We Need Sustainable Diversity in Basketball

As I mentioned yesterday, this past Monday afternoon I was part of a team briefing a member of Congress in Washington D.C. When the meeting on Capitol Hill was over, it was too late to drive all the way home, so I stayed overnight in one of the outer suburbs in Northern Virginia.

The ethnic composition of the Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy has changed since I lived in the area forty years ago. The inner suburbs — Alexandria, Arlington, Springfield, Annandale, Falls Church, and Fairfax — are now so culturally enriched that they’re scarcely recognizable as American. I’d say they look like Guadalajara, or Seoul, or Kabul, or Da Nang, except that none of those places is so ethnically diverse. The only other place I’ve ever seen that is so thoroughly enriched is New York City, and the D.C. area may even beat the Big Apple in sheer number of ethnicities. Walk down a street on the strip in Annandale (if you dare) and you’ll see Koreans, Vietnamese, Afghans, Ethiopians, Somalis, Lebanese, Nigerians, Indians, Iraqis, Iranians, Mexicans, Guatemalans, Salvadorans, and many other nationalities that I can’t recognize or remember.

The outer suburbs are less enriched than the inner ones, but they’re still far more diverse than when I was young. In those days they were small country towns in the outer orbit of Our Nation’s Capital, with a population made up of black and white Americans in roughly the same proportions as other parts of rural Northern Virginia. Now the area is one enormous interconnected strip, and its ethnic geography has become more complex.

The town I stayed in has gradually morphed into what is, in effect, a bedroom community for working-class Mexicans. Economics may be the driving force, because the cost of living there is considerably less than in Fairfax or Alexandria — in fact, that’s why I chose to stay in a motel that far out of the city.

The Mexicans live in low-rise “Section 8” garden apartment complexes and small single-family dwellings, the kinds of places where blue-collar whites and blacks used to live. The latter are still resident in substantial numbers, but all the cantinas and bilingual signs are an indication of the growing Mexican presence.

I dropped into a Walmart to do some shopping while I was there, and that’s where the Mexicanization of the suburb became the most noticeable. There were other non-American ethnicities there — in particular I noticed Indian sales clerks and assistants, whose English seemed to be very good — but most of the clientele and a good portion of the staff seemed to be native Spanish-speakers. I estimated that one out of every five people I saw was a white American, one out of five was a black American, and 2.8 of the remaining three were Mexicans.

Later that night I went to a bar and grill across the street from my motel and sat at the bar to eat some pork chops and drink a couple of beers. My recent experience in Walmart had pushed ethnicity into the forefront of my awareness, so with that in mind I looked around at the staff and patrons of the establishment. All the people I could see were Americans, with both races represented in the same proportion that could have been expected in, say, 1975. The place was a local watering hole, rather than a tourist venue, and everyone seemed to know everyone else. People moved around and mingled with each other, blacks and whites both. If there were any Mexicans, they must have been working in the kitchen.

In that comforting atmosphere I turned my full attention to the food and drink in front of me…

Above the bar, spaced among the optics and the mirrors, were five large-screen TVs with the sound turned down, each tuned to a different sports channel. One was showing the Winter Olympics, one a professional wrestling match, and the other three had basketball. All of the games were ACC, three different pairs of teams.

While I sat chewing and sipping, I watched the action on the screens. Since my ethnicity antennae were still extended after my trip to Walmart, I noticed something alarming I had never realized before: ACC basketball shows incontrovertible evidence of structural racism!

Yes, it’s true: white people are drastically under-represented among the first-string basketball players of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

At least two of the teams I saw had no white players at all — and this at universities whose student bodies are at least 50% white! How can anyone justify this sort of discrimination?

Most of the white people visible on the screens were relegated to low-paying, low-status jobs: they were referees. To force white men into a line of work that is so universally despised and pays a mere pittance is a violation of the spirit, if not the letter, of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

“But, Baron,” I hear you say, “black men get all the top slots on basketball teams because they play basketball better than white guys!”

Yes, I’ve heard that dodge before, and I don’t buy it. It’s just a rationalization that allows the perpetuation of institutional racism. The argument that skill and competence in a field should command commensurate compensation has long been discredited. Social justice is a more important goal than winning games.

