Truck Stop Jihad?

Last month we featured an original-source report by Don Laird on a culturally enriched act of vandalism by Muslims in Alberta. Mr. Laird is back with an account of an incident in an Edmonton truck stop that looked suspiciously like a “Mohammed Atta moment” — that is, devout Islamic activities immediately prior to martyrdom.

The following report was sent out today by fax to law enforcement agencies and other appropriate recipients.


The information in this fax relates to a potential Muslim/Islamic terrorist threat to both Canada and the United States of America.


Canadian Security and Intelligence Service, Ottawa, Canada
Fax: 1-613-231-0612

Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ottawa, Canada
Fax: 1-613-993-0620

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Milk River, Alberta, Det)
Fax: 1-403-647-3874

Canadian Border Services Agency (Port of Entry, Coutts, Alberta)
Fax: 1-403-344-4427

United States ICE (Dept Homeland Security, Sweetgrass, Montana)
Fax: 1-406-335-2931

The Hon. Vic Toews, Minister, Public Safety, Ottawa
Fax: 1-613-954-5186


The information in this fax relates to an incident at the Road King Truck Stop located at the corner of 170th Street and 118th Avenue in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. While a seemingly mundane and innocuous incident, when examined there are facets which give rise to legitimate concerns relating to Muslim/Islamic terrorist threat in the form of the logistical and administrative support of terrorist action within North America.


At approximately 10:30pm on the evening of May 13, 2013, I entered the Road King Truck Stop at the above location. I had been in this same truck stop each night at about the same time for the previous 2 nights.

I had not been to this truck stop in many years and upon my first visit noticed several changes, primarily a new restaurant and new owners. In addition, while in the Road King I had observed numerous Middle Eastern men who were obviously Muslim. These men stood out owing to their manner of dress and beards. specifically; skull caps and an unkempt style of beard favoured by orthodox Muslim men, in particular, the Salafists and Al Qaeda types. This was highly unusual as I had never seen these type of men frequenting these areas before.

On the third night after entering the truck stop I went to the washroom. There were two toilet stalls, urinals and a row of 3 sinks with mirrors. As I was using the urinals a man entered and began using the sink to perform Islamic ablutions. These ablutions included the washing of his feet in the sink. There were several other non-Muslim men in the washroom who raised eyebrows but said nothing.

I waited outside the washroom from a distance and watched the man as he left. He walked down through a large area towards the convenience store/fuel desk. He stopped at one of the Telus payphone kiosks and sat down and started making a call on his cell-phone. I sat down at the kiosk next to him and made a telephone call on the payphone. He turned, looked in my direction and then stood up and started walking toward the rear exit of the building that led to the truck parking area at the rear of the truck stop.

I followed him out and from a distance watched which truck he got into. Parked beside the truck the man entered was another truck belonging to H & R Transport. The H & R truck was being worked on by 2 drivers. I walked over and talked to the H & R drivers. During the conversation with the H & R drivers I wrote down the information relating to the Middle Eastern man’s truck.

During my conversation with the H & R drivers I watched another man get out of the Muslim truck. I had seen this man on a previous evening wandering around the truck-stop. It appeared there were two men in this truck and they possibly were running a “team driving” operation. During my conversation with the H & R drivers both Muslim males had gotten in and out of the truck for brief periods of time and appeared either concerned or interested in our presence in close proximity to their truck.

After finishing my conversation with the H & R drivers I went back into the truck-stop and was surprised to see the same man I had initially seen in the washroom sitting at the same Telus telephone kiosk using his cell-phone. I sat down in the kiosk behind him. After a few minutes he turned and saw me sitting behind him again. I had a camera out and took video of his face. After a few minutes he got up and left. I noticed a telephone book open on the desk of the payphone kiosk, it was a Yellow-Pages and was open to “Columbus Pizza and Donair”. I was using the payphone and I lost sight of the man for about 30 minutes and then saw him again walking into the same washroom where I originally saw him. I did not see him with a delivery from Columbus Pizza and Donair. I left shortly after.

1st Man (washroom)

Middle Eastern, either Lebanese or central Arab, 35 to 40 years old, approx 165 lbs, 5’5” to 5’8’, thinning hair uses gel, cell-phone is most likely iphone with a bright blue cover, dresses in athletic clothing.

