More Violence on the Vienna Metro

We reported earlier this week on the culturally enriched “Sex Monster” of the Vienna Metro; below is an account of a more recent attack on the subway in Vienna.

Many thanks to Hermes for translating this article from last Sunday’s Österreich:

Attacks at Metro no. 6 — father stabbed

Yet another brutal Metro attack — the father of two Acar S. (39) will in the future think twice before asking swearing youngsters to behave properly. Acar S. was with his two children at the no. 6 Metro station Handelskai on Saturday. He had to make an urgent telephone call, and asked a group of teens to be not so loud. Then one of them gave him a resounding slap in the face. Totally stunned as he was, he took his children and hurriedly left the Metro platform.

The gang followed the victim to the forecourt and attacked

But he was unable to go further, because the gang followed the man of Turkish origin to the forecourt of the station. The inconceivable happened at Maria-Restituta-Platz in Brigittenau district, where the gang attacked him again, a knife blade appearing suddenly.

Acar S. fell to the ground, was stabbed twice in the thigh and remained bloodstained on the ground — all in front of his crying children. The offenders escaped; witnesses called the police. An immediate manhunt achieved positive results. The officers were able to catch Massiullah (19) near the crime scene.

He was spotted thanks to the bloodstains on his t-shirt, but three witnesses were also able identify him as the knife-wielder. “He did not deny his deed,” police spokesperson Thomas Keiblinger said to Österreich. Massiullah K. is sitting now in Josefstadt prison — he is entitled to the presumption of innocence. The victim was carried to the emergency hospital in Meidling, and he is out of danger. The police are now investigating the other members of the brutal gang.

Chronology of attacks in the subway system

This was not the only blood-stained aggression taking place in a Metro station. It is mainly Metro no.6 which has turned into a source of negative headlines.

  • Drunken man stabbed police agent: In early April a drunkard thrust the blade of a knife into the neck of an agent in the no.6 Station Josefstädter Straße. The victim survived.
  • Deadly stabbing at Längenfeldgasse: A Romanian (25) stabbed a Nigerian (20) in March during a drug transaction.
  • Rapist looked for victims in Metro no. 6: Mustafa A. (28) had allegedly spied out 8 women in tube no.6. He has been sitting in prison since January.

Hermes adds this:

There was also an online survey in the article about the feeling of security of Viennese citizens regarding the tube:

Are you fearful in the subway?

78.10%   Yes, I feel really unsafe!
21.90%   No, I feel myself in good hands on public transport!

(Results from the 19th of April)

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  1. Try the berlin u or s bah
    feel fear in the air as muslim racist gangs roam freely and abuse rob and kill innocent people!

    Berlin is the stronghold of left wing new nazi enabelers of islamic vutchers

    • Because they have each others backs!
      They are still in the minority. Maybe if a group of 30 people responded to a girl screaming, there would be a lot less of this sort of thing.
      One non-muslim attacks one muslim, 200 muslims beat him to a pulp.
      One muslim attacks a non-muslim and everyone is afraid of being called a rascist. Stupid.
      Of course, one could claim that this is “incitement to civil war”, nope, it is however encitement to civil courage and the protection of our fellow citizens, whatever race or religion!

  2. That’s so sad. I remember buzzing about on Vienna’s U-Bahn in what I thought was perfect safety. Another place on my ‘don’t go back there’ list.

  3. I suppose it’s now safer to ride the subway in New York than in Vienna, Paris, Brussels or Berlin.

    I remember the time when veteran press photographers were preparing for a story on the New York subway as if they were leaving for Viet-Nâm.

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