Fighting Discrimination on the Conjugal Mattress

I’m in the midst of working on a much larger project, but I had to take time off to report on this alarming — but all too predictable — trend in American advertising.

Egghead, a longtime Gates of Vienna reader and sometime contributor, sent us an email this morning quoting a comment posted at Patriot Update:

The days of shock and awe should be over and just when you think you’ve seen it all you find that it has only just begun. I’m referring now to something that not only shocks me but angers me to no end. Right now in LA and coming soon to major cities all over the U.S. are huge billboards being put up depicting a U.S. soldier in uniform with his arm embracing a Muslim woman (in full black attire) as his wife “advertising” togetherness for a mattress company. Her wedding ring is clear and they look like the happy couple celebrating cultural diversity for America. One question; are our troops killing the Islamic terrorists and then marrying their wives? Welcome to the new culture shock of Obama land.

I took a look around the web and found a photo of one of the billboards in question:

I think it’s important for all of us to remember that the soldier depicted on that billboard is a Muslim. No Muslim woman who wears the hijab and lives in one of the sandboxes where our soldiers are deployed would marry an American soldier unless he first said the shahada and publicly declared his submission to Allah. Her family would simply not permit it; they would kill her if she tried to.

That soldier is a Muslim.

He joined the military and swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Now he has sworn allegiance to Allah, whose commandments supersede anything written in the Constitution.

Like Major Nidal Hasan, he may torment himself over his divided allegiance, and perhaps someday come to a decision about where his loyalty lies.

In the meantime, he’s helping to sell mattresses.

Here’s the story from BizPac Review:

Billboard featuring US soldier, Muslim woman stirs controversy

A billboard in Los Angeles, Ca., is attracting attention for displaying a picture of a U.S. solder and a Muslim woman, but many don’t see the connection to what it is selling.

The SnoreStop ad is meant to promote its sleep aid products by implying that it can keep couples together. The billboard features the hashtag #betogether and the slogan, “Keeping you together.”

“We want to show couples that you normally don’t see in advertising,” SnoreStop spokeswoman Melody Devemark told TV station CBS Los Angeles. “People feel that we are trying to misuse the image of military servicemen. I think they don’t understand that there are couples like this that do exist.”

The ad has sparked positive and negative reaction on social media, and has caused U.S. soldier Paul Evans, who is pictured on the billboard, to speak out about the controversy. He wrote In a Facebook post, “I did this because I am no stranger to other people’s discrimination,” according to Fox 5.

The company is planning billboards in 20 more cities across the country, including Houston, Tex., Salt Lake City, Utah, and New York City, CBS Los Angeles reported.

There’s no doubt about it: America, via its government, its media, its educational institutions, and its major corporations, is being prepped for an Islamic future.

28 thoughts on “Fighting Discrimination on the Conjugal Mattress

  1. “I did this because I am no stranger to other people’s discrimination,”

    So, is he actually claiming that his wife is a muslim who wears a burka? I very much doubt it. And if so, why not have his real-life muslim wife in the photo?

    I had been holding my opinion on this ad (thinking it had no more significance than saying “our mattresses enable the most antagonistic couples to stay together”). However, based on his reported remarks, it does indeed appear to be serving an ideological agenda.

  2. I read the advertisement differently. There’s nothing to indicate that the man is Muslim. He wears no beard either. If they are really advocating unusual couples then their main point must be to challenge the rule that Muslim women can’t marry non-muslims.

    They are advocating free marriage for muslim women against a suppressive custom – I appreciate that.

    I know people who have had affairs with covered muslim women and it is not as if it is unusual for muslim ladies to have sex with non-muslim men ‘undercover’. Lots of them do it.

    I am happy that they are being supported by this advertisement and encouraged to go official and marry as they would often best like to do. But are presently afraid to do because of their community.

    Thanks to the mattress company for defying religious discrimination and standing up for women’s freedom to choose their partner from any faith. More of this.

    • Oh yes, diversity and enrichment must be promoted at all costs! /sarc

      Advertisers have been pushing this multicult-is-good meme down our throats for decades. Tradition is trashed at every opportunity.

    • You won’t think that’s such a good idea 50 years down the road. It’s going be very, very ugly.

  3. Correct, there is NO doubt anout it, the US is being groomed and packaged
    for a totally Islamic future. That is not only a nightmare in terms of human
    suffering, degradation and dhimmitude, but can you imagine a Moslem
    President (madder than Obama/Soetoro ) with his finger anywhere near
    the nuclear button. This is why it is so crucial for Obama and his sponsors
    to disarm the citizenry. And that is why it is crucial for the citizenry NOT
    to allow themselves to be disarmed. And that is why we need to identify
    exactly who has programmed Obama to destroy America.

