Certify or Hang?

Prime Minister David Cameron’s statement after the atrocity in Nairobi would be laughable if were not for the horrific and deadly reality of the event he so glibly misrepresented. Our English correspondent Seneca III has some thoughts in the wake of what happened in Kenya and London last week.

Certify or Hang?
by Seneca III

The recent public furore over David Cameron’s parroting of the curious mantra he spouts following every atrocity committed by Muslims, whereby he declares that they [bombings, massacres, honour killings, beheadings etc., etc., etc.] are “nothing to do with Islam” may, perversely and metaphorically, turn out to be a bright recruiting lantern outside of The Inn of the Counter-Jihad.

I say this because it is now becoming painfully apparent even to the most previously disinterested observer that these oxymoronic outpourings are either the cretinous drivel of a crippled intellect or deliberate disinformation designed to give succour and manoeuvring room to the perpetrators of global Jihad. It therefore follows that he and his coterie of colleagues, supporters and sycophants have to be either certifiable, and thus must be committed to an institution for the remainder of their days or, alternatively, are guilty of collective high treason and should be dealt with accordingly.

Whilst this unconscionable aberration may only just becoming apparent to certain swathes of the native body politic, I for one have long accepted the reality that before we can get around to hauling the Religion of Peace, kicking and screaming as it will, out of the moral cul-de-sac into which it backed itself over fourteen hundred years ago — particularly those atavistic samples of it that have been permitted and encouraged to colonise a significant percentile of the West in what is perhaps the greatest act of treason ever perpetrated upon it in its long and turbulent history — we will first have to ‘remonstrate’ quite strongly with Cameron and his ilk. And, when it comes to the ‘ilk’, I do not mean just those who have seized control of the Mother of Parliaments and turned it into what can only be described as Cesspit-on-Thames, but also their fellow deconstructionist counterparts throughout the Euro/Anglosphere.

Furthermore, at that Philippi we will have to face the most daunting aspect of this whole debacle, which is that the process will have to be, a priori, brutal, ruthless and unremitting unto resolution. Neither the Demented Slaves of Allah nor the cultural traitors who protect them and enable them in their attempt to establish a global caliphate will ever begin to understand why their levelling is necessary, not just for the liberation of these chilly, windswept islands in the North Atlantic, or of Europe or the Americas or the Antipodes, but for the survival of our species as a whole.

It is axiomatic that modern technology, in the hands of the practitioners of a sessile, primitive, pre-medieval belief system founded upon and sustained by the practice of the abomination that is human slavery, that has known neither Enlightenment nor Renaissance and reveres the idea of corporeal death in exchange for an eternity of chauvinistic debauchery could well be the end of life as we know it on this small, lonely stellar habitat in an outer arm of a minor galaxy.

And, even should we somehow manage to prevent or deter physical Armageddon, that will not be the end of the threat that Islam poses for it is not simply just a purse string suture in the rectum of human moral progress, but also a tourniquet around the evolutionary neck of mankind. If we are to survive, both will have to be snipped, and soon, before either the toxic emotional effluent backing up behind the suture poisons us all or the retrogressive effect of the tourniquet reduces the human gene pool to nothing more than cold, inbred, organic sludge sliding through endless ideological night.

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71 thoughts on “Certify or Hang?

  1. Ahem. The moral rebellion of which you speak will also have to commence within the halls of that Pisspot-on-Potomac. We have only one historical template of rebellion – the Tea Party in Boston, now resurrected & seeded all over the country.

    However, England has centuries of examples it can follow. And the English have the advantage in knowing that such push-back is, of necessity, intemperate and bloody. It will fall on the just and the unjust, indiscriminately. However, it will fall most heavily on the heedless, and there are so many of those. When Jesus said “the poor you have always with you” he was talking about the ones who pay attention only to football.

    Fortunately for England’s children, spread over the globe, there are many virgins about the place and at the ready, their lamps full of oil. Whether that remains the case in the country our Laws’ origins – especially given the evils of the dole, is the big question.

    I am not sure the Anglosphere will not be decimated if the Anglo part falls.

  2. ‘These appalling terrorist attacks that take place where the perpetrators claim they do it in the name of a religion – they don’t. They do it in the name of terror, violence and extremism and their warped view of the world. They don’t represent Islam or Muslims in Britain or anywhere else in the world.’

    David Cameron, a master of the art of jihad chillaxing.

    • Course he fails to mention that their warped violent view of the world is based on Islamic teachings, thereby linking the two things he wants to keep separate.

      What an lying tool. He’s worse than Blair.

  3. What is astonishing is the expectation on the part of this man, who obviously knows that he’s lying his face off, that people will accept his lies as truth.

    Of course he has the power of the state behind him to coerce citizens to accept that truth – by declaring dissenting voices (i.e. people who speak the ACTUAL TRUTH ABOUT ISLAM) to be guilty of hate speech, intent to cause alarm and distress, etc etc & have them found guilty of a criminal offence.

    But what Cameron obviously hasn’t figured out – YET – is that it is he who is guilty of hate speech – he hates the truth – and that the people of the UK know it, and with every statement he makes like that one, he becomes more and more like Tony Blair.

    Who is hated and despised throughout the UK & had to push off and live elsewhere as soon as his glory days as PM were over.

