Nice Nice Norway Has Another Enricher Eruption


This posts exists for reasons larger than the minor story of a berserker on a rural bus route in Norway. I’d like to explain how it came to be.

At the time the news report came in at Vlad Tepes, I was in the comment section – yeah, being my prolix self for sure – of a post Eeyore had put up about the two ethnic Norwegians who’d experienced a home invasion in which they were tied up and robbed. It must have been pretty harrowing, but their take raises the hair on the back of your neck. You see, they “understand” this immigrant criminal and they wrote a book to explain to the world their own peculiar self-satisfaction.

Vlad’s essay, “Socialist alchemy. The practice of converting reality into sanctimony”, lays out the case for their insanity:

Recently in Norway, a book was published by a pair of Norwegian journalists, Elin Ruhlin Gjuvsland and Arild Opheim, called, ‘Uninvited Guests’.

As I understand it, they were a romantic couple as well when a couple of illegal non-European immigrants broke into their homes, tied their hands behind their backs, and held them naked threatening to kill them while going through their personal property and robbing them of credit cards, cash and valuables.

He then links to an article about their situation and their reaction, saying in summary:

…More simply put, when reality directly, and even humiliatingly and painfully, contradicts ones ideological worldview, socialists tend to reinterpret the facts to reaffirm their world view, rather than adjust their world view to better reflect reality.

In other words, rather than change your map to reflect the giant crater you found in the middle of your yard, you explain to people that the map is correct and you deserve to have the crater there because you failed to hang a sign in orbit inviting all the meteors to land in your yard anytime they want in which case they wouldn’t make holes in your yard.

Traditionally, using reasoning, we tend to look at the results of a policy and determine the validity of the policy occasionally adjusting for variables that may not have been factored in to the first estimates and reassessing as needs be. The classic socialist reasoning is to be so committed to the ideology that any discrepancy between your beliefs and reality must be because of a failure on the part of society to properly and completely implement the required policies of socialism.

You can see a video of these worthies at Vlad’s site. I didn’t watch it but I was fascinated when the authors came on to talk to Vlad about their world view. Here’s the section that blew me away, where Mr. Arild Opheim responds from his pulpit to another commenter:

Well, Cynthia. I understand that it’s possible to fear that muslims will threaten the western way of living. I can respect your fear. We just don’t share it. I think it’s better to react on all radical religious acts that violence our laws as they happens, rather then refuse people to enter our territory on a general basis.
The thing is that integration is — in majority of the cases — a succsess. If you look at crime statistics, you’ll see that etnical groups that are overrepresented almost without exceptions are the groups that have arrived recently. Right now people from Afghanistan is overrepresented. But my guess is that in ten years, they will be just about average. 15 years ago people from Ex-Yugoslavia was overrepresented. Now they’re not. It just take time to adopt.

I don’t say immigration or integration are easy. But let’s deal with the negative consequenses the same way we solve other problems in society. By treating violaters as individuals. And not by hunting rabbits with tanks.

And Eeyore, off course there’s no woman that deserve to be raped. And we have to face that is one of the negative consequenses of failed integration (on individual level). But let’s take hand of the rapist, and make them understand that rape is one of the worst crimes — either by punishment or treatment or both.

Got that? “…let’s take hand of the rapist, and make them understand that rape is one of the worst crimes — either by punishment or treatment or both.”

JesusMaryandJoseph! These are purportedly adults! Here’s my response, which of course is information y’all already know. But these two are clueless:

“…let’s take hand of the rapist, and make them understand that rape is one of the worst crimes — either by punishment or treatment or both…”

Here was what I was saying just before the news came in about the latest bus berserker in Norway:

As I said, Eeyore, obdurant naivete. These folks have never read Islam’s own book of jurisprudence, “Reliance of the Traveler”. If they had, they’d realize that rape is not wrong. In fact, it is permitted to use kaffir women, even encouraged at times of war and take-over. And this is definitely a takeover.