I say it’s time to promote true diversity and inclusivity in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Let’s force the colleges and the ACC to live up to the principles they supposedly champion. I propose a boycott of college basketball until the teams institute a policy of affirmative action to boost the number of first-string white players on the courts.

Don’t buy any tickets. Don’t watch the games on TV. Don’t buy their branded products.

College basketball is a money-making business for the colleges, the players, and the marketing departments that promote the sport.

Let’s hit those racist so-and-sos where it hurts them most: in the pocketbook.

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  1. Why do Americans, and I mean the people who actually pay for this sport, bother to watch it?

    Why not watch Soccer?

    Same goes with the NFL…

    Why do you debase yourselves propping up the Thugocracy?

    • “Debase” ourselves = “watch soccer”.

      Your comment isn’t on topic and barely makes it in the courtesy department, but I will attempt to answer you anyway:

      People watch the sports they grew up playing. In great swaths of America, that means basketball. Even *I* grew up playing basketball. Doesn’t require anything but a ball and a net. A backstop would be nice but it’s optional in poor neighborhoods.

      The Baron described to me the joys of playing soccer in his school in Yorkshire. I may be mismembering, but it would appear that one gets out on a rutted and frozen field. Once there, scantily clad in freezing weather, one spends an allotted time chasing others and far too much time eating dirt.

      If you read our posts much, surely you’d have realized by now that we don’t “watch” any sports at all. If you’d been paying attention, you’d know we don’t have a television. If you’d hung around GoV, you’d know well that we don’t give a fig about unnecessary physical movement, and we particularly dislike watching other people move. Not that going to a game in person might not be fun. Minor league baseball is entertaining and the tickets (back when we attended) are reasonable. The weather is nice, and the fans are sedately well-behaved.

      But those things are neither here nor there. You see, this post has a point that has absolutely nothing to do with sports of any kind. Zip. Nada. Zilch. Read it carefully again. See if you can spot where the umm…satire starts.

      I don’t think I’ll waste any of my Russian jokes on

  2. Come, come, sir. It’s just the law of nature. White men can’t jump — and black ones can’t shoot. Been to a match lately? You’ll see what I mean.

    Kinda like the hand I’ve been dealt, I’m bound to say.

    • True…I’ve moved to hockey. we’re all better off playing ball with the kids or taking a walk. TV is dismal and stadium prices horrifying.

  3. Baron, while I’m sympathetic to your views on limited government, property, and marriage, my family’s among those “culturally enriching” in the Washington suburbs. I myself am “Anglo-Saxon” only by osmosis (Protestant, affirming towards the limited government constitutionalism of our country, highly respectful of what the British Isles gave to the world). But I don’t think I have to disparage Asian and Latin people in order to honor the Anglo-Saxon heritage.

    As for basketball, it doesn’t bother me a bit that it has become a heavily African-American sport (although when I watch it, I notice white players and Vincent Lin, too). Then again, I’m not a fan of affirmative action any which way.

    If the term hadn’t been hijacked by the anti-culturalists, I’d like to call myself multicultural. I think I’ve been blessed because I have read Moses, the Prophets, Paul, Plato, Kong Zi, Lao Zi, and Tang poetry in the original languages. I have smatterings of French, German, and Aramaic, too. Sure, I’m all for the Christianization of the world, but I note that this is the religion that started out saying that there is neither Jew nor Greek in Jesus Christ.

    Maybe you need to grow a little faith in the absorptive capacities of your civilization.

    • Cephas, did you read the news story about the mentally disturbed young woman who died from drinking too much water?

      Water is not poisonous. It is healthful, and indeed necessary for the survival of the human body. In modest quantities it invigorates and sustains.

      That mentally ill young woman had faith in the capacity of her body to absorb water. And it killed her.

    • Maybe you need to grow a little faith in the absorptive capacities of your civilization.


      Have you been paying attention to what has happened to our melting pot since the cynical Dems took over in the 60s? Check the second half of the 20th century and see what the crony capitalists did to our ability to absorb non-natives.

      I recommend to you Ann’s blog:


      She keeps track of some of the things our government hides from us.

      All your achievements are notable and credit-worthy but unless you are armed and maintain situational awareness they won’t do you a bit of good in a home invasion. And home invasions are on the rise in your part of the world.

      Our mission statement doesn’t include Christianization of the world. It does include, however, the liberty to peaceably maintain our own beliefs.