2nd Man

Middle Eastern, either Lebanese leaning towards Pakistani, 45 to 55 years old, approx 175 lbs, 5’6” to 5’9”, greying hair very thin to bald on top, dresses in conservative casual.

Truck Information:

Late model Volvo (2012, 2013), large double sleeper, tandem axle, white in colour, silver lettering
Southview Trucking Ltd, Unit SV452
Alberta licence plate on front, # J91435
Motor Carrier # 211764 (?), US DOT # 372705 (?)

Lettering on side of truck indicates truck is owned by a numbered company registered in Quebec, Canada, “9259-5503 Quebec Inc”

Truck is registered as running between the points of Houston, Texas, USA and Vermilion, Alberta, Canada.

Truck relates to:

“Southview Trucking Ltd”
Vermilion, Alberta
4801 40th Street, T9X 1H6,
PH: 780-853-2734
FX; 780-853-6988

(Possible office in Houston at:)
“Southview Trucking Ltd”
8907 Sheldon Road
Houston, Texas

There also appeared to be another truck related to these two men, parked in front of the white Volvo. It was a white “Freightliner” with a Quebec licence plate on the front #L595191


There were a number of warning indicators that something was wrong with what appeared to be an innocuous truck in a truck stop.

  • Performing Islamic ritual pre/post prayer ablutions (washing of body parts), in addition to but not limited to: henna dyed beards, zibiba forehead scars, dishdashas, unkempt beards and skull caps indicates a rigid/orthodox adherence to the instructional tenets of Islam as reflected in the Koran. This rigidity is favoured by suicide bombers/Jihadists and those Muslims who are influential organizers and facilitators of terrorist organizations and their activities and who adhere with painstaking particularity to Koranic calls to murder and terrorize non-Muslims. In this case, considering the surroundings of a traditional truck stop with customers being non-Muslim male, conservative and Judeo-Christian, the act of washing ones feet in a sink normally used for washing faces is nothing more than a political statement designed to provoke, inflame and intimidate.
  • This truck, if team driven, had been parked the truck stop for an unusually long period of time. The truck was still parked at the same truck stop at 5pm on the evening of May 14, 2013
  • The truck in question was registered to an Alberta company but was showing ownership originating in Quebec, Canada. The truck was also parked along side another truck with Quebec licence plates. Quebec is a hot-spot of Muslim/Islamic terrorist related activity with many arrests from terror facilitator Mouna Diab to the recent apprehension of Chiheb Esseghaier and Raed Jaser, two men charged with plotting mass murder in the USA and Canada on a Titanic scale. While seeing trucks with Quebec plates running in Western Canada is not rare, it is not commonplace. Seeing a truck running a Western freight corridor under the name of a small company in small town rural Alberta while owned by a company in Quebec and driven by two orthodox Muslims is rare.
  • The point to point relation of Vermilion, Alberta and Houston, Texas raises concerns in relation to Muslim/Islamic activity. This could be quite innocent but considering the Muslim/Islamic activity in the state of Texas that is directly connected to terrorism this may be an indicator of movement of weapons, explosives, ordnance and logistics in relation to upcoming terrorist actions. Of concern is the close relation of Muslims who are working feverishly to implement Islam in western Canada in proximity to Ft McMurray, Alberta. Ft. McMurray, a symbol of Western independence and wealth. being a prime target for terrorist action.
  • While a personal comment, the above circumstances seemed very odd and as such to err on the side of caution seems appropriate. Every piece of the puzzle taken alone appears insignificant and harmless. Placed in close proximity with each other these pieces create pictures like the ones recently taken in Boston and Ft. Hood.

Photographs and video of the man in question were taken and are available upon request.

The author of this account is Don Laird and can be reached at [contact information].

23 thoughts on “Truck Stop Jihad?

  1. If I’m reading this correctly, the ablutions in the rest room were followed up with phone call(s) and not followed up with prayers, so Don’s characterization in the bullet point:

    “… the act of washing ones feet in a sink normally used for washing faces is nothing more than a political statement designed to provoke, inflame and intimidate. “

    reflects a ‘hammer meets nail’ characterization.

