Do Whites Deserve to Be Attacked?

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Do Whites Deserve to Be Attacked?
by Fjordman

When discussing the negative consequences of mass immigration, critics sometimes claim that the pro-Multicultural media elites will only want to restrict mass immigration after they themselves have personally felt the negative effects of the policies they support. This is true in some instances, but not always. A recent case form Norway illustrates this.

Under the heading “Robbery wave as deserved,” the left-wing national daily Dagbladet in Norway ran an essay on November 1, 2013 by the writers Arild Opheim and Elin Ruhlin Gjuvsland. They have both worked as profiled journalists for the state broadcaster NRK, Norway’s equivalent of the BBC.

It is an old saying that “A conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged.” Yet here we are dealing with two open-border Multiculturalists who were mugged in a very brutal manner. They reacted to this by becoming… even more devout open-border Multiculturalists. The couple were assaulted in their own private home in Oslo in late 2011. The two hooded intruders spoke broken English, mixed with some Arabic and Spanish words. They said, “Don’t look. Sleep. If look, we kill.”

The couple were tied up in their bed in the middle of the night and robbed of their valuables. One of the young foreign criminals was later caught. He turned out to be an 18-year-old North African from Algeria who had lived in Spain for some years. The female victim, Elin Ruhlin Gjuvsland, is relieved that she did not become a racist because of this traumatic ordeal.

It turned out that the two young criminal men were asylum seekers who had recently had their applications for residency rejected. The conclusion drawn by the victims Arild Opheim and Elin Ruhlin Gjuvsland was that they and other Norwegians deserve to be violently attacked because of the country’s allegedly restrictive immigration policies. (In reality, the white natives could be a minority in their own country by the middle of this century. The capital city Oslo already contains more ethnic groups than there are member states of the United Nations).

These journalists did not refer to illegal immigrants even as “paperless immigrants” but as “dreamers”: nice people who simply dream of a better life in Europe but are being unfairly denied this. They used the term “as deserved” (som fortjent) explicitly in this newspaper essay about violent attacks against the natives. Does this imply that a 90-year-old Norwegian woman who is assaulted and robbed by foreigners in the country where her ancestors have lived since prehistoric times somehow “deserves” this? According to this essay, the white majority population apparently “deserve” to be assaulted and robbed.

The above-mentioned article did not stipulate any age limit. It seemed to indicate that 9-year-old girls or 90-year-old women deserve to be physically assaulted by immigrants solely because they are white and their country has not yet accepted unlimited mass immigration for billions of people. Not only did these two journalists from the state broadcaster say this; the newspaper Dagbladet saw fit to publish this claim.

This particular essay was so extreme even by Scandinavian standards that it quickly gathered hundreds of readers’ comments on the Internet. All of them without exception were soon removed because the paper found them “offensive.” So this newspaper could publish an essay stating in plain words that Norwegians in general deserve to be attacked because of their country’s allegedly restrictive immigration policies, yet they could not allow the reactions of readers who found it insulting that their mother, sister or son deserved to be assaulted. Fortunately, the dissident writer Christian Skaug and others at the alternative website managed to capture a copy of many of these readers’ comments before Dagbladet deleted them.

I had an email discussion with Cornelia Kristiansen, who is responsible for the debate section at Dagbladet, in December 2012. I wanted to publish a reply to one of their negative articles about me. I agreed to make some changes to the text, but I stood my ground when it came to referring to a recent case in the Netherlands as anti-white racist violence. Just a few days earlier, a white native Dutch linesman, Richard Nieuwenhuizen, had been kicked and beaten to death on the football field in Almere in front of his son. The fact that the perpetrators were non-European immigrants was systematically downplayed by most Western mass media. This was a case of North African Muslims killing a native European man.

