Calling Out the Lib-Dems

Last November our regular British reader and commenter Mark H sent an email to his Member of Parliament, gently chiding the honorable gentleman for his misguided “outreach” to the Muslim community in Britain through his participation in the Global Peace and Unity Conference.

Simon Hughes, the Liberal Democrat MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, never deigned to respond to his constituent’s message, even after he had been sent it a second time.

Today Mark H contacted Mr. Hughes yet again, this time to discuss his concerns about a new issue (discovered via a petition on the website) concerning the Lib-Dems:

From: Mark H
Date: 22 January 2014 17:51
Subject: Maajid Nawaz

Rt Hon Simon Hughes, MP

Dear Mr Hughes,

I wrote to you on November 8th last (sent again in December, as the original was apparently mislaid), expressing concern at your planned attendance at the Global Peace and Security Conference, and have not had the courtesy of a reply to date.

I now note that your party has failed properly to support Maajid Nawaz in his exercise of free speech re the “Jesus and Mo” cartoon, a freedom for which my parents’ generation fought fascists wearing swastikas for six years. Mo Shafiq meanwhile has declared Mr Nawaz an “Enemy of the Prophet”, an incitement to Islamists to murder him. Apart from the absence of swastikas, please explain to me how Mr Shafiq differs from the Nazis, and how your party justifies its betrayal of those who died in defence of our freedoms.


Mark H
[Personal info redacted]

For more information on the brouhaha about Maajid Nawaz and Jesus and Mo, see The Spectator.

Those who wish to show their support for Mr. Nawaz may sign the petition.

11 thoughts on “Calling Out the Lib-Dems

  1. I am always amazed that commentators tell us that only 10% of the Muslims in the world are “extremists.” So, if there are, for the sake of argument, 1.1 billion Muslims, there are 110 Million headchoppers. That would be quite a large country. 100 years ago it wouldn’t matter. But now they get around the world quite easily and quickly, and can congregate. Which makes their numbers much larger than pre-WWII Germany, where not everyone was a nazi. I would say we have a problem. If the government doesn’t agree, then they have trouble with the math. Is it just me or do most people not want to get their heads sawed off to satisfy the multiculturalists?

    • They are determined to recreate the Raj in the docklands and around the Bullring. not to mention Hyderabad in Shepards Bush.

  2. Simon Hughes is a cultural marxist and therefore will not deign to respond to anyone questioning the ideology.

    • The danger in writing a letter like this is that your name could go on a list.

      Threaten my construct? Racist!

      • Thanks Napier, but I suspect that the names of any of us following or posting on GoV are on a list anyway. I’d be a weak critic of Mr Hughes if I were not willing to stand up and be counted.

  3. Correction

    In England ine can tear up the Bible or burn it, even defecate….But dare to penmark the “Holy Koran”- a plagiarised version and a “pik n mix” of older mid East lore from the Talmud, Old and New Testament, even pagan writings and Sharia enforcing British “plees survis” that wea once a Police Force, will descend upon the “offender” with a swat team. The UK is now living under sharia and the sheople don’t sem to mind.

    7,000 Moslems took over Bolton in NW England last week. The local sharia “Bules” as in “Constabules” (les) attacked a protest group of locals and violently removed them from the New Master Race. I have plans to hold a full Eucharist next time they bus in loads of Mohammedans in my full Bishop’s ceremonial regalia. The sight of clergy, with bread and wine being swatted by police with tasers, dogs and guns might make a few headlines……It is completely wrong.

    • Well the pompous Simon Hughes probably wouldn’t have any position at all with a muslim PM because he is homosexual.

  4. A storm in Simon Hughes multikulti tea cup, has to be said had those veterans foresaw the debasement of the UK they most probably would have stayed at home.

    Counterjihad spectators to a game of muscular liberal football played with a decapitated head.

  5. Simon Hughes is undoubtedly one of the most despicable people ever to become an MP. And by all means don’t take my word for it – you can watch the man himself making a speech in the link below at the 2008 Global Peace and Unity event. This is a conference organised every year by various Islamic advocacy groups, and has hosted hate preachers and Islamic terrorist supporters on more than one occasion. Note also how Simon Hughes greets the Islamic audience as “sisters and brothers”. Can you imagine him ever doing that to a Christian audience?

    Be warned though, this speech is not for those with a high blood pressure. It is one of the most nauseating and infuriating spectacles I have ever watched:

    Still, it’s not surprising that Simon Hughes stoops to such lows. After all, what can we expect from a man who ran in a Bermondsey by election in the 80s with the slogan “the straight* choice”, after he discovered that he was running against a gay Labour Party candidate, despite the fact that Simon Hughes is actually gay himself!

    Simon Hughes has repeatedly shown that he is is prepared to sell out just about anyone to further his career. How anybody could vote for this man is beyond me.

    * Note: the term “straight” in the UK can mean “hetrosexual”, which is what was being played upon in this instance.

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