Taqiyya, Vatican-Style

A Muslim imam invited to participate in last weekend’s “prayer for peace” event at the Vatican went off-script and asked Allah to help him gain victory over the unbelievers. To Counterjihad activists this news is no big surprise. Anyone who has delved into Islamic theology and liturgical practice knows that Muslims always insert a call for Allah to defeat the infidel into their prayers. It’s as much a part of praying as “Amen” is to a Christian.

The top management at the Vatican (CEO Francis and the Board of Cardinals) were taken by surprise by what happened, since the translated script they were handed in advance by the imam contained nothing controversial. And none of them understood the spoken Arabic.

However, someone lower down in the pecking order did understand Arabic, and called public attention to the imam’s words. At first the bosses denied the imam had said any such thing. Then, when that story became untenable — or inoperative, to use a more Nixonian cadence — they changed gears slightly. They said, in effect, “Who you gonna believe? Me or your lying ears?”

Below is a follow-up story about Imamgate from the Catholic site kath.net, published yesterday (June 11) and translated by Rembrandt Clancy:

“Help us against the People who are the Unbelievers”

At the prayer for peace on Sunday evening in the Vatican there was absolutely and definitively a “prayer for unbelievers” which was not foreseen. Radio Vatican (RV) also clearly confirmed this on Wednesday. As kath.net reported yesterday, an Imam — exceeding the scope of the programme — quoted in Arabic the last three verses from the second Sura of the Koran. A possible translation is as follows:

“Pardon us (Allah), forgive us and have mercy on us! You are our protector. Help us against the people who are the Unbelievers (Volk der Ungläubiger)!”

There are heated debates about this in various Internet fora. The Islam scholar Father Felix Körner, a Jesuit who teaches at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, said the following to RV concerning the incident:

“This verse, perhaps spontaneously selected by someone who then also recited the Koran from memory, actually fitted very well into the overall context of the prayer for peace! There are always three steps in the three religions: We recognise the Creator and praise Him, we recognise our guilt and confess it and we plead for the gift of peace. And all that comes out very beautifully in these three verses of the Koran. To You, God, belongs everything. We repent our guilt and ask forgiveness. And we need your help so that peace and justice can arise. That is the content of these three verses, and for that reason the choice was quite understandable — perhaps spontaneously hit upon, but at any event, well-chosen.”

Körner acknowledged that the recitation of the Koran could trigger certain unease among Christians. He points out, however, that the religions did not come together in the Vatican gardens to pray together, but “each recited their own prayer texts in their own way”. The Jesuit priest also made reference to Psalm 25 from the mouth of a Rabbi at the prayer meeting.

“Therein it is written what many Christians know by heart: Let not my enemies triumph over me.* This verse is very similar to the Koran verse which is now being so severely incriminated. We Christians pray the Psalms as the prayers of Jesus and therefore from the outset we give them the correct ranking. We know, that we require protection from God and that thinking in terms of friend versus foe does not help us get very far, but we may express even such feelings in prayer itself so that God changes us. And for that reason there is no misunderstanding here; but if one hears something in a skewed manner, one is going to have a mistaken understanding of it.”

[* Translator’s note: Psalm numbering differs slightly in different versions of the Bible. Fr. Körner’s rendering of the putative Psalm reading probably corresponds to Psalm 24, verse 2 -3 in the Douay Rheims version for example: “2 In thee, O my God, I put my trust; let me not be ashamed. 3 Neither let my enemies laugh at me: for none of them that wait on thee shall be confounded.”

The King James Version reads as follows and numbered as Psalm 25: “2 O my God, I trust in thee: let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me.]

17 thoughts on “Taqiyya, Vatican-Style

  1. “…but if one hears something in a skewed manner, one is going to have a mistaken understanding of it.”

    It wasn’t skewed. But then this is a Jesuit talking from the bowels of Vatican City’s fossilized bureaucracy. Doesn’t get much more CYA than that.

  2. Actually the translations offered of this verse are really watered down and made mild. The actual Arabic words of the part under discussion here say: “May Allah make us victorious over the tribe of Kafirin.” The word Kafir which is usually translated as ‘unbeliever’ or ‘infidel’ in Arabic actually means ‘denier’ and the useage is very similar in the usage of this word in expressions like ‘ holocaust denier’ which is derogatory and is ment to convey the fact that the person in question knows the truth but for some evil and nefarious reason pretends otherwise. So the literal meaning of the verse is “may Allah make us victorious over the tribe of deniers.” Which in the case of the Vatican service the then present company was included in the tribe of deniers. Crafty imam!!! Ha?

    • Muslims believe that all people are born Muslim, and infidel parents mislead their children to become infidels. Hence, infidels are deniers.