In June 2013, six teenagers and a 51-year-old man were jailed for their role in Nieuwenhuizen’s death. I have noticed that reporting on “racism in football” has become a major priority in recent years. What is meant by that seems to be any kind of gesture or word that any non-European might potentially deem offensive. Yet here we have a case where a European man was beaten to death in Europe by non-Europeans. For some reason, this is not referred to as “racism in football.”

The left-wing newspaper Dagbladet refused to publish my suggestion that this could be seen as anti-white racism. The reason for the paper’s decision was apparently that doing so would violate their anti-racist policies. So what can they publish?

To put things in perspective, consider the so-called paramedics incident in Oslo in 2007. In Oslo, one black man from Ghana had beaten another black man from Somalia. The Somalian man urinated on the ambulance drivers who showed up at the scene, after which they left. It later turned out that the Somalian man had suffered more serious head injuries than the two paramedics initially suspected. Because of this, most of the mass media and left-wing political establishment, including ministers from the left-wing coalition government of PM Jens Stoltenberg, turned this incident into a nasty case of supposed “white racism.”

In Norway, a country straddling the Arctic Circle, one African man beat another African man. The media reacted to this by ruthlessly going after the white ambulance drivers who came to help. The public harassment of them was so serious that it brought the two men almost to the brink of suicide. These baseless accusations of “racism” were repeated by Dagbladet’s political editor Marie Simonsen, among others. One of the two ambulance drivers, Erik Schjenken, later sued the newspaper Dagbladet for making false accusations. Schjenken won this legal case in court, twice.

What the left-wing pro-Multicultural newspaper Dagbladet has demonstrated is that it is OK for them to publish baseless accusations against specific (white) individuals in the name of anti-racism, diversity and “tolerance”. It is also OK to publish essays indicating that ALL whites deserve to be physically assaulted if they refuse to totally abandon national borders. On the other hand, they cannot even publish the claim that non-Europeans beating a European to death might have something to do with racism.

The people implementing these policies are the very same people who claim that there is no media bias and that any talk of media censorship is a “myth.”

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Update from Fjordman:

PS: The authors of this essay had extremely bad timing. Just a couple of days later, on November 4, 2013, three people were stabbed to death on an express bus in western Norway. The killer was a failed African asylum seeker who was to be deported the next day.


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61 thoughts on “Do Whites Deserve to Be Attacked?

  1. This reminds me of an American missionary in Haiti who went there after the Mega earthquake.

    She was dramatically raped. Possibly gangraped, I don’t recall. She ostentatiously forgave the Haitian and met him later and apologized for having white priviledge.

    It’s ethnomasochism.

    • It is no longer admirable to value and love your country and consider it superior, that is admonished. Instead what is admired is to self-loathe your privilege, to feel guilt over actions of your ancestors from generations ago and to feel you owe every minority reparations for those ancient actions. So ridiculous.

      But realize, this is how socialists turn patriotism and love of country into an evil, by claiming such values are ethnocentric.

  2. Does Norway have an indigenous underclass and subsistence working class comparable to Scotland, is multiculturalism in Norway anchored in a comfortable middle class?

    • Scandinavia does not have any real native underclass, and there are very few low-end jobs–no streets of mom and pop shops and garage workshops. This makes it much more difficult for Middle-Easterners to get a starting job and insert themselves into Scandinavian society. Because of this, and the language problem, immigrant unemployment and the resentment that goes with it are a much bigger problem in Scandinavia than in Britain, where anybody who can write his name is deemed a better employment prospect than a Brit. Despite the best efforts of the brainwashed Marxist cretins that lead these countries now, Scandinavia is actually much less damaged by multiracialism than Britain has been, because the immigrants are still thoroughly marginalized.

      • Thanks!