Notice there is no little mention of the raped women, who are horrifically damaged, physically and spiritually. Some commit suicide, but the media doesn’t talk about them very often. Not in nice, nice Norway where they believe in dialogue with rapists and other airy-fairy utopian witlessness. They themselves are at risk for rape since the followers of Islam despise gays. In “The Reliance of the Traveler” (*the* definitive book given an imprimatur by the university in Cairo) they lay down specific ways in which all gays are to be killed.

Norway has made me see a number of things. One is that intelligence without wisdom isn’t worth squat. It’s just words, a wall of words to fence out reality. You cannot reason with people who have filtered reality so that Reason itself is subservient to dogma.

No wonder so many people flee their topsy-turvy homeland, going back only for visits. Several men have told me that each time they go back, they are so happy to be home. But in each case, they last about 10 days and have to cut short what was intended to be a longer stay.

If you would understand the underbelly of Norway, I suggest the novel, “Lillelord”. It’s not an easy book to read but it gives you an idea of the influences that shaped Breivik…Breivik is Norway’s nightmare and they are still frenziedly trying to blame his behavior on innocent people like Fjordman. They can no more take on Breivik than they can ever come to terms with Quisling. Too bad; doing so might give them the chance to think through some of their more disastrous decisions…like immigration of those who will never assimilate.

Instead they choose to support stone killers like Hamas — the only western country that refuses to see them as the terrorist killers they are. And they can spout a wall of words about why that’s good. As I said, intelligence uniformed by any discernment or wisdom. It becomes a malign force.

America is full of problems, not the least of which is being infected by the same Marxist virus that plagues nicenice Norway and other totalitarian states. But at least the voices of dissent are still here and one can speak without fear of being cast out. Unless you live in the Republic of San Francisco, that is. Then you’d better be quiet…/blockquote>
So, dear readers, that’s how this post came to be; it exists as a consequence of “take the rapist by the hand”. After glimpsing the huge filter these racists have installed to replace the normal radar that allows one to sense danger to self and situation, I finally grokked the blatant colonialism of these Great White Fathers. They differ from previous racist colonial masters in that they invite their poor little ignorant brown bothers to invade, so sure are they that the object of their kindness will be glad to be led by the hand to right thinking.

Is that ethnocentric or what??

Baron, pass the smelling salts and put a cool cloth over my fevered brow, please.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

From Vlad Tepes another Norwegian tragedy.

BREAKING NEWS: Three killed as knife-wielding man hijacks a bus in Norway
Posted on November 4, 2013 by Eeyore


  • Three dead including driver after attack in Stavanger
  • Man aged in his 50s arrested by police
  • Firefighters were called to bus thinking there had been an accident
  • Crews detained the suspect until police arrived

[…] Solvag said the suspect was not an ethnic Norwegian but could not give details on where he was from.

The motive was not immediately clear.[…]

(One wonders if there might be Norwegian journalists who, through the racism of lowered expectations, think the three dead people deserved it for failing to help the non-ethnic norwegian blend in. As if they had no agency and couldn’t figure out killing people on a bus was not allowed on their own)


Golly gee. Those nice Norwegian journalists, who told Eyeore the solution to the rapists in Norway was to take the rapist by the hand and explain to him…I kid you not.

Norway is a land of shmoos: self-sacrificing, suicidal, fatally indoctrinated with such a huge dose of Marxism that is can actually – against the reality the rest of the west sees – endorse and support the blood-soaked hands of Hamas. This is one more sad example of intelligence uninformed by a even a scintilla of common sense.

Well, this fellow has proved once more that you don’t need guns to be a stone mass killer.

[see the links at the URL, above, for further information]

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34 thoughts on “Nice Nice Norway Has Another Enricher Eruption

  1. Well, this is big news. Man stabs people, turns out to be foreigner. Not sure how it fits into any political context wider than a local crime beat.

    It’s one thing to hound Euro nations for kowtowing to immigrant sensibilities In some culturally insensitive manner, but to start recording individual crimes which feature assailants allegedly foreign looking on the presumption they are filthy Muslim rapists…well, this really is starting to go into fruitcake territory.

