A Letter From Sderot

MC sends his latest report from the front lines, just across the fence from Gaza.

A letter from Sderot
by MC

It is very difficult to describe the feeling of impotence as I sit here in Sderot awaiting the next salvo. I have lived here since 2011, all the time mentally awaiting the missile with my name on it. Recently the rocket fire has become more accurate, and the word ‘guided’ has been attached to the word ‘missile’.

Here in Sderot we are face to face with the core brutality of Islam. Nobody here makes excuses for it. Nobody pretends that Islam is peaceful: that is a Western mythology to which we just give an ironic laugh.

The horror stories of Muslim violence go back many years. The North Africans (Maghrebi) can remember life as Dhimmis before they were thrown out of Morocco and Tunisia. The Mizrahim come from Iraq, they too have stories to tell, none of them nice.

The Russians in their turn were persecuted by both Socialists and (those from the ‘stans’) by the Muslims of the Soviet empire.

So as Hamas try to turn the sheer squalor of their paedocide into anti-Israel propaganda, aided and abetted by the leftist Western Media, it is very easy to miss the point, that this mindset is now embedded in a community somewhere near you — yes, you the reader in Tennessee or Calgary; you, the African American or the ‘white’ Canadian liberal — you, too, (and your children) are in their sights.

So why do I stay here? My wife and I are part of a Torah-keeping community. We do not want to be driven out of our homes by a barbaric pseudo-religion. By continuing to live here, we each in our own way take the war (for this is war) back to Hamas. This is the front line; just by continuing to live here I show that my faith in Yah is greater than their faith in a desert brigand and his dummy deity.

I could take revenge if I wanted, but Yah reserves that for himself.

Qassam missiles are one of the few things on this earth which are totally indiscriminate. Cut down a road sign, take the metal tube and weld on stabilizers made from the plate at the top; take a large tin can and fill it with weedkiller and diesel with a rifle cartridge as detonator and some ball bearings and nails as shrapnel. Fill pipe with rocket propellant made from old newspapers mixed with a few chemicals. The only slightly difficult requirement is a carefully turned jet nozzle(s) fixed on the back.

Find a secluded spot about two miles from target, point in the general direction, light blue touch paper and stand well back. Would this be a ‘disproportionate’ response? Not really, but I am not an animal seeking just to hurt and maim others (sorry; that is an insult to animals, few of which hurt people just for the sake of it).

The world is tolerant of this form of terrorism, especially from ‘poor downtrodden Muslims’ who have a grudge… But it is a grudge against you too, because you do not believe as they do!, at the moment they want my land, but whose land will they want next? Yours? Are you going to let them have it?

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It appears that we have our very own ‘Sderot app’: Hamas can call a cell phone and, if it is within range, then they can launch a missile at the location using the GPS information harvested from the call.

This would also assume that an iPhone/GPS is attached to each missile….

The good news is that our Iron Dome has been put back in its place, so we now are no longer at the extreme range of the one protecting Ashkelon…

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

28 thoughts on “A Letter From Sderot

  1. “Here in Sderot we are face to face with the core brutality of Islam. Nobody here makes excuses for it. Nobody pretends that Islam is peaceful: that is a Western mythology to which we just give an ironic laugh.”

    Yeah, but I bet you think not all Muslims are dangerous.

    • All people who willingly self-identify as Muslims are dangerous.

      The only non-dangerous Muslims are those who willingly self-identify as FORMER Muslims or ex-Muslims.

      • Even ex-Muslims are not to be trusted 100%. A genuine ex-Muslim ally will recognize this sad fact, and will voluntarily submit to the extra suspicion that goes with this fact, in terms of the inconvenience it could cause his or her life.

        • Yes, because of the Muslim doctrine of taqiyya, the West is in a real pickle – which is why I have said that ALL overt vestiges of Islam MUST be eliminated from the West – particularly mosques, Korans, Islamicized websites, Muslim clothing.

          In the past, the West refused to accept ANY symbols of Islam and refused to accept any Muslims in the West – because the RCC understood the theology of Islam – including taqiyya.


          • Nope. We do not go there. We will never agree to eliminating all vestiges of anything. One cannot participate in such activities without becoming evil ourselves. Unless you can propose a peaceful solution to the problems we’re seeing, comments like this are either dead ends or they bring ugly things out of the woodwork and we are then tasked with deleting them.