        Britain, where anybody who can write his name is deemed a better employment prospect than a Brit. 🙂

  3. The 90 years old is not guilty of anything, of course, but people in Western Europe seem to be too soft and easy to shut up if someone is paying them enough (those who can stand a chance are in prison and the rest are probably working in the Police and the Army). An old saying is that living a good life is softening the spirit. What are the rest of the Norwegians doing? Are they standing against the invaders and against the traitors as well? You say that the paper removed the comments of many people, which is an abuse, but the director of the paper along his administration is still drinking their tea, peacefully, at their desk.
    I know that you are against violence but you have to understand that this kind of people, by coming here in the first place AGAINST the will of the natives (they all know that they are not welcomed in Europe) they already prove to be disrespectful to the European people -the real European people, Arabs with papers proving that they are Europeans are still Arabs, not Europeans. A piece of paper is just a piece of paper.

    I don’t know the numbers. It all might be false alarm, the number of immigrants to decrease, to not reproduce anymore brainlessly and to adopt European values.

    But you have to understand that if the [excrement impacts the circulation device] by no means will these Africans go back home by moderate political decisions and civic actions. They are mostly peasants ready for a Red or Islamic revolution, not intellectuals who will bring good things to Europe. I am afraid that this will require [intemperate speculation redacted]and then act in the name of their country, selling their countries to the richest buyer, because “they are intellectually superior” and this is XXI century -I still don’t understand what is so marvelously about this century that that the mind and the spirit of man has to be so different (superior) compared to the older man, the orientation in arts tend to prove the contrary, that the mankind is regressing. And after all, superior and inferior are just two instances of evolution. It seems that these traitors did not even bother to read Nietzsche.

    • Abstraction (as promoted by fakes like Greenberg and Rosenberg) isn’t high culture.

      It’s Middle Eastern.

  4. These people pushing these bad ideas have no ability to understand that if we just let everyone in , not only we would be wiped out, but all this prosperity they think they stand to inherit would quickly vanish, never to return. White people made their society successful. Without them, it will just be another 3rd world dump, the land quickly ruined by the same poor practices and laziness.

  5. While we are at it, do these people not also deserve to be attacked by their fellow white Norwegians for their treasonous and seditious ramblings, and treachery? I mean those are long-standing historical crimes which also seem to have attracted quite a good deal of violent retribution throughout history…

    Just ask Anne Boleyn, for instance.

  6. While walking through Copenhagen in 2008, my friends and I were approached by a cultural enricher who started jeering and swearing at us, thinking we were Danes. I turned and faced him with a “You what!?” and kicked him in the balls. He was last seen moaning and rolling on the cobbles outside the railway station. The Danes didn’t seem to mind.

  7. “Deserve” is a normative concept. By the present laws and erstwhile culture and religion of Norway (and Europe), Whites do not deserve to be attacked. But by the inexorable laws of Nature, where “deserve” shifts from the normative to the probabilistic, such Whites as the couple here and literally tens of millions of other zombiefied Whites across the Western world “deserve” to be attacked. In fact, in deed, they have been begging for the attack since the mid-1960s. What surprise is there if the attack finally comes? I named this pathology elsewhere as “The Amy Biehl Syndrome,” after the voluntary American murder victim at the hnads of African savages and her parents who responded to the murder by creating a foundation to benefit the savages.

    • I didn’t sense much in the way of danger when I lived in Copenhagen.

      Even in enriched areas.

      However these poor lovely creatures are obviously Eloi ready for the fate that awaits people who don’t get medieval when warranted.

    • The celebrity of individual conformity and the decadent ritual sacrifice of the self – this is the true meaning of individualism on the edge of a post-multikulti Europe.

      Multiculturalism is a form of group therapy consumerism – with embedded marketing in movies, TV adverts and the real world purchasing of the gift wrapped savage and his customs.

      If the hat fits, wear it.

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  9. Liberal must be some type of undiagnosed mental illness because they don’t know what’s good for them or their families or country.

  10. They say they are anti-racist, but what they are is anti-White. Anti-racist is just a code word for anti-White. Diversity and multiculturalism are just code words for White genocide. They aren’t suicidal, they are genocidal. Suicide in when you kill yourself, murder is when you kill yourself and attempt to take others with you.