    • “Maybe you need to grow a little faith in the absorptive capacities of your civilization.”

      That one little word YOUR says it all….

      The multicultural lie is that it is OUR civilization….

    • I think this is what is called “satire.” The writer is mocking the grievance mongers who are constantly complaining that their ethnicity is under-represented here, there, anywhere.

      Get a sense of humour.

  4. I grew up in part in Arlington, Virginia, living in an apartment complex sort of near some big highway arterial a couple of miles from a giant “Hecht company” store (sort of like Sears). As a boy, before my mother took me at age 14 and my older brother to relocate out West, it was approximately the mid to late 1960s. A couple of decades later, in about 1985, I revisited to see my father (whom my mother had divorced). A friend of his drove me and him to my apartment complex, because I wanted to see it again. As is common, everything seemed so small and stunted. The “court bush” I used to play in and around, situated in the center of a square of grass and walkways ringed by four tall apartment buildings, seemed so puny and shriveled up. The field across the small shady street on one side in my memory had been a wild field extending forever — but as I surveyed it, it was practically the size of one baseball field.

    Anyway, the main thing I noticed was that as I walked a circuit around the entire complex on a weekday late morning, everyone I saw was black. Not many were out and about, but all were black. Growing up, there was not one black person there, and most of the whites were just unassumingly lower middle-class, like my family. It soon dawned on me that my old neighborhood had in 20 years become a black neighborhood. I haven’t been there in the past 25 years, but interestingly, a Google Maps view zooming in on the old street and surrounding area reveals a rather more pleasantly suburban area with lots of nice cars all over the place than I recall in ’85.

    • The American City stopped functioning as an immigrant assimilation machine right around the time that desegregation happened.

      Not IMHO a coincidence.

    • In 1985 you could walk around in a black neighborhood in NoVA. That’s the difference: the intensively aggrieved racialist politics had not ginned up to the level they’re at today. Now, you’d be a #whiteboy – one of the most frequent slurs on Twitter.

      Obama is the NAACP on steroids. He isn’t really Kenyan, but he has deliberately drunk deep of the anti-colonial Kenyan Communist stupidities. His politics are worse than fake, they’re in-your-face-lies-and-what-are-you-gonna-do-about-it-#whiteboy?

  5. The Baron makes a good point, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    But it won’t happen, social justice and affirmative action only applies to minorities pressuring white organizations and communities for various economic and political gain usually at the expense of whites and their communities as well. Competency is irrelevant, skin color and blood is everything today. Whites are not even allowed to form their own ethnic pressure group like the Hispanics, Muslims and Blacks do. If whites dare try to organize it will be squashed by the government.

    That is the reality of the situation. The game is fixed and we’re the pasties. Keep supporting the game and support your own marginalization and demise.

    • Keep watching these sports and you are most certainly contributing to the long term dispossession of your own kind.

      There is little humor to be found in the current dystopia.

  6. Baron, while I applaud your effort to shed light on this race based injustice occurring on this nation’s basketball courts, I don’t think you go far enough. Not only should we seek justice in race based equality, we should all demand that our basketball courts reflect the height makeup of our schools. Why so many tall people on the team? If the average height of a school is 5 foot 9 inches, then the average height of their basketball players should be no different. Another important diversity marker is language. In order to really celebrate diversity, the players, referees, and announcements should strive to use as many different world languages as possible. Also, lets not forget sexual orientation. How come I see no flaming queens on the court? There is just so much injustice to overcome and if we just hold our breath long enough, someday we will!

    • That is an amusing video. I like Yorkshire-speak even though I can’t understand it. I like American black dialects too (there are a number of them), especially when spoken by children.

      The Baron spent his high school days in Yorkshire. Got his driver’s license there too and even survived driving on those narrow country lanes. He also memorized reams of good English poetry for his A levels but instead of going to Oxbridge he returned to the US to go to university at the same place other family members had gone.Secretly, though, he came back home for wild honeysuckle, turtles, and summer heat. There was no getting warm in Yorkshire…otoh, England is my preferred climate…

  7. Here in London, one of the world’s most diverse cities, a Sri Lankan shopkeeper called Sivaharan Kandiah had his premises in Hackney (a very mixed area) looted in the riots of August 2011, and was not adequately insured. One of his regular customers started an online appeal to help him, and raised around £10,000 in the first few days.

