To Hell With the BNP!

Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has suffered for years from a severe case of the Screaming Nazi Heeber-Jeebers. However, based on the following snip from a video interview, he seems to be well on the way to recovery.

Perhaps Mr. Farage is feeling buoyant after recent polls showed UKIP pushing past the Lib-Dems, and even the Tories in some regions. Now that public sentiment is overwhelmingly in favor of cutting off further immigration, the UKIP leader appears perfectly comfortable voicing sentiments that are commonly considered “xenophobic” and “racist”, and that used to make him hide under the bed:

Hat tip: JLH, via Guido Fawkes.

13 thoughts on “To Hell With the BNP!

  1. The interviewer confounds words with ideological positions.
    You use their tools, so you must be them.
    Yeah, right.
    Dare I say it? Stupid.

      • I don’t think Farage or the other UKIPers really
        understand that there is a major problem with any
        form of Islam. This a weakness through lack of

  2. The deliberate confounding of nationalism with patriotism and the inference that the defence of one’s nation against the colonization from the vast hordes of Islam is somehow extremist, is a graphic example of how even those who make a living from asking the so called hard questions have been compromised by the collectivist group think.

    This man, who is able to understand that his political opposition doesn’t just sit in a parliament, but also inhabits what was once considered a ‘free press’ and is able to cut through the partisan leading questions of this so called ‘reporter’ I believe, is destined for greater things!

    • Nationalism is.. naturally associated with Patriotism. As a patriot, trying to fight nationalism will get you nowhere. Politics isn’t about ideals, its about controlling its ugly nature to your benefit. Politics follows certain rules regardless of your own political philosophy, and one of those rules is the Rule of Association. The socialists know their brand is naturally associated with communism, this is why they are unable to condemn it, and even produce false charges against those who fight communism. Until the day nationalism loses its stigma, patriotism will be dragged down along with it into the deep, dark waters of history.

      • Thank you Oz, the point I make is that the meaning of nationalism has been deliberately distorted by the Collectivists to imply that the word as used in National Socialism is therefore somehow representative of Nazism. The deliberate disassociation of the word nationalism from socialism is of course a Collectivist smokescreen, and is used very effectively today as a battering ram against the true Patriot whose love of country is pushed as a form of nationalism = Nazism.

        I disagree when you state that politics in not about ideals.

        Socialism is an ideal that compromises and distorts the natural thought processes of the unwary and those who just love to be led by the nose. It is a dangerous ideology that has to become political to gain a foothold within a culture, because without the political process of indoctrination into socialist ideals there could be no Communist/Totalitarian states which the practise of socialism eventually leads to.

        Those who know where socialism inevitably leads to also know how to manipulate the masses into slavery which must come through a political process in order to achieve that ideal, so stating that politics is not about ideals is not really a moot point because without ideals there can be no politics.

        • Let me rephrase it, ideals are subject to the laws of politics. As said before, trying to disassociate patriotism from nationalism is a lost cause, no matter how intelligently the differences are explained by patriots hoping to escape there name being ‘tarnished’ by such associations. Just like the laws of economics doom socialism.

          • Then maybe it is time to stop disassociating patriotism from nationalism and embrace nationalism for what the word really means.

            A nation’s self interest.

            I’m tired of the dodging that the Collectivists have been causing Patriots to adopt. It’s time to push back.

  3. Never really rated U.K.I.P. as a nationalist party ,more a safe place for “Sir Dufton Bufton” or “Capt. Mainwaring” to let off steam.
    The priorities of these people is bank accounts or golf clubs and to appear respectable in a British way.
    Farages reaction to the Lee Rigby attrocity was “it was an isloated incedent “any Englishman or Briton with any feeling for thier servicemen be they private or officer would have been calling for revenge ,after witnessing what we saw .
    At least the B.N.P. didn’t hide away but vented thier spleen at the old Bailey against the “untermensch” that committed this savagery.

    • Who said UKIP was a nationalist party ? THEY
      certainly will never say that. UKIP will run into the buffers in the General Election of 2015 because not many
      voters will support them in Greater London or the Midlands where immigrants are in the majority.

  4. The number one priority as I see it, is to get Britain out of the EU. The only political party that is in a position to be able to bring that about is the UKIP.

    Britain must withdraw from the EU if it is to get back control of its borders and begin the process of deporting those who must be deported.

    Immigration can then be reversed and the long process begin to wrest back control from the Socialists who have trashed what was once, at least on the surface, a moral and forthright kingdom.

    Islam will not take to a future Britain that values its freedom.

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