    • The followers of Christ, and Judaism are considered people of the book. And are exempt the wrath of Islam

  3. The Catholic church lost its way around about the same time it became the preeminent church in early Europe. Power corrupts etc etc. Lost their way and suppressed the gospel except for a few hardy (and brave) souls who persevered.

    There are Christians within that organisation but they’re mighty hard to find.

  4. Pope dunce? Noo. Look: Pope put out a condition for Imam to tread the Vatican soil: In return A Cardinals and a Rabbis will visit and tread Mecca’s soil. At first the Muslims did not agree, but the pope was inflexible, the pope insisted, as is the habit with kuffar, they want equal treatment, and they defend their freedom to death, Muslims agreed. Muslims are not supremacists, and they also try to appease those strict kuffar. The next meeting will be in Mecca July 22nd.
    Is the above story true or logical.

  5. Right on Dymhna.. the Jesuits all a dagger!…and Murad ; ever consider stand up comedy..??..needs work but have a go…
    As to imam prayer; if you play with a cobra.. he can’t help spittin in yer eye…

  6. ISIL, Dagbladet’s take on the new “Jihadistan”

    “We will conquer the whole world, and no one can stop us inshalla”

    The above statement is what you can read, in half Norwegian, from one of the commenters, by the nickname “ISILwillDominateTheWorld” with the black flag as an avatar

    The one goes on, still in Norwegian, following the response “That’s what the Nazis thought, too”
    “The Nazis were wrong. We are not inshalla the world will again become free like in the old days elhamdurila”


    What else does this nickname have to say, in other comments?
    “Somalis are not humans. They are kafirs. Stakfurllah”
    “You’ve got my word, we ISIL always keep our word.. Soccer is to be played with thems(… ) heads inshalla”
    “Norway is going to be an(..) believing muslim land inshalla”

    So, how on earth, does this muslim come up with all these ideas..? Well, I think it should be clear by now, that these may be ideas planted in most Western countries since long, and anyone prepared to listen would have known by now. Only, the moderates have been trying to make them keep quiet about it, so as not to wake up the populations too early.

    Will they, however, wake up in time…?

    (Comments suddenly closed at Dagbladet)

  7. Islam. The religion of conquest, the profane religion, the worldly religion.
    The Vatican trusts today when it should have taken account of the past.

  8. Once we heard about “the invasion of the Vatican” we all, everyone, predicted that it would not turn out good for the “meek and the mild”. We all knew that the serpent would bite somewhere, somehow. The “invasion” reminded me of the story of the scorpion and the frog. Why are those who make decisions in the west are so stupid. They don’t know anything about the past and the human NATURE. If muslims talk about peace it means the peace when the planet is all ruled by Islamists. The problem is which peace: peace from Shiite perspective or Sunni, not to mention, Ismaeli, Ahmadi, Sufi, Salafi, Muslim brotherhood, . . .
    Ah look at the peace in Iraq(the cradle of civilization, not today) between Shiite and Sunni muslims. I think that peace was triggered by democracy, the mother of all systems. How could humans dream up of such a system that creates no-go-zones, and helps 8 million muslims rule indirectly Britain, and 15 million muslims rule France and render all western countries paralized and servile to veiled muslimas, who no one dare inspect at airports.
    The problem is with “our” , no, with muslim-opriented, subservient elected liars.

  9. I would suggest that someone send the Vatican a copy of “The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Islam,” except I can anticipate the Vatican response: that the book was written by someone who doesn’t have the love of Christ in his heart, who sows division instead of reaching out in charity and humility, blah blah.

    The leftist Christians in the Vatican probably think they’re following the path of humility and charity, but it’s really a combination of naivety and moral arrogance. You could demonstrate in fine detail what Islam actually teaches, what Muslims actually say, what Islam has done to civilization through the centuries — and the Christian left would still have complete confidence in the power of its own moral superiority to bring about reconciliation and understanding where none has existed before. They would imagine that God has so blessed their efforts that they don’t need to consider trivial, worldly things like facts and history.

    • And on top of all that, they sure treat their women-folk well, don’t they?/sarc
      And people have the nerve to blather on that the RC Church doesn’t appreciate women and has oppressed them for centuries, blah, blah, blah.
      But after all, “what is truth?” (It’s whatever you want it to be today!)

    • They would be dangerous if those in power believed anything. But they don’t so we’re all in time for the party. The Western Catholic Church has been sadly neutered but it has celestial music as a result. /sarc

      The variations in South Africa (they’ve sent missionaries to the US) and in China are alive and well. Sadly, the Middle Eastern Catholics are being eliminated via genocide. Maybe the Pope is “negotiating” behind closed doors? Or is he planning on a canonization for this man?


      I will hold my breath. Or take up a collection for a new pair of glasses for this most short-sighted Pope. Sad beyond words…however, there have been useless (or worse) men on the Papal throne before and there will be again. Somehow the Church manages to flourish and transcend and change. I’m waiting for the first South African or Asian Pope.

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