    I’m really not trying to score a point about good community relations, or lack thereof, in Britain or the US, just suggesting that people of all (or at least most) descriptions can care for and about one another. Several posters here claim to be followers of Christ; can they deny that this is how he would have told us to act?

    • Mark —

      How Christ Jesus would have treated his neighbors is not relevant to the issues raised here.

      Would Christ have advocated that the Emperor import hundreds of thousands of violent Scythians or Hibernians into Judaea, thereby displacing the native inhabitants against their will, impoverishing them, and inflicting violent crime, intimidation, rape, and murder upon them?

      I think not.

      Loving one’s neighbor and the coercive imposition of mass immigration upon the people against their will represent two different orders of theological praxis. The former is from the realm of the individual human heart, and the latter is from the realm of Caesar. The two realms are not to be confused.

      You are making the same theological error as do other Progressives when they use Christian doctrine to argue for the redistribution of wealth by the state. Coercive action by Caesar — the taking of things from some people by force and giving them to others — is not at all akin to voluntary compassionate behavior arising out of the faith adhered to by the individual human heart.

      I am charged with loving each of my neighbors whole-heartedly and without stint, but it does not follow from that duty the State has the right to import millions of violent and antagonistic new neighbors for me to love. Christ’s teachings do not address or justify such actions by Caesar.

      They are immoral. They are deeply, irretrievably WRONG.

      Only an atheist could fail to understand Christian theology and moral philosophy in making such basic errors of categorical reasoning.

      • Here, here.

        Jesus may or may not have been an Ethno-nationalist, he might even have been a cosmopolitan.

        However, he did worry about Priests impoverishing widows. I take it to mean that people shouldn’t be dispossessed by a busy body theocrat.

      • Baron- I did suggest that “people of all (or at least most) descriptions can care for and about one another”: the qualification in brackets was deliberate. The shopkeeper’s customers evidently found him not at all violent or antagonistic, or they wouldn’t have contributed. It’s perfectly possible that some of them also thought that we have too many immigrants overall, and a proportion may even be among the growing number who resent Muslims in particular.

        • Mark, the point isn’t whether people care about each other or not. That’s not the issue here.

          There are two issues:

          #1. Mass immigration has been imposed undemocratically across the entire West. The populace in all Western nations overwhelmingly oppose it, yet it is shoved down their throats anyway. On those rare occasions when they get to vote on it, they vote against it.

          But mostly their opinions are disregarded. The behavior of our governments is thus tyrannical.

          If you believe in democracy, you should consider this the great outrage of our times.

          #2. It is not only rude and condescending for an atheist to prescribe normative behavior to a Christian based on what he supposes to be Christian doctrine, it is also a tactical error. Understanding the theology and moral philosophy of Christianity requires careful study, and also training in deriving conclusions from stated premises using the rules of logic.

          Most Christians no longer have that sort of training — not to mention atheists. Unless you are a former well-educated believing Christian who converted to atheism, you simply lack the toolbox to engage in meaningful argument about what constitutes moral behavior for a practicing Christian.

          The most common error made by atheists (and many ill-educated Christians, too) about Christian moral doctrine is to assume that Christianity mandates certain “good” behaviors by the State. It does not. It has nothing to say about the behavior of the State.

          Christ was very explicit: render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto God what is God’s.

          The State is inherently immoral. Those who attempt to implement State policies that purport to accomplish moral goals inevitably, without exception, impose results that are corrupt, immoral, destructive, and tyrannical.

          This is the nature of the State. One of the greatest (and most pernicious) illusions of our age is that the power of the State can be harnessed to accomplish moral ends. It cannot.

          Good behavior cannot be imposed on the populace through coercion. We have thousands of blood-soaked examples of such failures from the last century alone, yet, in a kind of collective madness, we persist in believing that it can be done. Every State action to impose the good has failed so far, but so many people are certain that somehow, through some ineffable magic process, the State will succeed in accomplishing the next oh-so-good goal.

          It reminds me of one of the definitions of insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

          • As befits my screen name, I will take up the cause of anti-slavery, Christianity, and the State.

            There are moral questions that are inherently bound up with what the State does. William Wilberforce was, I think most will grant, a committed Christian, a man who lived his life more nearly according to the promptings of faith than almost anybody.

