Instruments for Islamization

As Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan famously said, “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”

Sabatina James is a Pakistani-German apostate from Islam. Below is her analysis of the role played by mosque-building in Western societies, and particularly in Germany.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:12   Mosque Building during Islamisation
00:16   Our videos are meant to educate about the undemocratic teachings and practices of Islam. Muslims who adhere to Democracy and Human Rights are not our target. (Al Hayat TV)
00:20   Ladies and Gentlemen
00:24   The construction of mosques
00:28   at significant locations in major German cities
00:32   meets repeatedly with resistance.
00:36   Many heated discussions show how important and sensitive this subject
00:40   is for the people. What is so alarming for the people
00:44   about the building of mosques? Why do these plans
00:48   meet so often with massive resistance among the people?
00:52   The reasons are many:
00:56   Concern about changing European culture and societies.
01:00   Concern about political machinations.
01:04   Concern about parallel societies.
01:09   Worry about devaluation of real estate.
01:13   Worry that the original face of a Christian occident disappears.
01:17   Concern about a strengthening, radical Islam.
01:21   During public debates
01:25   the right of Muslims
01:29   to build mosques is not disputed, it’s granted
01:33   in Article 4 of our Constitution under “Freedom of Religion”.
01:37   These discussions are more about locations
01:41   and architecture of mosques. Islamic ideologies
01:45   are nearly always ignored.
01:49   and exactly that is the blind spot; and this
01:53   is the subject of our report.
01:57   “According to law an association can be banned
02:02   if it goes against the constitutional order or
02:06   against the understanding among nations.”
02:10   Against this background we must ask and
02:14   seriously discuss the core question:
02:18   Does the building of Grand Mosques serve religion,
02:22   or is it a means for the Islamisation by stealth
02:26   of a host country? We clarify:
02:30   Building of Mosques an instrument for Islamisation
02:34   During the massive Islamisation and conquest of the West,
02:38   the building of mosques plays an important role.
02:42   To understand why this is so
02:46   one must look into Islamic laws regarding
02:51   “Dar al-Islam” and “Dar al-Harb”
02:55   These are the rules on how Muslims must behave in the countries of “non-believers”.
02:59   When in the minority they should
03:03   “tolerate” the laws of the host country as long
03:07   as the exercise of their religion is not impaired.
03:11   If it is, they have to leave the country or
03:15   act towards its Islamisation, because Allah
03:19   holds Islam as the superior and only useful order of a society.
03:23   Therefore the mosques in the diaspora
03:27   are not only the non-transferable
03:31   property of the Ummah, but
03:35   also a part of the Islamic territory.
03:40   The smallest restriction by the authorities
03:44   is regarded by Muslims as religious discrimination.
03:48   Mosque associations in Germany try to
03:52   build as many mosques as possible because they intend
03:56   to stay here forever and to Islamise
04:00   politics by stealth.
04:04   It would be extremely naïve to believe that mosques,
04:08   financed by human-rights-violating countries like Saudi Arabia,
04:12   Qatar and Turkey, aim only at peaceful
04:17   co-existence with the West and not at conquest.
04:21   Mosque Building a demonstration of Islamic presence
04:25   Grand mosques especially are
04:29   not primarily “houses of prayer” but
04:33   buildings representing the presence and force
04:37   of Islam. The whole history of Islam
04:41   testifies to this demonstration
04:45   of force and the will to conquest.
04:49   Wherever the Islamic conquerors went
04:53   they dictated that steeples were not to be higher than minarets,
04:58   if steeples were even still allowed to be built.
05:02   Demonstration of a victorious Islam
05:06   The building of a mosque in the country of ‘non-believers’
05:10   is considered within the Islamic expansion
05:14   as ‘victory for Allah’ and is meant to show the superiority of Islam.
05:18   This is often shown in the names of the mosques.
05:22   Over 50 mosques in Germany for example
05:26   carry the name “Fatih”, Arabic: “Conquest”.
05:30   The name is in memory of Sultan Fatih
05:34   who conquered the capital of the Christian East, Constantinople.
05:38   Other mosques carry the name
05:42   of bloodthirsty caliphs and companions of Mohammed
05:47   or generals such as Tariq ibn Ziyad,
05:51   the conqueror of the Iberian Peninsula.
05:55   “Inevitably more Sharia”. In the mosques it is taught
05:59   that the duties and prohibitions in the Koran
06:03   are timeless and applicable to each individual.
06:07   This does not mean equality and equal rights,
06:11   but the division of humanity into races and classes
06:15   In the lowest rank are atheists,
06:19   followed by Jews and Christians,
06:24   and at the very top are Muslims as “the best community of humanity”, Sura 3.110.
06:28   The discrimination against non-Muslims and women
06:32   in Islamic countries is the consequence of Islamic texts
06:36   that are recited and taught in mosques.
