9 thoughts on “The Caliphate Forms Right Before Our Eyes

  1. If, as Meghan Kelly reports, ISIS is considered ” JV” (junior varsity) while under the current leadership of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi , a former GITMO detainee (released 2009), is it much of a stretch to consider the most recent release of the GITMO-5 Obama’s bet for alQaeda’s varsity team for the resurgent caliphate?

  2. Not sure what words I have. This just makes me terribly sad. I can’t get over the videos I watched of burka clad women screaming down ventilation shafts for their children housed in underground prisons.
    Please remember this as the meme turns to “Saddam was better than what we have now.”

  3. I’m surprised that the Kurds of Northern Iraq were not able to beat these people off.
    They seem like a fearsome people that were dedicated to gaining back their territory from the “cocktail napkin” diplomacy the divided their tribe into 5 different countries.

  4. How The US Is Arming Both Sides Of The Iraqi Conflict

    “… the US will deliver the first of 36 F-16 fighter jets to Iraq in what Baghdad’s envoy to the United States called a “new chapter” in his country’s ability to defend its vast borders with Iran and other neighbors.

    ….the US earlier in March provided Iraq with some 100 Hellfire missiles as well as assault rifles and other ammunition. Then in April the US sent more arms, providing Iraq with 11 million rounds of ammunition and other supplies.

    It is unknown how many of these have fallen into Al Qaeda/ISIS hands (we do know that at least one Iraqi Black Hawk chopper was captured during the rush for Mosul).

    • It is the future of the whole Levant. And maybe the continent of Africa. I would lose hope, but that coming demographic implosion, right around mid-century, will change everything. No one can say HOW things will change, only that the center will no longer exist…the many centers…

  5. It appears that the good General is stuck inside of business-as-usual-land. The first thing that should be understood is that we are up against an intractable enemy. Whether Sunni or Sh’ite (who seem to hate each other), they don’t give a rat’s rump about the west, democracy, republics, human rights, etc. Islam as both religion and politics holds all of the cards for these people. We should simply let them kill each other in vast numbers until a sense of reason overtakes their mindset (highly unlikely). If we were to wait until Islam reforms, we will be waiting forever for that will NEVER happen. It is absolutely incumbent upon all freedom loving peoples to study and know Islam in order to defeat it. The only kind of warfare possible that will do the job involves unleashing unthinkable things – [specifics redacted]. Force is all they know, all they have ever been taught, and all they see working in their world view, and all the strategy in the world will not change their mindset (ideology). Love is great on an individual level (the preferred method), but unmitigated force is what will work on tribes and civilizations. We MUST understand that there are only two possible outcomes for the Kafirs (you and me – non-believers) from their side: Submission or death. It does pain me to say that when faced with only these two outcomes, survival requires an extremely severe solution.

  6. If I can use an analogy – just as a wolf caught in an animal trap will sacrifice his foot or leg to live another day, the Left is not adverse to taking one step backwards to stay in power.

    Only in the interests of understanding fully what is happening – and what might happen – Obama through his administration’s back channels might broker a deal the ISIS will have to accept to cool it.

    I do not underestimate the ISIS at all, but I am not one who thinks Obama and his band of radicals are weak. I doubt, for example, the recent prisoner exchange was to gain political points. It was Obama’s commitment to help reconstitute the leadership of the Taliban. It was Obama’s commitment that the he cannot allow the future to belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam – as he told the whole word at the UN.

    Obama is quite insidious and bold and he had no hesitation to insult Israel or the British. And I doubt he is without influence with the ISIS. After all he can tell his Muslim Brotherhood friends and appointees to cut a deal with them or else he will throw them out.

    It is a sad state of affairs concerning our power to have to admit that the emboldened Muslim Brotherhood and the other traitors who prance around this government, including the NGO’s etc., have too much at stake to go against this President.

    And, of course, we have no power at all. Obviously.

    We will see.

  7. Sorry to say as generally a peace lover, I saw no shock and awe at the beginning of the Iraq war. I saw too much compassion toward the enemy and at the end lawyers telling soldiers how to conduct a war! Now I think bombs , great big bombs all over Iraq and Afghanistan, beating these 7th century subhumans into total submission, would have ended this horror long ago. If we had gone for total submission, as they always tell us they do, we would have been done and gone in a year. Then given money to rebuild. As far as this so called war being fought so it wouldn’t end up here, we have accepted so much immigration and refugees from these horrible countries, they now feel free to tell us how to live our lives. What a sorry story.

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