            He made it his mission in life to get the slave trade outlawed in Britain. At long last, and after decades of defeat, his cause prevailed.

            Slavery cannot exist without the sanction of the State. If the State says nothing one way or the other on the topic of slavery, then the other laws forbidding assault, kidnapping, and the like come into play.

            Or take Abraham Lincoln.

            A Christian who finds slavery as it existed in 1860 in the South to be incompatible with Christian faith and teachings has few choices about where to go and what to do to put things right.

            Preaching to Southerners might work, but he would be risking martyrdom. While this might be OK with a few, most lack the courage to take that chance, and then there is a moral objection as well: one is not supposed to court martyrdom. If there are other ways to go at it—?

            Voting for a candidate who will at least limit the expansion of slavery fits the bill. And if it comes to war?

            There’s a song—Mine eyes…

            It’s a fitting song, a good Christian hymn. Sometimes there is no disentangling matters of State from matters of Faith.

    • Mark H…spontaneous response to another’s want is surely built into our DNA? de Tocqueville was amazed at American generosity and willingness to help one another, but such behavior was based on the exigencies which arose from living on the edge of civilization back then. In the France of his day that impulse had been bred out of his fellow citizens. My guess is that one sees more private charity here than in Europe because in the latter people assume “the state will take care of it”.

      There was a story in the UK news recently of a little girl with cerebral palsy who was suddenly denied the surgery she’d worked toward (via painful preparatory exercises) for months. Several days before this proposed surgery was to have been done, NHS suddenly withdrew funding, claiming a lack of funds. I searched the article for an address where people could send money to the family, or to a medical trust set up in her name, but never found one.

  8. What would Jesus do ? He would honour the words and heed the warnings of his father. Ever hear about the tower of Babel ? This was Gods warning against globalism and man seeking to usurp God. God’s stated intent is a world of nations and ethnicity’s.
    It’s amazing how many people claim to speak for Jesus without having bothered themselves with the written word that he lived by and preached.
    Too many people think Christianity consists of being endlessly nice, tolerant, self effacing……. which are good qualities which all good Christians should possess, but, Jesus, if you read his words does say that it is not and should not be endless.
    Instead of second guessing what Jesus might think, through the prism of modern progressive dogma I recommend actually reading the bible and trying to live by it.

    • Phil, is the Tower of Babel really a warning about globalism? Hmmm…then what is the experience of Pentecost but Babel turned on its head?

      The Baron used to read the Bible every day while he ate his breakfast. Now that his eyes are punked and now that he’s quit eating breakfast…not so much. But that was many decades of oatmeal and Scripture.

      My favorite of Christ’s’ sayings is from Matthew, the one about the necessity for being as innocent as doves and as wise as serpents. That’s a cool saying, imho.

      The best description of Christian belief I ever heard was from one of my theology professors. He said that the lived experience of Christ meant that “love is possible, evil is reversible, and you can live freed from the past”. Another good summation, but again, just mho.

      When my favorite philosopher, Gabriel Marcel, converted to Christianity (from French Marxist atheism) he said that the experience for him had been that everything was totally transformed and exactly the same.

      Now “God’s stated intent”, as you put it, is a bit more fraught for me. I much prefer to remember that “God’s word” is always mediated via whatever human being it is that’s telling us that message. IOW, the word plus the bird who said it plus our own understanding. Those are the three ingredients necessary for sectarian warfare. As if we needed an excuse, eh?

  9. Not on topic but not that far of the topic either…this question kept me busy ever since i have seen a “football” game at the LA colloseum between the now gone la raiders and the sf 49-ers in oct.1992. How come you Americans name football- a game that is obviously played mostly by hand- call: football?

    Seems to me it should be called: handball sometimes we use a foot to kick a ball between a large hole no skilled person would otherwise miss but mostly hand orientated ball game…Or something like that.

