Reality is Blond!

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends this report on a recent culturally enriched event in a Dutch village that highlighted the reality that Geert Wilders has so often been excoriated for describing.

Reality is blond!
by H Numan

A few days ago I reported about what happened after the local elections in The Netherlands. A big stick was found to beat Wilders with, to divert attention from the massive losses suffered, most of all by the socialist party.

That circus is still going on. Not really a circus, more like church expressing an act of faith: mayors and aldermen walk solemnly in ceremonial procession to a police office so each can personally file an official complaint against Geert Wilders. Very much like publicly confessing sins by sacrificing a white bird (seagull) on the altar of politically correctness.

However, things are not going the way they hoped. Wilders doesn’t have to do a thing. Reality does it for him. The poor oppressed victimized Moroccans do everything they possibly can to show Wilders’ remarks were quiet, restrained, even polite, and above all 100% spot on. Read what even the staunchest multicultural believer cannot sweep under the rug.

Saturday a jewelry shop in the small village of Deurne was robbed at gunpoint by three suspects. Only it went wrong. The wife of the owner shot two robbers dead; the third one got away.

On Sunday the DA came to the conclusion this was a case (exceptionally rare in The Netherlands) of justified self-defense. The wife was, of course, still a suspect, but she is free until this case goes to court. In court she will not be the accused, but the victim. The gun she used was possibly an illegal weapon, so she will have to explain that to the court. But the act of using that gun itself was not, in his opinion, reason to keep her in custody.

As soon as I read the news about the robbery I noticed no clues whatsoever were given to the identity of the suspects. By law the family name of suspects cannot be printed, only the initials. Usually suspects are named by their first name followed by the initial. Volkert v.d. G, for example. To protect their privacy.

Since most criminals for whatever reason appear to be Muslim, and most often of Moroccan origin, that was changed by all media into vague terms. Yusuf H., Mohammed B., or Hassan Y. are too obvious. Almost invariably no clues are given at all. They are described as “citizens of”, “locals from”, “boys of”; that sort of vague terminology. Which is a dead giveaway that Muslims and most likely of Muslims Moroccan extraction are involved.

All the more so because the media assume people are really stupid. When a real Dutchman commits a crime they do write his first name plus initial. So, if you read “a robber from …” it’s almost certainly a Moroccan. If you read “the suspect Jan B. …” it’s a Dutchman. Easy.

On Sunday too many people inquired if the suspects were something else than Dutch Reformed juveniles skipping Sunday school. The DA gave away the identity of the first dead robber: he was Dutch Moroccan. On Tuesday the second one was identified: a real Moroccan. Illegally in the country. Both with a record of violent crimes. The third one is not yet identified and police are searching for him. Let’s guess. This chap is probably from Nunavut.

If the police can spare the time, because the above mentioned politically correct exorcism ceremonies do take up a lot of it. Time they could much better be issuing speeding tickets or fining pedestrians walking through red lights. Real important matters, in other words.

On Sunday evening they had to act on an illegal demonstration in Deurne, which supported…

No. NOT the wife of the jeweler. The (now dead) robbers. Moroccan inhabitants of Deurne expressed their support for the robbers. Together with some extreme left-wing juveniles, as not all of them (in photos) look North African. Not once, several times. On Sunday evening, and on Monday. A Moroccan mosque in Eindhoven held a memorial service for these poor oppressed boys and honored them.

Mind you, Deurne is a small village. Not a big town. To gather so many people you need to invite them. Moroccans came from far away to support their fallen comrades in the struggle against the oppressing cheeses. (Moroccans call the Dutch ‘kazen’ or cheeses; vice versa Moroccans are called ‘macaques’. Only the latter is punishable by law.)

The CDA politician Ibrahim Wijbenga from Eindhoven (a convert) created this masterpiece of art to honor his fallen compatriots in the faith:

It’s getting weird now. Really weird. You probably know just about anything goes in The Netherlands. We used to have a labor union for drafted soldiers. We still have a small club fighting for the rights of pedophiles: Stichting Martijn. This club is under severe (but unsuccessful) legal pressure and (very successful) social pressure.

And we have something that trumps just about everything: a labor union for criminals! The Bond van Wetsovertreders (union for lawbreakers). I’m not making this up. This is a real organization dedicated to the welfare and working conditions of criminals.

