“They are Good at Breeding and Abusing our System”

As we reported yesterday, the Swedish political party Moderaterna (The Moderates) are cracking down hard on anyone, most recently Olle Engström, who deviates in the slightest from the pro-Multicultural party line.

Moderaterna are considered a “conservative” wavelength within the cramped spectrum of Swedish politics, but from an outsider’s point of view there is little difference between them and the leftists.

Their political hypocrisy was exposed not too long ago when a representatives from Moderaterna was caught saying doubleplus ungood things about immigrants when a hidden camera was running. In the clip below, the person being interviewed is Christer Ewe (Moderaterna), a local politician in Kristianstad. Mr. Ewe died in 2010, but the footage is from 2002. I have no information on whether or not this video ended his career.

Many thanks to The Observer for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   How would you react if a person with hostile attitude towards immigrants and refugees joined the party?
0:06   I would first of all try to explain to him why I believe that we should accept refugees and immigrants.
0:11   The most important thing for me is the UN convention on refugees.
0:14   And then I would try to change his views, if that’s possible.
0:18   But a lot of the people like that whom I have met on previous occasions
0:21   are impossible to convince. They are simply not receptive to valid arguments.
0:25   One should really stand up when it comes to this issue… Yes, that’s what I think too.
0:29   We are simply accepting too many. Yes, we are.
0:32   I travel down to Malmö quite frequently and things there are really bad.
0:36   I also travel to Gothenburg a lot, I have a daughter living there, but Malmö is worse.
0:43   Gothenburg has Hammarkullen, Angered [suburbs with lots of immigrants]
0:46   I live in an adjoining suburb. We are going to move soon, it’s not very nice situation.
0:53   One doesn’t want to move to a similar area. Yes, I understand that.
0:56   But how would you go about convincing someone that it’s important
1:00   to be tolerant when it comes to these issues?
1:03   I would say that Sweden is such a big country that we need immigrants.
1:09   We need a mix of different cultures in Sweden, where the Swedish culture,
1:12   of course, is the dominant one.
1:15   And ask them why a rich country such as Sweden shouldn’t accept…
1:18   a country that actually has a lot of money
1:21   and is in a position to receive more immigrants than we have done so far.
1:24   But it requires that the government be more generous with their money in order to fund this.
1:28   What is behind your generous sentiments?
1:31   I believe it has something to do with being a human being, and I believe I’m born that way.
1:34   Our immigrant population is currently at 7 percent compared with Malmö
1:37   where the immigrant population is 20 percent.
1:40   Why are we afraid to address the issue? I don’t understand it.
1:44   What about you guys at the local level? Nobody wants to address it.
1:49   Folkepartiet (The People’s Party) which have conducted quite a generous immigration policy
1:53   They often express views similar to Leijonborg’s, but they refuse to initiate the debate.
1:59   Lundgren didn’t dare to do so either. He felt bound by official party policies two years ago.
2:05   Denmark has clamped down on this issue with Pia Kjærsgaard. What are your views on that?
2:09   I don’t like the restrictive attitude that the Danes have adopted.
2:14   As a matter of fact I believe that in the long run it will be damaging for the country.
2:18   And I really hope that we here in Sweden don’t go down the same path.
2:21   It’s not exactly wrong what they have done in Denmark? No, you are bloody right about that!
2:28   I believe that this debate will eventually take place in the final stages of the election campaign.
2:33   It will take place? Yes, now everybody wants to introduce language tests.
2:39   What will happen with the ones we have already accepted? I don’t know.
2:42   What are your personal thoughts on Muslims? I don’t know that many Muslims, so I can’t comment on that.
2:49   But what I know about the Muslims residing in Kristianstad is that many are really trying to
2:55   become ordinary citizens and adapt to Swedish norms and values.
2:58   Do you have positive experiences with them?
3:00   I don’t have enough experience with Muslims to comment.
3:03   That’s how it is, unfortunately.
3:07   What types of immigrants are here? There are obviously different types of immigrants….
3:12   We have quite a few Kurds and people from the FRY — Kosovo Albanians.
3:20   Plus we have Vietnamese who arrived here in the 80s, but they behave themselves
3:24   They have integrated and found jobs.
3:27   But it is certainly not incorrect to claim that the Muslims are not the best behaved group.
3:31   They are very good at breeding and at abusing our system.
3:38   We have quite a lot of Africans in Gothenburg. It’s not very pleasant.
3:44   We have footage of you shot with a hidden camera talking to people with immigrant hostile views.
3:49   And then you express completely different opinions.
3:54   I can’t comment on that. That people with hostile views on immigrants have been here.
3:58   I have received both immigrants and other people during this period and I have told them that we should
4:02   first and foremost focus on looking after the immigrants that are already here,
4:06   and that is something that I still believe in.
4:09   But in the footage you claim that Muslims are good at two things, namely to breed and to abuse the system.
4:14   That I have never said, I am confident about that.
4:17   You have never said that? No.
4:21   So where do you believe that we got this information from? I don’t know where you got that from.
4:26   But what do you base this information on, that they are good at breeding and abusing the system?
4:33   If I have expressed myself in such terms, then I must have heard it from somewhere.
4:40   Where? I cannot remember.
4:43   But do you have any evidence to back up your claims? Ehh, no.
4:48   You are considered the ‘strong’ candidate from Moderaterna here in Kristianstad.
4:51   Can you really say such things in an election campaign headquarters? Isn’t that a serious issue?
4:55   Yes, if I have said something like that I can only say that it is not congruent with my personal beliefs.
5:01   They are good at breeding and abusing our system.
5:07   Your statements about Muslims being good at breeding, do you have the courage to defend it publicly?
5:11   No, I would never say that publicly, nor would I have used such words.
5:15   If I have said it, it must be because someone has asked me a question that can only be answered one way.

7 thoughts on ““They are Good at Breeding and Abusing our System”

  1. ‘I have no information on whether or not this video ended his career’: According to

    http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valstugereportaget ,

    it did:

    ‘Christer Ewe, kommunfullmäktigeledamot i Kristianstad, uteslöts exempelvis ur moderaterna efter att han bland annat sagt att “muslimer är duktiga på att föda många barn och utnyttja vårt system”.’


    Fx Christer Ewe, Kristianstad council member, was excluded from Moderaterna after having said, among other things, that ‘moslems are good at breeding and abusing our system’.

    De mortuis nil…

  2. The video was a production of the Swedish Television – program title something like “mission to investigate”. If it had been a freelance producer, I doubt something would have happened to him.

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  4. Now I remember the story. I had just moved back to Sweden after 10 years in Denmark.
    In fact, it was a rather nasty political action by the Swedish Television who has monopoly of being “critical” in the system. There are politicians among all the established parties that in private are very critical to the immigration policy. “Mission to investigate” didn’ pick a politician from the Social Democratic Party – they deliberately CHOOSE this politician from the Moderates, and of course he was a sitting duck for the journalists.
    What was the result? Politicians from all parties became more careful about saying anything not politically correct even in private. The other day, the Moderate politician Olle Engström was immidiately kicked out of his political assignment after openly having critizised the immigration policy.
    Who were the Winners? Islam, no doubt. They could calmfully continue their invasion of Sweden. The riots in Husby is just one step on the way.

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