“Sweden is Set to Burst”

The illustration above is Swedish play on words: En Svensk Håller Truten means “A Swede Holds a Gull”, but it also means “A Swede Holds His Mouth Shut”, a reference to the well-known Swedish taboo against saying anything that contradicts the social consensus.

In this case, the Swedes being asked to hold their mouths shut are Karl-Olov Arnstberg and Gunnar Sandelin, who will shortly publish a book about immigration into Sweden. They submitted the summary article below to every major MSM outlet in the country, but were turned down by all of them. As the introduction notes, “this is an issue that is not to be discussed.”

The article was eventually published by Human Rights Service in Norway. It has been translated for Gates of Vienna by our Norwegian correspondent The Observer, and will also appear in a slightly different version in the next issue of Dispatch International.

The Observer sends these remarks:

This is an important article, and people outside the Scandinavian countries should be given the opportunity to read what is happening. Sweden is truly a strange place.

Unfortunately, we’re all on the same path.

The translated article:

Sweden is set to burst — the question is when

Sweden issued approximately 110,000 residence permits last year. In a soon to be released book the costs of the immigration is estimated to be as high as SEK 110 billion a year. 60 percent of those who arrive in Sweden have only a rudimentary education. The housing situation is alarming, as is the case with unemployment and the ever-increasing segregation. The welfare state will fall apart within a few years if this situation is allowed to continue. But this is an issue that is not to be discussed.

The silence that envelops the Swedish nightmare is exemplified by the fact that Professor Karl-Olov Arnstberg and sociologist/journalist Gunnar Sandelin, who will soon release a new book about the consequences of immigration, Invandring och mörkläggning, are not even able to publish an op-ed about the alarming situation in the [Swedish] MSM. As a result, they decided to publish this op-ed on the website newsmill.se instead. The situation in Sweden will obviously also have repercussions for Norway.

Sweden cannot cope with this much immigration

A professor of ethnology and a sociologist/journalist: Swedish politicians have lost control of immigration. The costs are escalating, the housing situation is desperate, unemployment is on the rise and segregation may be described as dramatic.

In 2012 the Migration Board (Migrationsverket) issued approximately 111,000 residence permits. Relative to 2011, the number of asylum seekers increased by 48 percent. Compared with our Nordic neighbours, Sweden issued eight times as many residence permits a Finland, five times as many as Denmark and more than twice as many as Norway. In Europe only Germany and France received more asylum seekers than Sweden.

Sweden received nearly half of all the Iraqis who fled to Europe during the Iraq war. We have accepted more Somalis than any other country in the Western world, and now we are the largest recipient of Syrian refugees in Europe. On a per capita basis, of all the countries in the Western world Sweden is the one that receives most asylum seekers, and we have held this position for several years now.

With regards to 2013, the number of family reunifications has been downgraded slightly as the number of Somali family reunifications is not expected to be as large as previous years. However, the figures are uncertain and could rise if the civil war in Syria intensifies or the conflict spreads to other areas. The Migration Board’s forecast for this year is a minimum of 100,000 new asylum seekers and family members.

Many illiterates

Immigration has gradually changed. An earlier wide spectrum of immigrants has been replaced by asylum seekers from mainly Muslim countries such as Syria, Somalia and Afghanistan. These asylum seekers are ill-equipped for life in the high-tech Swedish society. Employment statistics show that over 60 percent of the new arrivals and their relatives have a very “rudimentary education”, which means that many of them are actual or practical illiterates. This makes it particularly difficult for them to find employment. According to Eurostat, only 2.5 percent of the jobs are available for them [based on their qualifications — translator] compared with other EU countries where jobs for workers without any formal qualifications amount to 17 percent. This means that there are extremely few jobs on offer for asylum seekers and their dependents who are allowed to stay in Sweden. As a result, the already large employment gap of 27 percent between domestic-and foreign-born persons aged 25-64 is increasing (SCB, 2012). The prestigious English magazine The Economist noted in February that a large proportion of the non-European immigrants that are allowed to settle in Sweden end up living on the dole.