    Instead of whining about how they are Eloi, relentlessly attack anti-Whites like this at every opportunity and make them own the genocide that they are promoting. It is not about reaching people and changing minds (at least not theirs or those like them). The only thing they are good for is to be used as a target for the Mantra hammer. The more you can expose them as pathologically anti-White, the better. The world is watching.

  11. this is a good example of why the powers that be are pushing white privilege guilt indoctrination here in the states. they cant break us and our desire to maintain western culture and values, aand then insttiute open borders until they convince us we are inherently bad and need to be punished for being of white european lineage.

  12. This is just scary.

    It’s just unbelievable how people can be so blind and ignorant. I don’t believe there’s some conspiracy against Europeans, people are just delusional and too kind for their own good.

    Yes, you can’t argue that you aren’t helping more human beings than not with immigration, you can’t really argue it’s immoral to support immigration, at the same time though, would you let a random homeless person off the street sleep in your family home, where your siblings, children, parents stay? Would you give money to a beggar, or, while not needing it as much, your sister?

    I think the majority of people would answer no to those two questions. I’m not gunna say being anti-immigration isn’t greedy, but I would say the majority of humans are greedy in one way or another.

    The government should only have one role, that is to care for the people within their borders. Charity should be done by the individual. If the richest person in Scandinavia wants to give all his money away to poor Africans, that’s his right, by all means, but that should NOT be the government’s job.

    Another question I’d ask is, without any assumptions or presumptions, when people originally from poor countries make up the majority of today’s rich countries, who’s gunna be around left to give out charity?

  13. What is Islam, and who are so many making allegations against, with an ethno-centric perspective? See the antithesis here:

    I have summed up 10 years of research on religion, on my blog.

    A great read, for those with a religious and moral interest.

    Modern society and lawprinciples like Lex Naturalis are connected to classical monotheism, and facistic sects refuted.

    It is also a great refutation of psychiatry, that is a big illusion that people believe in today, and that really should be analyzed, so that one can understand the degree of irrationality. It is a growing facism, and something that is very hostile to humans.

    And also a refutation of homophilia, that also is a fantasyconcept that many today have been told is real, but if you look at the phenomena, with honest eyes, one will see extremely deviating behaviour. And a love of facism.

    With idolatry, and such fantasyconcepts refuted, the way to peace and a decent society is ready.

    And also that which one calls national identity today, is a fantasyconcept. Many has a national symbol that includes a lion from Africa, and many places variants of Thor and Odin, are really turkish-asiatic. And the flag is a totempole, that ofcourse nobody belongs to. And monarchy “king and queen” are also not really national. These are remains of old idolatry.

    Everyone is of Mans decendancy.

    With universal values, there is no conflict.

    Praised Be God.

    God does not have partners.

    Additionally I also have some optimization-tips for the PC, for the more experienced PC-users on the engineering page, and also a bit of electronic music on the music page.

    Peace Be With You.

      • I actually think ove karlsson has some interesting views, and some good electronic music on the music page.

        Firstly, he’s right that Turkish-asiatic is possibly the base of much national identity that we strive to hold onto, especially Christians.

        Also, that national identity, especially that viewed through the prism of race or religion, is probably specious, and that social class, derived from evolutionary principles and Darwinian notions of elemental survival tropes tends to self define and position cultural structures within their own societal mechanisms.

        Religion in this context will tend to look subservient to cultural necessities, rather than based on any valid grounds of mythology.

        Also, bashing up gays is a dead end street.

  14. I’m seriously thinking about leaving Norway some day, but where can I go?
    The same mental illness has affected the entire western world. Is there any safe haven left on this planet?

      • That’s a nice sentiment but particularly unhelpful to Randers’ question. He doesn’t want to leave earth, he’s just considering how to get out of Norway and find a life elsewheree.

        Besides, one man’s safety is another’s prison. Options, anon, options.

    • Randers-

      Some Norwegian ex-patriates have made their peace by living in,say, unspoiled coastal areas in South America, remote but still connected by technology.