    Cameron’s got that in store for him as well – at least.

    • “What is astonishing is the expectation on the part of this man, who obviously knows that he’s lying his face off, that people will accept his lies as truth.”

      To me Cameron is being quite reasonable in expecting that people will accept his lies as truth. Because so far they are.

      I don’t think he’ll mind one bit if, eventually, he has to push off to some distant shore to retire.

      Similarly, after getting re-elected in 2012, and then all that has happened since, with such little pushback from the opposition, Obama is being reasonable in assuming he has carte blanche to remake America.

      • You might want to check out the latest poll in which the question was asked if there will be an ” inevitable” clash with the muslims in their midst and it polled at 43% of yes it will, and it is scaring the living day lights out of the political establishment.

        • “………. midst and it polled at 43% of yes it will, and it is scaring the living day lights out of the political establishment. ”
          And where are the other 57%? Oh ye they are drunk, in a trance, high on drugs … and they don’t even know that their country “The grandma of democracy” is being turned into a Caliphate.
          Oh ye … buy me a bottle of Caliphate, will you?

      • No. People don’t believe him, they tolerate him. Just as they tolerate the corruption and defilement that Cameron, Brown, Blair, Thatcher etc etc have visited on the population.

        Only the other week I listened to Cameron (or was it Miliband?) saying how tolerance was the greatest attribute of the British people – well he would, wouldn’t he?

  4. Don’t these politicians realise that if one of them would just stand up and speak the plain unvarnished truth about the poisonous doctrines of Islam and declared the actions of jihadists evil, they’d ride a wave of popularity straight into power, and into history.

    Don’t they realise just why Churchill is still idolised today & was voted as the greatest Briton of all times?

    Churchill stood up time and again and named the Nazis as evil, knowing that bad times were coming for the UK. And when they arrived, Churchill was the only man who had the authority to lead the country.

    And how are the appeasers remembered today?

    That’s where Cameron is headed.

    What a legacy eh?

      • If the bad times arrive – really arrive – those are the only type of people who will have any credibility.

        Churchill was an outcast for many years, until the day of reckoning for Britain arrived. But when it did, his time had come, and everyone knew it. Even his erstwhile opponents knew that they didn’t have it in them to captain the ship. Big Winston was the only man with the necessary moral standing to be given his skipper’s ticket on the spot, & told he had to take a spell in the wheelhouse.

      • Allen West on several occasions called Diana West his “good friend”, his “sister”. But when the time came to stand by her, when he was called on, Allen West remained silent.

        I have reassessed my opinion of Mr. West’s ultimate value.

        Michelle Bachmann is being driven from the floor by money, or the lack thereof. She estimates it would cost 25,000.000.oo USD to run again, and 25,000,000.00 she has not got.

        The Koch Bros. do and a number of other conservatives do, but will they hang w/ the populist Tea Party? Who knows.

        The pockets of the Left – Soros, Heinz-Kerry, et al- are deep and copiously poured out on their favored causes.

    • They are clearly very carefully chosen words this is more than a superficiality statement calming the British public to the thrills of islam. There is a deliberate power and weight in the statement that bludgeons the senses into submission.

  5. Ultimately, all government is based on the use of unlimited force, necessarily including lethal force, to restrict those activities natural to humans which threaten the survival of society if they are not curtailed.

    A simple example is theft. Humans need to consume resources to live, and thus consumption of wealth is a natural activity for them. Humans also must conserve their strength and energy to live, and so naturally maximize the benefit they realize for a given effort. This means that humans will always and instinctively seek the easiest way to get wealth, and the only thing that will ever keep them from stealing it is the risks associated with stealing, namely of suffering loss instead of gain.

    If theft becomes a widespread activity, then production of wealth becomes counter-productive, because it merely makes one a target for theft (and attendant vandalism). This dooms a society because the only way for the productive to survive is to hide themselves and their productive activity from everyone else. This leaves only theft as the mechanism for acquisition of resources to consume, and the society that consumes without any access to production will soon run out of the consumables necessary to sustain life.

    Thus to have a society at all, you must prohibit theft and enact such measures as will ensure that theft is rarely profitable. (preferably never, but in reality a productive society can survive a lot of theft as long as it does not become pervasive). Because it is in principle easier to steal something than to protect it from being stolen, the only effective measure is to hunt down thieves and exact a retribution sufficient to cover the theft, any damage attending the theft, and the cost of hunting down the thief. The thief will not willingly suffer that penalty, unless the alternative is a worse penalty that will be imposed by the use of irresistible force.

    Thus every government must in principle depend on violence. They don’t do it in the name of terror, violence and extremism and their warped view of the world. They do it in the name of whatever society it is they wish to protect. This is the essential attribute of every government of any form, and all societies beyond about 200 primary individuals (the neurological limit of human social capacity) must use a form of government (even societies smaller than this may need a military force to protect themselves from outsiders, and while military discipline is not identical with conventional government, the use of a military is itself a resort to force).

    The society the Jihadists are acting to protect is the Ummah, the world-wide consensus of Koranic Islam. This is undeniable.