21 percent are refugees

Every asylum seeker is described as a “refugee” by the media. This is not true, because the definition of “refugee” is tied to the Geneva Convention and the Immigration Act. Of all the asylum seekers that were allowed to stay in Sweden under Fredrik Reinfeldt’s prime ministership, up until 2013, only 21 per cent were refugees. If we go as far back as 1980 the corresponding figure is considerably lower, only 10 percent. Nearly half of the asylum seekers were allowed to stay on humanitarian grounds, while about a quarter were granted political asylum (the Migration Board’s statistics are incomplete during the first half of the eighties).

In recent years the number of individuals that have managed to obtain family reunification visas is three times higher than those that have been granted political asylum. The majority of the family reunification applications involves newly established relationships. In other words, it’s not family reunification per se, but rather partners who are being brought over from the applicants’ former homelands. It should also be noted that Sweden, as far as we’ve been able to determine, is the only country that allows welfare recipients to bring over relatives to Sweden who are also very likely to end up living on welfare. The general rule in the rest of Europe is that anyone who brings over family members or partners is financially responsible for them. According to Minister of Immigration Tobias Billström, fewer than one percent of those that are issued with family reunification visas manage to provide for themselves.

Sweden is also the country that receives the largest amount of so-called unaccompanied refugee children. In 2012, 3,600 refugee children applied for political asylum. More than two-thirds of those were issued with permanent residence permits. No other country even comes close to such figures. These young asylum seekers arrive mainly from Somalia and Afghanistan. “Young asylum seekers” is a more accurate term, because before a review of their cases has been carried out, no one knows whether they are unaccompanied, are eligible for refugee status, or are minors. That the latter is not always the case has been proven in our neighbouring countries following X-rays of their wrists and teeth.

Smuggling of asylum Seekers

The migration of people from poorer countries to Europe is a large-scale and standardized operation, which means that those who are seeking political asylum in Sweden have almost always paid human traffickers. Rikskriminalen (National bureau of Investigation) estimated in 2010 that approximately 90 to 95 percent of all the asylum seekers that arrive in Sweden were aided by human traffickers. The asylum seekers come mainly from Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan. The traffickers provide believable refugee stories that the asylum seekers can present to the immigration authorities. Asylum seekers are also advised not to show passports or other appropriate ID documents. Subsequently almost nine out of ten applicants have at the time of application not produced a valid passport to Swedish authorities. The refugee policy cannot be referred to as a humane policy as long as Sweden keeps eroding the right of political asylum for the truly needy by granting political asylum to people who are unable to reveal their true identity and their true intentions. The government remains silent and pretends that the problem doesn’t exist, or it is ignorant. Both scenarios are equally bad.

Local politicians are warning about untenable situations

In September 2012 fifteen local Social-democratic politicians in the Stockholm region raised the alarm about the housing situation. They encouraged all municipalities in the Stockholm region to “hunt high and low” for housing association apartments, to locate apartments scheduled for demolition, refurbishment and any other temporarily vacant dwellings.” The reason, of course, was a severe lack of housing. According to the Migration Board, 6,000 persons with residence permits were still living in asylum centers in 2012. The number for this year is estimated to be close to 9,000, and for 2014 the figure is expected to rise to 16,000. The Director General of the Swedish Migration Board admitted that this is an unacceptable situation. But it’s not just the lack of housing that is problematic. If we leave the Stockholm area and take a look at Katrineholm, the Social Services statistical database shows that of the foreign-born citizens in the city, which in 2011 accounted for 14 percent, 67 percent were on municipal income support. This is a representative figure. In 2011 the foreign-born living on income support (including establishment allowance) were over-represented on the statistics by a factor of 8.6 (or 860 percent), compared to native Swedes.

What is the cost of the immigration?

The figure that is usually cited is that immigration is costing Sweden approximately SEK 40 billion per year. This figure is outdated. When government investigator Jan Ekberg made the latest estimates in 2006 the costs were somewhere between SEK 43 and 58 billion per year. When other economists’ have estimated the costs the figure has ended up in the three digit billion area. Associate Professor of Economics Jan Tullberg, who teaches at the Stockholm School has, in our upcoming book Invandring och mörkläggning (Debattförlaget) [“Immigration and blackout”, Debate Publisher], upgraded the costs to just over three per cent of GDP, which is around SEK 110 billion per year. This is almost half of the overall cost of Swedish health care, or an additional annual net income of SEK 23,000 per employed person.