    And the little rejoinder that links a knife attack to the gun control debate…perhaps more details might help, like comparing crime and murder rates in Norway with those in gun friendly US.

    • Half of gun crime in the US is committed by blacks, a population that is hostile to whites on so many levels that it almost goes without saying (especially in the media). Pick any city in the US and between 80-90 % of the crime is either committed by blacks or committed by a third world migrant.

      • I hesitated before approving this comment, which the Baron left for me to decide.

        It’s not that what you say isn’t true – in fact, I’ll bet some enterprising writer in 2017 will tally up the black crime increase during Obama’s reign and find it to have increased under his encouragement – it’s just that the topic is too divisive. And migrant crime is rather hidden by the enterprising MSM.

        Those small cities and towns who have been dumped on by the State Dept in cahoots with some faith-based org find themselves awash not only with foreign immigrants but with American citizens from our territories who live in abject poverty back home. Both kinds are frequently sick and badly in need of help to adjust to being thrust into a different climate and culture. The two helping hands give them about six months and then the town is left swamped with more people than they can care for.

        Many many examples here:

        I think she even has a search function by state. Often these folks are little more than slaves in the CAFO meat biz, essentially allowed in by politicians in subsized farm states (another player in this ungodly mess). They can have TB, AIDS, etc., and fall to the floor in the food factory…that happens with regular ol’ vanilla-type Americans also. The work is tough and it ruins you quickly. Which is one reason why our disabled rolls are rising – another reason being fraud but that’s also a separate story. Tyson “Farms” – mega chicken makers – and *the* prime Clinton funding engine back when – have a lot to answer for.

        Norway is different, though their elites are very similar to ours with their racist do-goodism, overrunning the urban areas with people who not only think there’s nothing wrong with not fitting in, it’s their duty.

        The obdurant naivete/cynicism is breath-taking. Maybe they want to destroy the entitlement society they set agoing? Cui bono gets hard to find in this swamp of competing dogmas.

        I would tweak your comment to say MUCH of the black population is hostile. Here in rural areas, that is often not the case so my experience has been different. In Gregory Copeland’s book about the geopolitics of the coming chaos as we ‘uncivilize’ when things crumble, he makes a repeated point about the rural and urban differences among us. I agree with his view.

        Your comment is welcome, with a proviso. This is about culture enrichment, not the problem of the pathology of modern (post-War on Poverty cynicism) black urban crime. That is a subject I plan to address, just not now.

        The experience we all went through during the George Zimmerman trial was instructive. I think it was a turning point in many ways. There is a large archive at the Conservative Treehouse and they live d it first hand in Florida.In fact, as Bill Whittle said in a video, they changed the outcome.

        They have a large archive on black crime which I plan to use as my research library when the time comes. But now now.

        For now I’ll stick to Norway’s peculiar and very sad assault on its own people. In this case, it turns out that on that very same rural road where this guy knifed the people on the bus, another immigrant had done the very same thing. In that one, I think the driver lived. In this one, a beautiful young woman died for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Life ought not be *this* random – or at least we ought to have more say in how much random we’re willing to have.

        This beautiful young woman, just because she was lovely, is doubly lost to us. Besides Beauty, the immigrant invasion in Norway is killing Truth and Goodness, too. Many years ago we had a video of one of the cultural enrichers – an articulate cynical young man – explaining why it was his duty to destroy us…

        Oh- one misleading part of your comment: while some blacks do deliberately choose white victims, the overwhelming majority of black shootings are aimed at other blacks. That is NOT the case in Norway’s enrichment program. It’s another reason that bringing up the subject can hijack this thread…

        When that becomes the subject of an essay on GoV, you can have at it. But not now…we’re presently working on enrichment…

        • “This beautiful young woman, just because she was lovely, is doubly lost to us.” — Just because she was geometrically beautiful, her life was worth twice as much as the life of someone who merely has good character?