    I would also include ‘human trafficing’ to the following quote:

    “•The point to point relation of Vermilion, Alberta and Houston, Texas raises concerns in relation to Muslim/Islamic activity. This could be quite innocent but considering the Muslim/Islamic activity in the state of Texas that is directly connected to terrorism this may be an indicator of movement of weapons, explosives, ordnance and logistics in relation to upcoming terrorist actions”

    given Texas’ porous border, history of illegal muslim infiltrations and the current US administrations profound if not intentional lax control of ‘illegal’/’undocumented’ trespassers.

  2. If this man receives a “Nothing to see here, move on, people,” response and something happens, I will declare that we are doomed.
    Good work, sir.

  3. This “piece of news” can be shortened down to: An arabic-looking truck driver washed his feet (obviously some kind of nefarious ritual, not f.ex. because the feet were sweating because of driving a truck for a long time), and that the arabic-looking man was calling on a cellphone.

    I won’t deny the risk of terrorism or islamic fanaticism growing wherever there are enough muslims present, but this.. Paranoia?

    • Try washing your own feet in a public restroom.

      It’s a real chore — quite awkward.

      This ritual is stipulated as preparation for the daily prayers — hatin’ on the infidels.

      (It doesn’t get much press — but five times a day muslims spend quality time cursing infidels — as such curses compose about 80% of their ‘prayers.’)

      Since five times a day is… five times a day — there is NO WAY that a muslim truck driver has feet so dirty he needs to wash them… yet again.

      The fellow is jumping up into your face — psychological jihad — so that you’ll know that a Salafist has arrived.

      A trucking business is a magnet for jihadis. It gives them a perfect reason to do what they want to do: shuttle around the country.

  4. I observed a young male Muslim (what else?) washing his feet in an I-81 Northbound rest stop less than a one-hour drive south of Washington DC.

    The young man was accompanied by another who gave me a surly “you got a problem with my pal washing his feet in a public sink?” sneer.

    That’s a “cars only” rest stop and I didn’t make the connection with pre-bombing ablutions but it was unsettling.

  5. Hello Heponen…

    Without a background relating to transportation or rural Alberta or transportation in Rural Alberta or western Canadian transportation operations or oilfield transportation operations or the role of Alberta in global energy markets or the role of Alberta in securing North American energy independence or the role of Alberta’s securement of energy independence and the effect that has on North American national security and national sovreignty …….. fair comment/critisicm to be sure, your words…… “Paranoia”……

    In answer to that Heponen please read the “conclusion” again……in its entirety and then reflect on that the context of my aforementioned points.

    We have seen an explosion of Muslim activity in Alberta in the last two years. That explosion includes “Muslims of Calgary”, The Islamic Society of North America and many others who are directly connected to Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Queda and the Muslim Brotherhood. These same groups enjoy preferential treatment at the hands of many of the Alberta police services including the police services of Edmonton and Calgary.

    No coincidence then that much of this is the focus of activity related to the growing importance and role of the oil sands and oilpatch of Alberta/Ft McMurray and its role in North American energy independence. hence, the termination of our self funded suicide and or enslavement at the hands of Saudi Arabia….a termination that the Saudi’s are terrified of and are fighting tooth and nail to stop. (Note: Canada is second only to Saudi Arabia, globally, in proven oil reserves)

    Perhaps you can look to the city of Ft McMurray and notice with some “paranoia” the proposed mosque for less than 600 Muslims of which about only 150 attend mosque ful time……the mosque you ask?………a simple little affair……some 40,000 sq feet and cost estimates ranging in excess of 30 million dollars.

    To conclude……..join me Heponen in my “paranoia”……….it may keep both you and your culture alive just a wee bit longer.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown, Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

    “Somewhere between here and there……………”

  6. This account by Don Laird is far from being paranoia—it is an observant and thoughtful piece of reporting, something to be highly valued in the present-day situation of increasing Islamic attacks, both actual and threatened, on North American soft targets. Had those around the two Boston bombers been half as observant and half as responsible in reporting their suspicions as Mr. Laird, most likely lives would have been saved. It’s citizens such as Mr. Laird who, in providing invaluable information to authorities, can help uncover important leads. Perhaps this was all innocent everyday behaviour on the part of these two Muslims, but nonetheless the coming-together of various factors bears further scrutiny.