  4. I’m not sure what your objection actually is? Is it Christian/Muslim marriage spiced up with the thought of a mattress? Seems a bit creepy to draw any great moral of fence from the photo, but that’s just me.

    More obviously incredulous is the tilt at Illuminati symbols …I won’t bore you with a Lady Gaga rundown on the details but you can google them up easily enough.

    The message is certainly loaded in the image, and the product! It should be no surprise that MK Ultra triggers have now permeated popular culture to the extent they now flaunt them in semi-controversial mattress campaigns!

    The Islam connection is just icing….

    • So where is the mattress, who said this is an advert for a mattress, is that Lady Gaga being embraced by the US military?

      • Perhaps it was the references in the article to “advertising togetherness for a mattress company” and “he’s helping to sell mattresses”…

        And no, Lady Gaga has her own rather obvious and trite little Illuminati show and tell…maybe pay attention Jolie…

        • Itallians do it better, the SnoreStop add is a poor imitation of the slick commercial agitprop of the Benetton advertising campaign of the nineteen-nineties.

  5. UK commercials are wall to wall with the multikulti message you name the product and the deviance is there. The companies must get tax breaks for delivering multi-coloured bliss of multikulti multiplication.

  6. The Muslim “community” is all upset too, according to the hysterically pro-Muslim “World Bulletin” (based in Turkey):

    Many have interpreted the ad as being provocative, while others in contrast argue it is a symbol of tolerance. Considering that the U.S. military occupation and operations in Muslim lands have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Muslims in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, the image of a Muslim woman embracing a US soldier in such a way may be upsetting for the Muslim community in LA.

  7. I think that the term “apostate” must be re-defined more broadly. If a person abandons the West by submitting to the Ummah, and to submit is to submit to the Ummah, not to God, then he should be called an apostate. To his face. It should be a term of deep opprobrium.

    • Seems a bit hard line, even for you! Should we welcome Muslims or Jews who convert because we know they now have found the errr “true” (sic) god?

      Maybe best to go back several thousands of years and check what they did…seems a popular solution round these parts.

      • I’m not talking about apostasy from the Christian faith alone.
        I’m talking about apostasy from the American historical identity and the Western identity that came before it.
        To be a Muslim is to claim to possess perfect truth. Perfect. That means such a person has a vested interest in stasis, not dynamism, that means such a person has a vested interest in furthering the Istanbul Process, and the criminalization of free speech, such a person has a vested interest in turning the Western street into a scene of blood sacrifice.
        The 1st Amendment respects the freedom of worship, but how far it will go with respect to Islam has yet to be ironed out.
        Westerners who have a clear idea of their own culture and know exactly what they would be sacrificing if they converted or reverted or whatever would simply not do so.
        The only Christians who convert to Islam are ones with no coherent understanding of Christianity in terms of scripture or tradition.
        Secularists may attack Islam at the branch, but to attack it from a Christian perspective is to attack it at the root.
        The Secularist may assert a few non-judgmental things about “extremists.”
        The Christian can honestly say that Islam is profane.
        Which do you think carries more weight in the Ummah?
        Muslims respect people who have a sincere and coherent understanding of Christianity much more than they respect people who have nothing but a half-spun thread to stand on.
        Where is all that talk about a “position of strength” in the West?
        Did it become unfashionable after 9/11?
        Then the terrorists really have gotten the world they want. A world in which the West cowers.

  8. Wow, this seems like massive multi-culti overreach right there! It’s so bad and over-the-top that I really can’t work up any anger over this one.
    What customers is this ad going to attract? No sane person would buy into this ludicrous message except, of course, the anointed ones with political power. But they’re so elevated above the ordinary citizens that they don’t need mattresses at all. They are suspended in mid-air while asleep, kept afloat by their lofty ideals of a brave new world.


    Many of the adverts in the UK feature a black man with a white woman. This was unheard of a few years back, now it is the norm. The above one is possibly the most extreme. In one minute it features an heroic black man, an idiotic bigoted white man, an of course, his pregnant, blonde white partner.

  10. Here in Britain a good many bed manufacturers are Muslims. Maybe this is also the case in America.

    • That is completely true. Some more mischievous minds might think the sleeper-cell Muslim seeks out the mattress as some form of incitement for the Christian eg to stir a reaction from the PC, or ev the anti Islamite, who together, on bidding of Jews via popular culture/media/Christian extremists etc have sought to demonise them, and who see this as so direct route to the procreative process.

      Frankly, I find the advert personally affront in got Christian Identity and Jewish Pride.

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  12. Very Kumbaya. Soldiers ought to be scolded for their engaging in the combat, for not reaching across the aisle to take the “enemy’s” hand, which would end the conflict.

    It is very sanctimonious.

    With this image, the lefty adult-child is scolding the grownups for not seeing how the world would be sunbeams and lollypops if only they’d live by his childish vision.

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