“We Want the Word of Allah to be Uppermost”

The documentary below features footage of and interviews with a young “Dutch” man who traveled to Syria to join the jihad against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Many thanks to SimonXML for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   We now switch from sport to an interview with Yilmaz.
00:04   NOS News Hour has been able for the first time to interview in depth and film a Dutch Jihadist.
00:11   Yilmaz an ex-professional soldier who is fighting in Syria himself and training other Jihad fighters.
00:18   In Syria there are estimated to be 120 Dutch fighters who are fighting against the Assad regime
00:21   and for an Islamic state. There is little known
00:24   about them. The left in secret and later on their return
00:27   rarely say anything.
00:30   This is a name tape that he wore in the Dutch Army
00:33   which he gave to us as a present.
00:36   News Hour foreign news editor Roozbeh Kaboly discovered
00:39   Yilmaz about 8 months ago.
00:42   when he was looking for signs of Dutch Jihadis.
00:45   I searched for a number of Arabic terms
00:48   and stumbled across
00:51   one of his photos.
00:54   He was standing there in Syria wearing his Dutch uniform
00:57   next to a pair of rebels. He looks
01:00   almost like a commando.
01:03   Dutch uniform … beret … a young man
01:06   who looks very disciplined and well trained
01:09   Was it difficult to gain his confidence? No, no, in the beginning
01:12   he was very suspicious, reserved,
01:15   he even denied that he was Dutch
01:18   but I made it clear that we are objective journalists
01:21   who want to understand him and people like him better
01:24   and slowly he was able to start trusting me.
01:27   How long did that take? 8 months.
01:30   I talked to him every day.
01:36   This is the first time ever that a Dutch jihad fighter
01:39   has allowed himself to filmed in Syria.
01:42   How are things going? The interview was conducted in English by a contact
01:45   in Syria. I would very much like to
01:48   you to be able to see me too, but we have a Syrian connection here.
01:51   So it doesn’t work! …
01:54   Syria is not a safe place for journalists at the moment.
01:57   Journalists are targets for groups of extremist fighters.
02:00   They are taken hostage, executed on the spot,
02:03   We therefore had the interview
02:06   carried out by an intermediary
02:09   who put our questions to him. Why did he give the interview?
02:12   He wanted to
02:15   rectify the image that has been created in the Netherlands of
02:18   Dutch fighters in Syria … that they are dangerous maniacs,
02:21   and that they are all associated with al-Qaeda.
02:24   That’s why he did it.
02:27   There’s a Dutch saying:
02:30   that says ‘look further than the end of your nose’.
02:34   What is means is,
02:37   Look a little bit further
02:40   than what people show you, or what people try
02:43   to show you. Try to investigate for yourself.
02:46   Open your heart, open your eyes to what’s going on over here.
02:49   And insh’allah maybe you
02:52   will change your mind and see that many, many, many of the
02:55   people here came here for the right reasons.
02:58   You can’t just be watching our people
03:01   hundreds and hundreds and thousands of people
03:04   getting slaughtered. And you’re just
03:07   it’s …
03:10   I feel sorry for the people back home. That’s my honest opinion.
03:13   How can you be sitting at home?
03:16   Yilmaz seems like a normal
03:19   young man. A Dutch man with Turkish origins who
03:22   would rather have become a Commando. He did his military service
03:25   in Turkey and after that was a professional soldier in the Dutch
03:28   Army. But Syria was a magnet
03:31   He decided to put his knowledge as a soldier into practice there.
03:34   This report is by Jan Eikelboom and Roozbeh Kaboly
03:37   In Syria he wears
03:40   his Dutch Army uniform, including beret.
03:43   Only the badge has been replaced.
03:46   Yilmaz was a professional soldier in the Dutch Army,
03:49   In the Dutch Army I was a Private, First Class
03:52   Private, First Class.
03:55   Maybe a month or 2 months before
03:58   I was being promoted
04:01   I decided to leave.
04:04   Right knee. You can either sit or
04:07   on your knee or hold it up like this, is no problem,
04:10   Your elbow is resting on your knee
04:13   on your left knee, your left elbow is resting on your
04:16   left knee, your right knee is on the floor
04:19   If you want a little bit more support you could turn your leg in.
04:22   He uses his knowledge from the Dutch
04:25   Army to train Jihadis in Syria.
04:28   He organises shooting practice.
04:43   Relax. Most of the people here
04:47   I think maybe over 90% of the people here
04:50   have never ever even fired a bullet in their lives.
04:53   Let alone participate in an actual battle.
04:56   whatsoever. So,
04:59   what we’re doing right now, and the purpose of all this is
05:02   I was approached by a brother
05:05   that I love and I respect, and because he knows my background he
05:08   asked me “could you give some of my fighters some
05:11   some extra tips and tools?
05:14   We will supply the bullets, we’ll supply everything you need
05:17   so that when we ship them out
05:20   and when there’s a fire-fight and when there’s contact
05:23   they know what they’re doing.”
05:26   OK, one, two, three, four, yeah
05:29   I could see all of the hits.
05:32   I told you it was five. Five, yeah.
05:35   I knew it, yeah, it was five.
05:38   Look, your gun
05:41   is moving too much
05:44   to the left and right.
05:47   He was too fast; he wasn’t
05:50   taking his time. Relax. You’ll see that if you
05:53   if you relax, if you take your time … maybe a second or two
05:56   seconds longer, you’ll be in this area.
05:59   The purpose behind it is
06:02   first and foremost the question you should ask is
06:05   ”what is their purpose being here?