  10. Dymphna, As I remember the story of the tower of Babel yes, wasn’t the story concerned with mankind coming together and conspiring to build a tower up to heaven with the intention of usurping God? and didn’t God render them unintelligible to each other to keep them as distinct peoples/tribes/races?
    Does God not, when warning against setting our face against him that he will ‘send foreigners to destroy us’. He is actually warning the Jews, but the prophesy’s apply to all people of God and for all time (see Ezekiel unfortunately I’m not an absolute fanatic, so I can’t quote chapter and verse) In the same book he describes the Jews as ‘worse than prostitutes’ for giving away that which he has given to them as a reward for their faithfulness, adding ‘At lease prostitutes have the good grace to charge’.
    Also, in Exodus, I think the often selectively quoted ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ is followed by ‘Be loyal to your tribe’.
    I know quoting bits of the bible nowadays marks you out as a religious fanatic, but I simply, when I became a Christian thought it incumbent on me to actually read the instruction manual, so to speak.
    People nowadays don’t seem to have the attention span to read the bible and so don’t actually know what’s in it. They are governed by soundbites, and slogans. The view of Jesus that most people have is of a thirty something pacifist hippy, who wouldn’t look out of place on an ivy league campus circa 1970. Nothing is farther from the truth, and the bible is far more than just a collection of anecdotes and soundbites – rather like ‘101 uses for vinegar and half an onion’ – which is how most people treat it. The bible is full of wisdom, advice, warnings.
    It just brasses me off a bit when people take it upon themselves to say what Jesus would say or do in any given situation, when they have quite obviously not read the testament to what he did say and do.
    As for anyones interpretation leading to sectarian warfare, well, Christians DO seem to have the best track record of living alongside other ‘sects’. Notwithstanding the fact that when two cultures live cheek by jowl it is BOUND to end in disaster, in fact it is testament to the (nominaly) Christian people of europe and the Anglosphere that there have not been outbreaks of violence already. . Atheists, when they achieve control do act in a way that is, well, Godless. The atheist totalitarians of the twentieth century collectively killed more human beings than all the wars in recorded history – and don’t for one minute think that the slow motion coup being enacted now across what used to be civilization won’t end in extreme bloodshed – they are merely awaiting their opportunity. Atheists, that is the ones who imagine themselves to be intellectually superior and rightfully in charge have no moral restraint. They regard the rest of the human race as ‘genetic material to be experimented on, managed, culled, ‘for the common good’ for some long in the future utopian dream, and if we don’t take that lesson from the twentieth century then a of of people died in vain.
    Sorry if I’ve rambled a bit, but I have tried to give an honest answer and cover all the bases.
    Can I finally say that protecting, fighting to maintain what we have, our culture, our land our customs our values, our material possessions is nowadays denounced as jingoistic, racist, supremacist – any number of labels, but if we had been firm against all the insults, threats, propaganda. If we had cherished our culture, what we had, we would not be suffering what we are suffering now, and we, in europe are only a few short decades from being a minority. What do you think will happen then? Just look at South Africa, Zimbabwe, the middle east. Our children and our grandchildren will curse us

    • Jesus was up against the priesthood of the day.

      You can do that too, but it’ll cost you everything. Except your soul.

      • I am very much against the priesthood of today, both those of the ‘established’ churches, who are more devoted to John Lennon than Jesus Christ, and the high priest of our modern day ‘secular’ non religion, which is pursued and enforced with all the fanaticism of any religious cult

    • This atheist doesn’t claim superiority, nor do you know how much of the Bible I’ve read.

      Incidentally one of the murderous dictators of the last century, Adolph Hitler, was at least under the impression that he was a Roman Catholic.

      • For heaven’s sake, Mark…if we tell Phil to put a sock in it (for making Christians look bad) will you stop throwing Hitler at us?

        Hitler’s mother was R.C. but he didn’t participate past childhood. From the wiki on his religious beliefs:

        Hitler repeatedly stated that Nazism was a secular ideology founded on science.

        In his semi-autobiographical Mein Kampf, he makes religious allusions, but declares himself neutral in sectarian matters and supportive of the separation between church and state, while criticising political Catholicism. He presented a nihilistic, Social Darwinist vision, in which the universe is ordered around principles of struggle between weak and strong, rather than on conventional Christian notions.

        During his early career he made various public comments against non-Nazi atheistic (i.e. “Bolshevik”) movements, and in favour of so-called “Positive Christianity” (a movement which sought to purge Christianity of its Jewish elements and key doctrines like the Apostle’s Creed and instill it with Nazi philosophy). While campaigning for office in the early 1930s, Hitler offered moderate public statements on Christianity, promising not to interfere with the churches if given power, and calling Christianity the foundation of German morality.