            Surely you have read Gates of Vienna long enough to know that what you propose is beyond the boundary of our commenting policy?? We will never propose eliminating all the things you propose to eliminate sans due process. Clothing? Books? Seriously? And so who is going to build this fascist bonfire?

            Be careful what you demand: those very same tactics can easily be turned against you…

          • I think language of “eliminating” such a vast system as Islam is impractical. I don’t see any ethical problem with the desire to see all Islam, root and branch, eliminated — why would anyone of intelligence and decency not desire the elimination of such grotesquely ghoulish evil and danger to humanity? — but practically speaking it’s fantasy-based. However, short of that, we do need to take measures to protect our societies from Muslim enablers of Islam which implacably pursues its dream of expansionist supremacism. The point is not to fixate on whether Muslims will succeed in their desideratum; the point is to protect our societies from Muslims merely trying but failing to succeed — and in the process wreaking mass-murder, mayhem and misery, on a scale we now see will only metastasize in this 21st century unless we get our excrementum together.

          • Hi Dymphna,

            1. The tactics that I describe were used with GREAT success by OFFICIAL Christianity for thousands of years to stave off Muslim immigration and invasion. Are you seriously judging ALL of those Christians in the past to have been EVIL? What qualifies one modern ‘you’ to know better than many past ‘them’ how to fight evil in general and Islamic evil in specific? C.S. Lewis converted to Christianity when he realized that modern views were NOT necessarily the correct and moral views. Perhaps the past way of fighting Islam was – and is – the correct and moral way of fighting Islam….

            2. If morality is unchanging, then past actions that were moral are ALSO moral in the present and future. Thus, if it was moral in the past to ban overt symbols of Islam, then it is moral in the present and future to ban overt symbols of Islam.

            3. The tactics that I describe have always been used effectively by Islam to ban all overt vestiges of Christianity in Muslim countries. Thus, The West would simply be responding to Muslims with parity.

            4. The tactics that I describe have been used effectively by Westerners to ban all overt vestiges of Nazism. In practical reality, how many people do we see in the West displaying swastikas in the way that we see Muslim women wearing head scarves and burqas which are distinctive items of clothing used by Muslims to cohere into a supremacist group that discriminates against non-Muslims? What non-Nazi would hire someone who wore a swastika to a job interview? What non-Nazi would date someone who wore a swastika? Muslim clothing should be considered in the same way.

            5. The tactics that I describe ARE currently being used effectively by communists and atheists in the West to ban all overt vestiges of Christianity – except that, in addition to being discriminated against for wearing crosses, Christians are also being forced to participate in the religious ceremonies of other religions (i.e., Christian police are being made to attend Muslim religious ceremonies; Christian soldiers are being made to dress to please Muslims; Christian bakers and photographers are being made to participate in weddings which offend their religious beliefs).

            6. France has outlawed the niqāb (and face covering burqas). Are you seriously judging the French to be evil people?

            “The law was challenged and taken to the European Court of Human Rights which upheld the French law on 1 July 2014, accepting the argument of the French government that the law was based on ‘a certain idea of living together’.”


            7. In his time, God will eliminate all vestiges of evil (with Islam being one handmaid of evil). Is God then evil? Are people that help God to eliminate evil then evil? No! Good SHOULD eliminate ALL vestiges of evil.

            Western Christians MUST make it difficult and unpopular for Muslims to pursue Islam – or the West will be lost – and ALL will suffer – Muslims included.

  2. MC I admire your courage (is that the right word?), may H bless & protect you and your loved ones.

    I don’t believe all Muslims are bad/evil, just as not all us Jews are good etc., unfortunately it’s the extremists who rule and always will.

    • “I don’t believe all Muslims are bad/evil”

      All Muslims who eat halal food literally PAY for the bombs that blow up infidels.

      Is that bad/evil? Yes or no?

      • The same questions could be asked here about the food we are sold by Big Agra. We pay for the problems that the well-connected giant agricultural corporations cause to our health and well-being. Is that bad/evil? The FDA says it’s healthy. But notice it regulates both FOOD and DRUGS. So Big Pharma can sell us the ‘cures’ for conditions caused by Big Agra…a clever, quasi-grease machine.