06:40   The result will not look different in Germany.
06:44   Building of Mosques reinforces political Islam
06:48   Since the first mosque in Medina, mosques have always been
06:52   an integral part of the political system of Islam,
06:56   and even functioned as a place of political decisions,
07:00   including war strategies.
07:04   So, without mosques nothing happens.
07:08   Mustafa Islamoglu warns his brothers in
07:12   Germany: “Attach your hearts to mosques.
07:17   Understand there is no movement without mosques,
07:21   and there will be none. If you don’t own mosques,
07:25   build them!”
07:29   Under the guise of religious and cultural purposes, mosques today pursue
07:33   the political aims of Islam world wide.
07:37   In one sentence: “Islam is
07:41   Allah’s revealed order and must take priority before all
07:45   other laws.” This cannot
07:49   be compatible with a free German democracy,
07:53   nor contribute to an understanding among nations.
07:57   “Hindering Integration” Grand Mosques
08:01   develop into centres
08:06   and bazaars where Muslims find everything
08:10   that makes them independent of German society. This does not promote integration,
08:14   but isolation. Koranic schools
08:18   and cultural retreats especially create a distance
08:22   from mainstream society and call into life a Muslim
08:26   parallel- and anti-society.
08:30   Mosque-Building to gain predominance
08:34   Wherever you travel to cities of the Middle East
08:38   you will see next to big churches,
08:42   or built on their foundations, even bigger mosques
08:46   This does not represent brotherly co-existence
08:50   as Muslims might tell you, but the Christians
08:54   are shown the superiority of Islam.
08:59   In each mosque they recite suras insulting to the Christian faith
09:03   and offend Christians as “conquered idolaters”,
09:07   for example: Sura 9.33.
09:11   Even Christians in the West have to get used to mosques next to churches
09:15   The over-the-top tolerance will not protect them
09:19   from the aggressive acquisition of their churches by mosque associations.
09:23   An actual example of this is the Capernaum Church
09:27   in Hamburg, which is being converted into a mosque
09:31   by the Islamic centre “Al Nour”.
09:35   Muslims see the conversion of churches into mosques as a symbol of triumph
09:39   of Islam over Christianity. With this provocative attitude,
09:43   mosque associations cause tempers to flare in society.
09:48   They play with the emotions of other faiths,
09:52   and so act against the ‘understanding among nations’.
09:56   Mosque-Building brings conflicts
10:00   Shiites, Alawites & Ahmadis: all these different
10:04   faith communities are in their countries of origin
10:08   in more or less constant conflict.
10:12   Each community builds “their” own mosques in Germany
10:16   where they display “their” faith and
10:20   call the others ‘apostates’ and ‘secessionists’.
10:24   This can lead to the transfer of conflicts to Germany.
10:28   It cannot be ignored that the building of grand mosques
10:32   has become a competition between rival groups.
10:36   Each one tries to build the biggest and best mosque
10:41   and give it the most provocative name.
10:45   An example is the biggest mosque
10:49   in Germany, in Mannheim, named after the tyrant
10:53   and persecutor of Alawites, Sultan Salim.
10:57   To remind you: the attempt
11:01   to name a bridge after him in Istanbul last year
11:05   led to violent protests. Why
11:09   does the German State ignore this? Why does it not protect minorities?
11:17   Mosque building more influence by foreign Islam
11:21   In most Islamic countries mosques are built by the State via ministries for religion,
11:25   which are also responsible for imams.
11:29   The influence of these ministries reaches (via mosque associations)
11:34   all the way to Germany.
11:38   These associations, financed and piloted by them prepare the way for
11:42   radical Islamic ideologies in our society.
11:46   Yet Islamic associations in Germany promise to introduce a
11:50   “liberal and open Islam” into their mosques. But, please, how will this happen?
11:54   Do you want to invent a new Islam?
11:58   No, those who know about Islam know that
12:02   it can and does deceive quite skilfully and uses this as systematic strategy.
12:06   We appeal
12:10   Church leaders would be well advised to
12:14   educate their flock about the ideological aims of Islam
12:19   and advise them how they can meet Muslims at “eye level”.
12:23   instead of continually asking them for more tolerance
12:27   and to react more serenely and calmly to the building of mosques.
12:31   An attitude which Christians in Islamic countries
12:35   never ever encounter, not even in Turkey,
12:39   which covets EU membership. We demand of politicians
12:43   that they seriously ensure the stability of our country
12:47   by taking the potential for conflict of Islam seriously and act accordingly.
12:51   They should be more strict in demanding the integration of Muslims,
12:55   and dismantle the parallel structures.
12:59   Muslims should know that Islam will never hold the upper hand in the West.
13:03   With their endless demands and their provocative and ruthless
13:07   attitude, they will not gain acceptance or sympathy
13:11   in our mainstream society. See you later!