06:08   and their purpose being here is fighting
06:11   for the oppressed Syrian
06:14   people. It’s been two and a half, almost three years
06:17   now, and nobody’s doing anything.
06:20   These people came here with a noble cause
06:23   a purpose of helping
06:26   the Syrian people. If what they’re doing
06:29   is something good and something noble, why
06:32   do they have their faces covered? These brothers cover their faces
06:35   purely for
06:38   security reasons. They would love to show their faces
06:41   they would love to show their faces and tell the world why they
06:44   are here and what they are doing, but if they were it would have huge
06:47   huge huge consequences back home.
06:50   For example, myself; the police have been to my house a couple of times
06:53   when they want to travel they
06:56   get questioned. My sisters at school
06:59   they, people say “oh, your brother’s this, your brother’s that”
07:02   these people, they don’t want to look scary they
07:06   don’t want to terrorise people, whatever. The only reason why they’re covering their
07:09   faces is because they love their families back home and
07:12   they want them to live their lives in peace,
07:15   and they don’t want any negative consequences
07:18   upon the family of them being here.
07:24   Fire!
07:36   Hold fire! Hold fire!
07:42   My gun jammed. No problem.
07:45   People back in Holland
07:48   might say, some of them might say
07:51   you betrayed us because you
07:54   learned these skills from us and now you
07:57   are teaching these people. If someone were to say
08:00   something like that, what would you, how would you respond to them?
08:03   If the Dutch forces
08:06   would send a
08:09   a unit or
08:12   fighters to Syria to help the oppressed
08:15   people, I would be the first one to sign up for the Dutch Army.
08:18   But nobody’s doing anything, so why when people
08:21   want to do something to help these people
08:24   and to make a change,
08:27   is it a problem? Or am I a traitor? I mean,
08:30   that makes no sense to me.
08:33   Do you have any
08:36   inclinations towards
08:39   doing any sorts of attacks
08:42   inside of Holland? No.
08:45   I never, no, no, I can’t
08:48   to Syria
08:51   for Syria only. I didn’t come to Syria to learn how to
08:54   make bombs, or this, and to go back
08:57   that’s not the mentality many of these fighters
09:00   have. We came here
09:03   basically, and I know it sounds harsh but many of the brothers here including me
09:06   we came here to die
09:09   so us going back is not part of
09:12   of our perspective here. I mean, it’s a
09:15   big sacrifice; there’s a lot of work to be done
09:18   so why should I even think about Holland or Europe
09:21   It’s a closed chapter for me.
09:24   How are things? Yilmaz hasn’t cut all his ties with
09:27   the Netherlands. Via skype he has contact
09:30   with the home front.
09:33   Sometimes the picture freezes, the sound.
09:36   I thought I would
09:39   see your beard, but it wasn’t to be.
09:42   Forget it. Forget it.
09:45   The connection is
09:48   too bad here.
09:51   Are you in the kitchen?
09:58   The link works better in the kitchen.
10:01   Where’s, where’s his mother, where’s my aunt?
10:04   Yeah, fetch her, fetch her.
10:10   A long time …
10:13   Shame we can’t see you… I would love
10:16   it if you could also see me, but we have a Syrian connection here,
10:19   so it doesn’t work!
10:22   So, not Ziggo …
10:25   We have things … Ziggo, Ziggo,
10:28   we need Ziggo here.
10:31   Send it here.
10:34   Ziggo, Ziggo.
10:37   What do you miss from Holland?
10:40   Barber shop.
10:43   It’s a … Turkish, like this Turkish guy
10:46   just invented this strange fast food dish.
10:49   Barber shop.
10:52   My family, of course.
10:55   It’s a very organised
10:58   country. Everything’s very organised. A nice country
11:01   very nice. I would like to see that back in an Islamic country
11:04   insh’allah one day.
11:07   It’s the family, I think.
11:10   From the Netherlands, party pack …
11:13   yes, 2 kilo, 2 kilo
11:16   2 kilo, from trade
11:19   it’s the little things
11:22   Did you get them to pay you in M&Ms?
11:25   A serious question …
11:28   but it’s in the hearts and minds of a lot of people
11:31   Are you married?
11:34   No … That might be on some people’s minds but
11:37   Are you a part of Al-Qaeda?
11:40   and, if you are, why?
11:43   It’s funny. To be honest, I thought that was going to be one of the
11:46   first questions you would ask me, but
11:49   I was waiting for this question.
11:52   What people should understand and what
11:55   is that not everybody
11:58   that comes from Europe or wherever
12:01   they come from, be it Asia, Europe or
12:04   America, Canada, it doesn’t matter.
12:08   It doesn’t mean per definition that these people
12:11   automatically, as soon as they cross the border they’re part of Al-Qaeda.
12:14   A lot of people think
12:17   He left his house because he’s radicalised,
12:20   He left his house because he’s disturbed.
12:23   He left his house because he’s emotional, etc. etc.
12:26   These are standard things that the media try to feed the people.
12:29   One of these things that they try and do is whoever
12:32   comes to Syria as a foreigner is
12:35   by definition Al-Qaeda. In my case there’s
12:38   no such thing. The brothers of Al-Qaeda
12:41   they are here, they’re fighting, it’s known, everybody knows
12:44   this. But me being here in Syria fighting
12:47   does not mean per definition that I am part of Al-Qaeda.
12:50   Allahu Akbar.
12:53   Allahu Akbar.
13:02   I think the main goal of many, many, many of the
13:05   people here, even including the Syrians themselves
13:08   is protecting and
13:11   defending the innocent people of Syria.
13:14   I mean, it’s been almost three years now. Enough is enough.
13:17   When is it going to end? When I speak to the people
