Bad White People Cause All the Problems

Spring Fundraiser 2013, Day 6

[Not all white folk are bad. Some are just crazy. Others are Stuck on Stupid and Can’t Help it]

We kept delaying our Fundraising Week hoping for two things: that our health would improve, and that there would be nothing on the national/global agenda to turn readers’ attention elsewhere. Gates of Vienna is a small undertaking; we didn’t want our efforts to get buried under more important events. But if we delayed much longer… well, would we end up procrastinating forever?

Tip jarWe looked both ways anxiously; we scanned the skies for portents. We argued civilly discussed a theme. I won. Thus on April 14th we girded our loins (whatever that means), collected some images and set about making more sandbags for the foxhole.

[Okay, so we forgot about Tax Day. But lots of self-employed people skip April 15th too, and for the same reasons we do: it’s easier to avoid the rush when you’re not getting anything back so why not avoid the present pain? Just send in your quarterly vigorish and be done with it.]

Having been burned by the karma of world-shakingly vital sports events coinciding with our efforts to raise money before, I checked this time: no World Soccer Cups on the horizon, and no sports playoffs being mentioned on Drudge. No. Eternal. Olympic. Events. No big elections or royal weddings. No major jihad slaughter with endlessly horrific bloody pictures spewed by the ever-hungry MSM…

…Thinking we were safe, we looked both ways and made a run for it, dashing toward the sandbags and sproing! we were over the side and safely in.

Hah. We weren’t “safely” anywhere. That Karma Dude laughed so hard at the week he’d arranged for the country that he was forced to go lie down. But not before blessing our efforts with as many disasters as it was possible to improvise on short order.

that old Kingston Trio happy dirge, “The Merry Minuet” has been on my mental replay all day:

They’re rioting in Africa
They’re starving in Spain,
There’s hurricanes in Florida
And Texas needs rain…
The whole world is festering
With unhappy souls…

And no wonder. Surely lots of other people — especially those directly involved in horrible events — are doing far more than singing sad songs. The rest of us can only commiserate, either in sympathy or in remembrance of the moments when our own worlds were irrevocably shattered by loss.

So this bloody week is drawing to a close and none too soon. Good heavens, what can you say about a Monday-through-Friday nightmare that began with earthquakes in Oklahoma and slaughter in Boston, followed by even worse slaughter in the cataclysm of a fertilizer plant explosion and firestorm which decimated a small Texas town?

Oh, wait. Did I mention the havoc wreaked by the weather? As snowstorms moved from the Upper West into Minnesota they were warning Dakotans about black ice — in mid-April, no less. Now great lashings of wind and rain and tornado weather have stormed up from Florida to New York — surely deluge enough even for King Lear on his heath. We were left in the clammy cold aftermath as it predictably took our electric power for a few unpleasant hours.

Though Chicago escaped the snow, it had enough rain to create at least one pothole big enough to swallow three cars and a 1915 manhole. (a reminder that even in Chicago Mother Nature will take it all back eventually). There is much disgust among the citizens because the less-than-pristine Chicago River was permitted to overflow into Lake Michigan, with no way to filter the sewage and trash fish which followed. On the other hand, complainers are being told to pipe down, that the area has needed rain for a long time.

With all that tragedy and the weather chiming in with its Greek chorus of sturm und drang, Tax Day passed by almost unnoticed. God only knows what perfidy transpired in Washington while the world’s — and nation’s — back was turned. However, I think the arguments about gun control are dead. Or at least in limbo. Maybe.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I’m shell-shocked, so only God knows if this essay will hang together enough for you to make sense of it, or even comprehend that this is meant to serve as our daily Fundraising post, the one where we shamelessly beg for money. Ask Ahmed about our villainy — but only after you’ve hit the donate button. Pretty please?

Like everyone else, I’ve been following the manhunt in the Boston area. Those are my old haunts, Boston and Watertown and Cambridge and areas west. I once knew them like the back of my hand, like the whorl at the crown of my once-young son’s rich brown hair, like…ah, well, you know. Imprinted scenes.

Going west just a bit, Belmont was mentioned as part of the manhunt zone. Where my daughter’s godparents lived, it’s also the town where Wretchard stayed during his Harvard student sojourn. To this day I can’t explain how I came to have an immediate and active “knowing” of a connection between that town and the name of my favorite essayist’s website. The first time I saw it the Belmont Club was on blogger. And gazing at the name, his underlying meaning was simply ‘there’.