      It helps if you can find a community of Norwegian ex-pats. Otherwise it’s too lonely.

      OTOH, if you have a profession – law, perhaps, or medicine – you can find a niche is parts of America where you are permitted to be yourself without the shame/blame game. America is so big it’s hard to keep absolute track of people who have minimal contact with the grid.

      The same goes for Canada. I’m not sure about Australia – I mean about being able to blend in. But we know some of your fellow countrymen who have made it there and are happy with their choice.

    • Dear Randers,

      Since a year, I live in Martinique – as far away from the in sane Sweden you can get without leaving the EU. I have found the paradise on earth.

      I haven’t visited Guadelope yet, but I suppose it is just as wonderful and muslim-free.

    • There is no longer anywhere to run too, so your either going to have to fight to save yourselves from the 3rd world savages and communist’s, or perish.

      • Finland and Iceland are still 95% native. Although, stay in your country, Finland for Finns and Iceland for Icelanders.

    • What about the Swedish-speaking part of Finland, the only Scandinavian country with a halfway-sane government?

      • Russia has 10 times the amount of murders per capita(and the Tatar/Caucasian Muslims aren’t overrepresented in this) than any Western European country, 2 times as many murders per capita than Pakistan and Indonesia, has in my opinion a primitive culture overall, rampant alcoholism, and is dirt poor. So if you like Western civilization, I wouldn’t recommend Russia, unless the only thing you care about is the color of someone’s skin. Besides, they have their own problems with Muslim migration, from the former central asian Soviet Republics and Muslim regions within Russia.

        • When I was working in Taiwan, I knew a Russian tour guide who was teaching English. He’d married a local and was on his way to becoming a blue-eyed, blonde-haired Taiwanese (down to learning Chinese well, too). A slightly different twist to my life could have made me a permanent expat there, too.

    • Randers, find like-minded Norwegians (including newer and darker-skinned ones, because they’re probably there), organize, and fight with every legal weapon at your disposal. After that, drive the wedges deeper and deeper into your legal and official options until they bend your way.

      That’s the problem with us conservatives everywhere. We have a hard time organizing.

      • Organizing conservatives in Norway?? Maybe someday, but right now it’s a good way to lose what you have.

        We have received emails where you can almost see the smeary tears on the page – frightened parents who don’t know where to turn to keep their children from being indoctrinated, to protect them from the totalitarian virus that affects Norway’s thinking.It’s very sad.

    • Look for a country with few muslims, far away from muslim countries and with a high birth rate -they won’t be able to overrun countries with high birth rates, because the spread of Islam is not based on the superiority of its “ideals” (contrary to what its prayers say with pride, few outsiders convert to islam each year), but its spread is based on the primitive habit of having many kids (because in the past the rate of infantile mortality was very high so you had to have many kids in order someone to survive, and these Muslims are living in the past).

  15. North Sea oil is running out, what’s gonna happen when there’s no more money for welfare Norwegians and have to return to fishing? also it’s gonna be cold there when they can’t afford imported energy.

    • Dream on. Oil has been running out everywhere “within the next decade” for decades. However, North Sea patience, tolerance and welfare will be running out soon enough for the enrichers, as indigenous nations irregardless of class background or politics become aware of the zero benefits from enrichment, colonization and fifth columns. Nobody rides free.

      • Right on about oil. And our known still-in-the-ground prospects for petroleum grow all the time as the extraction processes improve.

        I can’t wait to see how Israel fares with its new finds. Israel with oil and gas – what a karmic hilarity. Now, as they put their best minds to getting the most out of what they have (akin to what they did in making the desert bloom), the petroleum industry as a whole will be better off. Heh: even Saudi Arabia may be reduced to using Israeli technology to squeeze out the last drops…

        I hope they name the whole project “Isaac”. If I remember it aright, that was the name given to old, barren Sarah’s child and it has been interpreted by some to mean “God laughs”, or “laughter”…laughing at Sarah’s disbelief.