    • The current governments are currently the most efficient thieves in a given society. The main reason why they (occasionally) punishes common thieves is that they do not like the competition, but if the thieves are categorized as victims, they often chose not to. At this point in time the “democratic” governments depend upon violence to protect their own right to steal, rather than protecting the productive society from the same. I can not see that as protection, unless we are talking about mob style protection. Or a form of slavery if you will.

      The Ummah does not see itself as a society, as far as I have been able to gather. It sees itself as a nation. A nation ordered by Allah to conquer the world. Those who submit to Allah (his slaves) are required to perform Jihad (in some form) towards this end, as their holy duty.

      I did not catch the connection between the first part of your comment and the last two sentences. I am sure there is one, so I would appreciate a more thorough explanation of your point. Thanks.

      • “Thus every government must in principle depend on violence. They don’t do it in the name of terror, violence and extremism and their warped view of the world. They do it in the name of whatever society it is they wish to protect.”

        The main body of my comment was directed at correcting a misconception about the essential nature of all government which is commonplace today but would hardly have occurred to most people in history. Government is nothing more or less than the use of unlimited violence to protect some social group. A criminal government protects criminals, an Islamic government protects Muslims. But no matter what social group the government exists to protect, it has no tools to use other than unlimited violence against persons that pose a threat to the protected group.

        Thus Cameron’s statement is nonsensical. But I suspect you already knew that.

  6. Albert Swearengen:
    You are so right about Churchill. He also warned us about Islam as long ago as 1899.

    “How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries!
    Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy.
    “The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce,
    and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.
    A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity”.
    Winston Churchill, The River War: 1899
    There’s much more but too much to put here.My web site had it all in the Article WINSTON CHURCHILL Vs DAVID CAMERON it shows the different statements made by the them on Islam the EU and immigration.

  7. Dutch law is simple. You take a shrink . You examine. After that? He or she rules you a danger to yourself or society and to what extend? In a severe case of mental illness? You are out in the nuthouse! Just like that.

    Suppose we take mr.Cameron to any Dutch brain doctor.

    Since mr Cameron time and time again shows he’s retarded when it comes to islam and the basic principals of islam he must be just that. A retard. There are lots of retards,so that’s nothing new. Some idiots are harmless. Others are not.The difference between an ordinary retard and mr Cameron is that mr Cameron is far more dangerous than the plain and out in the open idiot.

    I think it’s best for all of us if Mr Cameron is put away in a nice place with lots of help, cair and treatment. We cannot afford to keep an idiot like Cameron with his hands on nuclear arms.

  8. How lovely it is to read and hear in one’s mind the cadence of an educated Briton’s speech; a speech that should be heard at Westminster. I’ve given much thought to the question “certify or hang” and came to the conclusion that the diagnosis is specific to each individual and requires a detailed examination of that person’s symptoms. However, it’s beyond doubt that the entire ruling class, of which elected government is only a part, may be described as “the Certohan people,” it consisting of dangerous madmen, ruthless traitors and gross looters almost without exception. I am also fairly certain that the deliberate disinformation is not designed to give “succour and manoeuvring room to the perpetrators of global Jihad” but rather to seal, enforce and put beyond reckoning an act of a typically Certohan nature which was the importation of tens of millions of Muslims to Europe and to the entire Anglosphere. It’s too late in the game to engage in the laborious process of determining who among the perpetrators of this self-ethnocide has done it or continues the cover-up for what particular reasons but it’s rather plain that it’s both the deepest stupidity and the widest treason in history. Therefore, only one question remains that has pragmatic value: What is to be done?

    • I had hoped you would have some idea, that you would be some kind of pathfinder. 😎

      It seems we have just to wait for now, to wait and be ready. To wait for the decay to pursue its course. But the waiting might be a tad longish, the Roman empire died slowly.

      • If this is addressed to me, it’s a fair point. I am citizen of a country where 16 spy agencies employ 175,000 people and tens of acres of supercomputers to spy on anyone who expresses opinions counter to the Progressive script. In those agencies that I and my fellow citizens know something about, employees attend seminars organized by CAIR and have Muslim Brotherhood bosses imposed from above. They read manuals asserting that the main “homeland” terrorist threat comes from white male conservative Christians and preparing them to go after such targets, with Islam and its spawns not even mentioned. The persecution goes so far that even a prominent, saintly surgeon with the strong advantage of blackness, Dr. Ben Carson, was singled out for an IRS audit because of his conservative utterances and Christian ways.

        I don’t have deep support of the racial solidarity kind –e.g. blacks vociferously defending feral blacks because they are black. There is no white pushback infrastructure of the kind the browns (e.g. La Raza) or blacks (e.g. NAACP) have. I have no powerful family and do not live in a paleoconservative, courageous community that would stand up for one of its own in case of the ruling oligarchy (i.e. government plus MSM) bearing down on him. There isn’t one as far as I know. Not being working class with roots in a working class neighborhood, I don’t have even the support that a white dissident in Luton has.

        One in my position is on his own, as are the editors of this blog and practically everyone who writes in it. Unless one is prepared to martyr oneself, one must tiptoe around the “What is to be done” question or at best poke at it gently. There are a few who are more courageous, for different reasons. Ann Barnhardt practically martyred herself in the service of the truth, and ought to be remembered and mentioned in the prayers of everyone reading this. There are blogs where veterans from elite fighting units congregate and openly discuss armed insurrection and even offer training. There are people attempting to build a walled city armed to the teeth in Idaho. They are all under tight surveillance and know it and are prepared for the consequences.

