“If I Hadn’t Done It I Would Been Dead”

Below is the first part of news report from DR (the Danish state broadcaster) that aired on Tuesday evening, the same day that a would-be assassin attempted to kill Lars Hedegaard.

Many thanks to Cecilie for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:12   A shooting attack today against the Islam-critical debater and chairman
00:16   of the Free Press Society, Lars Hedegaard in his residence at Fredriksberg.
00:19   A bullet went straight over his head but he wasn’t hit.
00:24   It is terrible that our society has come to this:
00:27   That an attempted murder is threatening (unclear).
00:30   The assassination attempt was denounced today on all sides of Christiansborg.
00:34   It is very serious and it is reprehensible that such an attack on Lars Hedegaard has taken place.
00:43   Good evening and welcome to TV Newspaper. which will
00:46   chiefly be about the attack on Lars Hedegaard.
00:50   We go directly to Copenhagen Police Headquarters where
00:53   there is a press conference about the incident.
00:55   Today at 11.20 there was an attack on Lars Hedegaard Jensen at his residence
01:04   The chain of events is that someone rang his doorbell, and he thought
01:10   it was the postman who came to deliver a parcel to the flat above.
01:15   He goes downstairs to get the parcel.
01:19   When he opens the door a gun is aimed at him and there is a shot.
01:23   He possibly ducks but it’s hard to say exactly what happened in such an event.
01:31   Anyway, he’s fortunately not hit. There is a scuffle between LH and the suspect.
01:37   During the scuffle he drops his gun. They fight on,
01:42   he unfortunately picks up the gun and shoots again, or tries to.
01:47   The gun jams and he runs away.
01:51   That is the chain of events.
01:55   The perpetrator is a man, about 25 years old, 175 to 180 cm tall.
02:03   He is of average build.
02:06   He has dark hair and dark stubble.
02:09   He is described by the victim as having southern (Mediterranean) features.
02:14   Perhaps Arab.
02:16   He is wearing a red jacket,
02:20   which the victim describes as a post office uniform jacket.
02:24   The jacket is made in a thin material, maybe nylon.
02:30   It could be a rain jacket; we can’t be sure.
02:35   After the attack the perpetrator disappears from
02:38   the Pelargonie Road and up towards (unclear) Road.
02:40   Nobody can verify that they have seen him after that.
02:47   So we are very interested in witnesses who may have seen the perpetrator before the incident
02:54   That is to say, up until 11.20,
02:57   He disappeared in an unknown direction, we have to say,
03:02   after he ran towards (unclear) Road.
03:05   He may have run up towards Roskilde Road, he may he run towards Velang (?) Street,
03:10   He could have continued through Sunde Marten (?) and towards Pilealleen, we don’t know.
03:14   We have received a number of calls
03:17   and there are some calls that we will follow up.
03:25   It is very important for us to say that we haven’t caught the perpetrator, and are interested in
03:31   receiving calls from the public.
03:34   We have police officers sitting in our service centres on 114,
03:38   who are ready to take statements from witnesses.
03:41   If someone knows something, they mustn’t hesitate. They mustn’t
03:44   think that the police know this already; they have to call us.
03:47   Yes, questions? (unclear)
03:55   We have many angles of investigation and it could be anything.
03:58   Lars Hedegaard is a well-known person and we have all day taken into consideration
04:02   a political motive, but the only thing we can categorically say is we don’t know.
04:06   We are of course investigating what the motive could be,
04:10   but what is important to point out is that the perpetrator speaks Danish without an accent,
04:17   so it’s definitely not a foreigner.
04:27   We don’t know at this early stage but of course we’re doing everything
04:31   we possibly can to secure the trail (clues) out on the street.
04:34   It’s standard procedure when a person has been subjected to such an attack,
04:42   and in such close contact with the perpetrator, one is dusted for DNA
04:46   but we can’t say anything about the results now, the tests will show.
04:49   Of course we’re investigating a number of things,
04:52   I myself have been following events out there today, I have
04:56   seen (unclear) and that is because we have found a parcel,
04:59   the parcel which the perpetrator brought,
05:01   and I can say that in that parcel there was nothing, the parcel was empty,
05:08   and it will of course also be examined.
05:10   There have been rumours about it being a bomb — it wasn’t.
05:17   And we leave the press conference at Copenhagen’s
05:20   Police Headquarters; we’ll show more at DR Update and also on dr.dk.
05:24   But now I have on the line the man of the hour, so to speak, Lars Hedegaard.
05:30   You say that you’ve been interviewed by the police all day today,
05:33   and we understand it’s a terrible thing to have been subjected to.
05:36   Tell us, Lars Hedegaard, how are you feeling this evening?
05:39   Well, I’m a little groggy after having spent the whole day sitting
05:42   in police interviews and physical examinations for evidence and so on,
05:46   since just after 11 this morning so.