I’m waiting till this is over — and the Baron just came down to tell me that the second jihadist has been captured — to write Wretchard. I want to ask him if the whole nightmare, played against such familiar backgrounds, is raising in him a kaleidoscope of memories like those which have flooded me during this long, surreal nightmare. I understand it intellectually, but the scenario is like something out of a bad, overwrought novel. Boston closed down? The ‘T’ not running? People holed up inside their homes from Boston all the way down Route 16? No way…

Now the Left is…left. Left at the starting gate, holding its flaccid, grimy and politically correct clue bag, emptied of all the meanings they’d stuffed into it while waiting to hear about the White People who did this. The lonewhiterightwingextremist — or maybe a group of them — who could be held up for the whole world to see: “look at what Amerikkka produces. See how eeevil we are? Not us who point, of course, but THEM — those slope-headed Neanderthals who love to shoot off their guns and randomly kill innocent people.

They never give up. While they were still hoping, or at least growing more quiet, somewhere or other I saw this link to one of the brothers’ You Tube account. I wonder if it will stay up? Obviously, the boy was/is a follower of Allah and that became increasingly obvious. Thank you, Matt Drudge.

The Saudi rumors on the right faded and the Chechen immigrants came into sharper focus. Which means, of course, that one dude got his wish when he said, Let’s Hope the Boston Marathon Bomber is a White American”.

And so his wish came true. The killers are white Americans, but probably not the kind he wanted. These guys are/were white with modifiers. A whole lot of Americans are modified — I’ve got Irish modifiers. Some days I like that, but others — the ones where I run across Irish news stories about the ruination by Islam-cum-political-correctness of the country of my parents’ birth, I am not a happy Irish-American.

I watched my mother live out the American immigrant story down to her last breath. What she did has no connection at all with these two Chechen terrorists. They had no intention to live out the American Dream. These were not secular Muslims who planned to do good or to do well for themselves, though these wolves did wear their Little Lamb suits for years before they went on their killing mission.

So. It turns out that the White People are haters from Chechnya. The same lovely place that gave us Beslan (spell checker wanted to make that “Bedlam” — close, but not evil enough). As for the Salon dude’s blather about “white privilege”? Doesn’t get much more stereotyped than that. Or more academic jargonese, either; just to prove his creds, of course.

In case you haven’t been keeping up, WASP as a pejorative term is out, having been replaced by term “White People” as the new existential smear. WASP is outdated for several reasons: the P-for-Protestant stopped at Kennedy’s election; besides, more black people go to church, so “Protestant” is their turf now.

Not only that, but so many other DNA sub-groups, either white or white-enough, have succeeded here that Anglo Saxon is…well, history. Only the “W” remains And with each passing year these so-called privileged palefaces become target practice for the Stupid People. By “stupid” I mean (1) anyone who isn’t a WASP and is angry about that existential fact, and (2) the Joe Bidens of the world, white and witless. Our Vice President has played his Court Jester role to perfection.

There are a lot of them in the MSM too. Whites who apologize for being white but have no intention of giving up their position or their privilege. They will apologize till the cows come home but they ain’t moving, Jack. It’s a good thing for Biden that he stuck to politics, since — like Obama — he’d never make it in the real world. Law? Maybe. Academia? Sure, as long as it wasn’t rocket science. This is a very privileged white man whose main claim to fame is his serial plagiarism.

If that Salon author were seriously concerned about white privilege he’d home in on Biden and simply count the many ways in which Unca Joe is unfit for office. Biden’s uncanny ability to stick his feet in his mouth and continue on down the road bumping along on his butt is worth recording. But the commentariat is so degraded now that Biden’s flagrant mistakes are simply ignored by jornolists. They have a living to make, after all.

It’s sad to observe how many conservatives have those same heeber jeebers as their counterparts in the politically correct crowd on the Left. The Right is chockablock full of “See No Evil” monkeys who twist the language to avoid saying anything offensive:

The Boston Bombers are white guys. They’re religious extremists. They’ve spent their formative years in Cambridge. They’re foreign-born. They’re Muslims. And each of these facts matters a lot less than anyone seems to think.

Lots of links in the blogger’s post about this, and some good things to say about looking for scapegoats.

But notice how this fellow is equally unwilling to examine the devil in the details, to wit: there have been more than 20,000 Islamic terrorist attacks worldwide since 9/11 and the Boston Marathon is just one of them.

Does he suffer from the Eric Holder Syndrome? Can’t say “Islamic terrorism” even as they kill and maim his fellow citizens? Fort Hood doesn’t matter to him? The Times Square Would-Be Bomber wasn’t a Baptist, though the young Little Rock terrorist started out as one. His father said the Muslim group at Carlos Bledsoe’s school radicalized him.

My guess is that the conservative on that website will stick with “religious extremists” until those in charge of the group language give him permission to speak reality out loud. In the meantime, this guy’s head is nowhere near the parapet. He’s ducked down over in the corner writing whatever he thinks he’s permitted to say. In fact, much of what he says is spot on; the “See No Evil” National Review Corner would be a good place for him.

