“This Car Could Be You”

Don Laird is a regular reader who lives in Alberta, and keeps us on his mailing list for news and commentary. Yesterday he witnessed and photographed an unusual event in Edmonton, and sent out an email about what happened early this morning. It was an event that Counterjihad regulars are quite familiar with: blatant and public Muslim antagonism towards gay people. In this case, an occurrence that would have caused front page headlines and landed a non-Muslim perpetrator in jail is downplayed and hushed up because the crime was committed by culture enrichers. Furthermore, an attempt to photograph what happened elicited a thinly-veiled threat by the authorities.

Edmonton is obviously in a state of extreme denial about the nature and agenda of Islam.

With Mr. Laird’s permission, his entire report is reproduced below, plus one of the photos included with his email:

Today I was in Edmonton for a few hours. At about 8:30 pm, after finishing supper, I was driving westbound on Jasper Avenue near 117th Street.

As I travelled west I noticed on the south side of the street a red car with both its front and rear windows smashed out. There were large signs attached to the car that read “Gay Bashed by Islamic School”. A large crowd had gathered and in addition to several police cars in attendance there was a tow-truck hooking up to the red car getting ready to tow it.

I pulled into a driveway and got turned around. I pulled up beside the tow-truck just as the driver was about to get in to the truck. I got the driver’s attention and quickly explained that I was quite interested in the story, that I did some writing and wanted to take a couple of photographs of the car and the signs attached to it. The driver said “no f***ing way man, I’m outta here now.”… I pleaded with him and he ignored me.

I pulled over and got out to get my camera from the trunk. I just had it and the tow-truck driver roared away. I followed him and when he stopped at red lights I took some photographs of the car. This provoked a ridiculous response from the tow-truck driver who screamed at me out his window saying that “I wasn’t allowed to photograph the car as it was “police property now”…the driver then sped away and at one point pulled away from me at a very high rate of speed through a residential section with the red car swaying and swerving wildly behind him…I caught up at the next light and took some more photographs.

As I was getting in to my car the tow-truck driver had raced through a yellow light leaving me to stopped at the intersection with an Edmonton Police Service cruiser pulled up behind me. The driver had called the police because I was photographing the car, a fact later confirmed by the dispatcher for Double L Towing of Edmonton. The police cruiser waited behind me until the light changed again and by that time the tow-truck was gone. The cruiser did not stop me.

I went back to the area where the car was originally parked. It turns out the car was parked in front of a gay bar called Buddy’s located at 11725b Jasper Avenue.

I started to ask around and no one seemed to eager to explain what happened. A striking facet to my conversations with some of the patrons from Buddy’s, standing outside having cigarettes, was their offered mitigation and excuse of the Muslim vandalism to the car. It was a stunning case of Stockholm Syndrome.

Many of the patrons whispered that they were afraid and didn’t want to make any comments on or off the record.

I also asked the same questions of several Edmonton Police Service officers and they too were very tight lipped. I asked which Islamic school this happened at, they refused to answer. I asked if there had been any charges laid, they refused to answer. I asked as to the identity of the car owner, they refused to answer. A couple of officers told me off the record that the owner of the car had been at a protest near and Islamic school, the protest met with the disapproval of the Muslims who then vandalised the car.

The owner took the car and applied the signs and parked it in front of a popular Edmonton gay bar. The purpose in parking the car in front of the gay bar was to send a message that Muslims will become extremely violent should they disagree with anyone on points of a political and cultural nature. The police removed it as the car “was attracting too much attention”.

The car was towed by Double L Towing, Unit 135, to the Edmonton Police Service vehicle impound yard at 124th Street and Yellowhead Trail. The vehicle is now part of a criminal investigation that the Edmonton police are being very, very tight-lipped about.

I am quite interested to hear the details on this case as it unfolds.

Don Laird

12 thoughts on ““This Car Could Be You”

  1. Let these idiots wait until the Muslims decide to impose Shar’ia Law upon them. It should be interesting to watch these idiots scream and protest at they are being hung by cranes or crucified. I wonder if the “gay” community will protest Muslims then? Or just go back into the closet?

    • “Or just go back into the closet?”

      You already have that answer. Like the white working class who had muslim immigration/racist gangs/child-rapists foisted into their communities, gays have just upped-sticks and left. 20 years ago Tower Hamlets in east London had a density of gay bars that rivalled San Francisco or Amsterdam, now it is a Gay Free Zone. The maps speak for themselves. http://4freedoms.com/group/gays/forum/topics/gay-free-zone-tower-hamlets

      I know many middle-class straight people who have also evacuated islamised areas of London, moving an hour’s train journey away in order to live with their own kind.