        As for me, using my small gifts and insights within restrictive ciurcumstances, I have already offered my answer relative to the “What is to be done” question. You will find it in five parts under the title “The Art of Strategic Citizenship” by clicking on the Authors tab above.

        • “Ann Barnhardt practically martyred herself in the service of the truth, and ought to be remembered and mentioned in the prayers of everyone reading this. ”

          Did something happen to her?

          • She closed down her brokerage business rather than continue in an environment rife with financial gangsters protected by the government. Then she committed the ultimate crime in the eyes of any power-mad nouveau socialist government, and the American is certainly one: she refused to continue paying federal taxes to support the evil she saw emanating from Washington. As a consequence, she lost everything and is now a cleaning woman with day jobs at places like Walmart, living, I believe, in her truck. But she continues with her hard-hitting blog.

          • A minor corrective, Ann Barnhardt is not employable by any major company, she must work off the books to work at all. She has compared her situation to that of other itinerant laborers who congregate in front of places which sell bulk goods used by small contractors, though I don’t recall hearing anything about Walmart.

            Barnhardt is a cogent addition to the conversation not only because she is in a state of genuine tax revolt, but also because of her very relevant analysis of the inevitable economic collapse of the dollar and all world currencies still based on it.

            What we can and must do is prepare ourselves to survive in the wake of a massive societal collapse in which trucks cease to deliver food and other essential goods to urban centers, while public utilities begin to shut down or drastically restrict their output. The current tyrants were planning to retreat to underground bunkers with their lackeys and use biological weapons against the “great unwashed”, but as they have not succeeded in fully socializing all advanced medicine, this strategy would achieve less than the 95% mortality necessary for success, so they are going to have to fight it out conventionally. In areas like America, where disarmament of the population has failed and the military has a tradition of allegiance to the Constitution rather than to the head of state, this is going to be a messy and losing proposition.

            My sense is that the strength of the European people’s will to survive is showing real signs of rousing to the degree where wholesale extermination will prove untenable. I do not know the outcome of that battle in advance, it is not a forgone conclusion. But I think that preparing to survive is not futile.

            I do not believe that survival will be accomplished without the means and will to actively resist violent aggression, whether by Muslims, agents of the illegitimate governments, or simple criminals and looters. But what means can be available to every particular situation is not a question I can address any more usefully than giving specific health advice to every person in the world. One man’s poison is another’s medicine, after all.

    • TS: “I am also fairly certain that the deliberate disinformation is … designed …. to seal, enforce and put beyond reckoning … the importation of tens of millions of Muslims to Europe and to the entire Anglosphere”. My gut feeling. Rather than admit to the horrible mistake that they and their forebears made thinking (as per down history) that they were in control only to discover they were riding on the back of a tiger they perversely try to suppress the awful reality by opening the floodgates even wider.

  9. P.S. The time has also come to cease treating this phenomenon as a feature of a single politician, or a single country, or relating to Islam blindness only. There is little in the utterances of Pope Francis of Lampedusa that puts him in a different category than Cameron. Well, there is: Francis is mad whereas Cameron may or may not be. But that’s not what matters operationally.

    In the news today:
    From Lampedusa to Berlin http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-24080124
    Italy boat sinking ‘a disgrace’, says Pope http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-24388523

    • Neither Pope Francis nor Cameron are mad. Cameron
      has no loyalty to the country he governs, his loyalty is to
      the ‘ International Financiers ‘ who pay him far more
      than his day job. He’s a career politician who is only interested in money, he would fit in well in DC, except
      that he is not very street-wise. What makes Francis mad ?

      • These are topics covered so often on this website that I won’t belabor the obvious. As to Cameron, you confirm what I clearly stated: he is a traitor. The possibility of his being mad as well rests in his apparent thinking that his politics of engineering a semi-“Asian” people for Great Britain may have no adverse consequences for his own, his family’s, his friends’ and neighbors’ descendants, not to speak of the properly understood (i.e. “white”) British people which presumably the Prime Minister somewhat cares about. As to Francis, read his statements about Islam and Muslims, about his heartfelt support for the Camp of the Saints scenario unfolding in Lampedusa and elsewhere in Europe, hold it against what you know just from this website if not from elsewhere about those who live under or even just next to Muslims, and in a related category those whites who live under or next to Africans (try as samples white communities such as Sandton or Gauteng in South Africa or London), and choose the proper word to describe Francis’s apprehension of reality and his related activities.

        • Cameron is a traitor, definitely, but he is also mad, just as Hollande and all of them progressive, leftist nuts are. True maniacs for they are, all of them, sawing the branch on which they are seated crowing. Where do they think their offsprings are going to live, on Mars? On the Moon, in bunkers?
          They just [redacted. defecate] in the collective waterhole and sooner or later
          they will have to drink the bitter potion too.

          • The socialist elite were planning to shut down all private sector access to advanced medical facilities in advance of the global financial crisis, which would have allowed them to effectively use biological weapons to reduce the surface population while they waited out the crisis in bunkers. This plan is in some disarray, since it now appears that the financial collapse will occur with a lot of medical expertise still outside of the control of the government, so I do not know what they are planning now.