  16. I’m sorry to have to say this, but these Multikultists are going to have to be removed one way or another, as they are literally putting our lives in danger. I wish more people on our side would admit this.

  17. Racism: the problem is not white versus other colors. There are whole populations of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thais, and Indians with IQs up to one standard deviation above the mean of the European population. On the other hand, certain populations from Africa are up to one standard deviation (or more) below that of the European populations of Europe and North America.

    Look at the names of authors on the articles in academic journals of mathematics, physics, computer science, engineering technologies, and the like. You’ll find many, many names which are not Anglo-Saxon or Latin-derived. Look at the list of new entrepreneurs for the last 20 or 30 years – again, mostly non-native to North America and Europe.

    In Texas, I often have the experience of standing in line for a hispanic checkout worker, who speaks fluent Spanish with the customers in front of me, and switches to clear English just by looking at me (yes, it’s that obvious).

    I’ve had lunch with an Indian colleague, who described his arranged marriage to me, and then says “but, for my daughter, it will be completely different. She’ll make her own choice. She’s American.”

    I myself have no objection to people who wish to preserve the white population as a distinct entity, as long as they do so by individual choice and not government coercion.

    However, it is also the duty of the government to thoroughly vet the people entering through the borders. It is obvious to me that the government ought to set clear standards for character, ideological, and intellectual qualities, such that immigrants are likely to enhance the quality of life for the citizens already in the country. Highly-skilled Indians, Vietnamese, and Chinese immigrants willing to adapt to the culture of the country and make their own way should be welcomed, in reasonable numbers. Low-skilled, tribal Africans or inbred Pakistanis or Moroccans, who likely to become unemployed criminals, should be kept out. Almost all Muslims should be barred from immigration, on the grounds that they subscribe to a philosophy completely different from the philosophy of Western society.

    The real problem is not in delineating the white race, but in maintaining enough of a Darwinian instinct to assert one’s right to survival, both as an individual, and as a sub-race. Successful societies seem to lose the edge that they need to maintain their own identities, like the Darwinian traits that deteriorate without environmental pressures of selection.

    In the long run, our greatest danger may be from international organizations which will use force to enforce their multicultural theories against the instincts of actual people to protect their lives and their turfs. Think of the NATO interventions in Bosnia, where Bosnian Serb militias and the Serbian armies were bombed into submission when successfully defending themselves against Muslim invaders.

  18. The people who own, work, and run the “Left wing rag Dagbladet” will be the first to be killed if the Muslims take over. They will be the least likely to be converted to Islam with ease. The reason why the Scandanavian people do not react to these provocations is due to the pervasive ideologic subversion and cognitive dissonance which changes people’s perception of reality and causes the inability to act to such provocations. There are other techniques that may explain this, but this would not be mentioned here. The West is totally saturated with these dissonances and subversions of reality.

  19. I agree completely. I would actually be pro-multicultural if the immigrants coming to Europe were from the countries in Asia you mention, and people mainly had children with their own kind. Or if Islam didn’t exist. People from some Asian countries are some of the most pleasant people I’ve met, more than Europeans. However, we invented practically everything. East Asians are smart but they have also copied more than they have given to the world.

    • Paul Weston made a strong comeback on the second day of posting. Good job Mr. Weston!

  20. I was a white kid growing up in Oakland in the 60s and 70s. I heard the same crap then, that I “owned slaves” and was beaten by gangs (always gangs, never one-on-one) of blacks because of slavery. I didn’t have any guilt then and I don’t have any now. But I am prepared. I’ve been beaten for the last time. Payback is gonna be a bitch.

    • Don’t feel bad, their attacks were hypocritical since their bunch is second only to the muslims for slave trade practices. [redacted…umm..Forget, yeah, “forget”] those guys.