This labor union expressed their support for the ‘victims’, and demanded that the DA arrest their ‘murderer’. They found the decision of the DA revolting, and said so. What they said (not so) indirectly is that they want better working conditions for robbers and muggers. It’s just a job like any other, after all. (Just like cannibalism is a matter of taste.)

At this moment the jeweler and his wife are under severe police protection as they receive multiple death threats, insults and acts of vandalism by Moroccan inhabitants of Deurne and far beyond. Those poor oppressed Moroccans see nothing wrong with robbing — as long as the victims are Dutch, that is.

I write about the most important item in the Dutch news. But there is so much more. A boy of fifteen was victim of an armed robbery in his own house on Monday. By … not by Eskimos. Another robber died after stealing a car and driving it in a canal. Yup. He wasn’t from Greenland either. Today a snack bar was robbed at gunpoint, one seriously wounded, one dead. By … Finnish boys perhaps?

Which brings us back to Geert Wilders. In just one week after his widely published remarks, reality bit multicultural correctness where it could. Wilders doesn’t have to say anything. Of course he does, but relatively speaking, not a lot.

The prime minister told children in the evening children’s journal they don’t have to worry. No Moroccans will be sent back; he will make sure of that. Wilders sent a tweet after the failed robbery to the prime minister: “Mark, are you going to comfort the children of jewelers now?”

The losses of the PVV is already receding. Even though the multicultural church is still in session exorcising their blond demon. Clearly their holy water isn’t working.

I’m pretty confident the PVV is back on track well before the European elections. And after that, they will be ready for national elections that will almost certain take place later this year.

Why? Because the current coalition support is sliced to nothing. They can only survive by the grace of the opposition. Which they have, as long as they can pay the price. Because in politics nothing comes for free. At the moment the government survives by the grace of D66, CU (left wing Calvinists) and SGP (right wing Calvinists) support. As long as it will last, that is. For that support they have to pay dearly. The CU and SGP, for example, demanded the official Day of the Sunday Sabbatical Law should not be changed, blasphemy against the gods must be re-included in the law, that sort of thing.

The PvdA (labor) party Tuesday pushed some legislation through parliament: from now on an illegal immigrant is no longer illegal. This issue was a key point for both parties: Labor promised to make illegal immigrants legal, the VVD to keep as it was, illegal is illegal.

In fact, for the VVD this promise was a cornerstone for their election. It was one of the points they could capture votes from what would otherwise be PVV voters. In exchange for their support the PvdA allowed some minor tax benefits the VVD hopes to satisfy their electorate.

Now, be honest: if you read all this, would you vote conservative in the coming elections? My crystal ball doesn’t work right now, but it seems to me Wilders can simply sit back and watch the show.

Almost the same as Obama’s last election. He didn’t have to do a thing. His opposition were a Mor(m)on, a greedy insincere financier and a homophobic Roman Catholic extremist. He simply couldn’t lose. That doesn’t mean to say America stood firmly behind Obama, just that it elected him for lack of anything better.

Until the elections last week, nearly every newspaper always said about the weekly polls: people, remember. These figures are virtual. The fact that the PVV is currently the biggest doesn’t say anything. We have only one poll, and that’s the national election. Were this a real election, results could be different. Now the newspapers are silent. Perhaps because reality seems to be blond.

— H. Numan

16 thoughts on “Reality is Blond!

  1. Please sign this pro-Wilders petition:

    They do accept signatures from abroad. The text goes something like this:

    Geert Wilders, Holland’s most vilified politician, has been forced for years to do his work under pathetic circumstances. The agitation led against him by other political parties must finally stop now! The politically correct Netherlands stand in a queue to press charges against Geert, while he simply says what the majority in our country thinks but dares not pronounce.

    Your signature is a statement of support for Geert. Later this year, this petition will be offered to him. Do encourage Geert Wilders! Show that also you stand behind Geert!

    • PS

      Thanks for those of you who signed the petition. Please do also spread the message via social media if you will, as I am not a member of any of these.

    • Geert, You are a brave man. You are so right in your stand for your great country. You remind me of William of Orange. You have many admirers in the U.S.A.

  2. Great article.

    However, one quibble. The last U.S. presidential election was a contest between the magnificently and supremely horrible and the not so bad. Before that it was between the magnificently and supremely horrible and the supremely horrible Arizona hands-across-the-world eccentric.