            It is possible that they have failed to adjust their plans. Or they could be trying to get in on one of the other plans, like the Chinese plan (which is not a good idea for non-ethnic Chinese…and not a good plan for the Chinese either, really). I think that many of them are running on inertia, they have staked everything on the success of these megalomaniacal schemes and are really unable to adapt to the real situation. In which case a bit of preparation for the release of biological weapons would be in order.

            The current main contenders are a series of flu viruses that have been engineered to provoke lethal auto-immune responses. This virus will revert back into a normal flu over the course of time (the antigens which produce the auto-immune response are not integral to the propagation of the base virus, so they will eventually be discarded by selection). The best defense against them is to move to a lightly populated rural area where it is legal to shoot intruders on your land, and take up a self-reliant life-style.

        • Francis, like many others, suffers from a
          lack of knowledge about Islam, which is why he [redacted] says what he does. If one never gets close physically to Moslems, it
          is almost certain that one wouldn’t notice
          the warts which are obvious to more
          perceptive individuals. I would likely have
          been one of the unenlightened had it not been that my job entailed meeting many
          of the followers of the Paedo Prophet. Yet
          even in my family I am told that I am
          totally mad by airing quite watered-down
          views on Islam.

    • You are right as always Takuan san. The madness and blindness are collective, the ruling class is mad and the people, who vote or do not, are blind. A huge herd of lemmings heading toward the proverbial sacrificial cliff, all in the name of holy socialism, equality, and rights of man. I am afraid a good number of us are going to have to die for the survivors to come to their senses. The Titanic has already hit the iceberg and it’s all a matter of finding the right lifeboat, for, fortunately, we still have some time. The rot is deep and getting deeper whith each generation of ignoramuses produced by the idiot factories. We are in the bowels of a tunnel burrowing itself, like a giant earthworm, in the depths of the earth. There is not yet the slighest gleam coming from the exit end, but we can still, if we turn our head back, see the blinding light of our glorious past. Sic transit gloria mundi.

      • “The madness and blindness are collective, the ruling class is mad and the people, who vote or do not, are blind”

        The 4th estate is the problem. If they had done their job from 1960 onwards, and educated the public about the nature of islam and the history of islam, the political class could not have got away with it.

        Breivik’s original plan was to blow up a conference full of journalists. Since he couldn’t do that, he chose a softer target. He correctly identified the group who will bear the greatest responsibility for the civil war that comes to europe.

        • “The 4th estate is the problem. If they had done their job from 1960 onwards, and educated the public about the nature of islam and the history of islam, the political class could not have got away with it.”

          I have pondered the issue since the mid 80’s (when school friends who became school teachers starting relating their experiences with Muslim students and parents). The fatwa against Salman Rushdie, or more precisely the failure of the West to repudiate it unequivocally, was a watershed moment.

          I agree entirely: it is the “progressive” Fourth Estate which has failed the West in this regard: failed to report the facts and instead foisted an ideologically-tainted – Gramscian – journalism on the public.

    • “Pope Francis of Lampedusa”

      I defer to your superior skill of title choices. Mine had been the much more blue collar ‘Pope Francis the Train Wreck.

      The Church ignores the culture that for so long protected it and contributed to its very formation, and the secular West ignores the contributions of the Church to its development. I think that Spengler’s concept of the Faustian man said a lot. One aspect of Westerners was that they could at once be both fierce protectors of their respective civil societies and devout (in varying degrees) members of the Church. Take either one out of the equation and that unique construct of the personality of the Westerner falls apart.

  10. The British PM says that the brutal torture and beheadings in Kenya are not related to islam, even though devout muslims say that is why they are doing it, and when the specific details of their brutal actions can be found commanded in islamic scripture.

    The Deputy PM went on the news after the beheading of Lee Rigby, and lied about the contents of koran 4:32, excising the words used by those who beheaded Lee Rigby. It is inconceivable that Clegg, a man who touts his linguistic ability and academic credentials, was incapable of checking for himself what the verse says before uttering an opinion that goes against the uneducated beliefs of the vast majority of the British population. It was only 4 months earlier that Cameron’s muslima bint was in the news bleating that 75% of the British public think islam is incompatible with western civilisation. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/baroness-warsi-fewer-than-one-in-four-people-believe-islam-is-compatible-with-british-way-of-life-8464026.html

    In May 2013, The Guardian carried an article by a self-styled “anti-fascist” bean counter, who says that “only” 40% of the British public believe that a civil war is inevitable between muslims and non-muslims. http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2013/may/26/public-attitude-muslims-complex-positive . In a county where the last civil war was fought when John Milton was a young man, almost half the population not only envisage another civil war, but think it is inevitable. The King Canute Cameron and his lady Queen Clegg think they can hold back the tide.

    It is obvious to anyone who is paying attention, that a chasm has opened up between the political elite and most of the public. And this chasm has come into existence with public having been lied to for generations about the nature of islam. Their knowledge of islam will only grow, and the chasm will only grow wider.

    When it all goes to merde, it won’t be any of the current lying elite to whom the people will look for leadership.