13:20   they smile, but at the same time
13:23   they are asking me, When is this going to end? When can we go back home?
13:26   So that means the first and the most
13:29   important objective is getting these people back
13:32   home. OK? Second of all
13:35   and also very important for most of the fighters here
13:38   is Islamic law. We want the word
13:41   of Allah to be uppermost.
13:44   We ourselves came from the West, we understand
13:47   the systems of the West. We’ve seen with our own eyes
13:50   what the West is doing in crisis situations like this.
13:53   We don’t want this any more. An Islamic state
13:56   built upon Islamic principles
13:59   will always defend the rights of the innocent,
14:02   and of the people living in its
14:05   borders. So this is what we want.
14:21   Do you hold a grudge
14:24   against the people of Holland?
14:27   and some of them are afraid that one day
14:30   you yourself, you know,
14:33   you’ve had the training from the military
14:36   you’ve had the training from being in Jihad, that
14:39   they might just be afraid that you might come back
14:42   one day. I mean, what would say to those people?
14:45   Knowing Holland, they should
14:48   they should be worried about other things.
14:51   With criminals and pedophiles roaming the streets.
14:54   But I understand their fear and it’s not that I am
14:57   … and I don’t understand why these people are free.
15:06   Don’t worry about me. I’ve chosen this path
15:09   for myself and even if, if
15:12   if I would come back I would just eat
15:15   barber shop and maybe some sushi
15:18   have some Dr. Pepper, just give
15:21   my mother a big warm hug, sit with the family. I’m not
15:24   out there, I’ve never been
15:27   a violent person towards people that are not
15:30   violent towards me.
15:36   In England, terrorism expert Edwin
15:39   Bakker. Good evening, Mr. Bakker.
15:42   You’ve been listening to the interview with Yilmaz,
15:45   what is your first reaction?
15:48   We see here a clearly highly motivated
15:51   young man who went to Syria because he hoped
15:54   by his presence to take part in the fighting,
15:57   training people, to make a contribution towards
16:00   easing the suffering. He is firmly convinced of that.
16:03   Yes, he says I am there and I do this
16:06   interview to show that in the West they
16:09   have the wrong impression about Jihadis.
16:12   Is he really so different?
16:15   I think that he’s quite different,
16:18   he’s taking part in a fight, and his presence
16:21   makes it rather more difficult than easier there,
16:24   he has
16:27   a clear vision of an Islamic
16:30   state; with his Dutch ideas
16:33   that he wants to let loose on the Syrians,
16:36   as far as that’s concerned, ideologically he’s clearly
16:39   a representative of other fighters, but perhaps
16:42   his thoughts
16:45   are more developed than
16:48   people who go there for adventure or because their best friend is going.
16:52   He’s wearing Dutch uniform
16:55   giving shooting lessons in Syria,
16:58   is that allowed?
17:01   Taking part in Jihad is not literally
17:04   in our Penal Code, but taking part in a
17:07   terrorist organisation, and a lot of organisations
17:10   that these young men go to deserve that label, certainly
17:13   in the eyes of the Syrian government, but also those of a
17:16   number of Western countries. Furthermore,
17:19   a number of these young men, nearly all of these young men
17:22   are directly involved in what we call international crime,
17:25   that can be contravening the rules of war,
17:28   or in the worst cases war crimes.
17:31   and everyone in Syria is guilty of that,
17:34   so as far as that is concerned, plus training other people
17:37   with that you make … you’ve got a problem
17:40   if you come back. What can the Dutch
17:43   government about young men such as Yilmaz?
17:46   That’s very difficult. The Netherlands
17:49   has maybe 120 of these people in Syria,
17:52   and other countries have comparable numbers.
17:55   The whole of Europe has 1200, but the people are also streaming in
17:58   from many Arabic countries, and it seems to be very
18:01   difficult to stop. One of the important things
18:04   is for example to put a stop to the propaganda for this fight,
18:07   and recruitment, facilitation.
18:10   And that isn’t mentioned in the film, but this person
18:13   is very active on the Internet and that makes, he
18:16   gives a black-white picture of the fight
18:19   good against evil, and I think
18:22   that’s one of the things you can try and stop; the propaganda
18:25   machine, to do something about that
18:28   which this person is very active in.
18:31   He says, I am no danger to the Netherlands, I’m not concerned about the
18:34   Netherlands at all; I am fighting in Syria.
18:37   Should the Dutch government do anything at all?
18:40   Is this a reason for concern, what we see here?
18:43   This young man comes across as very calm
18:46   he has considered everything carefully, and maybe at the
18:49   moment everything he says is true, but a
18:52   number of these people see things differently, have other experience, radicalise,
18:55   further, come into contact with all sorts of organisations,
18:58   perhaps have had a
19:01   traumatic experience or are very angry
19:04   just like him, that the West is not doing anything,
19:07   that the Netherlands isn’t doing anything.
19:10   All these things add up, radicalisation, knowledge of weapons,
19:13   the anti-Western agenda, means that if these people
19:16   come back they form a potential threat, so I can
19:19   easily imagine, I too worry,
19:22   about these people coming back,
19:25   that there are a number among them that, contrary to what he says,
19:28   won’t just come back and … return to normal life.
19:31   But are planning something else.
19:34   Edwin Bakker from England, thank you for your comments.