  21. If trends continue in 50 years there will be NO majority White countries on earth. Yet Africa has over 50+ all black nations. Asia will remain totally Asian. And that will be true a century from now. It is White countries and ONLY White countries that are being flooded with non-Whites and it is EVERY single White country. Diversity is White GENOCIDE and anti-racist is just a CODEWORD for anti-White.

    YouTube search:

    1) Stop White Genocide

    2) Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of White European Countries

  22. I have nothing against people who are for the white race. If you want to protect all that’s best in Christian, limited government, rule-of-[divine and natural]law Western culture, I’m on your side. I freely identify with the Reformed and Evangelical tradition in Christianity, openly admire what Britain gave to America and the world in terms of rule of law and political compact, and love the music of Bach and other great European composers. I feel it is an accomplishment to be able to struggle my way through the Bible in its original languages.

    But I also have Far Eastern connections. I love the fine arts of that part of the world, don’t feel right if I eat certain foods with a fork instead of chopsticks, and love the great poets of the Tang era (whom I read in the original language). I think that the imperial-bureaucratic political tradition of China is not necessarily a good political heritage (and coupled with a rankled, militaristic nationalism studied from Germany between 1848-1933, it gets downright ugly). Hence, I cannot approve of anyone’s racial chauvinism. I strongly agree that the white Norwegian women did not deserve to be raped (no woman deserves that–and I am male and heterosexual), and hope someone has the sense to catch and severely punish the perpetrators. But I don’t see skin color as the problem. It’s culture.

    Even Enoch Powell verbally disarmed a West Indian heckler who asked what he proposed to do with people like himself, who’d married a native British woman. Powell pointed out to the guy that he wasn’t the problem, since he was assimilating.

    I simply cannot condemn inter-“racial” heterosexual, monogamous marriage. If you have attracted people of a different “race” and there’s a peaceful blending of the cultures and ways of life, you can’t avoid this happening. Even when a “racist” society gets a little soft, there will be blending. Since the advent of genetic testing, many Americans who long thought they were all “white” are also discovering that they have Indigenous or black ancestors–and that intermixture may havve happened generations ago.

    Since I mentioned Tang-era China, that was an immigrant-receiving society at its height, too. Central Asians and Middle Easterners migrated there in large numbers–and were absorbed.

    Where would the West be if swarthy Middle Easterners hadn’t brought the Gospel westwards? I do not think the human-sacrificing Kelts and war-worshiping Teutons would’ve built the world-spanning civilization they did without abandoning their native religions for Christ. And Christianity itself is the oldest multicultural blend–restating the Hebraic tradition in Greek idiom, and declaring that in Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek, barbarian nor Scythian.

    And I don’t think the Western world is doomed by immigration per se. Where I teach, the community is heavily Hispanic. Yet the US-born speak English first, and I didn’t get into any trouble for favorably comparing George Washington to Agustin de Iturbide and Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana. We also have recent immigrants from Africa. Guess what? Some of those people join our miniscule Republican political presence following naturalization (they have small businesses); and there’s tensions in originally Muslim families because several members become Christians. They act more like the European immigrants of yesteryear than the ranked militants of the 1960’s. Nobody was more anti-Obama than some of the South Sudanese who’ve resettled here. Somebody else noticed that there are assimilating immigrants, too, and objected to government enforced racial identity. That’s what you have to have in a good, productive, and attractive society.

    Also, I have a cure for white extinction: get back in touch with Jesus Christ, see children as a reward rather than a burden, and even if some of your in-laws are Africans and Asians, your genetic endowment will be enough to keep a large pool of ruddy-skinned, fair-haired, narrow-nosed people around.

    • Amen. The white-man-extinct meme is tedious, repetitive and now old. Any group that annihilates itself is historically interesting in retrospect, but if that same group stands athwart history yelling “Stop!” yet doesn’t actually DO anything about their predicament…ah, Darwin, give us a kiss on our way out the door, please.

    • Kepha, do you think that the White European minority life in South Africa is something to look forward too, for White Europeans?