Tullberg believes that Sweden should curb immigration and do more to get the unemployed back into the workforce. The labour migration from outside the EU / EFTA states largely confirms this: In the last four years, according to the Swedish Migration Board, 43 percent of all the job migrants come to perform unskilled work, while at the same time half a million people are unemployed in Sweden.


In an interview in Dagens Eko (“The Daily Echo”) the economist Assar Lindbeck stated that Sweden is not prepared for major immigration and that we are moving towards a situation where the municipalities won’t be able to provide housing or employment for the immigrants. He’s right. Swedish politicians have lost control of the immigration. The costs are rising, the housing situation is desperate, unemployment is on the rise and segregation is dramatic. When Tobias Billström, the only politician in the government [willing to speak out], suggested that “we need to discuss volume”, i.e. the amount of immigration, he was met by massive media criticism and was not even supported by his own party leader. There is only one possible conclusion. Unless the trend described above is altered, Sweden’s status as a welfare state will soon be history. We describe this in great detail in our book which is set to be released in March. The book looks at the extremely critical situation that our country is in due to comprehensive asylum and family reunification.

34 thoughts on ““Sweden is Set to Burst”

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  2. It must be some new mental disorder. I propose a name for this calamity: Nordic Dementia

    • I wish it were so. This is global. Or rather, it is widely spread through the “Have” countries – a large emptying out of the Have-Not citizens, flowing into and impoverishing the functional places. Name a country which *isn’t* complaining.

      America is being over run too, and with the politicians’ blessings.

      Cui bono?

      • “America is being over run too, and with the politicians’ blessings.

        America, Europe, and the Antipodes are all in the process of being over-run, it’s happening in every white nation (can I still say that?). And yet, in spite of the glaring reality of the countless problems that mass third world immigration is visiting on us in our own countries, our own politicians continue to spin the yarn that immigration is beneficial.

        How did they arrived at their conclusion? Does anyone know, because I doubt any European/American/Antipodean politician has ever explained his cost-benefit analysis.

        What is this abject surrender all about?

        Qui bono indeed.

        • America, Europe the Antipodes, I assume you are referring to Australia and NZ. Mark Stey refers to us as the anglo nations and he I think includes India. Commonwealth countries do very well. I loved the news today that the Falkland Islands vote 99.8% stay with England only included 3 votes for that she devil in Argentina. I think she said it was a joke vote and wants a recount. Yeah, for sure, everyone is going to vote again for her.

  3. “If this dont stop now then….” Haven´t I heard this remark the last many years? It seams like even all of us who are very worried about this development cling to the desperate hope that things can be reversed. Even we have difficulties to see reality into the eyes. It can´t be stopped, isn´t this the truth? (Sad but true, Metallica)
    The break down of Europe´s stable democratic contries accelerates right in front of the irresponsible politicians AND lots of naive voters that will not see, will not hear and will not feel the bad things that are coming. But it is coming to take them away at last.

  4. So much of this essay was disturbing…no education, no language, no skills, no housing, plus the big business of human trafficking, and behind it all a very basic and pervasive incompatibility between those peoples being shoehorned in and their “host” nation.

    Many statements could have been italicized, they’re so disturbing. These are a few that stood out for me:

    “…Sweden, as far as we’ve been able to determine, is the only country that allows welfare recipients to bring over relatives to Sweden who are also very likely to end up living on welfare.”

    [Remember when Denmark wisely ruled that ‘relatives’ had to be a certain age with some basic skills levels, and enough money to support themselves. Why not Sweden?]
    “Other countries xray wrists and teeth”
    They do this practical exam to determine the true age of self-proclaimed minors. A good idea — hey, let’s begin with the truth! Should Sweden’s national animal be the ostrich? – i.e., hiding their heads in the sand if they even suspect an ugly truth might be coming too close for comfort?
    Here’s one to ponder:

    “The migration of people from poorer countries to Europe is a large-scale and standardized operation, which means that those who are seeking political asylum in Sweden have almost always paid human traffickers.”

