Another One of Those Days

Spring Fundraiser 2013, Day 2

Today is the second day of our quarterly bleg. However, due to this afternoon’s appalling events, I’ll put aside my pitch for the moment and focus on what happened in Boston.

This week’s theme is “putting our heads over the parapet”, so take a look at the emergency workers in the above photo, bearing in mind the roles they play during a terrorist attack. Talk about putting oneself in harm’s way!

Just like the firemen and cops at the WTC on 9-11, they have to run towards the place that everyone else is running away from, screaming. Despite the possibility of more bombs, or terrorists with automatic weapons, or radioactive materials, or vapor from poisonous chemicals that might have been added to the bomb to enhance its lethality — despite all that, they still have to go there.

It’s inspiring to see them in action. And, whatever political footballs are made from today’s events and tossed around in the weeks ahead, these brave people deserve our respect and gratitude. These heroes make up part of the basic decency that is still woven into the fabric of everyday men and women of this country.

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In addition to the hideousness of the act itself — the horror it unleashed upon the citizens of Boston and the participants in the Marathon, the permanent damage to a cherished annual event, the years of suffering that lie ahead for the victims and their families — one cannot help but dread the political use to which today’s (or rather, yesterday’s) events will be put.

If the conspirators who carried out the atrocity turn out to be Muslims, we can expect a mad, intricate pirouette by the Obama administration’s talking heads designed to make sure that nobody (well, no media person at least) ever dares to connect what happened with Islam. “Lone wolves” are bound to make an appearance. And no one who does such things could possibly be a “true Muslim”, of course.

And, if it does turn out to be an Islamic terror attack, the most important aspect of the aftermath of the Boylston bombing will be to make sure that there is no “backlash against American Muslims”. Avoiding this will be the number one priority. In his first breath after a non-zero Mohammed Coefficient for the suspects is revealed, the news announcer will remind us that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful patriots who work hard and are wonderful Americans. Oh, and one more thing: if this incident were somehow to result in increased “intolerance” in the country, then the terrorists would have won, and the victims in Boston would have died in vain.

And on and on and on. We all know the drill.

On the other hand, suppose — God forbid — that the perpetrators of the bombings are in the Timothy McVeigh/Anders Behring Breivik mould. In that case the Lone Wolf will depart the scene precipitously, never to be seen again! You and I, and all other people like us, anyone with even the slightest conservative tendencies, will share the blame for the horrendous events of April 15, 2013. More laws against all the bad things we do and say and think will be necessary, in order to preserve the security of the homeland and keep ordinary Americans safe…

Yep, either way it’s going to be a rough ride.

But, for the moment, let’s not think about that. I’d prefer to remember those people in Boston who are now enduring a living hell through no fault of their own, and the selfless people who help and care for them. They all deserve our prayers.

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Tip jarI mentioned last night one of main imperatives behind this quarter’s fundraising effort, namely my newly-acquired and expensive medical condition that has required me to cover my left eye while I work.

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We covered our start-up expenses with the help of a brief appeal right after we moved, so we are taken care of for the time being in that regard. But these additional expenses will be ongoing, which makes us push just that little bit harder.

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9 thoughts on “Another One of Those Days

  1. It is now gardening season in NY. So, many days I am outside and not glued to my computer.
    I want to thank once again everyone that makes this site a success; especially Vlad and the translators. Without your help I would never get the news from other countries that you bring to me. Thank you so much. I don’t think you can imagine how much I appreciate you. And so, I donate my small sum to keep this site going.
    Babs, Setauket, NY, USA

  2. The Liberal Irish already have the culprits sorted.

    From the leading Irish newspaper, “The Irish Times” website:

    “Attack has hints of right-wing terrorists rather than al-Qaeda-inspired extremism “

    • In the wake of the Mega Mosque Project with Hundreds of Millions of Money at least one Irish “media soul” started to loose ground ……below the feet ?

      …….or did he or she exactly described which are those HINTS ?

      My present opinion !!!, is:

      1) Hudna came to an end … so the pressure in Islamic hearts “to do something” increased and WAS INCREASED !

      2) To bomb at a Marathon would quite sure harm no other core Muslim…

      3) To destroy the fitness cult in the US would essentially weaken the resistance …. Muslims do really think that sort of tactical.

      4) Since this was an attack on US citizens together with the attack at the bibliothek this was a broad scale “above daily politics” attack …… so who else ?

      …..some psychopath(s) without a murder cult in the “back” —-

      So all of these true hints put together the direction is quite clear —– BUT sure, it could be other motives too ….. the most plausible ones are of Islam haters, which wished to expose Islam in the US to even more anger ….. than already is there.

      But how cracy is such …… considering the facts how much murdering is done by Muslims from moment to moment on this planet ….. summoning up the fronts of Islamic warzones inside countries and to neighbouring countries we face the geographically largest scale war on this planet, neither WW 1 and WW 2 had such immense frontiers as the present days Dschihad which is the third great “roll” of Dschihad since it was established.

    • The Irish Times QUOTED a comment by a character named Barrett who has served with MI5, MI6 and the British Foreign Office. “…….who is now Senior Director at QATAR International Academy for Security Studies……”

  3. McR – yeah, they’re doing it here too.

    Babs- Vlad is indeed wonderful. A man of many parts, most of them still working. He and I share our ADD…poor Baron.

    BTW, we tithe to Vlad from our fundraisers. I’ll have to mention that in a post. He and Da B have become good friends. Birds of a feather and all that. Umm…think of crows. Wise & wily crows.

  4. The FBI already mentioned the lone wolf scenario, how odd, and it’s being picked up by various foreign newspapers, of course.

    I stumbled upon the Cursa Corte Inglés 2013 marathon by accident one and a half week ago while being on a short trip in Barcelona with my son and father-in-law. The entire Plaça de Catalunya, part of the Passeig de Gràcia and the adjacent streets were packed with athletes, sports amateurs, family members and supporters. I can only imagine what physical damage a “lone wolf” could have caused there that sunny Sunday morning… brr.

  5. BB said, ” the news announcer will remind us that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful patriots who work hard and are wonderful Americans. ” …. I can just imagine what Bill Warner, the nom de guerre of Bill French, would have to say about this.

  6. Al Qaeda operatives.

    Their method and their aim: terrorizing the infidels.

    IED’s witnessed by a goboal audience to humiliate the arrogant hyper-power.

  7. Al Qaeda operatives.

    Their method and their aim: terrorizing the infidels.

    IED’s witnessed by a global audience to humiliate the arrogant hyper-power.

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