“We Have Always Been Aware That This is a Dangerous Project”

The following interview with Ingrid Carlqvist of Dispatch International was a broadcast by Danish TV Avisen yesterday, the day after a would-be assassin attempted to kill Lars Hedegaard.

Many thanks to Henrik Ræder Clausen for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   The latest news about the motive for the assault on Lars Hedegaard.
00:13   This woman is the close colleague and confidante of Lars Hedegaard.
00:17   She was the first he spoke to
00:19   after the attempted murder to which he was subject yesterday.
00:22   On this evening, she stays at a secret location in Sweden.
00:25   But she tells us that she has a clear idea
00:28   about the reason someone would want to kill Lars Hedegaard.
00:32   We are not exactly stupid, neither Lars nor myself,
00:34   and have been aware all along that this is a dangerous project.
00:41   Good evening. The assassination attempt against the journalist and
00:43   author Lars Hedegaard led us today to Sweden.
00:46   Here Lars Hedegaard, in cooperation with the Swedish woman,
00:49   publishes a new and very Islam-critical newspaper.
00:52   It is this newspaper; this issue will be out tomorrow.
00:55   And that might well be the background for the murder attempt.
01:00   At a secret location in Sweden sits the editor and
01:03   chairman of the Swedish Free Press Society, Ingrid Carlqvist.
01:07   She got a phone call yesterday from the Danish chairman and debater Lars Hedegaard,
01:11   after a man disguised as a postman had attempted
01:14   to gun him down at his home in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.
01:17   I was completely shocked.
01:19   One thinks ‘This has to be a joke’, but this is not the stuff for joking.
01:24   I asked him what had happened, and he told me the complete story.
01:28   This evening Danish police searched the home of Lars Hedegaard,
01:32   where during the day they had looked for clues from the perpetrator.
01:35   Danish police have not yet been able to identify the gunman.
01:38   We have some pictures of a man running,
01:40   but nothing we can really use for much.
01:43   We can merely see a dark-haired man wearing a red coat.
01:46   The two closely cooperating partners Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard
01:50   were to finish up yesterday with the editing the latest issue of
01:52   their brand-new newspaper ‘Dispatch International’,
01:55   but Hedegaard obviously had to cancel.
01:58   We have always been aware that this is a dangerous project,
02:02   but it is important, which is why we do it.
02:05   The new newspaper is strongly right-wing,
02:07   and critical about immigration as well.
02:10   Ingrid Carlqvist is convinced that their new newspaper,
02:13   rather than earlier statements by Lars Hedegaard
02:16   in his role as chairman of the Danish Free Press Society,
02:18   is the reason for the assassination attempt.
02:20   What’s new is that the newspaper is now published on a weekly basis,
02:26   filled with revealing, investigative articles about Islam and Islamization.
02:33   The first issue of Dispatch International was published on January 3rd,
02:36   and the internet edition has suffered several hacker attacks.
02:39   The vice-chairman of the Danish Free Press Society,
02:42   Katrine Winkel-Holm, a close friend of Lars Hedegaard,
02:45   also believes that the newspaper can be the cause for the assassination attempt.
02:49   The fact that Lars Hedegaard continues his criticism of Islam,
02:52   loudly, systematically and to great effect in Sweden,
02:55   may be the reason for the attack we have witnessed.
02:59   Lars Hedegaard has penned several editorials in the newspaper,
03:02   and there are indications that Lars Hedegaard thought
03:05   that his words could be provocative.
03:07   In an editorial in the trial issue he wrote:
03:10   ‘In this newspaper we will tell the truth – come what may.’
03:15   And Lars Hedegaard held fast to that,
03:17   when after the shooting he said this to the news:
03:21   I shall continue to write and speak the truth as I see it,
03:24   and will not allow myself to be intimidated into silence.
03:28   For Ingrid Carlqvist, the attempted murder has personal consequences.
03:33   I was not permitted to stay at home last night; I had to go to a hotel.
03:37   For the coming week, at least, I will be staying somewhere else.
03:43   Claus Buhr, you are standing at the home of Lars Hedegaard,
03:46   where the Danish police were at work earlier this evening.
03:49   Is this Swedish connection a trail taken seriously by the police?
03:55   This is one theory taken into consideration by the large investigative team.
04:00   It is one of several theories, but certainly one of the most plausible.
04:07   But it is important to keep in mind that
04:09   other options do exist, and according to my information,
04:11   the police are also working with other theories.
04:15   This remains a good theory, but one among several.
04:17   Do we know where Lars Hedegaard will be staying tonight?
04:20   I assume that he, just as his colleague from Sweden,
04:23   would be under some form of protection?
04:27   That is true, and he certainly is not here at his home.
04:31   He is at a secure location, a so-called ‘safe house’,
04:34   where he is protected by the Danish police.
04:37   According to the Swedish editor with whom I spoke earlier today,
04:40   he no longer has direct access to his mobile phone or his computer,
04:45   that means that contact to him is somewhat complicated.
04:48   But she says that when she has been in touch with him,
04:51   he appears to be in good spirits, she even told me
04:53   it appears that the shock he should have suffered yesterday
04:56   has not quite materialized in him yet.
04:59   Our home page has extensive coverage of the case.
05:01   It can be found, as usual, at dr.dk.
05:03   Portrait: Lars Hedegaard is a fighter.

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4 thoughts on ““We Have Always Been Aware That This is a Dangerous Project”

  1. I don’t think you have the right angle to the case. In Denmark Hedegaard is known as an opponent to islam, and have been for many years. Dispatch is a very recent project, that hardly can have caught anybodys eye, as what Lars has said for many years now. The news media has for years called him extreme and many other things. I think, that’s what made the lunatic (arabic, turc or smt like it) attack him.

    • Being involved with Dispatch, and having felt the fury of left wing extremists in Denmark and Sweden, I agree with Ingrid Carlqvist and Katrine Winkel-Holm:

      This is an attack on a newspaper, not only a singular person.

      While not everyone will agree with everything written in Dispatch, what matters is the right to freely publish and discuss important matters.

    • Nielsen,

      Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the situation. I think I should point to one other detail that might need clarification. The man who attacked Lars Hedegaard may or may not be a lunatic, but one thing is for certain:

      In attempting to murder Lars Hedegaard, this man is following Muhammad’s example and teaching, just as the Koran commands so many times. He is not “hijacking” Islam. He is following Islam very well.

      Anyone who would like the evidence for this statement of mine can start by reading about Muhammad’s Dead Poets Society at this link:


      The commands to follow Muhammad’s teaching and example can be found online as well.

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