Time to Ask Ourselves Questions

As we reported here earlier today, Quebec is in the midst of debate over the proposed charter of secular values, and the Muslims of the province are upset because the new law would ban the wearing of the niqab by public employees.

Below are more excerpts from citizens’ testimony before a national assembly commission in Quebec City. Many thanks to Bear for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   In 2001 when I arrived, where I live on the South Shore
0:04   (of Montreal) we had barely 100 Muslims.
0:08   We currently have 7,000 Muslim on the south shore.
0:12   OK? and practically 1,000 Islamists.
0:16   are found there. I don’t even speak of Montreal, I don’t talk about…
0:20   zones that have become ghettos of the Muslim community.
0:24   so I said there is an expansion of political Islam.
0:28   and there are not the conditions for one Muslim…
0:32   that do not take on the ideology can survive…
0:36   correctly in this country. We are practically threatened…
0:40   by these people, by these groups. I have the impression…
0:44   that the Quebec charter and the Canadian charter
0:48   that regulate, that are cases of references for…
0:52   everything that happens in society, whether it be in Canada or in Quebec…
0:56   have become as unchangeable as the Koran…
1:00   There are new things in Quebec…
1:04   there are people from everywhere in Quebec since a few years ago…
1:08   Well, that changes society. The initial society is…
1:12   changing OK… when we tell you that…
1:17   there are 150,000 Muslims in Quebec and that everyone must…
1:21   deal with barely 2,000 to 3,000 that we have seen protest…
1:25   that we have seen scream their hate of Quebec…
1:29   we have the right to ask ourselves questions.

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8 thoughts on “Time to Ask Ourselves Questions

    • The article author Ms. Raheel Raza blatantly LIES to give heft to the myth of the moderate Muslim in order to gain Western sympathy and, one presumes, increased immigration of ‘moderate’ Muslims into the West?!

      Raza: “This [rise of Pakistan’s extreme version of Islam] discomfited those of us who had always lived moderate, normal lives imbued with a traditional, spiritual interpretation of Islam.”

      EXCEPT: All Islamic ‘holy’ texts confirm that the traditional, spiritual interpretation of Islam IS the Pakistan’s extreme version of Islam. As a practicing Muslim, it is obvious that Raza would have read the Islamic ‘holy’ texts which are thoroughly violent and backward so Raza is either 1) point-blank lying to herself or 2) point-blank lying to us Westerners – and neither lie helps the cause of Western civilization fighting against Muslim barbarity.

      Raza: “However, the kids were generally taught about their faith with no infusion of politics or hate.”

      EXCEPT: Islam IS a socio-political system fueled by jihad spurred by hatred of the infidel.

      Raza: “From a religious perspective, in a strange way it seemed that we were being followed by the same ideology from which we had escaped.”

      Yes, you can take the Muslim out of Islam, but you CANNOT take Islam out of the Muslim. If a Muslim self-identifies as a Muslim, that Muslim is a danger to civilization – even if only as the parent of a Muslim child who may radicalize in the future in rebellion against ‘moderate’ Muslim parents.

      Raza: “I saw a sudden rise of orthodox religiosity amongst young Muslims who were being sucked into the hardline Wahhabi/Salafist ideology.”

      Oh, but earlier, Raza claims that she follows the traditional, spiritual interpretation of Islam whereas surely Raza knows that what she labels to be ‘hardline Wahhabi/Salafist ideology’ is Islam as instructed by its founder Mohammed.

      Raza: “Islamist terrorism on the other hand, is about imposing an ideology upon the West, by force if necessary, and consuming everyone who stands in the way. The emotional and financial support for this movement comes largely from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf for the Sunnis, and from Iran, for the Shias.”

      Correction: Islam is about imposing Islam on the West. The emotional and financial support for Islam comes from ALL people who self-identify as Muslims.

      The strongest part of the article is the substantial list of examples of Canadian Muslim terrorists in the second half of the article. The author Raza blames Muslim terrorism on the culture of certain countries rather than the religion of Islam. What would Muslims have to do to cause the author to spiritually disassociate with Islam???

      Here, I refer the reader to Hesperado’s thought that there is NO practical way for Westerners to distinguish between Muslims who will and will not radicalize – and the danger to non-Muslims from radicalized Muslims is real and substantial in the West.

      The only answer is a complete BAN of the practice of Islam in the West – as used to be the case until recently. Islam = sedition.