    • It was actually 5:32 that Clegg misquoted – otherwise spot on. To make matters worse, not one other politician and not one journalist has pointed out their repeated and deliberate deception.

      • Thanks for the correction. It was a typo. And 5:33 is another doozy.

        Clegg, Obama, Bush, Condoleeza Rice, Blair all know they can get away with lying about islam. Because no academic, no journalist is going to contradict them.

        I’ve made mincemeat of muslim academics, published muslim authors in conferences and online. They have run away rather than answer my questions. I didn’t wake up to the threat from islam until 4 years ago, and have zero interest in theology or global politics. If I can do this, then there must be 100s of academics and journalists who could do it, and do it from a position where they have an audience.

  11. I do agree with Seneca’s thoughts and I think his article is compelling for anyone who is still pondering his/her view of the world and all the political machinations that impact on us all. It is a very well written argument that deserves a wider audience.

    What strikes me today, as most peculiar, is that the words Traitor and Treason, are rarely and if ever, spoken of today. It’s as if it was decided some time ago that there was no such thing as a Traitor or an act to be considered as Treason, in the 21st Century.

    What our political elites are doing within the Western Hemisphere of today is quite simply and by their own actions, engaging in wholesale acts of Treason!

    And nothing would be plainer to those who can take their heads away from the football or the idiot box to see for themselves!

    And that lack of a willingness to expose our collective selves to what is actually going on around us while our societies are slowly disintegrating, our ‘elected’ leaders continue to deceive and Islam accelerates its barbarous attacks is the real reason we have yet to rise up in any numbers and shout out, WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

  12. It’s as if the world’s politicians have decided that it’s better to deceive the people about Islam–hoping that a sort of reformation will miraculously occur–than it is to confront over a billion people with the truth about their toxic and unacceptable beliefs. At first, circa 9/11, when we were all ill informed about this religion, this strategy rather worked. Now, after we have all been educated by the Spencers and the Coughlins of the world, we cannot be fooled any longer and to witness these silly lies only makes us laugh and ridicule. It’s time for our leaders to move on toward reality.

    • the muslims know that islam has failed them.
      modern communucations have made that painfully obvious.
      that is why islam is tearing its self to pieces and also attacking us.
      the hard liners need an external threat to try and hold their broken world together.

      • You are probably right but I think that they are by nature malevolent. Just like an old known deadly virus kept at bay by natural barriers but that “progress” has suddenly set free on unsuspecting victims, it just goes on rampage.

        • Moslems/Arabs are not malevolent by nature, but by inbreeding; specifically by patrilineal or father’s brother’s daughter inbreeding (a practice which I am told horse breeders avoid, because it produces unmanageable stallions). They have been breeding this way since Isaac and Ishmael’s time, and it has turned them into malevolent and oblivious predatory [persons whose genetic quality I find highly suspect].

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  14. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence can see that Europe and America are a powder keg, sitting on a ton of TNT, floating in a sea of gasoline, and all it is going to take is for some event or person to light the match that will set off the biggest fireworks show the western world has ever seen, call it the Balkans on steroids. The muslims keep butchering, raping and blowing us up and the public gets their eyes opened that much more, to the horror of the pols who want to keep a lid on the whole unpleasant mess, it will be to their horror that they did not have the foresight to confront it while they had the chance, there will be lots of lampposts and rope used in the coming days.

  15. What really happened at the westgate shopping mall ,the Kenyan authorities have left a few unanswered questions.Was this Samantha Lewthwaite involved or not ,is she alive or dead .Where are the missing people reported.

    • The details that have come out about the castration, eye-gouging, beheading, meat-hooks, sharpened bones, etc. are going to be kept from us. It’s not that the 4th Estate is asleep. They are actively involved in concealing things from the public.

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  17. Yet again,Cameron demonstrates that he is but a sorry excuse for a statesman;do not
    expect him do anything but bend over backwards to accomodate and appease
    an ideology,whose true nature seems way beyond his grasp.

  18. For what it’s worth, I tend to disagree with what I perceive to be the quasi-apocalyptic tone of the author, Seneca, and of many of the comments. Perhaps furtive readers of this blog will read my comment and see that not everyone in the Counter-Jihad is fomenting revolution. However, I don’t mean to minimize the seriousness of our situation in the modern West. The trick is to take the situation seriously, but to be cautious about language that tends to polarize the problem into a stark Us and Them. One of the biggest faults I see with the Counter-Jihad (aside from the fact that some of its ideologues aren’t even Counter-Jihad, or are somehow beyond the problem of Islam with other Melvillian fish to fry, to mix metaphors and species) is this glibly emotional tendency to see, epiphanically, the problem in terms of Us vs. Them. I’ve written numerous times at great length and detail on my blog how I think that is mistaken. I don’t know why this keep rearing its head so often. I hope it’s not because so many in the Counter-Jihad are being impetuous and simplistic. No, that can’t be it….

    • That’s all very well, most of us certainly don’t want a polarisation into two opposing camps, but as Islam is 100
      percent rigid we are forced into his polarisation. There is simply NO real common ground between any version of Islam and Democracy. So we ARE going down a road
      towards really serious physical conflict. When something
      can’t be cured it has to be quarantined…. FOREVER.
      There is no other way.