        A whole people cannot be bad/evil. To pose that question in such a fashion is pose a simplistic question with an implied simplistic answer.

        • Hi Dymphna,

          Two wrongs do NOT make a right.

          Even IF IF IF Westerners were bad/evil to support Big Agra – which is highly debatable on a number of side issues, that would STILL NOT make it right that Muslims buy halal food that Muslims KNOW pays for bombs to blow up infidels – because Muslims – especially Western Muslims – have alternative foods that do NOT pay for bombs.

          Also, you claim that ‘A whole people cannot be bad/evil,’ but everyone who has free choice makes the choice to be good or bad. Theoretically, everyone could choose to be bad. Thus, it is entirely logically possible that a whole people CAN be bad/evil.

          If Islam is bad/evil, and people choose Islam, then people choose to be bad/evil. Again, if ALL Muslims lay down their Islam, Islam would cease to exist. Islam ONLY exists because real live Muslims choose to act a certain way – a certain way that is demonstrably evil.

          • “Two wrongs do NOT make a right.”

            Who knew.

            Despite your “answer” to my claim – as you call it – nothing you say here comes anywhere near convincing the average person that a whole group of people are bad or evil.

            Your comments run close to the groove of fanaticism: you can’t stop throwing huge blanket judgments over whole groups of people while you prescribe actions that neither you nor anyone else can ever carry out. Your armchair “solutions” to the problems of Islam in the West are long on verbiage but short on real, practical actions the average person can take.

            I answered you for two reasons: !. because I’m concerned that our non-Christian readers will leave here with the impression that ALL Christians believe as you do, and 2. your original comment should not have been allowed in since it violated our rules re courtesy/civility.. Once such words are up here long enough they becomes part of the record and can’t be expunged effectively. That’s why I was forced to explain how it came to be that you violated the rules with impunity.

            Those are the prime motives for my EVER responding to you re anything to do with Islam. I don’t expect to get through to you, so I don’t bother trying. However, I have now established that your remarks may be here, but they’re not condoned by the admin here. In addition, I want our readers to know Christian belief is not the monolith you insist it is, over and over and over…ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

            In sum. I know your position and you know mine. We are not likely to resolve anything by continuing this exchange so it’s over. Done. Finished. My only regret is in not simply deleting that first comment and let the devil take the hindmost. The next time I see a comment that so obviously violates our rules and makes us look bad for permitting it to stand, to heck with it. The comment will be deleted. Life is too short for this endless, circular exchange.

          • William F. Buckley was often amused at the Leftish reflex to confuse an ethical objection with a pragmatic objection; and he would tease it out by asking with his disarmingly raised eyebrows, “Well, which is it?” — implying that it seems curiously convenient that it should be so glibly both.

            At any rate, the problem with Mohammedans is not that they are “all evil”; but rather that we cannot tell the difference between those whose evil spells mortal danger to our society, and those who enjoy the privilege of being exculpated — through various speculative taxonomies we in our anxious need to preen our ethical narcissism, superimpose upon them — from the evil of the system they, qua merely being Muslim, enable.

            The grim answer is that we do not have the ability to discern such an exigent distinction, and that we should not play “Muslim Roulette” with our lives, and the lives of our loved ones and fellow citizens, on the basis of our dire agnosticism in this regard. And lives are on the line: our society’s safety should be more important than whether we feel ethically good about ourselves, I should say. It is dismaying to see the owner of an anti-Islam website basically paraphrase Gen. Casey’s distastrous priority in the wake of the one-man razzia by an American Mohammedan at Fort Hood.

  3. Revenge, Hell, it would be self defense. The barbarians will not stop killing you as you cower under your beds until you kill enough of them that they know they are beaten. This is how we defeated the Nazis, and the Japs.

    Smother them in artillery fire and airstrikes.

  4. “at the moment they want my land, but whose land will they want next? Yours? Are you going to let them have it?”

    Our land…ha! Our political lords and masters can’t give it away to them fast enough.

  5. “I have said in the past, the best way to tackle extremist ideology is by empowering moderate ideology.” – Scottish government minister for external affairs Humza Yousaf

    What Humza is really saying to Scots is submit or surrender to islam by empowering “moderate” ideology whilst he conjured up the “extremist” ideology, same jihad different strains.