          • I thought someone would single that out. I was making the point that the trinity of Greek virtues, Goodness, Truth and Beauty, are currently held in low regard by the Marxist west. If you want to reduce it to mere “geometric” whatever, have a go.

            What I said was that in addition to a life lost, some of the Beautiful is gone too. If gazing on beauty doesn’t move you, well…that’s your loss. As an old woman long past the beauty stage, I can still admire it and give it its due wherever it appears. Or mourn its loss when it’s wiped off the face of the earth.

            Some people refuse to admire…sad.

        • The driver in the previous hijacking didn’t live. He was nearly beheaded. And in this case, the driver, the woman and another male passenger was killed by this illegal immigrant

        • I’ll correct your correction.

          Most interracial crime is committed by blacks victimizing whites. I’ve seen interracial rape stats that prove interracial rape is invariably carried out by Blacks.

          I do understand your reticence about this stuff though. It’s not fun to contemplate the ramifications of the stats. Gangrape is practically all brown or black on white. Same for North America and Europe, not to mention the reality in Africa.

  2. Shmoos! There’s an old one, and I might add, a very clever one. They will be eaten alive.

  3. Today I heard some norvegian radio news and I was appalled by level of marxist indoctrination presented there. I feel sorry for the Norvegians 🙁 they deserve sth better than cultural marxism and muslim radicals…

    • Christian or Muslim, Sudan is a third world hellhole. If what you say about his pending deportation is true, then a beserk routine allows him to stay in a nice Norwegian prison – a much better fate than being returned to hell and – if he was a Christian – certain death.

      Your question is valid…I wonder why he was being deported?? Overt mental illness?

          • Yes, I picked you out for what you are. You are so full of yourself that you can’t be bothered noticing other more enlightening comments that you pretend have no relevance to what you believe!

            You’re a poseur!

  4. He may as well be Sudanese, Somali or whatever East-African ethnicity, and pose as a South-Sudanese for Norwegian asylum purposes.

    Anyway, he may now have several years ahead of him in Norway guaranteed, thanks to his barbaric – halal? – killing spree on the express bus.

    What would be sort of ironic, would be to see him catered for at the same prison as Breivik, who btw, now is seen as a hero in Moscow, according to Aftenposten.

    • Bol Wek Agoth, South-Sudan’s Ambassador to Norway knows of no asylum seekers from the area where barbaric triple murderer of – to date – three different identities claims to originate, according to Aftenposten.

      The Ambassador stresses, however, that individuals from Kenya, Nigeria og Kongo often claim to originate from South-Sudan, in the hope of obtaining asylum based on humanitarian grounds.

      For the triple killer’s weapon, he allegedly bought the knife in question, shortly before the killing took place. Police acknowledges investigating this.

  5. “If you look at crime statistics, you’ll see that etnical groups that are overrepresented almost without exceptions are the groups that have arrived recently. Right now people from Afghanistan is overrepresented. But my guess is that in ten years, they will be just about average. ”

    In Britain muslims are 5% of the total population, but 13% of the prison population, and 21% of the “young offender” prison population. The % of muslims in prison in Britain is rising almost year on year. And all this with the agencies having spent 25 years ignoring the grooming gangs, and other racist criminality by muslims.

    Even muslims admit that the police are in cahoots with the mosques. They say that the police delegate control to the mosques, and in return the police protect muslims and islam. That comment came straight from the horse’s mouth: a muslim political activist born in Britain, with 30 years of leftist political activity.

    When muslims are involved in horrific racist or homophobic violence, the police will prosecute 1:10 of the muslims involved, then the case will be dropped. This is clearly the arrangement. Thus, we could expect the muslim prison population to be probably 10x what it is, if the police pursued all the offenders, rather than just stopping with token prosecutions.

  6. Dymphna writes: Norway has made me see a number of things. One is that intelligence without wisdom isn’t worth squat. It’s just words, a wall of words to fence out reality. You cannot reason with people who have filtered reality so that Reason itself is subservient to dogma.

