation or their gender have to deal with all their lives,.” So, while German youth on the streets and in the schoolyards have been experiencing the opposite of this for a long time, this could now be a phantom pain.

Falling for Leftist Propaganda

This broadcast also answers the question of what is racist. “A racist incident is an event that the victim or someone else sees as racist.” Ergo, people like Jane Eliot. With this concept, anyone can be made into a racist, or a victim of racism. The broadcast practices exactly that which it warns against in its 65th minute: “Discrimination functions on a simple principle — construction of a clear, stereotypical enemy image.” For “racist investigators,” the enemy is the German racist.

The producers of such training sessions are looking for cut-rate manipulation of participants. But it is worth looking at the broadcast from another perspective. That is, it shows how easily people fall for diversity propaganda.

18 thoughts on “Getting to Know Your Inner Racist

  1. I think the only thing to stop this is to say, of course we are racist! Take the cudgel from out of their hands. Point out the degeneracy of the lower class blacks and criminal class minorities and just keep hitting them with reality.

    • We have two options:
      1. Endlessly debate back and forth over the correct definition of “racism” and how we should define our policies to restrict or allow for “racist” expressions.

      2. Embrace the reality of race, and expunge the term “racist” from our vocabulary.

  2. Now I know where all the ‘inmates’ went to after being turfed out of their ‘funny farms’ in the late 1960s – they all ended up in a University somewhere!

  3. Why aren’t these people going after Richard Dawkins?

    Have they never read The Selfish Gene?

  4. Imagine this kind of exercise being applied in one of the places where the immigrants come from, especially a Muslim country with a non-Muslim minority.

    On second though, you wouldn’t even need to go to another country. Just go to a Muslim-dominated neighborhood in Germany or France or Sweden, and see how receptive the Muslims are to shaming about their intolerance of diversity.

  5. The horrible irony is, the hardcore Muslims are almost the only organized group left with the self-assurance and balls to stand up to this garbage. They will never be forced to tolerate or integrate. We may end up actually *thanking* them for their obduracy if this kind of totalitarianism gets a real foothold in Europe.

  6. Rereading this, it seems to me the whole thing was a one-off workshop, with a few dozen participants, and not yet “being practiced in Germany” as the deck to the story has it. Is this kind of thing really happening all over the country?

  7. Intellectual terrorism
    “Get used to thinking that you are racist… and inferior”

  8. Intellectual terrorism
    “Remember, always, that you, as a “White”, are Guilty”

  9. “A racist incident is an event that the victim or someone else sees as racist.” This was one of the conclusions of the UKs McPherson Report, a report of an enquiry into the investigation of the “Racist” murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence. The enquiry was more like a communist show trial designed to put the indigenous UK population on trial for racism. In our innocence, we thought the subsequent report would bite the bullet and after all the ofuscation would finally produce a universally accepted definition of racism. Instead, we got almost exactly the same wording as that which appears above. If nothing else, it exposes diversity, political correctness and cultural marxism as deeply flawed ideologies. But we all knew that.

      • But were I to state that I perceive the actions of Western governments/elites towards their own white populations to be racist, those governments/elites would in all probability prosecute me for racism – their perceptions of what constitute racism and mine differ radically, but they have the power to define what’s what.

  10. A gay friend (rapidly turning into “acquaintance”) of mine made one of those sudden, out-of-the-blue, inflammatory Facebook posts where he just went off about “white, straight, Christian males” ruling everything.

    Wow. The left has taken over education, entertainment, journalism and psychology, totally altering the culture. That’s still not enough.

    They are utterly paranoid if they think Christians are moving ANY debate in America.

    • That’s correct. The left controls just about everything in the public arena, but that’s not enough. Such is its insecurity it aims to control the private arena too.

      • The left continues to degrade Christianity. It dares not do otherwise. Christianity is still the most powerful adversary faced by socialism/communism/totalitarianisn and these ideologies are very aware of that.

        All the time anti-Christianity appears in our media, we know the left is still in control, but they are WORRIED.

  11. I remember this person. Jane Eliott is the only white the social justice kids on tumblr actually celebrate. Look up her videos on Youtube. What does this tell you about her and the people on tumblr? She fancies herself a hero, abusing the white oppressor, and her audience likes to watch.

    When I was in high school, they showed us one of her videos where she abused some blue-eyed people through a series of pretend racist tactics that seemed exaggerated and dated from the 1930s. Afterwards, the presenter told us that minority children were treated like this “every day”. At which point I scanned through my memories and couldn’t find a single instance of being treated that by anybody of any race. Of course, there are those who claim they had it like that “all the time.” Yet suspiciously, I had never seen anything even remotely resembling what was in the video happen to anybody in any class. But don’t doubt the victim, we were told. Unlike the whites, they are honest angels who couldn’t possibly manipulate a situation to suit their own racial egos.

    What’s truly bizarre is that if a teacher had done 1% of what she acted, or was even just accused of such, she would likely be fired out of racial hysteria.

    Besides, having only 15% xenophobes is not a good thing. 100% would be healthier. At this point, I would suggest European nations embrace at least some degree of racism. Why should someone who’s not from the local majority be treated with equal agency? I wouldn’t. And neither would most of the 3rd worlders in their own countries.

    (Note: I don’t live in Europe).

  12. Having been labeled a honky mofo growing up in East Oakland in the late 50s, 60s and early 70s, I am completely immune to being called a racist. I saw it up close and personal, and anyone who says I had it made is a fool at best, a damn liar at worst. There are slumlords, but I’ve seen once-great neighborhoods turned into war zones. And it wasn’t because of whitey. I know….that’s what my neighborhood became. So they can make excuses for the sociopaths all they want. Are all blacks like that? Certainly not. But the subculture of violence and destruction makes life miserable for all the races who have to “coexist” with them.

  13. Did Jane Elliott have such contempt for her “blue-eyed/brown-eyed” students that she projected her own self-loathing on to her students? The exercise is that of the authority of a deviant-pacifier where the groups faculties to discriminate are undermined to such an extent they become passive – compromised in the discerning of deviance.

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