    • I think that on the one hand you are right, on the other one, wrong. Jihad is not the only flesh-eating virus in the body of the West, and it’s not eating at the same rate in every part of that body. Hence if you live in Wyoming or Auckland, NZ, the tone Seneca III uses seems excessive. But if you live in Birmingham or Rotterdam, it’s not excessive at all; it expresses exactly the powerless rage you feel as your world is crumbling around you on account of the aided and abetted Muslim invasion. Moreover, precisely because Jihad is not the only virus injected into the West’s populations by its ruling elites, an apocalyptic tone is warranted even by those for whom Counter-Jihad is but a marginal concern. Immigration is destroying America and Australia just as it does the UK and Sweden, even if the Muslim quotient be miniscule. The planned destruction of our industrial and technology base, the giving away of the family jewels to China, the planned destruction of our currencies and the looming specter of hyperinflation, the purposeful dumbing down and moral debauching of the people through miseducation and mass media content that could have been authored by Lucipher with music by Lenin, the estrogenization of our societies — what I call “yin toxicity” — i.e. making them more female-like while all our civilization’s opponents remain resolutely masculine — those are just a few of the afflications that I can think of at this early hour. Fomenting revolution may be ill advised, simply because it may be the wrong strategy for our times, but despair and vociferous protest and urgent search for a cure are amply warranted.

    • “I tend to disagree with what I perceive to be the quasi-apocalyptic tone of the author, Seneca, and of many of the comments.”

      It’s hardly us who are apocalyptic. Muslims in Britain have shown they favour, in huge numbers, an islamic political party that wants to abolish democracy, subjugate non-muslims, re-introduce slavery, and to exterminate Israel and homosexuals. Don’t you find that apocalyptic? If the native Brits were as drawn to such Nazi politics, then there would be a Nazi party in Britain which would hold rallies of 200,000 people (in 2002 the islamic nazi party got 10,000 muslims drawn from a mere 3% or less of the UK population, in 1994 they got 8,000 to their conference). In 2010, advisors told the government in a secret report that there were now 20 national islamic organisations in Britain touting that party line. Meanwhile, the media have kept people so woefully uninformed, that in a meeting in 2011 high-flying, right-wing, middle-class businessmen argued against me, claiming that this islamic nazi party had been proscribed years ago. The entire room of 100 or so high-fliers were contending it had been outlawed. It hadn’t, but the media had simply stopped reporting on them, so people thought it had been proscribed. Islamo-fascism is now probably the active creed of 100,000 to 200,000 muslims in Britain; yet such movers and the shakers think it is a problem associated with maybe 200 muslims. It’s as if, throughout the 1920s, the German media pretended the Nazi party did not exist.

      Furthermore, when I read a few months ago that 40% of the British population thought civil war inevitable, my jaw dropped. If you had asked me in March 2013 what percentage of the public thought that inevitable, I would have put it at 3% or 4%. Events are over-taking us faster than we can grasp. In an interview with experts in 2010, I told them if nothing was done about islamisation, I could see a time within 10 years, when non-muslims would engage in acts of mass killing over the islamisation of Britain (I told them I thought european countries with PR would escape this fate). The experts laughed at me, saying it was unimaginable that people could feel so strongly about islam. Less than 12 months later, Breivik had fulfilled my prophecy. No matter how hard we try to imagine the worst, we are incapable of anticipating it or the speed with which these events occur. Frankly, I’m scared. In 2011, Britain was gripped with riots covering 5 cities, started by the shooting of one man over his criminal behaviour. Imagine if that killing had been politically motiviated, if it had been Tommy Robinson, say, beheaded by a muslim.

      ” The trick is to take the situation seriously, but to be cautious about language that tends to polarize the problem into a stark Us and Them.”

      Again, (at least) 40% see it as Us and Them, to the extent that it will be solved by civil war. The enemies of the counter-jihad movement (from the self-styled “anti-fascists”, to the media and the politicians) see it as Us and Them, and will stop at nothing to destroy our leaders. The assassin of Pim Fortuyn is going to be released, after a mere 11 years. His right to freedom is ranked more highly than the right of the EDL to have a political protest. Cameron denounced the EDL as scum, when he has never have done that with muslim terrorists in Britain or elsewhere.

      In case you haven’t noticed, in the last couple of months, EDL’s popularity in the UK has surpassed that of the Labour Party, the Conservative Party, Greenpeace and Amnesty International. An organisation with no money, reviled by the middle classes (who actively and financially support all those other organisations), is more popular than any of those other organisations (each of which have been around for more than 50 years, and which have multi-million pound budgets). I cannot think of any political cause in Britain with more support than EDL. But just like the media pretend the islamic nazi party does not exist, so they ignore the popularity of EDL. Something similar appears to be on the horizon in the US, with the bikers getting 1million on a protest in DC, a protest which the media ignored.

      In the UK there is a massive chasm opening up between the middle class elite, and the rest of the country. The people who are normally pulling the strings or steering the ship (delete as appropriate) are rapidly losing control. If the UK had PR, there would be some hope of new parties coming in to represent one side of this chasm. There is no possibility of that, so we must expect the chasm to widen.