I’ll admit I haven’t looked there lately, but last time I wandered by, only Andrew McCarthy and the occasional guest commentator, say Mark Steyn, had permission to speak directly of the reality of jihad, or to say without preamble that we have a crisis on our hands.

Those who would kill us in the name of Allah are in our country under several guises: the first like these Killer Brother sets — lone operators or part of a small group. Some are even American renegades who go to Yemen or some other hellhole for training (see Carlos Bledsoe, above). Others are actual immigrants from terrorist countries — like the brothers, but still in disguise as “good Americans” looking for a safe place to live. Think of them as the ones wound up by Al Qaeda and set a-going here.

Group two includes the ones who don’t break bad — CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood are examples of the front faces. These are the murkier manifestations of evil who continue the march through institutions already damaged by the brain-rot of Marxism. It’s a small jump to the Jihad boat for our domestic terrorists like, say, Obama’s friend Bill Ayers. The one who regrets he didn’t kill more of us.

So the toothless tigers are safely sitting in the bottom of the foxhole. These are tame house conservatives after all. They’re busy-busy-busy tabulating Obama’s many sins. Admittedly our President’s peccadilloes would keep whole teams occupied, but still… sometimes the silence down there where it’s safe and warm would do Eric Holder proud.

NRO’s decision to rule the Religion of Peace off the turf of Polite Political Conversation is not a sign of valor; more like the other part, i.e. that discretion it’s the better part of. They aren’t the only Republicans who do this, but they’re obvious about it. In many ways their silence has become part of the problem: if 9/11 didn’t make a difference in what subjects they’re willing to discuss endlessly (and they do have a number of perennial poses), what could move them? I doubt a couple dozen arms and legs blown off would move them enough. Do they need to fit in with the cool guys? Are they keen to be the raffishly repugnant-but-not-rabid Republicans? Does that mean the In-Crowd will talk to them, invite them to cool parties? Or whoever funds them will keep the money spigot open? Whatever. Their selective blindness is a failure of nerve.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

After I finished my post the other night, I had planned to come back and talk about some solutions to our social problems — mainly those induced by government bloat and corruption. But that got blown off the page by the Chechen scum. Those white people.

I’d also planned to do a separate post on guns and violence and how they figure in our culture. The subject has some bearing on what has happened to us culturally. But now is no longer the time. Not with all the SWAT team paramilitary police roaming streets I once knew so well — as though those neighborhoods were now part of some Islamic hell!

No, it’s obvious these subjects need to be shelved for a while .Our communal adrenalin needs to subside. I will return to both issues in due course. They’re vital to any discussion of our future as a country. Despite Obama’s efforts to paper over reality, these endemic problems — of which he is only a symptom — aren’t going away any time soon. They’ll probably get worse.

With your indispensable help, we’re not going away either. This is too important to our future, to the future of us all. We simply have to find a way to carry on. Please be a part of that ‘via’.

Here are the places our donors came from yesterday. May the light of peace shine on you all…

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10 thoughts on “Bad White People Cause All the Problems

  1. An excellent post Dymphna! That’s mighty white of you.
    But as I was doing my morning…ahhhhh…meditation, it suddenly occurred to me that all of us, and everything in this World, are destined to end up…Brown.
    We will all be Brown someday!

  2. “Some white folks are stuck on stupid”

    Yup. And they often drive a Prius, Volvo, or old VW beetle with a bumper sticker reading, “COEXIST”.

    Here’s a hoot: a Muslim has now actually driven a car with such a ‘COEXIST’ bumper sticker on it. It seems the Boston jihad murderer carjacked a car with this bumper sticker.

    Hopefully some of the lefty dhimmis who were locked down in lib Boston yesterday while Muslims shot, bombed and carjacked their way through town, will now finally wake up.

  3. Hey, I wrote that post you linked:

    It wasn’t meant to minimize the fact that Islam is behind a disproportionate share of the world’s terrorism. I was focusing on, as I put it, “certain liberals here who live with the smug certainty that most or all of their political adversaries are just Tim McVeighs waiting to happen.”

    That’s the whole point of the post, and you’ve really gone a long way to take me out of context here.

    • Sorry Mr Freddoso, but in the linked post, I saw the idea that ‘not all Muslims are terrorists’. How is that helpful? In WW2, did the Allied side print stuff such as, ‘not all Nazis operate gas chambers’? No, that would have amounted to psychological warfare, or enemy propaganda, assisting the Axis side. Fraternizing with the enemy in time of war is not helpful if we want to win and survive.