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  1. My oh my Western Europe is getting just like Yugoslavia at the height of its multicultural “peace” under Tito. Back then a “lone” muslim conscript would just “go off” in the barrack room and shoot “a Christian comrade.” (Wish I cound find those Wall Street Journal articles from way back that almost laughed at the prospects fireworks if Tito lost his grip. Maybe the Soviets didn’t get to hang the west but I think the Islamists or muslims if you will are hoping for more success.

    • has already happened in some way, an Armenian officer was murdered by an Azeri, while on a NATO course in Austria(???). The guys got released and welcomed back as a hero.

  2. Good thing the Dutch law states that if you enter the military (Turkey) of another country you lose the Dutch nationality..o wait… That law doesn’t apply when you have two passports..

    Two passports is also something the Dutch law forbids, except if you are from a third world country, off course.

    This guy a Dutchman? Him- and that one million residents in the Netherlands with two or more nationalities- never will be Dutch or treated as such.

    • it sums up…

      What do you miss from Holland?
      10:40 Barber shop.
      10:43 It’s a … Turkish, like this Turkish guy

  3. As noted by Israeli commentator Caroline Glick in Jerusalem Post, January 10, 2014, Father Gabriel and his followers are harbingers of an even more profound development: the fall of pan-Arabism as an identity: ”Pan-Arabism lies in ruins from North Africa to the Arabian Peninsula. The people of the region have gone back to identifying themselves by tribe, religion, ethnicity, and in the case of the Kurds and the Berbers, non-Arab national identity. In this new era, Christians find themselves imperiled, with few if any protectors or allies to be found.”
    Good article and quotes…. with a video from Father Gabriel.

    pass the baton around!
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    “Writes Caroline Glick: ”From Egypt to Tunisia to Iraq to Syria, Israel’s neighbors are fighting each other as Sunnis, Shi’ites and Salafists, or as members of clans and tribes, without a thought for the alleged primacy of their Arab identity. What Israel’s Palestinian-state-obsessed Left has failed to realize is that many of Israel’s neighbors do not share the pan-Arab scapegoating of the Jewish state. So bribing the now largely irrelevant Arabs nationalists with another Arab state may do little more than create the newest victim of the Arab revolutions.””

    • An orchestrated strategy of tension and the destruction of nationalism, a Great Game of Annihilation.

  4. The West is betrayed.
    I think young Muslims of foreign descent should be encouraged to fight in the Middle East and in Muslim countries.
    Then they should have their status as refugees, citizens, etc. pulled and they should never, ever be allowed to return to the West.
    Look beyond your nose.
    Take your own advice!

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