Day 13: Time for a Laugh

MC takes time off from a 13-day (and counting) crisis to add a few miscellaneous notes. Since he wrote this post, Israel has agreed to a UN request for a five-hour ceasefire, scheduled to begin tomorrow morning.

Day 13: Time for a laugh
by MC

The thing about being bombed is to learn a bit of ‘grave humour’, and Sderot is quite good about it:

Or at least the children are. This was done during Cast Lead (2009), but is very relevant to today.

Today — a real mish-mash day, quiet by ‘modern’ standards — more pizzas were sent down the line along with watermelons. The soldiers were telling us that what they really need is toothpaste, underwear and tee-shirts and socks. They have been in bivouac conditions now for a week with no facilities to wash clothes, so HOM is looking for affordable solutions to this.

The war is going on around us and over us, but nothing got through today. Our Iron Dome was removed last night, but was back this morning, I suspect that it was reloaded.

Readers should check out the ‘unbiased’ BBC website: you will read nothing about the Paris pogrom, or about conditions in Israel, but you will read about the Egg and Spoon race at the Israeli embassy in London, where the Israeli ambassador beat the British ambassador. The BBC reported that the Israeli ambassador came second to last, and the British ambassador came a good second.

Now we have four children dead on a beach in Gaza, and the Israeli Navy stands accused and already found guilty. The last time that this happened (2006), after Israel had been hung drawn and quartered by the media, the ‘Israeli shell’ was found to have possibly been a Pali IED….

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

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  1. that was a very nice vid MC .. israelis are always creating
    something, it seems to me

  2. Delightful video. It will take more than a few million hate filled palis to break spirit like that.

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