        According to Max Domarus, Hitler had fully discarded belief in the Judeo-Christian conception of God by 1937, but continued to use the word “God” in speeches. Bullock wrote that Hitler frequently employed the language of “Providence” in defence of his own myth, but ultimately shared with the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, a materialist outlook, “based on the nineteenth century rationalists’ certainty that the progress of science would destroy all myths and had already proved Christian doctrine to be an absurdity”. Kershaw considers that use of such rhetoric served to placate potential Church critics.


        • And btw Pol Pot and Stalin and Mao were all atheists. Just in case you’ve forgotten that not all the world’s troubles are caused by theists.

        • I only threw him once! (Unless my memory is going, which is always possible). And I’m aware that most other mass murderers of the last century were unbelievers (excepting, perhaps, the Japanese who regarded the Emperor as divine).

  11. Your newspaper of record, NYT (I’m in Canada) is lecturing the Swiss for their vote on EU migrants. I suspect (but don’t know for sure) that the distaste to intra-EU migration is due to 1) previous buildup of non-European migrants, mostly Muslims. Maybe a few sub-Saharan Africans that aren’t Muslim, a few from India. 2) because the easterners are so poor, they will work for less, driving down wages 3) Switzerland (like BC, where I live) is an attractive place and has attracted many wealthy people, who have driven up the price of housing so high the average young couple cannot afford to buy (this has happened in Vancouver, BC). Here’s NYT

    False Nostalgia in Switzerland

    Swiss voters have handed the populist right in Europe an alarming victory. On Sunday, Feb. 9, voters approved an anti-immigration referendum that effectively rejects one of the defining principles of modern Europe: the free movement of European citizens within the Continent. Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, but, in 2008, it accepted participation in the Schengen Agreement, a Pan-European accord that allows Europeans to move freely across borders.

    Switzerland’s business community had warned that the anti-immigration measure would harm the country’s economy and threaten Swiss jobs. But its argument failed to dissuade enough people, with the measure supported by 50.3 percent of those voting. Leaders of the European Union, which must now review its relationship with Switzerland, condemned the vote, as did the French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, and Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel. Their governments, and others in Europe, must now review existing bilateral agreements with Switzerland that allow citizens to live and work in each other’s countries.

    The right-wing People’s Party was the driving force behind the measure, warning that an influx of foreigners is threatening to overwhelm Swiss identity. Parties across Europe, as well as the British government of David Cameron, are blaming immigration for a range of economic and social woes; immigration from poorer to richer countries has increased in recent years in tandem with Europe’s economic crisis. Citizens of Romania and Bulgaria, neither of which is well-off, gained the right to move freely in the European Union at the beginning of this year, triggering more alarmist anti-immigrant rhetoric. France’s right-wing National Front party was quick to praise the Swiss vote. The party is expected to be a big winner in European parliamentary elections scheduled for May. Anti-immigrant parties in the Netherlands, Austria and Scandinavia are also doing well. The Swiss vote is likely to give them a boost.

    The European right couples anti-immigrant fear-mongering with the promise of a nostalgic return to an idealized Europe of homogeneous national populations purged of unwanted foreigners. That kind of false nostalgia, part of the run-up to World War II, was a big reason the European Union was created in the first place. One can only hope that the reality of what this vote could cost the Swiss will serve as a wake-up call for other Europeans.

    • The European Union desires the end of all Sovereign nation states within the sphere of the European continent and the British Isles.

      Mass immigration is the perfect tool for destabalising a countries economy and more so when its unlimited mass immigration from 3rd world Africa, Indo Pakistan and the Middle East as well as from the former Communist Bloc group of nations (poverty migration).

      The Swiss have been rightly mobilising their armed forces and doing training for what they rightly see as an inevitable occurrence .

      That occurrence is the Euro collapsing or the E.U going to the wall due to economics or indeed dying an overdue natural death, this scenario would see hundreds of thousands if perhaps millions attempting to converge on stable little Switzerland seeking more freebies etc.

  12. As for European football, take a quick look at any Premier League team shirt to find who’s the sponsor, and you’ll notice why there are hardly any European players on the teams.

    They even changed the names of Arsenal Stadium and the City of Manchester Stadium.

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