Seneca III has taken an expert look at the Boston Marathon bombings and their aftermath, and offers a few observations about what might be missing from the reportage on the week’s events.

by Seneca III

Many questions are being asked about the circumstances leading up to, surrounding and following the Islamic atrocity in Boston, and rightfully so. The following list comes from a post on The Astute Blogger, and to my mind the questions are both logical and reasonable to ask although, I suspect, the Obamites will be somewhat reluctant to do so:

1.   Who helped them?
2.   Who financed them?
3.   Who trained them?
4.   Who was aware beforehand and kept quiet?
5.   Who knew afterwards and kept quiet?
6.   Why did the FBI drop the ball in 2011?
7.   Which foreign country wanted the FBI to investigate them?
8.   What role — if any — did Alharbi play in this?
9.   Is there a hotbed of Islamism hidden within the college the younger brother attended, and other cells?
10.   Did any professors encourage them by teaching them an anti-USA/anti-Russia narrative for the Chechen war?

From my very limited point of understanding over on this side of the pond a detailed answer to question number 8 might well be enlightening, particularly in view of the secret meeting between Kerry and the Saudi ambassador and the subsequent swift deportation of the Alharbi youth complete with all of the tribal and Jihadi affiliations he so obviously carried. Such an answer might well have made a seminal contribution the investigation had the investigation been conducted in-depth over time with the youth available to assist the investigators with their enquiries, but as of now this whole avenue of enquiry has been safely buried for reasons not disclosed to the American people by their own administration — or, perhaps, ‘safely buried’ being what the latter hope for, I suspect.

However, one small advantage of looking into such terrible happenings from an external perspective tempered by experience is that it can be quite useful to clinically examine not so much what is postulated or reported in the media, or peddled by the political classes and their executive agencies, but rather to look closely for what is not said or openly commented upon, those things long known in the trade as lacunae — obvious gaps in the narrative that most of the time mean nothing at all, but do occasionally turn out to be an investigative gold mine. Here therefore is a compound question that has been nagging me for the last twenty-four hours or so:

“Why, after the typical Muslim disregard for human life and suffering as displayed by both the nature of and the way they placed the bombs, did these two demented slaves of Allah choose to release, alive and unharmed, the driver of the Mercedes that they hijacked; and hence might it not be productive for it to be disclosed in the public domain what is known about the driver, particularly his or her nationality, political affiliations, ethnicity, or belief system and precisely why the vehicle was where it was when it was?”

It is more than likely of course that there are perfectly rational and acceptable answers to all of these points, another dry hole, so to speak. However, for them to remain unanswered by those who should and do know, and in a clear and open way that can be verified, might well raise an eyebrow or two amongst the patriotic thinking classes.

Or at least it should.

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7 thoughts on “Lacunae

  1. The COEXIST driver was released because he was a conduit of disinformation.

    They led him to believe/ informed him that they’d stashed additional IEDs all around the local area — which they could detonate by cell phone dial-up.

    They then proved to him and to the BPD that they were not short of explosives by tossing additional IEDs from the SUV back towards the pursuing cops. (Shades of “Terminator” — the motorcycle pursuit)

    This is why BPD HAD to shut down all the local cell towers — HAD to compel everyone to stay inside — HAD to proceed with a massive cop intensive man hunt — HAD to avoid using radios — particularly anything emitting near to cell phone frequencies — and why perp @2 was able to escape the primary cordon. (Everyone was working slow and cautious because IEDs were to be expected at every turn.)

    In sum: it was a wise tactical move. A dead infidel could not inform the BPD to slow down.

    Your speculations exist solely because officialdom does not want to further terrify the public with the prospect that ‘stay behind’ IEDs might yet still litter the Boston area; hence they suppress all of the above.

    The carjackee was a multiculturalist — all the way — hence the COEXIST bumper sticker.

    The duo picked his machine because their own Benz was still in the shop. They’ve seen enough movies to know that a proper villain rolls in luxury — a Benz.