    This put me in mind of a line of Robert Conquest, which I snagged for American Betrayal (p. 180) : “Not even high intelligence and a sensitive spirit are of any help once the facts of the situation are deduced from a political theory and not vice versa.”

    • It is for this reason that I find discourse about intelligence as the sine qua non for measuring a group’s worth increasingly meaningless. Yes, superior intelligence can be harnessed for the greater good of a given society or culture, but as Norway’s elite has no aptly demonstrated, it can also be used for evil means.

      All those smart people gave Obama a Peace Prize for nothing, making their vaunted award a Cracker Jax trinket. And no other Western country is insane enough to support the bloody Hamas.

      I am left once more with the mystery of human complexity – just as I was left as a teenager attempting to sort out how a country whose accomplishments undergirded much of the 20th century intellectual advance also gave us the Nazis.

      As I’ve said before, the Greek trinity of Beauty, Truth and Goodness doesn’t require a high IQ to make it a workable foundation for building a life of worth. It merely needs discernment, and that can take a lifetime to develop. Or, in the case of Norway and other totalitarian democracies, a lifetime to suppress.

      America is becoming like Norway – proving again how strong the Marxist Lie is. This vile virus will kill off the best and the brightest.

  7. I’ve no quarrel with Dymphna’s article, but was taken aback at “grokked”- delighted to recognise a fellow fan of Robert Heinlein, but wondering how many Americans, let alone others, not of roughly the same generation as us, would “grok” the reference? (It’s from “Stranger in a Strange Land”; among the Martians, to grok meant to comprehend deeply and completely).

    My (British) parents lived in Canada from 1969-79, and recommended Heinlein, as well as the Canadian author Robertson Davies, who was not well known then in the UK; while I have no truck with homophobia, I love Davies’ comment that “The love that dare not speak its name has become the love that doesn’t know when to shut up”!

    I also recall my mother saying that if they referred to England as “home”, Canadians would correct them: “This is home, England is the Old Country”. If all immigrants were expected to think this way, GoV may never have been needed.

  8. The going’s on in ‘post- modern’ Norway take the old adage about turning the other cheek to a whole new level. The elite/state expectation for what passes as ‘tolerance’ for those who do not reciprocate that ideal and why the populace continue to subject themselves to such a blatant nonsense, is difficult to define in just one word, a single sentence or even a book.

    The MC/PC blindfold has been most successful in the Scandinavian countries where cowardice – intended malevolence – low self esteem – treachery – delusion – inferiority complex – restrictive gun control – Stockholm syndrome – collectivism – is now the direction for the population that seems to show little sign – unless one includes Breivik’s inane massacre – of rebelling against the evil that has now enveloped those nations.

    In 2008, my wife and I had a pleasant meal with a Swedish couple at the lower Eiffel Tower restaurant – and only for the fact that I had become a regular reader of this site since 2006? I would have had no clue as to what was unfolding in Europe – where I got into a fairly deep conversation with this couple about what was occurring in their own country. Things had become so fascist – their words – that they were planning on migrating to the US where they had extended family.

    I wonder how many other ‘thinking’ Europeans have upped and moved to other lands finally seeing the direction their elite are pushing them?

    The next few years are going to be very interesting as we come to see what the natives who remain behind in what is left of their once self assured nations in Europe large, will do.

    • Turning the other cheek

      – We must not stigmatize a whole group for what one single person did
      Sister of bus driver who was killed, to VG

  9. Ironically, according to Hero, asylum center provider, the triple killer asylum seeker arrived in Norway on April 9. Same date as the Germans invaded Norway in 1940

  10. For this expatriate, visiting Norway, as I am currently doing, is like going back to see your old kindergarten only to find that the kindergarteners are mostly the same as they were years ago. They have acquired grown-up bodies though, and wrinkles and are balancing precariously on the old miniature chairs while they are waiting for the next candlelit protest march to begin.

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