      Better to write with moral clarity, as Fjordman did; “Islamic aggression is caused by Islamic teachings”. That facilitates necessary action, such as stopping all Muslim immigration, which we need to do soon, if we and our children are to survive. Forget about quibbling how many of them are active terrorists, how many just quietly go along, how many are apostate and reject Mohammed’s jihad/pedophile/hate-all-infidels doctrines, etc. Forget about just continuing to let them immigrate in large numbers, hoping they’ll be peaceful. Clearly, they’re not.

  4. The left-leaning BBC has been caught out again. When they discovered that the Boston bombers were pale-skinned they began drooling at the mouth and jumping up and down with joy thinking, oh good, they are white supremacists, possibly even harbingers of President Obama’s new terrorists, the Evangelical Christians. Sadly, they turned out to be the usual suspects and so the journalists at the Beeb had to cancel the party again. This is the second time that the Beeb has jumped the gun. The last time was the shooting of Jews in France. The BBC excitedly pointed the finger at anti-semitic right wing French nationalists. This is the work of Marine Le Pen’s vile National Front they wanted to tell us. But no, the party had to be cancelled again, they turned out to be anti-semitic muslims who believed that Hitler had the right idea. Poor old BBC, they are desperate to pin anything on the hideous white race and hideous European Christian Civilisation and those who wish to preserve both in an anti-Marxist counter-revolution.

    Here in Britain, parliament wanted to pass a law outlawing the use of the caste system as practised by Hindus here. But they took fright under pressure from those Hindus who have rapidly enriched themselves here, often through India style sweatshops. Either that are they were bribed by the same. Remember that Lakshmi Mittal is the richest man in London and hence one of the richest in Britain. They dropped the bill and vowed to press for a programme of education of said Hindus. So they will turn a blind eye as they will to honour killing, paedophilia, the implementation of sharia law, the serving of halal meat to Christian Europeans etc and all the other horrors that have been brought here from the Indian sub-continent. As muslims breed at a horrifying rate and Hindus acquire wealth equally as quickly then the British parliament will ultimately be able to do nothing as Britain turns into the Indian sub-continent, just as Enoch Powell predicted. As for the indigenous British, they will have to just run away or keep their own counsel. They will have no other choice. Meanwhile, Lib Dem minister Vince Cable’s, half-sikh son is out in India trying to educate them there about the evils of the caste system. I don’t know if he is still alive but if he is then he is probably not making much progress. Meanwhile it has crept round him and in at the back door of his father’s homeland. Still, isn’t good we are getting rid of British Britain, it was such a backward and uncivilised place when 99% of the population were indigenous white and Christian; and we never had the voodoo style sacrifice of bewitched children; how we needed to get up to date and join the 5th century bc.

  5. Wonderful post Dymphna. Although, I am not sure these were the jihadi droids they were looking for. I will wait and see.

    On the other hand, I think I am appalled at the shutting down of Boston, at the house to house searches and the like. Were there warrants to search all those houses? Isn’t shutting down the city and staying indoors another way of letting the terrorists win? Where were the citizens defending their unalienable rights to privacy in their persons, houses and papers from unreasonable search and seizure? Or is a manhunt for a bad guy now considered reasonable enough cause to impute guilt on all the residents of the city of Boston?

    I know, I know, we wanted to catch the perpetrators of the bombing, but I think our rights and the excercise of them is far more important than the hunt for any criminal, be they never so heinous or publicized. Where are the house to house searches for suspected serial killers or drug dealers? Or is this the result of the patriot act? An act which our court jester, Mr. biden, had a hand in. I think he is not as foppish and incompetent as he plays himself to be at this juncture.

    And David Freddoso, There is evidence that Timothy mcveigh and his cohort had instructions from islamist folks in the making of that bomb. Just sayin’

    Thanks to all the contributors of this blog for the service you do to America through it.

    • The images of all those SWAT teams *was* disturbing. Could they have been a little less over the top? Yes. Does that kind of search bode ill for the future? Perhaps so. It wouldn’t take much to push us over the line into a police state. A few more of these…

      …But it was Boston’s first brush with terrorism. Yes, “brush”. It wasn’t another 9/11 or 7/7. Since there were a number of unknowns and this was a heavily urban area, there were bound to be mistakes. That they found the second bomber just shows the situational awareness practiced by the fellow who took notice of his neighbor’s boat.

      The police were fortunate to be in middle class neighborhoods where most citizens are cooperative and eager to help. They also lucked out that the bombers let the hostage go – the guy whose car they stole and who made him remove money from his own bank account. IOW, it could have been a lot bloodier.

      Anyway, you can bet they’ll be replaying this one for a long time to come.

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