Free at Last!

Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League, has been given early release from prison, with certain conditions attached.

I just received the following message from a source close to Tommy Robinson:

To all Team Tommy:

Just to let you know — Tommy was released from prison this afternoon, and is now at home. He is spending time with his family, who are overjoyed to have him back.

One of the conditions imposed on Tommy — the violation of which could result in his being returned to prison — is that NO person(s) who are involved with the EDL may contact him, directly or indirectly. So he will not be involved in any EDL-related activities, nor should any EDL people attempt to contact him.

These conditions will apply until the end of the original sentence imposed on him, which would be sometime in June or July of 2015.

Upon learning the news, Vlad Tepes made this brief observation:

I thought he was in for mortgage fraud. I wonder how they justify “no EDL contact” as a condition of release, when it has exactly NOTHING to do with the charge.

It sort of goes with political crime, I would suppose.

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18 thoughts on “Free at Last!

  1. ……but countless Mohammed’s may contact the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Al Qaeda, Iranian Al Quds officers, Crazy Imams, you know the rest

    • And if any individuals are guilty of mortgage and financial frauds its them.

  2. I am really glad to be back with his family.
    He was released from the gulag. Do you remember when Cameron contacted the Muslim Brotherhood and poured money on them and established their headquarters on top of a Kebab Restaurant. Did anyone in Britain, ye great britain, call Cameron and his elites not to contact Muslim Brotherhood members.
    NO person(s) who are involved with the EDL. Britain is telling the Noble, Lion Heart Tommy not to defend the men and women of Britain. A strange democracy where the elected are the enemy, and enemy’s friends.

    • Amen to every word. I cannot get my head around contemporary Britain. People are either lefties, apathetic or patriotic. Problem is, our spineless, gutless government patriotic equates “racism/islamophobia/xenophobia”. Our brave war dead would be turning in their graves. The same freedoms they laid down their lives for are now being given away…

  3. The special condition of the sentence is a leftist trick. Tommy should go into hiding until the end of July 2015.

  4. If the charge is mortgage fraud, the political “condition” is simply police state harassment. That is what they did in the Eastern Bloc. I’m surprised he hasn’t been gagged too. One more reason for never voluntarily cooperating with the UK ‘justice’ system.

    • Surely you don’t think his “co-operation” was “voluntary”??

      Yes. Eastern bloc tactics. See this book:

      Amazon UK did very little to promote it and kept the author, a Cockney pensioner, running around trying to get both the Kindle and paperback version available. Like the old Soviet, like the current-day US, it’s all about who you know.

      Tommy had zero support among the vile chattering classes. He is considered a rung below the Tea Party, to mix my cultures a bit. We who abide by Tea Party values are considered unhinged by the intelligentsia…

      Seriously, though: did you think he volunteered for any of this? He spoke up about English values and they came after him. And murmured about his family…

      • Sorry, I was unclear there. I meant, the *British people* should turn their backs on their useless legal system. I wasn’t talking about TR

    • Joel Titus was a half-Irish, half-black 21 year old who ran the EDL’s Youth Division. I believe his involvement was so deep, that he was one of those who appeared on the 2009 BBC Newsnight programme, where a collection of black and white EDL leaders burned a swastika and denounced National Socialism.

      I think it was 2011 or 2012, when this young man was prosecuted for a fight with other football fans.

      One of the conditions of his sentencing was that he did not attend any EDL political meeting or demonstration for 10 years. This condition bore no relation to the actual crime.

      This is not the behaviour of a democratic state.

  5. It really is about time people in the West woke up….ISIS (al queda) is a Saudi backed force now taking Iraq and Syria as the basis of their sunni Kalifate. Obama wants this to happen. This is why he withdrew NATO forces from Iraq. This was the plan all along as I warned but was laughed at.

    Listen boys and gals! You’ve been had by the biggest con in history by the scum in the White House and elsewhere claiming to be your “leaders”.

  6. More than anything he will now be safe – away from Muslim predators in jail who attacked him.

    Its hard to read the political tea leaves. On the one hand its not news that the establishment in England is no friend of Tommy’s so we should not be surprised at their games. I am assuming here that an early parole can require conditions that keep people away from potentially illegal actions as the parole is granted to a prisoner independent of their crime.

    But I am also thinking that this was granted after the Prime Minister changed his tune vis-a-vis Islamisation in his speech that all British people should be proud that England is a Christian country. It also comes after the exposure of Muslim harassment in the British School system. And, of course, after the recent elections that put UKIP on the map and, as everyone believes, this trend will follow through in the General elections.

    Maybe the political risks were too high if Tommy were killed or assaulted in jail. So maybe the political establishment is having second thoughts or maybe they just have their fingers in the air to see which way the wind is blowing.

  7. This is absolutely disgusting. One has to ask why there is not national outrage at this abuse of political power, which goes against everything our country stands for. It is to enable such acts of naked authoritarianism that the Bill of Rights 16689 was repealed. For evil to flourish all that is necessary if for good men to do nothing. 2015 will be the last chance to do something and God help us if we do not.

  8. Be nice to see someone who apparently cares so much for his beloved country to do some active service every now and again. Away on there Tommy boy, or whatever your new name is and fight for the land you so care to protect.

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