  1. Raheel Raza is a righteous woman who does not lie and dares tell the nasty truth about Islam to Canadians. She needs to be praised not disliked. There are very few muslims in Canada, let alone educated women, and Lod knows I want that to change, who speak out like she does, lest the headchoppers get them. Canada is so PC and afraid of PC, I fear they are waiting for the first headchopping. When and I say when, it happens, load the boats back to those wonderful arab kingdoms from when they came. THERE WILL NOT BE A BEHEADING ON CANADIAN SOIL LIKE DRUMMER LEE RIGBY. England accepted that, God knows why. CANADA will not.

    • The definition of righteous is “(of a person or conduct) morally right or justifiable; virtuous.”

      Muslims are unable to be deemed righteous because 1) Islam celebrates the genocidal mass rapist, torturer, and murderer Mohammed as the ideal man who should be emulated, and 2) all practicing Muslims FUND violent jihad by terrorists (i.e., beheadings like those that you fear) with the stated goal to force all humans in the world to become Muslim.

      If Raza were righteous, Raza would stop identifying as Muslim and start identifying as a FORMER Muslim and would stop purposely lying about the true nature of Islam which every Muslim full-well knows from a very young age.

      ‘Moderate’ Muslims like Raza are the BIGGEST problem because these Western-savvy Muslims knowingly hide the true nature of Islam from the endangered non-Muslim infidel. Raza herself shades the issue as a cultural issue rather than a religious issue.

      Anyone who knows Islam knows that the issue is a religious issue where Islam is an mercilessly violent ‘religion’ when practiced according to the tenets of its Islamic ‘holy’ texts.

      Anyone who claims that Islam is other than violent is a liar. I reiterate Raza is either lying about Islam to herself or to Westerners. Either way, Raza is a liar. It is past time to hold ALL Muslims – especially Muslims like Raza – to account for intellectually, psychologically, and financially supporting the violence of Islam – which all Muslims fund through zakat and fees for halal food.

      If the Muslim Raza consumes halal food, then Raza funds Muslim terror – but, of course, Raza herself knows this fact!


      • To be clear, if the self-identifying Muslim Raza rejects violent jihad and presents Islam as a ‘peaceful’ religion, then one of two possibilities is occurring:

        1. Raza is making up her own hybrid religion and committing the three most serious Muslim sins of blasphemy (attempting to alter Islam), hypocrisy (acting Muslim in name only), and apostasy (rejecting Islam) which would compel true devout Muslims to violently murder her to protect the purity of Islam.





        2. Raza is practicing taqiyya (strategic lying to non-Muslims) in order to present Islam in the best light possible to those who are ignorant about Islam.

        I am sure that the non-Muslims in Canada can already see the headlines about violent Muslims. The appropriate non-Muslim response would be to rigorously defend themselves from Muslims by banning the practice of Islam and the immigration of Muslims.

        Enter the Muslim Raza who steers the narrative towards the patently FALSE ideas that 1) there are ‘moderate’ Muslims who practice ‘traditional, spiritual’ Islam, 2) violent Islam is a cultural aberration, and 3) ‘moderate’ Muslims like Raza can practice ‘traditional’ Islam in a ‘modern’ ‘peaceful’ manner. If that is the case, then why did Raza have to move from a Muslim country to a Western country (that she is now helping to destroy by practicing and promoting Islam)?

        Muslim Raza’s purpose here can only be to mute the reasonable defense response of naive non-Muslim Canadians who want to believe that a ‘modern’ ‘peaceful’ Islam can exist in Canada.

        Raza is so effective at her LYING about Islam and ‘moderate’ Muslims that she has YOU calling her righteous!


    • this woman is evil incarnate, muslims hold loyalty to foreign laws, And foreign leaders, are taught to lie and deceive ..forms of islam = jihad, as stated all thru out the Koran… muslims can freely cease and desist all form of islam jihad, but refuse due to this foreign jihad loyalty
      she is an infidel doing so …
      she most certainly is a threat on Canadian soil
      criminally charge, and arrest via People Lawful Authorized Policing , close down mosques, all muslim organizations, with cease and desist …
      Ban islam in Canada ….

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  3. this woman is evil incarnate, she executes islam = jihad forms of lying and deceiving , all muslims are beholden to such practices , all muslims practice jihad = islam . . . they are infidels not doing so
    Ban islam in Canada, via People Authorized Lawful Policing, criminally charge and arrest this muslim, close down mosques, all muslim organizations
    deport muslims to Only islam countries, where muslims belong

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