05:48   and it’s not over yet, so yes, I have to say I’m a little tired mentally.
05:54   Try to tell me: It must have been quite awful, the doorbell rings,
05:58   you answer the door, there’s a man with a gun aimed at you.
06:01   What did you think during those seconds?
06:02   It wasn’t like that. He wasn’t pointing a gun at me.
06:07   I opened the door to receive what I thought was a parcel
06:11   from a postman.
06:13   and when I take it he immediately draws a gun and shoots at my head.
06:18   He is standing a metre away from me but still he misses. That was very lucky.
06:24   And… then I understand that this is completely wrong …(unclear) and then it’s as if the gun jams,
06:37   and he’s standing there fiddling with it,
06:40   possibly to fire again.
06:41   And I then I attack him,
06:44   and try to hit him in the head.
06:47   What is it, do you think, that makes you attack … how could you react like that?
06:54   It was instinct, the survival instinct. If I hadn’t done it I would definitely have been dead.
06:59   Because I couldn’t run when he was standing there with a gun in his hand and wants to shoot me,
07:07   So I presume that’s why it ended the way it did.
07:12   Lars Hedegaard, everyone’s talking about why this happened. What do you think?
07:20   I have many thoughts but I think that it’s better to keep them to myself.
07:25   For the time being.
07:28   But one can ask why someone would try to kill me.
07:35   I’m not a drug smuggler or human trafficker
07:38   or have dealings on the black market
07:40   or anything else. One can speculate, but I’d rather not do it here.
07:51   Finally, I would like to ask you: What happens now, what will you do now?
07:56   I don’t know. I haven’t finished talking to the police and
08:00   I don’t know … I actually don’t know anything about my future.
08:05   Except that they won’t be able to shut me up.
08:10   I will continue to write and speak the truth as I see it
08:14   and won’t be intimidated into shutting up.
08:21   Lars Hedegaard, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Goodbye.
08:23   So let’s turn the clock back to this morning when the
08:26   Islam-critical debater and chairman of Free Press Society
08:28   Lars Hedegaard, whom we just talked to, was subject to an assassination attempt at his residence.
08:32   The shooting incident took place in Pelargonie Road in Fredriksberg.
08:40   where the perpetrator tried to shoot Lars Hedegaard.
08:43   Hedegaard wasn’t hit.
08:46   At 11:21 the police received a call about shots being fired at Lars Hedegaard.
08:50   The incident started with LH’s intercom buzzing.
08:55   He looked out the window and thought it was the postman, as the man was
08:58   carrying a parcel and was dressed in a red postal worker’s jacket.
09:01   But when Hedegaard opened the door, the person shot at his head but missed.
09:07   Then Hedegaard counterattacked.
09:10   There was a fight when Hedegaard saw that the perpetrator had a gun.
09:15   Fortunately Hedegaard wasn’t hit and managed to close his door.
09:22   The perpetrator ran away from Hedegaard’s residence, possibly into the zoo
09:27   Police have been searching the area all afternoon.
09:30   The motive for the assassination attempt is so far unknown, but it
09:34   could be connected to Lars Hedegaard’s many years’ criticism of Islam.
09:38   I see Islam as the greatest threat to our freedom today.
09:41   In 2009 he was accused of making racist statements after
09:45   this clip about Muslims was posted on a website.
10:01   LH was found guilty in the District court but later acquitted in the High Court.
10:05   Hedegaard is the chairman of the Free Press Society,
10:08   which fights for the right to express oneself freely,
10:10   and its members are shaken.
10:15   It is terrible that our society has come to this:
10:18   That an attempted murder is threatening (unclear)
10:20   Well, my colleague is at police headquarters and I can see it’s a bit dark where you are,
10:26   but we’d like to know: How far have the police got in their investigations this evening?
10:33   They still have a long way to go before they can catch
10:36   the suspect, according to what they have just said.
10:40   They don’t have any significant trace of the perpetrator. It’s possible that they
10:46   do have something in the way of DNA, fingerprints, etc., but as for now they can’t be sure.
10:53   So we ask all Copenhagen people to be on the lookout for this man
10:57   of about 25 years of age, possibly wearing a postal worker’s jacket.
11:02   Sorry, Claus, I can’t really see you right now.
11:07   On the other hand we have a description of the man,
11:12   about 25 years old, 175 to 180cm tall, foreigner,
11:19   thick stubble on the chin, red postal jacket and light shoes.

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  1. Notice the dhimmitude of the interviewer. She is astonished that another kuffar should be prepared to attack the uber-mensch who attempted to kill Mr. Hedegaard.

    The same dhimmitude is to be found in the reports by the BBC and The Guardian, where Mr. Hedegaard is portrayed as a criminal who has provoked this response from the Ummah.

    If he’d have been a muslim they would have portrayed Mr. Hedegaard as the victim rather than falsely portray him as a criminal.

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