    If this seems like undue suspicion placed on peaceful Muslims going about their everyday business—”Islamophobia” in the favoured terminology of the OIC—then the Muslim community needs to work to ensure that there are no Islam-inspired bombers coming from within its midst. Then we all could relax and there would be no need for Mr. Laird and other concerned citizens to remain watchful.

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  8. Mr Laird isn’t paranoid in the least. This sort of thing — odd, probing behavior by suspicious-acting Muslim men — is increasingly common. Just read some of the accounts given by airline employees of such behavior in airports and aboard airliners. They’ll make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. And with Western governments scared to death of causing offense, it’s more important than ever for civilians to be on alert at all times. Their feelings are hurt? Too [darned] bad.

  9. Hats off Don! The counter-jihad movement needs a network of enlightened observers in your mold. As the police and security organizations across North America continue to willfully ignore the threat posed by Jihad and ultimately Sharia law, it is the concerned citizen, on the spot, who will ultimately save our civilization.
    What is obvious to anybody with a modicum of understanding of Islam, seems oblivious to our increasingly PC minded law-and-order dhimmies. As evidenced by muslim Big Brother Ricky Veerappan’s performance a la Pamela Geller in Toronto recently we have much to be concerned about. The infiltration of muslims in every and all levels of Government in both Canada and the US does not bode well for the future. The increase in muslim brotherhood front organizations and the rapid building of Mosques all across North America is staggering and our politician’s ignorance of it is stultifying.
    In the next 5-10 years, muslim saturation by percentage of population in Canada and the US will reach the level whereby they will exert themselves violently to disrupt and disable our hitherto peaceful society. Europe, in its reprehensible and unfathomable rush to the brink is 10 years ahead of us. The gap is exponentially shrinking here as the North American fifth coloumn implements lessons learned from Europe.
    I do not think we have the breathing space of 5-10 years. Saudi funded mosque building and investment in MSM apparatus is on the upswing. As North America begins the process of de-coupling from energy dependence on middle-east oil, the MoBro must find safe haven for the mountains of petro-dollars at its disposal before its Islamic hellholes implode. The Agha Khan scams in Texas and acquisition of Current TV by Al Jazeera are but the tip of the iceberg. Expect propaganda and Taqiyya to thunder louder in the coming years.
    You are a brave man Don. I feel a grassroots movement, comprised of individuals like you, will develop over time, to do what our law enforcement seems either disinclined, or, incapable of doing. Their forte, as evidenced by the Toronto police monitoring Pamela Geller’s speech in Toronto, is tagging the good guys while the bearded wonders blow-up the store in their absence.

    P.S In case you haven’t thought of it you might consider posting on Jihad Watch; there is a great appetite for your type of action there.

  10. I don’t think this post is appropriate. It is pure speculation, based on the writer’s bias. I agree that we have problems caused by ignorance and indifference, but this piece, while perhaps appropriate for law enforcement, seems more prejudiced than probative.

  11. “… the act of washing ones feet in a sink normally used for washing faces is nothing more than a political statement designed to provoke, inflame and intimidate. “

    Last month I was at a local Sam’s Club one Saturday afternoon. After unloading my groceries I went to put my cart back in the cart return. I noticed that the carts were pushed out into the parking lot, and a small girl, about three years old was barricaded in the stall with an older man, presumably her father. The man paid absolutely no attention to me as I attempted to return my cart. Then I watched as he took off his shoes and put down his prayer rug. I was so disturbed by this I went back to the store the following Monday to inform the manager on duty. The manager told me they have caught “them” (Muslims) doing this “all the time” in the bathrooms. I told her my greater concern was what was their policy when this happens; what do they do when it happens? I did not get an answer.

    If I ever see this again, I will go back into the store immediately and complain.

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  13. They ordered Pizza or Kebaabs for Petes sake. Good to keep aware, and we have a reason to be paranoid to some extent, but devout muslims wash their feet, doesn’t make them jihadi’s. I too would have made it apparent that I was observing them to make them a bit paranoid, it is probably why the guy glared at you. Seems normal. Could be bad guys, but more than likely just normal guys trying to make a living. Unless you got more than washing feet or praying, it is just something to file away as an unfamiliar encounter.