      And hanging around in the background of all of this, is an economic crisis of at least the same magnitude as the Great Depression. The waves of that economic crisis have been held at bay for 5 years. That is unlikely to last.

      I wish I didn’t foresee an apocalypse.

      • Of course Muslims are apocalyptic. That doesn’t mean we have to raise the ante frame our opposition to them in apocalyptic terms — nor, more disturbingly, our opposition to non-Muslim Westerners.

        Again, I’m not saying the problem of the Bugbear (whatever one calls it — “liberals”, “Leftists”, “Progressives”, “Collectivisits”, “Globalists”, etc.) is not formidable. It’s a matter of degree; and it’s a matter of appreciating that one important part of the Problem of the Problem (i.e., of the problem of the West’s continuing myopia in face of the primary problem of Islam) involves millions of Western people who are not evil, are not “Elites”, and are not stupid. How to explain their stubborn myopia is the challenge; one doesn’t want to botch the whole thing with a simplistic polarization, is all I’m saying.

        • I agree with Hesperado on this one. His main point, which he has made over and over again for a number of years, is that the ascendancy of PC/MC could not be maintained without the assistance of millions of ordinary well-meaning Westerners, most of whom are neither radical leftists, Communists, or Muslims. Just regular people who have been induced into buying into this insane cultural paradigm we call Multiculturalism. They are not evil, nor are they all stupid or ill-educated — my intuition tells me that most of them are neither.

          Understanding why this has happened is crucial. If we can come to grips with the deep reasons for what seems like mass insanity, it will go a long way towards enabling us to turn back the Islamic juggernaut.

          • Certainly not evil but certainly ill-educated and therefore stupid to the extent that they have been unable to acquire at any level of education the data and analytical tools that would permit them to make sense of historical and social reality. This BTW is not unique; the same may be said about the majority of our peoples up to mid-19th century, where their education was largely devoid of empirical facts but based on Biblical revelation. That at least imparted a much higher level of morality and social cohesiveness than present education does, but led to primitivism in matters ranging from the prevbailing conceptions of the age of the universe and the origins of man to religious chauvinism denying the validity of other major creeds (Jews, Buddhists, Hindus) — for which we are paying now with rampant secularism, rejection of Christian theology, obsessive kowtowing to “the other” and so on.

            But there is one major difference between then and now. Our times have been unusually blessed in material prosperity, relative peace and diminution of hatefulness everywhere but in dar al Islam and, in Africa, some non-Muslim pockets too. True to my nom de plume I have to point out that the cardinal rule of Oriental cosmology is “the bigger the front, the bigger the back.” The back of all this wonderful stuff, life on the easy, is that our peoples have been largely bleached of any understanding that under it all, life is harsh and unforgiving and requires vigilance, discipline, protective mechanisms and so on. The end result is that we are helpless against people from failed societies where life has not been good at all, therefore not bleaching toughness and common street sense out of its denizens.

            Alas, this has been going on for much too long. Nothing can turn around this “mass insanity” except for what I call “a whack from the 2 x 4 of history.” We have been whacked plenty since 2001 and therefore increasing numbers of people are losing their innocence. Not nearly enough though, not yet.

          • Let us not forget that “apocalypse” means “revelation” (or unveiling, disclosing).

            Most “ordinary well-meaning Westerners” have simply fallen out of the habit of looking to reveal what is hidden, because they have long been able to live comfortably without troubling about it.

            For all the abuse that is heaped on the “apocalyptic” mindset, it is only those willing to fundamentally challenge the status quo who have the right to even hope to see through its deceptions.

          • “Most “ordinary well-meaning Westerners” have simply fallen out of the habit of looking to reveal what is hidden, because they have long been able to live comfortably without troubling about it.” — Chiu ChunLing

            living comfortably; taken for granted
            troubles rock boat; discomforted; denial, anger: ungrateful, upset sheep ally with wolves to get rid of watchdogs; back to sleep; soft and ripe.

    • I think that, and to paraphrase Takuan Seiyo, on the one hand you are wrong, on the other one, wrong, or at least not so right. For it’s all in the numbers, nothing emotional about numbers. And in the end it does not really matter whether Islam is a religion of peace and love or not, for what matters is whether they will be any one of us left by the end of the century, yes, the end of this century, the XXIst century. Any one of us, Whites, left to ponder about the merits of Jihad and Counter-Jihad. The few remaining ones will have enough on their hands just to physically survive in a hostile environment.

      Here is the link to the UN website, Population Division, with publications dealing with ageing population and replacement migration. See, if you do not take care of the world, the world takes care of you. If you have no interest in politics, politics has an interest in you; unfortunately! Why can’t I be left alone? Well for starters the United Nations Organization has a strong interest in us, wealthy countries; someone has got to pay for the never ending increasing dirt poor population that cannot neither feed itself nor administer itself.


      Just a quick summary for Europe: In 2100, the indigenous European population will make up less than a third of inhabitants (170 millions) against a crushing majority of immigrants and their descendants (for a total of 520 millions inhabitants, that being almost the sustainment of the actual population).

      Yes the author’s tone might seem extreme but it’s because he can envision the future, a possible future, a probable future. I can too, and I think he is entitled, just as we are, to denounce it, to decry it and quite vehemently. For after all what would be the use of his article if it did not stir us a bit.

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