    And, pray tell, who do the human traffickers pay in return? Are politicians’ pockets being lined, as they surely are here in the US, by those who organize & oversee these very lucrative operations? I suspect there is a lot to be found in the shadows…

    Cui bono? How would we ever follow *that* trail? Despite the firmly closed mouths of the Swedes, the truth will out eventually, but by then what was a high-functioning culture may well be a smoking crater. In fact, it may in the end resemble nothing so much as it will the places from which these “refugees” came. And conquered.

    Is there some anthropological equation, similar to Greshams Law in economics (postulating that bad money drives out good), to predict what is likely to eventuate in Sweden? Or Norway? Or the US, where “immigration” is killing large swaths of America…?

    I don’t know how it goes in Scandinavia, but in the US, in addition to lots of immigrants brought in to serve as indentured ‘servants’ for Big Farma, we also produce large numbers of a native underclass. They are illiterate and unemployable – products of a unionized “education” and a widespread cultural degeneracy which appears immune to the idea of standards,

    Are there any historians out there who can predict the outcomes here? The New Vandals were invited in and…and then…?? Somehow, I don’t think it will go as well this time. In the former versions, those who overran the boundaries actually wanted to become like those they were invading…

  5. Oh dear! Dymphna you make so much sense as do these writers. In my adult lifetime, we Canadians were always told to be more like the wonderful Swedes, everything about them was to be copied so we would be as kind and generous. Unfortunately, our socialist Liberals agreed and so we provided everything generously to anyone who arrived on our shores, I believe we are still taking 200,000- 250,000 a year, in a country of 30+ million people. Many who are incompatible with our British law and order rule of law Magna Carta heritage. We face many of these problems too and , sadly like the Swedes are afraid to speak up. It percolates beneath the surface. More people are afraid of the word racist than what they see with their own eyes.

  6. Sweden is a strange place indeed… How do you become the most popular Swedish politician? You simply don’t say anything which can be interpreted as controversial! One such number one politician was the former prime minister Carl Bildt who scored rather poorly when he was engaged in domestic politics but was voted top dog after being “employed” by the UN (big thing) concerning issues about the Balkan war and its after-effects. The Swedish public simply won’t in any open way be troubled by any threatening political issues because of our inability to handle conflicts. In case of a conflict, the first thing a swede considers is what everybody else feels about the issue. Should he be against his perception of what the majority feels he then asks himself if his knowledge is on par with the high level of expertise the majority by its very nature simply must posses! He then concludes that he is not an expert at all (difficult to on the spot come up with the exact numbers and so on) and should therefore be quiet and keep his opinion for himself.

  7. Sounds like Sweden is in a similar situation to Australia. Thousands of opportunists, most with little education, arriving in leaky boats using the familiar phoney mantra of ‘political refugee’. Govt. funds are being diverted from policies designed for local, tax-paying Australians in order to finance detention centres, legal fees, social welfare programs, security staff etc etc.
    Our new Federal Govt., expected to take over the country in September, has promised it will turn back the boats. We hope that is not empty rhetoric!

    • I really liked the John Howard government, everything since then has been crap. Like that ugly bald singer you had that was the minister of the enviro. Poor you. Your green pm is pathetic. Do you think the Aussies of WW2 can come back and join the anglosphere? Would be so nice. Everyone is sick to death of the lying greenies.

  8. Shouldn’t this question be asked and answered in every country overrun by immigration or refugees? What is this costing the host country and can we afford it? If we say no, stop it, why then could we possibly be considered racist? I suspect there is a lingering question _______whatever country needs immigration. But do we ? Studies show immigration is a not a benefit. Not if it costs the host country more in benefits, welfare that they give to our countries. I submit any country is not any better off when they do not differentiate between refugees and immigrants. It is my belief that most countries do not care mand just accept anyone to their detriment. I would love someone to prove me wrong. Canada right now is OK, but another generation of accepting anyone and all their benefits will bankrupt us. Please, prove me wrong.