    In both elections, therefore, there were superior alternatives to Obama, but that is not saying much. The liberty-loving, fiercely-independent, clear-thinking, uber-insightful majority knowingly embraced The Lesser Kenyan notwithstanding superior product availability.

  3. “And we have something that trumps just about everything: a labor union for criminals! ”

    Over here, we call it SEIU.

  4. I hope all goes well for Geert Wilders and that the PVV is indeed back on track. As you say people only have to look around them to see the results of the impossible and insane social engineering experiment known as multiculturalism going terribly wrong.

    Here in the UK this evening, Nigel Farage of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) comfortably saw off the Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats in the second of two televised debates.

    Nigel Farage ended his appearance at the debate with a call for voters to ‘join a people’s army’ to ‘topple the establishment who’ve led us into this mess.’ I imagine Eurosceptic parties all over the continent will have watched this debate with a great deal of interest.

    Reality is Nigel!

    EU Debate: Nigel Farage issues call to ‘join people’s army’

  5. I have nothing but admiration for the argument in general, except for the critical remark about Paul Ryan which implies that any sincere Catholic can be dismissed as a ‘homophobic extremist’. Neither do American voters pay much attention to vice-presidential candidates. It was Romney they rejected, not Ryan.

    • I thought the mention of the R.C. candidate was that pizza magnate. I forget his name but they manufactured some ersatz “scandal” and he was gone. Not enough political experience either…but then Obama didn’t let a lack of experience stand in *his* way.

      That lame election was the one where many disaffected white guys simply stayed home. A billionaire do-gooder and a clean-cut number cruncher did their best to estrange their own base and succeeded beyond Obama’s wildest imagination. Hard to believe Romney was ever the guy who cleaned up the corrupt Olympics, but he did. And Ryan? Someone let the air out.

      There is less to that loss than meets the eye. No way should an incompetent have been re-elected, but he was. The GOP is so afraid of its own Geert-like contingent, i.e., the Tea Party, that they cut them clean out of any participation. Thus, while BHO had a relatively large number of grass roots workers, Romney had what? Young Mormon missionaries?

      The Tea Party saved Wisconsin for sure. They would have been an incredible force for Romney but he listened to the insider Beltway GOP and stiff-armed them. And he’s still too obtuse to realize why he lost.

      American pols have always been afraid of populists. They never forgave Jacksonian Dems for using them.

      • The “pizza magnate” who left suddenly over a romantic scandal was Herman Cain, the Herminator, an African-American who reinvented/saved a couple of private corporations, including Godfather’s Pizza, served as chairman of the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, and was a successful radio talk show host in Atlanta.

    • I thought he was talking about Rick Santorum, not Ryan.

      Santorum was the Roman Catholic contender in the primary who took the Iowa caucus and was the chief target of the gay lobby’s ire.

      He has always made a much bigger deal about his religion in the political arena than Ryan has.

  6. Spot on as usual, nothing is going to happen to Geert the powers that be for all there posturing are not going to risk another show trial like last time, He is firing back in fine style. The PVV have just released there election campaign programs 7 point, and every one hitting the mark especially no more migration from eastern Europe and especially from Islamic lands. It is two months too the EU elections and I expect the PVV will be back where they were before this storm in a teacup, and perhaps with a few more votes.

  7. Tomorrow is mosque day.

    I predict riots like we’ve seen in France. If it doesn’t happen right away, it is because they are afraid of blowback, because the Muslims are well aware that Wilders has a million voters behind him. That voter base will increase as the soldiers of allah assert themselves.

  8. The huffing and puffing is still going on by the left, but it seems that it has left the Dutch voters cold. In the latest poll by one of the Dutch newspapers the PVV would receive 26 places in the parliament instead of 25 two weeks ago, if there was a vote now not only are they holding steady they are slowly gaining. A police spokesman has said that it might take a bit of a time because they have to process all the 5,000 complaints. translated that means that they are going to kick it as far into the future as they can and wait for it to be forgotten.

  9. Pim Fortuijn, Theo van Gogh and Geert Wilders are the only true and brave Dutch
    patriots for the rest of the polticians are unrepentant Dutch cowards and traitors.

  10. Claire Berlinski wrote: There is an important tradition in the Netherlands – as there is thruout Europe and the West – of bargaining with depravity. The Dutch response to Muslim terror – failing to acknowledge the lethal seriousness of the threat – has much in common with the Dutch posture toward Nazi terror.

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