The Sex Monster of the Vienna Metro

The following article from Austria is not new — it was published back in January — but the case it describes is ongoing. The alleged sex monster, Mustafa A., is still awaiting his day in court.

Many thanks to Hermes for translating this report from oe24:

U-Bahn [metro] rapist Mustafa A — The most brutal sex monster in Austria

Criminologists are still at the beginning (of this case), but it is already clear that in the person of the Turkish national Mustafa A. (28) they are dealing with the most brutal sex beast in Austria. The suspected serial rapist, the sex monster of Metro line no. 6 who caused such horror, has abused at least four more women.

Three cases were already known. In each case, Mustafa A. had looked for victims in Metro no. 6, followed them after they left the subway car, and attacked them. He stole their money and mobiles, falling upon the women from behind like an animal. It is mainly this brutality which is the parallel to the new cases. The victims have meanwhile picked out their rapist at an identification parade.

And there are more coincidences. All the attacked women are between 20 and 30 years old, all were robbed. Mustafa A. took away their mobiles, so that after being raped they would not be able to call the police.

Seven women are already certain about their identification, and there is still an eighth woman who has to make the identification parade, but the facts of the attack are identical also in this case. Mustafa A., who is entitled to the presumption of innocence, was active for more than one year. Two completed rapes, two attempts, a sexual coercion and two sexual assaults are extant up until now.

Police are looking for more victims of the metro assailant

The criminal investigation department fears that there could be more victims. “All open cases will be reviewed once more. There will be new identification parades,” the police spokesperson Thomas Keiblinger said to newspaper Österreich.

Mustafa A., who has been sitting in Josefstadt prison since Wednesday this week, is almost constantly interrogated. “He denies all rapes, but in some case he admits (having made) contact to the woman and also the robberies, but he does not give information in other cases,” Keiblinger said.

Mustafa A. tried to escape to Turkey through Hungary and Romania after the police publicized some photos from surveillance camera footage on the 27th of December, but the Hungarian police caught the most brutal sex monster in Austria in a passport control on a train, and sent him back to Vienna.

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  1. “There will be new identification parades.”

    Oh goodie, a parade! All of the ‘uncovered meat’ infidel girls are invited….

    “He denies all rapes.”

    Well, do they have four Muslim male witnesses who witnessed the rapes in progress? That is what Sharia Law requires to prove rape! Otherwise, the Muslim man was just waging his own personal very successful Rape Jihad as Geert Wilders calls it. PBUH! Allahu akbar! Infidel war booty! Yeesh!

  2. “Monster” seems like a misapplied term. Let’s instead call it what it is: a muslim.

  3. Oh my goodness! Another case of “racism” against Muslims! We must demand his release and give him a job at a girl’s school! After all, this will make him feel “part of the community” and become a responsible citizen….

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