Islam is Islam, And That’s It

Back in 2007, when confronted with the phrase “moderate Islam”, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan famously responded: “These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

A roomful of young “Norwegians” seemed to be in complete agreement with Mr. Erdogan. At a “peace conference” in Norway earlier this month, they all but unanimously supported a strict interpretation of the Shariah, including the prescribed punishments for theft, adultery, homosexuality, etc.

The lone dissenter in the front row — a kafir, perhaps? — refused to raise his hand when the rest of the audience did. It made me wonder if he is a marked man now. Was he forced to move out of Grønland or Groruddalen to some more hospitable location? Tasmania, maybe?

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading and annotating this video:

11 thoughts on “Islam is Islam, And That’s It

  1. Thought this was a private induction meeting at the Quilliam Foundation, with the front row seat newcomer mind grinding “what’s the message again”.

    Just saying. 🙂

  2. JIM’s law – when the wind blows from the West the British Isles has three million moderate muslims, when the wind blows from the East the British Isles has three million not so moderate muslims.

    Just saying. 🙂

  3. ‘With your law we will invade you, with our law we will subject you’ by any street arab

    • They all ( Muslims) believe the same. I have been informed that a Dutch article tells of a moderate integrated Turk there blaming Germany, the EU and of course…drum roll…Israel… for the riots against Erdogan in Turkey against this ” great Turk” !
      Moderate Muslims only exist in the minds of those who want them to. Those who dream of ending our Judeo-Christian culture, to start up again.
      They are cultural Marxists . The West is riddled with them, far more today than ever before . It has gone mainstream now, like some contagious disease. There is little hope of change soon.

      In the meantime, we ( I dare to call the sane ones) are being viewed suspiciously as being the enemies of freedom ! Dangerous times.

  4. In one sense there are “moderate” Muslims: they are born Muslim, they are lukewarm about following the precepts of their faith and only do so out of a combination of familial pressure and inertia. However, even this category will be happy that their sisters get half the inheritance from their parents’ estate that their brothers do according to Islamic law and they also rather like the subordination of women generally. These “moderate” Muslims will not, however, ever alert the authorities to any news they hear of planned Muslim atrocities, nor will they ever speak out against the practices of forced marriages, clitirodectomies, etc. When the chips are down, they will protectively align themselves with their Muslim brethren.

    The above types likely form a substantial percentage of any Muslim community in the West. Just as there are Catholics and Anglicans who rarely go to church.

    The important matter for everybody to understand is that they should not confuse the lukewarm adherence to Islam of such people as representing some mythical faction or strain of “Moderate Islam”. Both Iran (1925-1979) and Turkey (1921-c.2000) tried to separate church from state and thereby reduce the pervasive and baleful influence of Islam on their countries, but both, ultimately, were not successful in doing so because the Islamic clerics resisted and fought back. The history of Iran 1925-1979 is hugely tragic because the anti-clerical government was (especially in the initial period of 1925-1941) achieving great things by marginalizing Islam as a factor in public life.

    As Turkey’s Erdogan, whose party is doing its level best to eradicate the progress made by Kemal Ataturk, succinctly and honestly put it: there is no moderate Islam, there is only Islam. With the exception of Wahabism – a Sunni sect founded on the notion that Islam as practiced was getting too loose – the variations found in the Muslim community are only in the degree of devoutness of its practitioners.

    • Here we see a mutation of the Moderate Muslim — convenient for the asymptotic in the Counter-Jihad whose ethical conscience has been nagging at him, semi-consciously anxious about what would seem to portent were we to follow our reasonable prejudice based upon bloody fiery mountain ranges of inferential evidence leading us to condemn all Muslims.

      For the asymptotic in the Counter-Jihad, this poses a dilemma, because being in the Counter-Jihad, he knows too much about Muslims to so glibly dismiss the concerns about them; and he has come to learn (if he doesn’t remain at the Daniel Pipes stage of retardation, that is) that the “Moderate Muslim” demographic is laughably specious.

      What to do? Luckily, there comes along a way to save vast swaths of Muslims from our condemnation (and, more importantly, to save ourselves from the ethical anxiety we may feel at being condemners of so many hundreds of millions of Brown People) — by simply repackaging the “Moderate Muslim” demographic as something else: the Lax Muslims will do; and the Muslims Who Don’t Know Their Own Islam also come in handy; as well as the Muslims Who Are Too Afraid To Come Out of the Secularist Closet.


      • The Anachronic Moderate Muslim – The 6th century constructors themselves abandoned the precept of the Moderate Muslim.

  5. I agree with Mr. Erdogan that there is no such thing as “moderate muslims”, and that the expression should never be used (Anybody who knows who invented the term?).

    But – by the same reasons – I also object the use of the expression “Christian values”. What about mediating respect for the law of a country to the children? And in Americas case a respect for the constitution?

    Most muslims – for example Sunnis and Shiits – don’t agree with Mr. Erdogan that “Islam is Islam”. If that would have been the case – why would they have been killing each other for centuries? With that in mind, noone of use should be surprised of what’s going on in Syria today.

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