    You might ask how they could afford a Benz while attending college — and an expensive one at that. THAT’S a great question.

    I’d say that they were running contraband as their primary means of financial support.

    Hence, they ‘studied’ boxing and wrestling, necessary skills for career criminals.

    Their stoic performance after their marathon atrocity is a direct consequence of their normal routine: a life of crime. That is, they were USED to getting away with it.

    They were as conceited as Buraq, the Wan.

    BTW, selling drugs to the infidel does qualify as jihad. That’s why even the Taliban reversed course and jumped into the trade — with both feet.

    It is increasingly evident that the FBI is going to be arresting other family members. If nothing else, they can’t explain how they could maintain their lifestyle on legitimate income.

    Lastly, Napolitano and Holder and Buraq have been dragging their feet every step of the way. The tempo has been forced by the public — and the Internet.

    This is so obvious that it’s made it to Drudge. All of the European press has taken note. Only the American MSM stays silent on this issue.

  2. Islam MUST be banned! and all muslims deported to islamic countires, we must have no dealimgs with these muslims on any level!

    The so called western political leaders in unison, have all betrayed all of our western nations and peoples, by not protecting us against the murdering nazi phoney cult ideology of so called islam.

    we are being forced to be silent, to not say anything about muslims, and islam, and this totalitarianism is now enforced by criminal laws that have been approved also to silence and murder us.

    who made these so called hate speech laws ?? who got them implemented ?

    who is responsible for the destruction of our freedom of speech ??
    names ????/ we need list of these traitors, we need to out them!
    publish there names and addresses, so that they can feel the heat. like the heat that they are making the millions of western peoples submit to.

    we must fast, now, identify the traitors who are amongst us, in the EU, the UK goverment, the US goverment, the German goverment, we need to OUT! the architects who are hiding inside parliaments, and institutions, who are plotting our murders, subjugation and deaths, and silencing our response to the muslim islmamic killers who are seeking our deaths because we are of different faiths, gays, lesbians, athiests, christian, buddist or jews…..

    Islam MUST be BANNED!!!! now! it must be outlawed, and muslims must be removed from amongst us.

    they banned mein kampf, we must ban islam (like the nazis are banned) and ban and burn the koran now!

    charles martel

  3. “who made these so called hate speech laws ?? who got them implemented ?”

    Muslim organisations in the UK worked for YEARS to get the hate speech law implemented. I found a document on the government website which traced the pre-history of the current Religious And Racial Hatred (2006) Act. Muslims and socialists had been trying to get this passed since the mid 1990s.

    When it was finally introduced in 2005, it was as an adjunct to an anti-terrorism bill. It was clearly a quid pro quo; the anti-terrorism bill was devised specifically to be able to imprison muslim terrorists who were evading conviction. In return for this “attack” on the muslim community, they were to be granted freedom from criticism.

  4. The only backlash that follows a muslim atrocity is against our civil liberties, that always get the axe in ever more creative ways, to assure the public stays gagged and impotent. Not only acting against muslim terrorism is prohibited, even thinking about it is now a target of shame and defamation campaigns.

    Islam would be back in its rat infested medieval corner if not for the leftist political class. Islam may be a cancer, but the intelligentsia is like the brain that betrays the body from underneath it to appease the cancer. Islam is only a danger because the left has allowed it to be.

    The Left doesn’t lead; it dictates. It tells people who they are, what they like, what they want without any regard for facts on the ground. Has there ever been a political class more at odds with the will of the people who elected them and with common sense? Ask any people in the world: do you want your country to be swamped with foreigners that have a culture overtly inimical to yours, to eat away all public resources with their hostility, social scheming, welfare abuse and terrorism, who refuse to integrate and transform your once cozy and typical neighborhoods into segregated citadels and proclaim your inferiority on the streets as the police watches on? Who would answer “yes” to that?

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