      Is it sane to acquiesce to this fate, with no homeland left on the planet for White Europeans, not even their ancestral indigenous homelands?

      • Escape Velocity, I do not approve of how the white minority is treated in post-Apartheid South Africa. And I, as a not-all-white in America have no plans to impose that kind of system on my white neighbors, and would vigorously protest its imposition.

        Also, keep in mind that I am an American, and while we were shaped and formed by white men, the blacks and the Indigenous were always part of the equation; and as far back as the early 1700’s, the Puritan Jonathan Edwards believed that black and Indigenous subordination would not last forever, and the day would come when they, too would write learned volumes of divinity (little known factoid about a bogeyman of American progressivism).

        But, here’s another angle, seen by a history teacher.

        European expansion put whites and non-whites in close proximity all over the world. In the East Indies and the Cape, White Dutch Protestant men had liasons with local Christian convert women and slaves; a whole Mestizo people was made in the tropical portions of the Americas, many of whom now want to be genuine Evangelical Norteamericanos (I teach some); there are “red” people (white and black) all around the Caribbean and African coasts; with peaceful relations among many nations knit together in a global community pioneered by the white Europeans, many people of recent mixed race origin no longer bear the stigma of illegitimacy and may be welcomed by their white parents’ families and countries. I do not see this as any passing of “the Great Race” at all.

        And are we absolutely sure that Europeans emerged from the caves as “white people”, or that Far Easterners emerged as “yellow people”? How shameful it is that the Chinese government originally destroyed the “Caucasian” mummies uncovered in Xinjiang–and this is a country claiming to strike a blow at “racism”! I admit to being a Creationist, but anthropologists tell me they’ve uncovered white and Melanesian people in prehistoric Chinese burials, and blacks in prehistoric Italian ones. America has never denied that the Indigenous people were here first, and no-one makes bones about being partially descended from them.

        And here is where “progressive” race-consciousness stuck me in the eye. When my son was in Middle School, in the USA, he asked which of the five racial blanks he should fill in. I told him he knew perfectly well that he was of white and Far Eastern heritage, so he should mark both. The school administration called me to the carpet, insisting my son mark only one. I then left the matter in their court and asked them which part of the family they wished my son to deny. After all, there are “white” people who call my sons “cousin”, and Far Eastern people who call them “cousin”, too. Moral of the story: there are a lot of us out there who are “racially” ambiguous, except to those for whom the human race is one.

        The white race made this globalized world. Many whose ancestors were all non-Europeans are now Europeanized by culture. Is that bad? I do not think so.

        Make the black and brown race-baiters go the way of the Ku Kux Klan and have to hide in hollows and corners of the land. Throw out from public office those for whom “multiculturalism” is only a way to prolong their own adolescent rebellions. Take my advice about breeding more, and there will be plenty of parts of the world where black and brown immigrants will ultimately fade into the white population, just as all those immigrants of the Tang and Yuan dynasties in China ultimately blended in there. You’ve got nothing to lose but a propensity to cystic fibrosis.

        And, is the Christian African immigrant in Britain or Europe much of a problem? Is the Christian “Indo” in the Netherlands a problem? Are the swarthy Maghrebi Jews who rebuilt France’s post-Shoah Jewish community a problem? Were the Iraqi Jewish Sassoons and Kedouries a problem for Britain? I know of Turks and Magrhebis and South Asians who’ve left Islam in your European countries and become Christians. Are they a problem? Your problem seems to be Islam, Islam, Islam–even if it’s fairer-haired and lighter-eyed than I am–and its enablers.

        You’re right that post-Apartheid South Africa is no model. But I don’t think it’s the only model for a post-racist world. I believe a world where the “pure race” myth will be even more impossible than it was in the past is here to stay; but I also believe that cultural issues that might make it a more truly peaceful and just one (and, keep in mind, that I’m no socialist in my use of these terms) can be fought and won.

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