      Gay or straight, working-class or middle-class, it is clear that 99.99% of people are just too selfish and short-sighted to think of where things are headed. They will watch inane “reality TV” in their millions, whilst ignoring the reality of what is going on a few miles away.

      There is an exodus of French people moving to the UK. By the time that people decide they have got to fight, it is going to end up being vicious and brutal. Those who are over 30 have left a terrible inheritance for their children and grandchildren. Can there have ever been such a selfish generation in the history of the last 1000 years? As Pat Condell says, “we are leaving a future for our children that we would not want for ourselves”.

      That gays should have no thought for future generations is more understandable than the selfishness of those who bring children into a world where they will see an inevitable civil war, but those who should be able to see this and try to stop it are too busy watching reality TV.

  2. I wonder if Sun TV knows about this?

    Let us not hold our breath waiting for the descent of the MSM onto the story. What story? Whose car? Why are you picking on Muslims? Things like that don’t happen in Canada…feels like there’s a missing “W” in the Rules of Reporting…hmm. Let’s see: who, what, when, where.

    The left loves to natter on about white privilege. Pooh. Muslim muscle=the new privilege. We white trash had better not forget it.

    Stockholm Syndrome indeed. Now that’s a White Bunch if ever there was one.

    Bill Warner called it 1,400 years of Forgetting. Massive Mind Wipes in the face of beastial brutality.

    But be of good cheer. At least one devout Muslim thinks Islam is doomed:

    The Islamists’ mistake is that they believe Allah and Muhammad (May peace and the blessing of Allah be upon him) are so weak, so vulnerable, they need Muslims to protect them, and to do it by killing anyone who breathes a word of criticism, even if it means killing other Muslims. They thus deny the absolute omnipotence of Allah and Muhammad (May peace and the blessing of Allah be upon him), neither of whom, as is well known, needs protection, nor to have mortals killed to defend them, nor to have people become shaheeds [martyrs] to assure themselves a place in Paradise.

    Abdel-Samad’s book describes the magnitude of the tragedy that will unfold for the Islamic world in the next 30 years. It describes the thundering collapse of the economies of the oil-producing countries the day after the wells run dry. Agricultural lands and green forests will turn into deserts, and sectarian strife, already chronic, will flare into full-scale battles.

    The total decline of Islam, which began a thousand years ago, concluded Abdel-Samad, will result in mass emigration from the Arab-Muslim world to the West, especially Europe. That is because the Islamic tragedy, according to him, is based on conceptual backwardness, on a society whose economic and social thinking belong to the Stone Age, a society religiously and politically divided against itself. According to Abdel-Samad, Islam has brought mankind neither innovation nor creativity.

    He bases his prediction on a number of factors, central to which is that the Islamic world does not have a creative economy, it has no significant social order and no constructive cognitive process, and therefore its collapse is inevitable.

    The Crisis of Islam

    The only part he got wrong was the green forests and agriculture. Islam is (in)famous for its desert-making ability. Ask Egypt.

    • “The total decline of Islam, which began a thousand years ago, concluded Abdel-Samad, will result in mass emigration from the Arab-Muslim world to the West, especially Europe.”

      I don’t find this forecast terribly encouraging. The fact that the cancer kills off the first cells where it began, and then begins to spread outward throughout the rest of the body, is the very reason that the cancer kills.
      As long as we are facilitating the spread of this vile disease, there is absolutely no reason for us to be complacent.
      I have children.

      • I found it encouraging because he pointed to the inherent flaws and fragility in a system so hyper-reactive, weak, and scared that it cannot permit the slightest criticism for fear the whole house of cards would tumble. As one imam said, if it weren’t for the laws on apostasy, islam would have been gone long ago. Imagine, an honest imam…can’t remember if he said it in English or if it was translated. Maybe someone else knows?

  3. I can’t remember whether it is the mayor of Edmonton or Calgary who is a muslim, if the former then can we have a statement from him, please?
    One item on the news that made me smile in a wry sort of way today was the discovery of part of an aircraft used in the September 11th attacks on the site of a proposed Islamic centre in lower Manhattan. Might I suggest that it be incorporated in the new building in the form of a sort of sculpture and a reminder of the universal love expounded by the Religion of Peace?