  9. I met some Swedes on my travels in South Africa. They thought me a barbarian, (being a staunch conservative American and from the South as well, about on par with the Boer South Africans. You know people that actually have up close and personal experience living amongst other races in large numbers. They will learn the hard way.

    • The cost of being in bed with the Arabs. Import ignorance, mayhem and turmoil. Follow the money. Especially America.

    • I’ve had similar experiences with Swedes and other Scandinavians who I’ve met during my travels since the 1960’s. They came across to me as the world’s worst “know it alls” living in homogeneous societies yet alway s ready for advive and condemnation for complex nations like the USA, which truly was and is diverse country, having the gall to lecture me about race relations in the USA and how they would be oh so tolerant if they had black populations and how they were free from all prejudices those ignorant clods the Americans had. This was from a people who at that time lived in nation’s which had Lutheran State Churches (and widespread and open bigotry toward Roman Catholics) with only a few hundred thousand wandering Laps as their only ethnic minority. Atcually I am tired of reading about their self destruction and ethnic suicide in Gates of Vienna. Scandinavians richly deserve their fate. It’s sad to see a people who were so open about and obsessed with free sex stop having enough babies to grow up and work to pay for their cradle to grave welfare states and have to turn to 3rd world imigration to fill the gap only to discover these new workers don’t come to Scandinavia to work but to take. When you import the 3rd world you become the 3rd world and that is what Scandinavia will be within a generation. These know it alls destroyed their once beautiful societies and way of life. Scandinavia is now dying a slow death and they begged for it. Is there a name for such a disease? The Germans call suicide “selbstmorder”, self murder, I think that’s what the end of Scandinavia is all about. Self murder.

      • Germany commits SELBSTMORD for 10 years and still they close their eyes for their past – they always will be blackmailed with !

  10. quote:
    “There is only one possible conclusion. Unless the trend
    described above is altered, Sweden’s status as a welfare
    state will soon be history. We describe this in great detail
    in our book which is set to be released in March. The book
    looks at the extremely critical situation that our country is
    in due to comprehensive asylum and family reunification.”

    This is false!

    The clock was five to twelve last week! Consummatum est. There is no return. After us only the Deluge. Don’t dream!

    “Inte alla svenskar håller truten” or ‘Not all Swedes hold their mouth shut.’

    On the blog of the Swedendemocrat member of parliament Thoralf Alfsson yesterday you can
    read the following comment:

    Tuesday, March 12 21:49

    What about criminallity today in little Sweden?
    About the situation of criminallity in France you can read in a new book
    «La France orange mécanique» [remember the film Clockwork Orange?]
    which is presented today by the Danish blogger Snaphanen.

    Only 13,000 thefts, 2,000 serious assaults and 200 rapes a day. France’s European population is 6.75 times larger than that of cute little Sweden. If we stick to the rapes, there should comparebly occur about 30 rapes a day in Sweden on a per capita comparison.

    In reality, the number of rapes in “New Sweden” is 3 times higher = about 90 rapes per day, of which 1/3 of the victims are under 15. According to the ‘National Crime Prevention Council’, reported to the police are only 20
    percent of all sex crimes in Sweden.

    How the hell can you stand living in such a crappy country, especially you who have got daughters? How the hell can all you mindless adult goons [english] allow this continuous maladministration of the country. This continuous admission of foreign rabble, who are allowed to put their hallmark on land and people with regard to anomie, irregularity, lawlessness, religious superstition, crime and common stupidness. Those of you who are old enough, did you before 1970 know what gang rape was, or ‘punishment-[expletive]’?

    What do the so-called AUTHORITIES do? Wellcomming more rabble of course, and bar-cutting all shrubs in the countrie’s parks in the belief that thereby disrupting the rape-riff-raff.

    May the inexorable collapse of “New Sweden” happen soon.

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  13. I sense that most readers here apparently don’t realize that the PC MC dogma, which like a two-sided coin has two connected parts, has been a part of the modern West for a good 60 years as a dominantly mainstream belief throughout Western societies, with historical roots going back much longer.

