Tommy Robinson on the Walk to Woolwich

Tommy Robinson, the leader of the English Defence League, recorded a little talk last night about his planned charity walk through London to Woolwich tomorrow, where he and Kevin Carroll will lay wreaths at the site where Lee Rigby was murdered on May 22.

Tommy received a letter from Scotland Yard requesting that he detour around Tower Hamlets to avoid upsetting Muslims, provoking a violent response, and thereby causing a “breach of the peace”. He says that he has declined to comply, and will walk the route as planned:

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6 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson on the Walk to Woolwich

  1. Apparently Scotland Yard is now sanctioning the no-go area of the muslim “enriched” Tower Hamlets – which is appalling. Once again we are warned muslims are incapable of controlling themselves and will act violent just by the mere presence of someone, with whom muslims find “offensive”, walking down a (formerly public) street. So, rather than protecting Tommy R. – he’ll be arrested because he dares walk in a muslim no-go area and thus forces those insurgent Religion of Peacers to be violent. Scotland Yard is now the sharia enforcement police. Shameful!

  2. The police stance bows to those that threaten violence – members of the ‘religion of peace’. They focus on action likely to cause a breach of the peace not the breach of the peace itself. The police have got their hats on back to front.

  3. Quis custodiet ipsos custodiet? (Juvenal)

    I wonder if there is any way say 50,000 or so patriots could be mustered, committed and strong hearted to a man and woman, to undertake this walk instead; how would the grovelling, Islamophilic new Gestapo manage that one, particularly if all of these thousands of people came together independently, singly or in small groups, from every direction and from every part of the land to finally coalesce in one place at one time and then to advance with courage and determination, all prepared to support each other in the face of the brutality that would be brought down upon them?
    Then, again, I wonder if there are even 50,000 patriots left in this country after all these years of indoctrination and intimidation but, if there are, they will have to move soon and do so without central co-ordination, the only commonalty being awareness of the day and the time and that neither banners, nor uniforms nor flags be carried so that they appear nothing more than the common man going about his lawful business.
    In such a scenario they would be difficult to kettle, beat or arrest until they were too many and too big to handle; it is easy for our Police State enforcers to put their jackboots on the necks of a few individuals, but how would they be able to do it to tens of thousands?
    ”To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise.”

    Seneca III

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