Farage vs. Clegg, Round Two

Nigel Farage of UKIP engaged Nick Clegg of the Lib-Dems in a second round of debate tonight hosted by BBC television.

In this writer’s humble opinion, Mr. Farage ate Mr. Clegg’s lunch. Unfortunately for Mr. Farage, that lunch was alfalfa sprouts on Ryvita, and who would want to eat that?

Below are excerpts from the exchange, mostly focused on Syria, Ukraine, and Vladimir Putin:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

12 thoughts on “Farage vs. Clegg, Round Two

  1. Such a shame that Farage won’t get a pop at either Cameron or Milliband.

    He’s the real deal. The establishment smothers common sense again!

  2. The democratically unelected deputy prime minister suggesting the expansion of the EU by force?

  3. “… It [immigration] has left the white working class, effectively, as an underclass and that, I think, is a disaster for our society” – Nigel Farage

    That politically is a strong shot right between the eyes of the neoliberal elite and their fake conscience for the conditions of the white (working) underclass.

  4. Nigel Farage has deliberately avoided matters related to islam up to now.
    I’m hoping that after the EU elections in May that this will change. I would also like to see an alliance with Liberty GB in the future.
    It would not be politically expedient at the moment but who knows what will happen to change this.
    I thought the tipping point might have been after Lee Rigby was slaughtered. The politicians successfully covered and buried that.

    Islam will inevitably test us with other outrageous atrocities. Sooner or later it will kick off. Otherwise Europe will be subjugated to islam. This must not happen.
    Sadly it just might.

    • “Outrageous atrocities” are coming from Islam in the UK, no doubt about it, which will make 7/7 look like a practice run. It’s a question of when, and how many on-going deaths it will take to wake the authorities up. Increasing numbers of the people are awake already. It may take an event like Bloody Friday in Belfast – twenty six car-bombs in eighty minutes – to spur any action whatsoever.

  5. There is a very good documentary about Nigel Farage and UKIP which was on Channel 4 earlier this week.

    At the conclusion of the programme, the journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown of The Independent, who had been one of the many interviewed throughout. Makes the following extraordinary statement, for someone employed within the free press of one of the primary Western democracies.

    “What has to happen between now and the elections which are coming up: the media has to be kind of controlled, in terms of how often Farage gets to rule the airwaves.”

    • Don’t think they don’t already have that control in place.

      As much as I would never want a BNP government in Britain, look at this story from a few weeks before the 2010 general election: a newspaper calling itself “The Independent” openly discusses how the media had been conspiring for years with an organisation (funded jointly by Lib Lab Con) to ensure that no story which showed the BNP in a positive way was ever published by the mainstream media.


      If that happened in some Banana Republic, we’d have the UN and Amnesty International proclaiming that the elections were rigged. Well, Shamnesty probably would keep quiete, if the Banana Republic was islamic or marxist.

      • Let me underline this point: EVEN if a story was true, that the BNP had done something which 99% of the British public would approve, the media were conspiring to ensure that this information never reached the public through the mainstream media.

        It’s reading stories like this, and the lack of any outcry, that drove me to look at the work of Burnham, Gottfried, etc.

        • Default network-level blocking by Internet service providers in the UK.

          Sky Broadband Shield is free for our Sky Broadband customers. Our heroic new internet protection.

          Have experienced GoV being blocked on several public and mobile networks on the grounds of default user safety, would be interested to know if GoV is blocked by the Sky default user safety filter marketed as the Shield of Captain America.

          • I have two protection systems, one recommended by my bank, but no problems with GoV or related sites unless they’re under attack.

        • UKIP aren’t the BNP, which is why they have a much broader political appeal and why the Tories are so worried about the upcoming European elections. They were never concerned by the BNP.
          The BNP never got favourable media coverage in the UK as the NUJ, of which most journalists here are members , does not allow it’s members to do so. There is an article on here by Paul Weston, in which he discusses this self censorship of anything which shows the right wing in a positive light.

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