  4. The Jews and the Gays are the canaries in the coal mine……….the Jews are on the move across Europe, again………Gays are being beaten and hunted by the Mohammadans……..in one form or another, Zyklon-B is being stockpiled……barbed wire being rolled out…..brick by grotesque brick the Architects of Madness and Murder are building anew the crematoria…..the cattle trains creak and groan, eager for their second wind…….the storm clouds that rolled across Europe, nay, the world, scant decades ago, now roll and boil on the horizon……Allah and Muhammad have come to call……..and for this…..for all of this……the most obscene are not the actions of those who live for murder……the obscenity lays in the inaction of those who see clearly, through the clarity of historical perspective, the road that lays ahead……and even with that clarity of vision…..chose a path of cowardice, apathy, ignorance, appeasement and collusion………how wretched we are…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  5. I suggest there is a good reason that Edmonton, and Alberta for that matter, is blind to the realities of Islam. Muslims first came to the Canadian Prairies 100 years ago as Lebanese immigrants. I’ve struggled to understand why, since despite Lebanon having a large (majority?) Christian population, Lebanon was still part of the Ottoman Empire. But I’ve heard that there were quite the abuses of the people who left on the part of the state apparatus.

    These immigrants settled in frontier towns and areas where there was no option to rock the boat. People had to integrate to some degree. It is also possible that fanaticism wasn’t endemic among the Lebanese of the time.

    Since 9/11 I’ve heard of women adopting the use of head scarves. Nothing about men in robes yet. The real problem is why the Somali population hasn’t enlightened Edmonton to the realities of Islam. They have a propensity to be murdered at a young age due to drug trade involvement. It’s my understanding that the Jamaicans aren’t too fond of the other dark meat. It was such a ‘problem’ that a couple of years ago the Somali community asked the City of Edmonton to fund a support group to combat gang involvement in young Somalis to the tune of $2M. It’s worth noting the city has been neglecting a core responsibility to the point that 3rd world countries likely have better roads.

    • @Cyrus and company….

      With respect to the rise of Islam within the borders of Canada, Alberta specifically, there are numerous examples that are quite troubling.

      One such example can be found in Ft McMurray, Alberta.

      Ft. McMurray is home to the oil sands mega projects, projects in the trillions of dollars. The importance of the oil sands stems in part from its ability to provide North America with billions of barrels of oil for decades and centuries to come. There have been discoveries and well educated guesses that the oil sands are not isolated to just Ft. McMurray but run in a large band across Saskatchewan and into parts of Manitoba. In addition to the vast stores of heavy oil can be found a mind numbing number of natural gas deposits that have been located across Western Canada, concentrating quite heavily in the northern areas of Alberta, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. This is of crucial importance to maintaining our energy independence, hence our national security.

      (Tech point: oil is crucial as a non-energy resource owing to its role as a component in everything from plastics to cosmetics, to lubricants to tires. The traditional dual usage role of oil can now be relaxed, and thankfully so, as the natural gases can move into a larger role in fueling internal combustion engines and home heating etc. This allows for the reduction of oil consumption, thus preserving existing supplies)

      Look quickly at the Middle East. The suspicions are that areas like Saudi Arabia are at or quickly approaching what is referred to as “Peak Oil”. In other words now their resources/oil reserves are on the decline, and in conjunction, so too their international role and their importance and influence. Many have argued that the United States and many western countries have been happy to allow the Middle East to consume all of its resources while they happily sit atop their own “saved” vast supplies of oil. A recent estimate published in industry related journals and media publications stated that by 2017 the United States of America would be the world’s largest supplier of hydrocarbons. Canada is now the world’s second largest, second to Saudi Arabia.

      If the theory of Saudi “Peak Oil” is true, and I think there is substance to that, exactly what do you think the effect of that has been on those who walk the palace halls in Riyadh?

      Broadly speaking, Saudi Arabia, as with many of the countries like the UAE, Kuwait and Quatar, are intellectual, technological, academic and cultural wastelands. Everything they have they import or steal from the West. Hence, their international role and its importance and influence comes simply from having oil. Nothing more. They have nothing the world needs, they have nothing the world wants. Once the oil is gone they are back in the dark ages again. They know it and we know it.

      Now take a look at the effect that the looming prospect of poverty and global insignificance is having on many of the Sauds, the Wahhabis and Arabs across the Middle East. The thought that the lights will be turned out soon is quite unsettling. No more money for terror related activities. No more money for a life of debauchery and ease. No more influence peddling and control of entire foreign governments. No more programs of lawfare attempting to thwart the national sovereignty of nations like Canada No more money for funding the global spread of Islam. Ironically, this, all of this, is, to the sponsors of global terrorism; terrifying.