    • An “unfamiliar encounter”? Do western people wash their feet in the sinks of public restrooms, short of some kind of emergency? Should we put up with this when the rest of us would like an at least semi-sanitary sink to wash our hands or rinse off our faces? Or must we allow our basic sense of propriety and sanitary conditions to be modified to allow 3rd world cultural affectations?
      If you want to rinse your feet at a truck stop, go use the hose around back… It is interesting to me that even commenters on this site are willing to modify a basic sense of western decorum to fit the Islamic norm.

  14. Thanks Don,

    To me, there’s more to this than meets the eye. Muslim acting weird need to know that we are on to them. That alone might save lives. This wacky acting out never happened until the nineties? Somehow we were trained to submit (look away and allow). I won’t submit to threatening signals, I will report them for sure.

    Also, our cops and government won’t stay on top of anything unless we are letting them know our concerns.

    We all need to be able to do exactly what you did.

  15. I still give the women muslims in the scarf and the long black clothing the stare and then the frown… ALWAYS! Then I laugh out loud and walk away.

    Just want them on edge ALWAYS.

  16. In late March 2003, soon after the Madrid train bombings, I was taking a train from Providence, RI to Philadelphia. A young man, perhaps 20 years old, entered the station and sat near me on the bench. He was dark-haired and light-skinned, and very slight, as I could determine from his hands, his feet, and his head and shoulders, but he had a very large torso. He was wearing a tan windbreaker jacket, was carrying only a small knapsack-like bag, and he was nervously fingering an Amtrak train ticket. I stared at him for a while, then got up, stood in front of him and looked at him directly. He never looked up at me nor made eye contact in any way. His jacket was zipped up to the neck, which was odd as the rest of us had ours opened and/or off, because the station was at a very comfortable temperature. His torso looked much bigger and bulkier than it should have, given his small hands and feet. I walked around the bench and sat next to him again, and continued to stare at him. After a few minutes, again without even glancing in my direction, he got up and left the station. I followed him to the door, thinking he was going outside to smoke a cigarette, or find a police officer and report me for profiling (yes, I’d decided he was Middle Eastern), but he just walked away from the station and did not come back while I was there. That is very suspicious behavior, and that is precisely what all concerned “infidels” should be doing in this time of potential terror threats, to help our law enforcement officials. I reported the incident to the Amtrak police later, on my return trip, but I should have reported it right away. I urge everyone to pay attention to even the smallest details, as you’ll never know what might be important, and you could help stop a terrorist from killing us. Be nosy, be very nosy. And don’t dismiss anything that strikes you as odd.

  17. Of course sink foot washing is a political statement. They want special foot washing fixtures installed all over the west to acknowledge their growing dominance and they are ready to fight anytime. First saw the foot washing at the airport circa 2000.

  18. I’m afraid, here, the problem lie with us.

    My son got two trucks and he have a hellish time finding drivers.

    The [culture enrichers] have found an opening there and they take advantage of it.
    Put three drivers on an over-the-road tractor and you can legally drive around the clock.

    He say half the trucks he meet on the highway are full of [enrichers]…of course, he’d rather park the truck than turn it over these filthy bums…they’d most likely just
    steal the damn thing…imagine that, in their nightmare of a country, a DOCTOR make twenty dollars a month!

    So, that the [servants] of allah wash their feet in the sinks is the last of our problem!

  19. The Agha Khan, eh?
    Read up on Hassan Ibn Al Sabbah, the old man of the mountain,
    the Mountain of Alamut…His Ismaelite mafia of assassins cut a large swath of murdered Caliphs in the Middle East…That ISMAELITE Shiite sect is the origin of Al Qaeda and is now called
    “Takfir wal Hijra” or Hegira…The Banned Heretics…they switch from Sunni to Shiites
    at their convenience…They sneer at the Sharia(for suckers only)…their quest for the coming Mahdi(Obama?) have only three precepts, as announced by Hassan on his deathbed:” THERE IS NOTHING TRUE”…”EVERYTHING IS PERMITTED”
    The word “assassin” is from the Farsi “Hassan-sins”…
    The 9/11 crew was said to be from his mafia, the Takfir wal Hijra…
    But not Osama…the Bin Laden family being regarded in the islamic Umma as all vulgar money bags…

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