  6. Like MC I too live a few kilometers form the Gaza border , but I dont believe the muslims are the real enemy . Without their western alies and the constant threat of ecomic sanktions from ‘the international comunity’ we easily could and would crush the Hamas jihadists by bombing them and their supporting population enough to make them change their mind , or maybee just run away to live somwhere else.
    Last time we dared to give them just a little bit of their own medicine , we got the Goldstone report and a very real threat becoming the hate-object of the same ‘international comunity’ , who suddenly became surprisingly united . And if this is not enough to make israelies grind their teeth in anger , then we have the fact many of the most dangerous enemies of our state are jews themselves , like Goldstein , Chomsky and any number of famous and influential international personalities always acting to bend international opinion againt us , from the comfort of their their nice and safe airconditioned milion dollar offices . Perhabs we should cancel their membership card in the jewish people , and thereby their and their decendants right to EVER escape to Israel , if and when their friends will turn against them . This might happen sooner than they can imagine ….something to pray for .

    • I agree with your hypothesis. Islam in general can’t manage without the West propping them up from all sides. Leaving the mess you live with aside, look at, say, Saudi Arabia. If all the Western workers left that hellhole en masse, what would the natives do? Not a barrel of oil could be extracted, nor a toilet cleaned unless there were non-Muslims to carry out those operations for an infantilized culture.

      Many cultures, with the addition of prosperity, begin to build the foundations of a robust polis. Islam does not seem to be capable of doing that as a group. Perhaps it’s because they are stuck in the amber of a primitive tribal mindset? Others moved on, but MENA did not, and sadly that includes many of the small Christian subcultures dominated by Islam. Perhaps they were once a beacon, but no more.

      Education isn’t the answer either. Muslim engineers used their knowledge to fabricate killing machines, but they are forced to use the West’s tools to do so. Thus those engineering graduates who flew the planes into the World Trade Center buildings were dependent on Western technology to carry out crimes of such magnitude.

      In other words, while they love our weapons, they also weaponize things that the West created for peaceable purposes. Look at the destruction caused in downtown Boston with two pressure cookers. It would be funny -e.g., little boys who make guns out of pieces of toast and yell “BAM!” – before they eat their weapons – if it weren’t so evil. Not even cell phones have escaped their notice.

      As for the Chomskys among you, they’ve always been there, always will be. Think of them as capos.

      To varying degrees evil is simply part of the human condition – as the two versions of the Garden of Eden, or the story of Cain and Abel, demonstrate well. You cannot “cancel their membership” or punish their children. The eternal task of understanding evil so that we can contain it is the most important undertaking of each generation. Evil is always changing faces. And what looks acceptable to one generation becomes less so in the next time.

      It is when we try to put anyone beyond the pale, we arrogate to ourselves things beyond our pay grade. The mills of God grind slowly while ours are often too hasty and ill-conceived since we only ever have one small life span to figure it out.

  7. I assume there are some home pages that keep statistics on the rockets from Gaza currently. Where can I find such information ?

  8. Sderot is not in Gaza or in Yesha/West Bank. This is ISRAEL.

    The IDF should crush this but are holding back. Stop announcing attacks and get revenge quietly, attacking Gaza but denying everything. The leftist Muslim lovers in the West will never believe anything Israel says anyway.

    • Mr. Galt has made an important point, one that individuals often reach as a last redoubt against unjust treatment by others: go after those who attack but do so lethally, quietly and totally.

      This ‘crush’ can be as carefully pinpointed as the IDF cares to make it. The American “shock and awe” bravado won’t do here. Perhaps someone can come up with an alternative name for what is needed here?

      Stealth, Skill, and Revenge. Well beyond an eye for an eye…

  9. ”Stealth” is not as easy as you might think , when US security services might indirectly supply the information we tried to hide to the mass media .
    How much would it take for the Obama administration to find an excuse NOT to use its veto power aganist SouthAftrica -style economic sanctions against Israel ? I am not sure I want to know… We are not ready for this YET , and I doubt that anyone in the suposedly civilised world would raise a finger if Israel were starved to death by ”human rights” motivated economic sanctions . This endresult has been the general strategi of our enemies since they gave up real war in 1973 .

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