      Now, being crafty, they are looking around at their looming relegation to wastelands of insignificance, as such they are investing heavily in non-resource based financial vehicles as well as the energy resource based infrastructure of other countries. The apple of the Saudi eye is now, owing to our vast energy reserves, Canada.

      Now to Ft. McMurray.

      The population of Ft. McMurray is about 80,000 persons, with many of those persons in a transient role of workers who fly in and out on a work related schedule only.

      The Muslim population of Ft McMurray is less than 600 persons with only about 100 to 200 actually attending regular mosque services. The influence of Saudi funded Islam in Ft. McMurray is stunning. I have traveled across Canada and the United States and rarely, with the exception of the ghettoized areas of large cities, seen such a concentration of orthodox Muslims. The skull-caps, the wild shocks of beard, the henna dyed beards, the dishdashas, the glowering looks, the full burqas, the niqabs, the hijabs…..all of this abounds in prominence found in very few other cities in Western Canada. Islam has come to call in Canada’s north.

      Now, look at the number of Muslims and consider their proposals to the City of Ft. McMurray with respect to the building of their new mosque. The mosque is rumored to be in excess of 40,000 sq feet and running into construction costs of 40 to 60 million dollars. No word on the proposed height of the minarets nor the permits regarding the blasting of the call to prayer across the city.

      Think about that for a minute…….

      A mosque serving the needs of 400 Muslims, not all attending mosque. Perhaps in 20 years the Muslim population quadruples, so lets say 1600 Muslims….and they are building a mosque over 40,000 sq feet, worth over 40 million dollars, to say that this is an exercise in disproportionality is an understatement. To say that the disproportionality is purposeful and a matter of tactics and strategy is quite accurate.

      What this is is a recognition that the placement of a mega-mosque (political beachhead and representation of Muslim presence and influence) directly in the heart of North America’s energy reserves symbolizes Islamic control and domination over those same reserves. This is Canada’s own little Cordoba Project.

      I would be very interested to track the source of every dollar to be used in the building of the Ft. McMurray mosque.

      Winding down……

      There has been an alarming increase in Saudi presence in North America. Pre 9-11 estimates of Saudi nationals studying in North American universities numbered less than 1000. Now, today, there are over 66,000 Saudi students across North America.

      The rising incidents of Saudi manipulation and control ranges from melodramas like the Trad Bahabri “Niqab/Brassiere” incident at the Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia, to the lawfare launched, at the behest of Riyadh, in relation to the political activities of Ezra Levant and his “Ethical Oil”……a program that pointed out the hypocrisy of using oil from a savage and barbaric nation like Saudi Arabia , when we have billions of barrels of own oil at home.

      In closing, and what follows may be speculation……..I think we are seeing yet another facet of creeping Sharia, another facet of creeping Islam; the development and insertion of a thinly veiled Saudi, theocratic, Muslim/Islamic ruling class within our Western democracy, an infrastructure of Saudi/Muslim control of the foundational underpinnings of both our national sovereignty and national security…….and I think they are working at a feverish pace to achieve that soon….very soon.

      As to the other influences of immigrant Muslims and political Islam within Alberta, we can also discuss the meat packing plants, the taxi industry, the oilfields around Wabasca…….and many many more.

      Muhammad and Allah have come to call.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Edson, Alberta, Canada

  6. Don writes well. While there is growing awareness of Islam and all its inherent insanity (insanity to us; to them it makes perfect sense, since the “Ideal Man” Big Mad Mo divinely got it from Mr. Big upstairs, and no one dare mess with Mr. Big, or Mo, for that matter), in Eastern Canada, where the Islamic ghettoizing of the major cities of Montreal and Toronto is spreading apace.

    Sun news with Michael Coren, Ezra Levant and others doing sterling work in our corner, gives the anti-Islam network a visible public face (an advantage Canadians have over Americans, which they don’t truly leverage, due to Canadians generally socialistic leanings). Canada has its very own CAIR replete with its own version of the dashing, urbane and metrosexual Ahmed Rehab, except no one can find his name.

    A thing and a bit to worry about is the new Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau, who, similar to Barry Soetoro, in the United States, is completely lacking in any sort of useful leadership qualifications, but is brimming with bravado as a function of the aforementioned metrosexuality, direct lineage with former Lefty Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and a “can’t get enough of that funky Muslim immigrant vote” Chutzpah (apologies to all things Jewish). Max

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