An Appeal for Adriana Bolchini Gaigher

It seems that almost every day we post a fundraising appeal for someone we know who is being prosecuted or fighting a “lawfare” suit because of their struggle against shariah and the Great Jihad. The latest friend to join this unfortunate roster is Adriana Bolchini Gaigher, an Italian activist who is due to appear in court in the next few days as a result of her Counterjihad efforts against UCOII, the Italian equivalent of CAIR. Longtime readers will remember Adriana’s participation in Counterjihad 2007 in Brussels, where she gave the country report for Italy. Since then she has been involved in numerous projects in Italy.

The Lisistrata website has issued an appeal on behalf of Adriana. Many thanks to Gaia for the translation:

We ask for support for ADRIANA BOLCHINI (Lisistrata)

March 31 2014

In a few days, our Adriana Bolchini of Lisistrata will face criminal prosecution under the lawsuit brought against her by Nour Dachan, President of UCOII in recent years (UCOII, Unione delle Comunità e Organizzazioni Islamiche in Italia, is an Italian Islamic association and probably Italy’s largest Muslim umbrella group). As a journalist, Adriana analyzed and expressed her doubts about the veracity of his intervention in favour of Gabriele Torsello, Italian national, kidnapped by the Afghan Taliban, with whom he got in touch from Italy, via the TV talking in Arabic and taking the credit for his release.

In her article Adriana Bolchini pointed out the ruses adopted by Dachan, that by addressing the Afghan Taliban in Arabic he was basically not talking to anyone in particular, or talking to someone that only he was capable of knowing, because the Afghan Taliban belong to a people who geographically are made up of different ethnic groups.

We ask for your support and financial assistance, as much as you can afford, because as you know, legal expenses do not come cheap. If you support the struggle against Islamic fundamentalism, we must not allow trials to silence us. Help us to continue the fight for freedom.

Please make whatever donation you can afford to her current account at the Banco Popolare Lodi, payable to BOLCHINI Adriana IBAN IT78O0503401665000000001260.

3 thoughts on “An Appeal for Adriana Bolchini Gaigher

  1. A “democracy” that lets such silly suits to go ahead and tortures its own citizens for the sake of imported invaders, let that system of governance go to hell and with it all the liars and godless politicians. Is this what happens when a nation becomes secular and godless? For the last 400 years we have been talking about enlightenment that was false and led us into a pitch dark age.

    • Yes, things were so much better when everyone had to believe, or at least pretend to.

      Apart, that is, from slavery, suppression of women, religious wars between “Christians”, widespread hypocrisy…

  2. Grazie per la pubblicazione e per la partecipazione a una causa che purtroppo non è la prima che subisco, negli anni, a partire dal 2005 sono già stata denunciata dai “tagliatori di lingua” 3 volte e ho dovuto difendermi in tribunale:
    Le prime 2 volte le vertenze sono state chiuse senza conseguenze, ma questa volta è un processo e causa civile che va avanti dal maggio 2006, non so se riuscirò a farla chiudere senza danni.
    Thanks for posting and for participating in a lawsuit that unfortunately is not the first that I suffer over the years since 2005 have already been denounced by the “hewers of language” 3 times and I had to defend myself in court:
    The first 2 times the disputes were terminated without consequences, but this time it’s a trial and civil case that has been going on since May 2006, I do not know if I can close it without any damage.

    ADRIANA BOLCHINI (Lisistrata)

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