16 thoughts on “Instruments for Islamization

    • I agree entirely, this video and report should be made available to every German not only the politicians! I live here and in the last 20 years the increase in Muslim population has been incredible. I sometimes wonder what country I’m living in because I hear less and less Germany being spoken! The number of women dressed in their traditional garb/naqib/burca etc looks totally out of place here. I’m also saddened to see elderly women struggling with heavy shopping bags while their husbands walk ahead empty handed!

  1. Thanks Baron, I was wondering – the young woman doesn’t “look” all that Bavarian, yet she has the most delicious Bavarian accent. (Yes that accent CAN be cute ;))

    Excellent, video – and very educational – I hope it gets broadcast widely and gets listened to despite the normal attention span today seems to be that of a humming bird on speed.

    • Why do you think her accent is Bavarian? To me it sounds rather Austrian. But then, we are from the same people that came out of the Bohemian bassin into Roman provinces 1500 years ago.

  2. I never can understand why somebody could worship a “god” that demands that his followers use lies and subterfuge to advance the cause. Just as his followers shout “God is Great” after sawing some poor soul’s head off. That proves God is Great?
    They may have grand mosques but they barely qualify as human.

  3. @tedh754: They don’t say ‘God is Great, they say ‘Allah is greater’. Important differences when you think about it.

    • Point well taken. So when they commit mass murder and inflict horrible torture on people that proves to them that Allah is greater. I can understand how people born into that insanity live with it, but I will never understand how a normal human being can convert to it. But they do, often after reading the Koran. What does that book say? What power does it have over people?

    • The word “Allah” derives directly from the ancient Hebrew word for G-d.

      While Jews are prohibited from speaking, but not writing, the word (Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy G-d in vain.), Moslems and Christians use it regularly. The words Jehovah and Yahweh also come directly from the Hebrew word for G-d.

      Considering the distance in culture and time, the Islamic and Christian pronunciation is remarkably close to the original.

  4. She started saying “Grüß Gott, meine Damen und Herren” which is incompletely translated with “Ladies and Gentlemen”.
    Grüß Gott is a greeting in many Roman Catholic German speaking regions for instance Bavaria and Austria.
    Grüß Gott is an abbreviation of Grüß[e] dich Gott, which is an imperative: May God greet you. It’s used by religious as well as non-religious people.

    • @ Tommie,
      What you call an “incomplete translation” was, in fact a deliberate decision by the translator. You will find such decisions all along – they are made due to space restraints and in order to make the reading of the sub-titles easier. To “translate” “Grüß Gott” is as problematic as to translate poetry and the explanation needed for non-German speaking readers would be too long for the space available, to put it in German would be confusing (I have no idea what Bable would make of it). To give it the closest english version would be “God bless you” and I think you will agree that to write: “God bless you Ladies and Gentlemen” would look rather silly. So I decided to just convey a generic greeting.

      Incidentally “Grüß dich Gott” is not an imperative, it’s derived from the original which is closer to “Möge Gott Dich/Euch grüßen”, “grüßen” being a newer version of “segnen” – so the closest “translation” in english would actually be “may God bless you”. The equivalent in “good bye” is “Pfüadi”, an abbreviation of “es behüte Dich/Euch Gott” (which I interpret as “may Gott keep you safe”).

      As to the places where “Grüß Gott”, “Grüß’ Dich” or in Switzerland “Gruezi” is used this is more dependant on geography: i.e. mainly in the South, around the foot of the Alps, Swabia, Austria and Switzerland. And yes, these areas used to be largely catholic.

  5. Quote:
    12:59 Muslims should know that Islam will never hold the upper hand in the West.
    13:03 With their endless demands and their provocative and ruthless
    13:07 attitude, they will not gain acceptance or sympathy
    13:11 in our mainstream society. See you later!

    Brave words.

    • “Muslims should know that Islam will never hold the upper hand in the West.”

      They already have the upper hand. They can behead our people in broad daylight, and our police officers stand around and watch. Then our government brazenly lies about the contents of the book which was used to justify such savage behaviour. Quisling was no worse than the politicians, journalists and priests in the west.

      Muslims in Britain were able to groom/rape/pimp 10,000 schoolgirls from poor backgrounds. For 25 years, the police, the childcare professionals, the teachers, the socialists, the feminists have all looked the other way.

      Muslims are the uber-mensch as far as our fascist elite are concerned. It looks like the islamic view that non-muslims are cattle to be farmed is the correct view. The non-muslims are too busy grazing on snacks and crappy TV to have any concern for the future. Even a beheading in broad daylight was not enough to make the cattle stop chewing for more than a few minutes.

  6. “For if you wish to defend a religion by bloodshed and by tortures and by guilt, it will no longer be defended , but will be polluted and profaned.”

    “There is no orthodox sect or school of Islam that teaches that muslims must coexist peacefully as equals with non-muslims on an indefinite basis”

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