    It is not some conspiracy; it is simply a growth, the latest growth, of Western progress.

    The two-part PC MC dogma, which forms its First Commandment is this:

    1) Non-Western non-white people must always be respected and coddled, and never substantively criticized for anything bad.

    2) The white West must always be blamed for anything substantively bad.

    This neurotic belief has evolved out of good Graeco-Roman Judaeo-Christian virtues as an aberrant growth, and the point is, it affects the hearts and minds of millions of Westerners now (and for a good two or three generations past).

    Its evolution into mainstream dominance has resulted in the emotional and intellectual equation of

    “to be a good person” =

    “to prefer non-white non-Westerners over white Westerners and non-white cultures over the white West” .

    No need for a conspiracy here, when people actually love Big Brother in their hearts.

    This reflects a mass fashion that will take many decades to reverse. It won’t do any good, however, to demonize the people who are in its thrall. The vast majority of them are relatively intelligent, decent people who are confused in a complicated way. Had someone actually devised the PC MC dogma, it could be seen as an ingenious invention — for it directly links ethical good (and psychologically feeling good for being ethical) with prejudice in favor of the Other and against the West. Exquisitely ironic, seeing as this ethical good is a Western concept in the first place.

  14. FINALLY!
    At long last, a courageous, hard-hitting article that dares to call EVIL by its rightful name!

  15. FINALLY!
    At long last, a courageous, hard-hitting article that dares to call EVIL by its rightful name!
    ” housing situation”

    This horrible, centuries old housing situation has been spreading across the earth from its birthplace in the middle-east and northern Africa, and now it is spreading with terrifying speed into Europe and even into the Americas.
    And it is even threatening to overtake “lack of healthcare” as our number one threat.
    And, even worse, it is causing a resurgence of “hatespeech”, “inequality”, and “homophobia”.
    Oh the gender-neutral Humanity!!!

  16. I’d also like to support the comment about Australia being swamped with ‘phoney refugees’. We have a Govt. which is in thrall to the UNHCR, a gang of faceless foreign lawyers and bureaucrats making decisions about whom we should allow in to Australia. They pay thousands of dollars to people smugglers, destroy their IDs in order to reinvent themselves as someone more acceptable, and move into our detention centres where they proceed to riot and burn down buildings when they don’t get their residence permits in time. They’re largely seen as economic opportunists, queue jumpers using the well sung mantras of ‘political asylum’.

  17. All Europe is overrun and threatened by these people their own countries dont even want .

    Europe MUST act , finally !

    • They only abuse the health and welfare system and bring violence and dirt into the countries .

      People who always lived here dont even get new glasses if you need them ! While this *** gets everything !

      ( Am speaking for Germany which has the biggest problems for they take even people without passport and give them german ones though they refuse to learn German — IF they dont get what they want say the magic word : Nazi ! and it works )

  18. Germany 2011 :

    180 Murder in one year …………..committed by MUSLIMS
    478 Rape……………………………….. ”
    2853 Robbery and Blackmail……. ”
    16532 Bodily Injury…………………committed by Muslims !

    and these are only those who are reported to the police or get public !

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  20. In the 60’s anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open their borders to non-white immigrants. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face consequences for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are counting down the days until ALL and ONLY white children become minorities and eventually extinct EVERYWHERE. It’s Genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

    • Absolutely !

      But you not allowed to say that in your own country : it’s a shame !

      Since 1990 7.500 Non – Muslims were killed – and the Murderers are still free or had probation or escaped with out being sentenced .

      Salafists open speak that we will be a minority , soon – and the Green Party supports them not its people .

      Nobody protects us from the racism from foreigners towards us !

    • I’m not sure – that’s a Fjordman area of expertise. However, I do remember that when our wondrous “red line” foreign ‘policy’ began in Syria, Sweden opened the doors wide to all Syrian refugees. Now how a Swede can tell an Iraqi from a Syrian from an Iranian is beyond me – and probably beyond them too. Time will tell what their open door policy does to the average Swedish citizen – as opposed to the ruling elite who came up with this idea.

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